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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Halftime Tryst  

4/9/2011 20:33
Posted By:  - CHARLOTTE, MI  
Date Posted: 4/9/2011 20:33
   Disclaimer: I also post in a "Literotica" group with the same postings, but I'm a bit disappointed that LL hasn't come up with a web programmer who can fix their system properly.  Line breaks are all broken, as well as fonts.  I dislike reading stories where I can't differentiate one paragraph from the next.  The previews appear fine, but the actual posts don't turn out the same way.  I spent 5 years as a web programmer, so I know these small fixes are trivial.

That said, I'd like to post this story now.  Please note that I take pride in my grammar and story structure, so however it appears on your browser, it was written to avoid these mistakes.

Halftime Tryst

It was a long Thursday, and I had a terrible stomach ache as I climbed in the car to head home.  It must have been the garbage I was snacking on last night while I was drinking.  I drink way too much, but it gets me through the night.

When I arrived home, I started my normal routine - a microwave dinner in front of the computer with the television on to catch up on some old shows that I've neglected.  Multiple simultaneous distractions are another method of coping with loneliness.  It was around 8:30pm, and the championship basketball game was starting soon.  I had high hopes for my team, but I fully expected them to lose.  I'm a pessimist I suppose.

On my instant messenger was a woman I've been talking to for a few weeks.  Being recently divorced, I enjoy the attention she gives me, and she's been through a divorce in the past as well.  She knows exactly what it feels like to be alone, so she is a comforting companion, and good looking to boot.  I have to keep reminding myself that I just got out of an eight-year marriage and I wasn't in the market for someone new anytime soon.  At the same time, I really like this woman, and I have very little self control.

(8:34:11 PM) Kendra: Are you watching the game tonight?

(8:34:42 PM) David: Yep, but I'm not hopeful about the outcome.

(8:35:25 PM) Kendra: I need to get my dishes done so I can sit down and watch the game without feeling guilty.

(8:35:55 PM) David: I don't feel guilty about that kind of stuff.  There's always time for that crap tomorrow.

(8:36:31 PM) Kendra: I have a new bottle of wine I'm going to crack open too.  Care to join me?

I paused for a moment.  That question caught me off guard.

(8:37:01 PM) David: Absolutely.  Give me 10 minutes to shower and I'll be out the door.

(8:37:01 PM) David: Oh and I'm not coming over to do your dishes. :)

(8:37:20 PM) Kendra: lol.  Okay, see you in a bit.

I switched off the computer and television, then bolted for the shower.  I was surprised that she invited me over, and a little uncertain of what her expectations might be, but I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity.

I rolled into her driveway around 9:15.  Fortunately for me, we lived in the same town, so drive time was minimal.  Judging by the appearance of her house, she was the Susie Homemaker type.  Flowers all neatly arranged, fresh cut lawn with a diagonal pattern, and a cute little fuzzy dog peering at me through the fence in the backyard.  The house light was on over the side door and I could see Kendra wandering around in her kitchen.

I knocked gently on the glass window, just enough to catch her attention.  I saw that brilliant smile light up on her face, and I suddenly felt much less nervous.  I had only seen her in photographs until now, but that smile was present in almost every photo.  She could melt me with that thing.

She motioned me in.  When I stepped into her kitchen, I could smell popcorn and some other aroma, presumably from the dinner she had cooked earlier.

Her lacy pajamas revealed a fair amount of cleavage, and I could make out the outline of her cotton panties through her thin pants.  That's a guy thing, and it's the reason some women actually wear thongs - they're paranoid about men like me undressing them with my dirty eyes.  I snuck a few more careful glances at her exposed skin as we made small talk.

"Let's go," she demanded, "tip off is in two minutes."

I followed her into the living room of her quaint little house.  She had a monstrous television - 60" projection LCD.  It was almost larger than the couch we sat on.  I don't think I've ever met a woman who would drop that kind of money on electronics, so I was impressed.

We sat, drank wine, and ate popcorn during the first half of the game.  The game wasn't terribly exciting, so we spent a lot of time talking.  I enjoyed it, because it was a lot more interactive than chatting on the Internet all the time.  There was noticeable sexual tension between us, I could see it in her eyes.  My instincts weren't telling me if I should be the gentleman or the lustful animal that I really wanted to be.

At half time, we agreed that we both needed more wine, so she excused herself to the kitchen for a new bottle.  I watched her as she exited the room.  The skin on her lower back was tan, and I started thinking about how much I'd like to put my hands all over her body.  She's mentioned a tattoo that she had gotten on her back - I'd like to get a good look at that without her clothes getting in my way.

After a moment, I dragged my mind back out of the gutter and decided to follow her into the kitchen.  She was struggling with a corkscrew trying to open a fresh bottle of wine on the island in the center of the kitchen.  I approached her from behind and wrapped my arms around hers to assist with the chore.  The cork slipped out with little effort.  As she rested it on the counter, she wove her fingers into mine and braced herself against the counter.  I used my chin to pull her hair back and get my lips on the back of her neck.  Her perfume was sweet, and I closed my eyes to indulge in it for a moment.  I had her pinned against the counter, so I decided that the counter top would make an exciting place to have my way with her.

I pulled my left hand free of hers, and placed it on her stomach.  She was taking long, deep breaths.  Her eyes were closed, and she had a slight grin, just enough to welcome my advances.  She lifted her left hand and put it on top of mine, sliding my palm up between her breasts.  Kendra had amazing breasts, the kind that men would ogle even at the risk of being caught in the act.  My thumb slid under her left breast, and I coupled it with the rest of my hand.  Her nipple was hard, with goosebumps beginning to form from my touch.

She let go of my hands, turned around, and began lifting her shirt off.  I was obliged to help, exposing her chest to my wanting eyes.  I leaned in to kiss her soft lips.  Our tongues began a passionate wrestling match while I grasped the skin on her hips.  I felt her hands begin to wander from my chest to my stomach, then down to my waist.  She unbuttoned my pants, then unzipped me so she could get her hand down into my boxers.  Just as I felt her graze the top of my pubic line, she paused, as if startled by the idea of what she was doing.  I couldn't let her stop, so I pushed her hand further down until she wrapped her hand entirely around my dick.  As I lifted my hand away she began stroking me.  What an amazing feeling.  I've wanted her so badly for weeks, and now here I was getting pleasured right in her kitchen.

She used her free hand to push my pants down, fully exposing me completely.  The tip of my dick was moist at that point - no doubt from the precum I get when I'm extremely aroused.  She ran her thumb in circles around the tip, turning the fluid into a tool of pleasure.  Leaning in to kiss a bit more, my dick rubbed against her bare stomach.  All I could think about was penetrating her, but I needed to take my time to make sure she enjoyed every second.  She pulled away, then smiled before sinking to her knees in front of me.  She wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of my dick and squeezed firmly as she took me into her mouth.  I loved it.  I loved every stroke and every sound that she made while doing it.  I looked down to watch her, to admire the pleasure she was giving me.  Her breasts were squeezed together, and her free hand was now cupping my scrotum.  I felt a finger slide up between my butt cheeks, which tickled me and made her smile upward at me.  With her lips still doing their job, she reached down and began sliding her pants off.  I tried to do the same, but my movement was limited because I didn't want her to take her lips off of me.  It was time to take things to the next level.  It was obvious what she wanted, and she wasn't going to get it knelt in front of me.

She stood up to finish sliding her pants off.  I did the same and hastily removed my shirt as well - an awkward but necessary five second break.  We were both completely undressed now, and I was hard as a rock.  She leaned back against the counter, and I lifted her up into a seated position on the wood surface.  I wanted to use my lips and teeth a little more on her collar bone, but she wasn't in the mood for any more foreplay.  She laid back and slid her hips forward to make sure I had plenty of room to work.  Her head rested on the ledge between the edge of the counter and the front of the sink.  It didn't look very comfortable, but she didn't care.  Her legs were dangling over the edge, so I rested one on each of my shoulders for support.  I began massaging her labia with my fingers.  When I moved in to do the job with my tongue, she stopped me, reaching down to get a hold of my chin.  Some women are self-conscious about that kind of thing.  It didn't bother me, although I was slightly disappointed because I love oral sex.  Instead, I stood upright and simply penetrated her very slowly.

She moaned softly as I put it in.  She was wet, extremely wet.  The warm sensation was exhilarating.  I looked down to see the moisture glistening on my dick as I pushed in and out.  I could feel her tighten up, then loosen over and over as we continued.  I don't think she was in complete control of her movements, because her hands reached for me, then withdrew, never spending anymore than a few seconds in one place.  I prefer to put every body part to good use, so I pushed her hands up onto her breasts, and she began to massage them herself.  I used my own hands to keep a firm grip on top of her thighs for the deepest penetration possible.  Her hips were beginning to move on their own too, which forced me to lower my hands down around them to keep her still so I could maintain a good rhythm.  I was getting close to climax, and I hoped that she was close too.  If she wasn't going to let me go down on her, I didn't have a good excuse to pull out and prolong my orgasm.  I found myself gaining momentum.  Our movements were causing her to body to slide.  Her head slipped off the ledge and tilted into the sink, but she didn't bother to lift it back to the ledge; she just hung it backward.  By the sound of her breathing and short grunts she was making, I could tell she was finally getting close.  I did my best to maintain my rhythm, even though my hips were beginning to ache.  Finally she burst out with a loud, solid moan.  Her face tensed up, and after a period of animated clamor, she relaxed and repositioned her head back on the ledge.

I slowed my tempo in half as she raised her head to examine me.  Although physically worn, she was in control of her movements once again.  She lowered her legs and wrapped them around my arms, locking her feet behind me.  My hands were free now to fondle her breasts and I continued my thrusting until I finally climaxed myself.  I'm not a moaner, but I certainly let a few syllables go as I released inside her.  There was so much pleasure and emotion during the short span of my orgasm, I wished it could last forever.  I kept pushing slowly even after I finished, wanting to draw it out a little longer before we inevitably called it quits.  I rested my head on her chest, out of breath, but still planted firmly inside her.

"I have to get up, I think I'm laying on a cutting board," she joked.  Her words broke my bliss, but she did look uncomfortable.

She sat up, and we kissed a bit more.  The whole experience ended way too quickly for me, but I was certainly glad she invited me over.  I almost forgot that it was still half time, and she wanted to finish watching the game.  If I were a woman, I would feel used, like a piece of meat, but I'm a guy, so that kind of thing doesn't bother me.  Hell, there's no telling where this might go later.  Too bad this was the championship game, because the season was now over, but I had a feeling that our passionate relationship was just getting started.

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