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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Peace and tranquility  

4/12/2011 16:22
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 4/12/2011 16:22

Sitting under the large oak tree, I couldn't believe I had picked such a day. The skies were as clear as can be with the temperature a near perfect 82 degrees. As I sit with my back to the tree, the birds are singing along merrily. As I close my eyes for a moment to clear my head, I reflect back at everything that has lead up to now. We each had our moments as well as tumultuous times. I wasn't 100 percent sure you would show today but I had a pretty good idea you would. Your determination to succeed with this challenge would no doubt be a sign. I hope that you feel it worth it as much time as I had put in. The journey began many months ago. Today would be the end of an otherwise long build up and give and take.

Your directions I know would be semi confusing at times and at others as vivid as can be. Your note would be left where you would find it for sure, the rest a bit more of a chance. Each time I received a text message from you, I knew you were another step along the way. With each text taking a bit more time, I knew I had accomplished what I had hoped for. Finally, I received the last text message, opening my eyes with it's receipt. Looking at my phone screen, soon I typed your final note. “Like Dorothy, follow the yellow brick road. It starts at the slow moving vehicle sign.”

It would only be a few more minutes before you will appear. Just enough time to finish my one task for today. Scrambling to my feet, I grab my backpack. Grabbing the large blanket, I lay it out on the ground beneath this large tree. Next, I open up the picnic basket and remove the utensils inside. The berries and fruits I lay out neatly and the wine I cast aside. A couple more needed items, I reach inside to retrieve as well. In a couple minutes everything is immaculate and ready for you. The wait now begins.

Resuming my position with my back to the tree. I find my sun glasses and put them on blocking my eyes from the sun as well as from your approach. A couple more minutes later I see you coming up the valley. One used mostly by deer and turkeys, today I appreciate the sight of you much more. You catch a glimpse of me as you pause for a bit. Seeing me waiting for you, your smile is evident. Seeing you walk up the path in front of me and a tad to the right, the sun shines so brilliantly off your mane.

With each step along the way, I appreciate all of you and your loveliness. Your looking the way I had anticipated. “Wow, I found myself saying out loud to the birds. As you were about twenty feet away, I stand to greet you. “Congrads on your success.” I speak out loud. My voice echoing through out the valley below.

Reaching for your hand as soon as possible, I grasp yours as well. “Welcome to your picnic. Missed you.” I speak before we embrace. Taking off my sunglasses, It's but a moment before I look into your eyes. Pausing before dipping my head, I need your lips. As I inch closer to them, I see that your eyes have closed in waiting. Kissing you is so natural. These lips i've known so long. Raising my hands to your shoulders, I pull you even closer. Your smell my senses receive. I begin to savor all of you. Moving my hand up higher I caress your hair. Gently stroking your mane, our kiss ceases to end. Feeling myself stirring below, I step back finally. Looking into your now opened eyes, “come sit my dear.” Reaching for your hand once more, we move together to the base of the tree.

“What did you think of the last note?” I ask you upon us sitting. You catch yourself as you were about to speak. Searching for the right words perhaps, soon they come. “They did exactly what you intended for them to do. Would you like to check?” You reply, looking directly into my eyes. “Soon, soon but not yet.” I utter. As I reach for the bowl of freshly picked strawberries, My mind begins to think about the words in that note. I feel myself grinning at the recall of them.

“Congrads at getting to this point in time. I am waiting patiently for you. I know you will look lovely. I look forward to our day ahead. It's been too long since i've tasted your sweetness. It's been too long since I've enjoyed all of you. It's been too long since I have felt your body shake. It's been too long since I'd heard your screams of pleasure. It's been too long since the air has been filled with our co joined smells. It's been too long since your moans and gasps. It's been too long since i've collapsed against you. It's been too long since i've grinned. Come find me”

Hearing the wind blowing before us. The birds chirping from above. The sites and sounds before us make me glad I chose this site. “What do you think?” I find myself asking. “Perfect” is your immediate response. Reaching for the first strawberry, I soon move it to your lips. As you open your mouth slightly to accept it, I devilishly circle it instead around your lips. As your tongue seeks it out, the sight before me gives me an idea. It will have to wait I think to myself. A mental picture will do for right now. A couple more passes around your lips and I then allow you to accept it. As you savor your first bite, I feel myself shiver slightly not from the temps but from the scene before me now. A couple more berries and I decide to reach for the creme. Opening the bowl of fresh whipped creme I dip my finger inside. Pulling it back out just as fast, I move it to your lips. Searching it out, you soon enjoy it off my finger. Once again your eyes are closed, I wonder what you are thinking. Perhaps I know exactly.

This time I take another berrry and added it to the bowl for a moment. I feed you one covered in the sweetness. An almost orgasmic mix. Seeing your enjoying the moment, It makes me stir again. Moving once again closer, I need those lips now. Reaching this time for your waist, our lips again cojoin. Caressing your middle, not long before I slide my talented hands even higher. As the journey gets higher, I am surprised what I find. “Nice,” I find myself exclaiming in surprise. Your bra was gone. “Two can play games,” you snicker as you look into my eyes. Feeling how hard and erect your nipples were as I caress you through your shirt. I drop my head lower. I begin to wonder if thats not the end of the surprises. 

Trailing my hands on a path lower, I massage a path down. Moving toward your ass, I find myself needing to know. Caressing your bottom, My answer is soon. “Fuck” I groan with surprise. No panties are found. Again you speak “Cheeky bastard I am today, eh” 

Deciding to turn this game from a slow seduction into a heated exchange. I gently push you back til your laying on the blanket. Moving myself on top of you, I need to kiss you. As I find my proper place on top. As we once more kiss, my hardness becomes evident as I grind myself again you. Only a matter of a minute and I feel myself mighty and strong. “Ohhhhhhhh” you gasp as I find the very spot to match ourselves up. As you push back against me, I know the lunch will be on hold for a while. Reaching once more for your womanly breasts, I this time push your top up. Exposing your beauties to nature my eyes take them in. Slowly I dip lower until my lips find the mark. My tongue circling around and around.

With my free right hand, I move it immediately to your pants. Searching out your button, I soon pop it open expertly and rapidly. Moving my hand inside, there is no other obstruction since your panties are gone. I find you exactly as I hoped. SOAKED. “Moving my finger toward your clit, I begin to circle so close yet around. Your lower lips are soaked and with each pass I caress. Finally I know the time is right and I slip a finger inside. Your moan fuels me. Moving my lips to your other nipple. The fun soon begins.

Curling my finger and moving it up and back. Finding your soft sweet spot, I know exactly when it's hit. Mercilessly I begin to thrust my large digit against it. Up and back, up and back It slides as I begin to feel you opening up like a spring flower. Moving my mouth away from your breasts, our mouths meet with perfect timing. Kissing you passionately, we both are perfectly timed. Feeling your body react, I know it's just another moment. Keeping in rhythm, again and again my finger hits the mark, “Yes, yes yes,”you scream as your mouth leaves mine. “Do it, do itttttttttttttttttttt” you command. Feeling your pussy clamping hard against my finger like a vice I know it's time. Feeling you cum on my finger, sends a shot to my brain. I throb in response. I continue my assault. Finally I know you've had enough. I slowly remove myself from inside you. As you look into my eyes, I move my finger to my mouth. Sucking it inside, I enjoy your sweetness. Finally i've had enough and say "thanks peaches." 

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