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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Stretched Out by Strong Strangers  

4/19/2011 06:07
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 4/19/2011 06:07

It had been quite an enduring couple of days; I could feel my holes completely stretched out from the series of strange men who James called over to fuck me. My nerves in my open asshole were still twitching and I could feel a dull ache deep inside my pussy. My throat was sore from being slammed with cock. The pain was a friendly reminder of what my fatigued body had been forced to withstand. I had been used and abused and this memory continued to sustain the wetness in my soaked pussy.

The man that just left had the biggest cock of them all! It was thick, meaty and hard as a rock! My mouth had to be stretched opened as wide as possible, my lips tightly wrapped around his cock and I could literally feel the blood flowing rampantly. The intensity in his cock and rock hard body turned me on like crazy as I pleased this magnificent being of a man. I couldn’t wait to feel his massive member fill up my pussy and I was dripping from the anticipation without even touching my clit.

He sat down on the couch and his dick stood straight up commanding my attention. I was so wet that when I straddled him his cock slid right in. This stretched out the walls of my pussy so fast, every single nerve ending acted at once with a surge of pain instantly followed by an intense orgasm and a flow of wet warm cum. My eyes rolled in the back of my head, my body went limp and I moaned with pure delight. I pressed my relaxed body against him and wrapped my arms around him tightly holding on as he started thrusting his cock into my pussy. Every inch of my body was in ecstasy and every touch was delightfully chilling. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them, exposing my tender hole to the camera while James took pictures.

“That’s right, that’s where it’s going next,” he said, “think you can take it?” This concerned me slightly as I have never taken a cock that big in my ass. Luckily, the night before, three strangers unknowingly helped me prepare for this by taking turns fucking all of my holes at once.  My ass continued to stay in this stretched state all day as James filled it up with all 8” of his thick cock over and over again. And when he wasn’t fucking me, he made me sit on his even bigger dildo and ride it just for his entertainment and my torture.

 My holes were to be stretched and my pain threshold was to be crossed. Limits and tolerance were not even considered. I was an object there to be exploited and to serve for the pleasure of others. I was physically and psychologically trained to let go of any thoughts or inhibitions that would get in the way of my focus to please and be used. Through repetition of continuous fucking and sucking, my mind was conditioned and set on its main purpose and I naturally concentrated all of my thoughts and energy on sex. This in turn allowed me to experience immense pleasure because the only thing that crossed my mind, the only thing that I was feeling was cock sliding in and out of me. I had a constant animalistic hunger for cock and my pussy continuously stayed wet and ready, craving dick. I was completely immersed in the moments, covered in warm, sticky cum as much as possible and completely filled with rock hard, nasty cock.

The next thing I know, I am bent over on the couch spreading my cheeks open to make for an easy entrance for this guys massive dick. James, standing on the side of the couch, grabs my head and feeds me his cock. I almost let go of my ass cheeks as a reflex from gagging on his cock as he slides it right down my throat. My body positioning is restricted as he enters my ass and I am pinned between these two men, I can barely move. I am rocked back and forth by their movement and my only function is to suck, spread my ass cheeks, and be fucked. I am a mindless, single functioning sex object, left to the absolute will of another, owned. I don’t even remember feeling pain from his massive cock stretching open my asshole because my mind was so efficiently trained. I focused strictly on sucking and opening up for him and I took his entire cock smoothly, deep inside of my asshole. A rhythm of movement progressed between us, cock filled my ass and pushed me forward which then pushed cock into my mouth and down my throat as one cock pulled out the other pushed in. My pussy effortlessly flowed with loads of warm, slippery juices.

James pulled his cock out of my mouth as the man filling up my ass started pounding me harder and harder. My face was covered in tears from sucking and my eyes looked desperate as I was getting tore up from behind. The strong man wrapped his arms around me and picked me up which pushed his cock even deeper inside of me. His muscular arms held on to my vulnerable little body so tight and he released his might into my asshole by pounding so hard!

He sat back down on the couch with me on top of him and grabbed my legs pulling them open and back exposing my red beat up pussy to James and his camera. James perversely stared at me grinning while I bounced up and down with every thrust pushing deeper and deeper into my sore ass. This degradation peaked my sick mind and desires; I laid back in pure pleasure as James snapped away on his camera, my humiliation being his enjoyment. I let out a long droning moan as the satisfaction built up inside of my exposed and feeble body. I could feel the man’s excitement build inside of me as he continued to thrust faster and faster. The pleasure became overwhelming and drove me into an amazingly intense orgasm; I rubbed my clit which escalated my senses so high I could barely handle it! I screamed in satisfaction as he ravished my asshole.

He was grunting and breathing heavy, about to cum at any moment. My orgasm was so huge it took everything out of me, instantly afterwards I was extremely uncomfortable with his cock tearing up my ass. My screams of pleasure changed to agony and all I wanted was him to cum. I begged him to please, please blow his load inside of my ass. “Please!” I pleaded, “I can’t!” My ass was getting ripped apart and I couldn’t take it anymore. He held a hold of me even tighter reminding me of his strength and of who is in control here. It was more important to me for this great masculine man to cum and feel pleasure than for me to be in relief of that torturous pain. I shut my mouth and took it in complete silence, completely submitting myself unit I felt his massive cock pump a huge load into my ass.

We both laid there for another minute, catching our breath and taking in what just happened. The connection of pleasure we just shared lingered as our body’s remained embraced. Our senses began to level out and the connection we shared dispersed into the air around us. He gave me a nudge and I stood up, barely able to walk, my ass so sore. He got dressed, said he enjoyed himself and thanked James for having him over. James told him he would send him the pictures and then the man left. I continued standing there naked, sore and astounded as another wave of left-over cum came seeping out of my pussy.

James looked at me and could tell I was spent; he gave me a slight look of sympathy and then relentlessly said, “Now you get to finish me off.” He chuckled a bit and then sat down on his recliner. I thought I was done and didn’t think I could take anymore, but his confidence and power immediately turned me on to his masculinity. I went over and kneeled in front of him, he leaned back and made himself comfortable; I grabbed his dick and started sucking. He saw in disbelief that I was still cock hungry, and happy to suck him off, so he took out his camera and started filming.

I knew I was doing a good job because of his reactions, he was moaning with delight. Yet he must have noticed I was being overconfident because he immediately started to discredit my attempts by ridiculing me. He ordered me not to use my hands and to make sure I go all the way up to the tip of his dick and all the way down each time. “Suck harder,” he would say, “it’s not wet enough,” and, “You need to suck faster bitch.” I tried my hardest to give him everything he wanted but he told me with impatience to just get up and sit on his cock. “In your ass,” he said and chuckled without pity.

So I sat on his ass and it hurt so bad as it slid in, I let out a sigh of misery and pathetically whined, “It hurts James!” He was unyielding and ordered me to bounce on it, “all the way,” he’s say, “that’s right slut, take it!” I tried to ignore the uncomfortable and painful feeling but it would present itself just as soon as I forgot it. I obediently slapped my ass up and down on his cock and spread my ass cheeks open as he requested. He then told me to get up and suck my dirty ass off of his dick. So I quickly turned around, got on my knees and indulged in the nasty pleasure of sucking his cock right after it had been in my ass. I grunted like the cock hungry slut that I was and took it all the way down my throat, gagging and releasing a huge wad of thick spit all over his ass.

He told me to sit on it again and I lifted my head up as a string of spit hung off of my chin. I rode his cock fast which still hurt like hell. I started rubbing my clit in hopes to help make it feel good again. “Did I say you can rub your clit?” He asked, “This isn’t about you, I want you to feel pain.” So I stopped rubbing my clit and endured more hurt.

I was silent for a while and then started moaning in pain once again, “


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