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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   My Neighbor's Slut: On-Call  

4/19/2011 06:08
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 4/19/2011 06:08

"Come over" reads the text from my neighbor John, and I know exactly what that means. I am in the middle of something and I am really not in the mood, but I don't want to risk him telling my secret so I make my way across the hall over to his place. I knock on the door and try the handle, it's open so I step in. He is sitting on the couch watching TV and barely glances up at me. He tells me to take off my clothes and kneel down in front of him. So I obediently do as he says and make my way over to him, I kneel down on my knees and sit my ass on my feet, I make sure to sit tall with my chin up and arch my back, my palms are resting on top of my legs. I am facing away from him and staring straight ahead, not moving, waiting intently like a dog for him to give me my next order.

He says nothing for a good 15 minutes or so, I am getting cold. The combination of the anticipation for what he is going to have me do, the control he has on me to make me sit perfectly still for this long, and the lack of consideration for my comfort begin to make me aroused. He is a man and I am inferior. This is my duty. I suddenly feel his warm breath on the back of my neck, he is getting really close and I try not to flinch although it makes me quite anxious.

He speaks in a low tone right in my ear, "Go get me a beer bitch." So I crawl over to the kitchen with my ass high and my back arched, open the fridge and he says, "Did I tell you you could use your hands?" So I close the door and bite down on the handle with my mouth, I struggle a little to get it open. I quickly grab a can of beer with my hand and put it into my mouth, gripping the upper rim with my teeth. I turn around and close the door with my ass and start crawling back to him. I present him with the beer while I am still on all fours, I lift my chin and the beer up while making sure not to make eye contact. That would show that I think I am on his level, and I am obviously way beneath him.

He grabs the beer from my mouth, "Good bitch," he says as he pets my head pushing it down so I am at eye level with his crotch. This excites me! I feel privileged to be this close to his cock, and can see it bulging through his jeans. I stare at it with intense desire. He opens the beer, takes a drink and then asks if I am thirsty. I am too intent with staring at his cock and don't even acknowledge his question. I begin to fantasize about it filling my mouth and I slowly open my mouth wide, the desire takes control of my every thought and response. He roughly grabs a big chunk of my hair and pulls my head up, "You cock hungry slut, you don't want to answer me?" He splashes beer all over my face, "keep your mouth open," he orders. Beer covers my face, fills up my mouth and drips down my chin, down my tits, down my pussy and on to the floor. "Lick it up off the floor," he says. I start sucking it off the floor and he puts his foot in front of my face and tells me to clean that too.

I hesitate and grimace a little to make it look like I don't like it when secretly I love putting dirty things in my mouth. I start getting really into it and moan and grunt while sucking his toes and licking the bottom of his feet clean. My ass of course is perked up and he pulls my cheeks apart and pours the rest of his cold beer down the crack of my ass and on my pussy. He then smacks my ass hard multiple times.

He pulls down his pants, grabs my hair and yanks my head up. I barely get a glimpse at his thick raging hard cock when he slams my head down on it. It hits the back of my throat and makes me gag. He pushes down on my head again, trying to fit his cock down my throat but I am not relaxed enough yet so it just makes me gag again, this time releasing a huge glob of slit all over his cock. He pulls my head up by my hair so I am face to face (still trying not to make eye contact) my mouth is open and there is a thick strand of spit hanging from my lip to his cock. He slaps me hard in the face and I cringe a little, my eyes start to water.

He gets up, picks me up and throws me on the couch so I am upside down and my head is hanging off the edge. My mind tells my body to go into complete submission and relax and open my throat. He stands above me and forcefully puts his cock in my mouth, he gives it a big push and it slides right down my throat and he keeps it there. He moans with pleasure which makes me feel used and I like it. My pussy get's really wet. His balls are covering my nose and I can't breath. I am laying there helpless, I cant scream, my eyes are open wide and look panicked. After 10 seconds or so my body starts to go into reflex mode and wants me to get it out so I can breath. I know that I can take it longer so I hold my breath and try not to think about it. I think about how much of a dirty slut I am and how much I love this huge cock filling up my mouth. This is what my mouth is for. After about 30 seconds I can't take it any longer and I gag so hard spitting his cock out. The gag reflex is so intense on my body that it simultaneously makes me squirt. I moan so loud!

He sees that I squirted and starts fingering my pussy hard and in just the right place while fucking my face and throat. My body is overtaken with pleasure! His big cock turns me on so much and I get to suck on it I just love it! I feel like I cant stop cumming! I gag hard on his cock which makes me squirt again one more time, I spit out his cock and make a weird moaning noise while my body goes limp and I slide off the couch and onto the floor.

He sits on the couch and I try to lift up my lifeless body which is hard. I feel light headed and dizzy but the desire for his nasty cock makes me get up. I get on my knees and start licking his balls. I put em each in my mouth and moan with delight like a nasty cock hungry slut. I take his cock and rub it all over my face, I can't get enough of it! I then put it back in my mouth and down my throat as to allow for another glob of spit to make it nice and wet. I grab the base with my hand and jerk him off while vigorously sucking making sure to go all the way up to the tip with each stroke. I make lots of noise of enjoyment and gargling sounds from the spit that fills my mouth. I grip my lips tightly around his cock and can feel it get harder and thicker with enjoyment, I position my tongue so that he can feel my tongue ring slide up and down the bottom of his cock and tickle a little close to his head. I can feel the pressure build up in his cock in my mouth.

He asks if I am ready for his cum and I say, "uh huh!" I want his load so bad! His cock starts pumping cum down my throat as I suck as hard as possible. Once he is done and pulls his cock out I am sad that it is over. I gently put it in my mouth a couple more times. I push some of the cum out of my mouth and then quickly lick it back up. Some of the cum drips down my chin and I scoop it up with my finger then suck it off. I open wide to show him how much I have and then reluctantly swallow it wishing I would have played with it in my mouth a little longer. I lay there staring at his hard cock until he pushes me over onto the floor so he can stand up and get dressed. I lay there on the floor feeling like the little dirty slut that I am until he tells me to leave.

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