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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Couples first threesome and wifes fantasy to be a cumslut!  

4/20/2011 07:54
Posted By:  - KNOXVILLE, IA  
Date Posted: 4/20/2011 07:54
We had been married 4 yrs & wanted to spice things up by doing a 3some with a guy friend of mine.His name is tony,wife is lisa,and im dan.Lisa always dresses wearing revealing blouses to show off her perky 34b tits and dark nipples.Shes petite,brown skin latino,and so sexy.Once we agreed to the 3some i talked with dan and he was so ecstatic he couldnt wait.I picked him up that night and told him what to expect,me and lisa said we would come in and she would be in just a nitey(my favorite black one),and very sexy and see thru,and her heels,stockings,and garter,no undies,and she had her red lipstick on with her masscara,hair in a bun,and looked totally stunning.I called her cell to make sure she wanted to do it and she was ready and waiting.We arrived and we all knew how we planned to start the sex,so me and tony went and stood in front of lisa where she could take turns sucking cocks.Lisa surprised me,i thought shed chicken out,but she unzipped tonys pants and deepthroated him right off the bat till his cock got to big and she gagged a little,she had my cock in her hand stroking it as she sucked his cock,then she put my cock in her mouth and back and forth taking turns.This went on for about 15 min.s and she was loving it and i told her put em both in ur mouth at same time.She could barely fit both in her mouth,i was calling her a good lil cocksucking cumslut whore(she loves dirty talk and feeling slutty).I threw her down on the bed and licked her clit and watched as tony deepthroated her,i couldnt believe my eyes,she sucked like a pro!Tony was stuffing his cock and not letting up,she was cumming & begging to be fucked hard.I gave tony the honors of fucking her sweet pussy first as lisa sucked me.I was amazed at how much i was enjoying this and so was she,double her pleasure and what a turn on to watch another man slam dunking his cock hard n furious into my wifes pussy and each time tony thrusted my cock would gag her,unbelieveable turn on!!!I talked dirty telling her you like being a nasty dirty cocksucking,gangbanging lil cumslut huh,now you really act,feel,and are one!She would squirm,loved being degraded,and treated rough.We tagteamed her well into that next morning,taking turns and passing her back and forth.I took some good photos that nite,alot with 2 cocks in her mouth,1 with cock in her puss and mouth,and some excellent naughty cumshot facials.I told her leave the cum on her cause it made her look more slutty as we continued fucking her.Me and tony came 3 times and after each cumshot to her face it dripped down all over her tits and lisa rubbed the cum around her tittys.Tony was tittyfucking her with cum all over and shot a load in her mouth.Lisa swallowed it and was rubbing it off her face and onto her tongue.Each time we would cum lisa sucked them hard again and we would dog her out and a cock was in her mouth most of nite!We spanked her ass,gagged her till tears came out her eyes and ran her masscara.Once when i was fucking her and pushing her head down tonys cock,squezing her tits hard,we did every position thinkable,and this night would turn into many more after on a regular basis.Lisa eventually started liking it when we fucked her ass and some nights thats all we would fuck.She truly is every mans dream cum true,sluts rock!

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