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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   The tongue  

4/28/2011 14:34
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 4/28/2011 14:34

Sliding my tongue slowly up your right ankle, I pause as you push you legs wider in anticipation. Looking up at you I see your eyes closed and your mouth becoming ever agape. Flickering my tongue higher and higher, I force myself to slow down even though I can't wait to taste you for the first time. Moving my hands up to your breasts, I gently cup them for a moment before moving my thumbs and pointer fingers to your nipples. Gently pinching them for a few seconds, soon they become perked. Flickering higher and higher, I pause once more to take in your heavenly scent. Looking at your shaved pussy, I enjoy the sight before me. Closer and closer I go until i'm almost at the heavenly place. Pulling my mouth away, you moan with frustration. Again I take all of you in with my sense of smell and sight. Moving my tongue to your landing strip, I slide it along that trail, closer and closer to your pearly gem. Stopping just above, i see how engorged it has become. Sliding my tip along the side of it, i move counterclockwise from left to right.Around and around along your labia I go. Full circle after circle i savor your sweetness.

Sliding my large middle finger inside your tight slot, you gasp. Curling it up and back, I find your soft fleshy pad. Instantly I feel your response. I know i've found it. Moving my tongue now to just above your clit, I slide it lower until i'ts upon it. Short gentle flicks back and forth and I feel your sweet necter flowing. Increasing the speed of my thrusts, I hope to time things perfectly. Pulsing my finger inside you, I use my one free hand to caress your nipples. Hearing your responses and groans drives me hard. Concentrating fully on your release, i'm relentless on your pussy with my finger and tongue. Hearing your scream of pleasure, i soon feel you clamping down on my finger. You are there!!!!! Flattening my tongue out, I cover all of your pussy. Sliding it back and forth with more pressure on your pearly bud, you begin to flood me. As you push yourself off the table with the arch of the back, I grab ahold of you and keep you against my mouth.......as you push me away, I know you have had enough. Looking up at you with a grin I finally say........I want more.. 

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