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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   The best laid plans of goats and men.  

5/17/2011 07:28
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 5/17/2011 07:28
   The night was warm and i wiped my brow right before turning to my Lifestyle lounge sistah. I had been noticing what appeared to be a young woman checking me out from a barstool not real far from our birthday group. "Am I imagining things or is she checking me out?" I asked my close friend. "Yes, Bucky I think so." she answered. Me being naive in some ways and not use to women checking me out in public places like this, my mind raced as to what to do. Finally after deciding to take a chance for once I made my move. Strolling over to this attractive woman, our eyes met as I approached her. Noticing her confidence, it was almost like she was ready for this moment. I wasn't sure what to say but words flowed from my mouth. "Hello, I am Bucky." Extending my hand to hers, she immediately took mine in as well.

"You here with friends?" she asked. I replied by explaining how we were a group of friends. Four of us were celebrating July birthdays and that's why we were there. She replied by telling me she was back home in Chicago from Arizona and needed a night away from her son and family that she was staying at. "Where are you from?" she asked. I told her I was Wisconsinite from north of Madison.  "oh?, my grandparents are from there. Where about?" I countered with a town that was very close to where they lived. We both were smiling at the interesting coincidence. "What do you for a living in Wisconsin?" she replied once more. Pausing for a moment, I turned slightly toward my sistah who was checking this conversation out and with a wink, her eyes rolled as she knew what was coming next. Looking into my new friends eyes I replied, "I'm a goat farmer!!" It seemed like minutes but probably was only a  matter of seconds as she took my words in. Her reaction was priceless. She began laughing hysterically and I wasn't sure if it was from the alcohol she consumed or the surprise at my comments, that she fell off her bar stool. Helping her off the floor, she once more sat back down on the bar stool. As she composed herself it was my turn to ask about her.

"So, what do you do for a living in Arizona?" I asked. Her response was immediate. "I am studying to be a brain surgeon." As I started laughing as hard as I had in ages, I knew this was going to be one heck of a night. Words were aplenty and we chuckled at the interesting turn off events for this night. After one more drink she turned to me and asked, "Want to get a hotel room?". This being the first time in my life a vanilla ever shown an interest like this. Only 30 minutes of knowing this interesting woman and here i was with a situation. Should I stay or should I go, oh what to do I asked myself. Looking around the room, I found many of our group dancing, laughing and drinking. Everyone was truly enjoying themselves. Would I be missed, i asked myself. Finally deciding the course of action, I reached for her hand and helped her off her stool. Walking hand in hand with her , we made our way outside. I recalled seeing a semi isolated alley as I arrived at the club earlier. Holding onto her hand, I lead her to this area. Once there, we turned and looked at each other. Moving to her, I dipped my head slightly. With lips meeting, the fun was beginning.

Moving my hands to her shoulders, I found myself massaging her. Even though it was our first kiss, it was like we had done this many times before. Soon, her hands found their place behind my pants, pulling me tighter against her. I knew she could feel my rapid growing member. She groaned soon after, feeling it's hardness and it swelling to full size. Sliding my lips away from her mouth and towards her neck, I began to explore and enjoy even more of her. With my right hand, I soon moved it from her shoulders down lower to the bottom of her skirt. Teasing my large hands underneath, I began to caress her soft skin. Trailing my fingers along her inner thighs, her legs parted. Moving my nails, up and back, caressing her and stimulating her nerves got the desired effect. With my other hand, i reached down and pushed her skirt up slightly. I pulled my lips away from her neck and paused to take in the sight before me. Her lacy black thing was a sight for my eyes. Looking back up at her, the look in her eyes told me exactly what to do next.

Pushing the thing aside, my large middle finger moved to her sweetness. Sliding it up and back a couple times, I pulled it away and moved it to my mouth. As we looked into each others eyes, I savored her necter. "Tasty", I replied. Moving back to her pussy once more, I began to circle my finger in counter clockwise fashion along her labia from one side to the other. Ever so close to her pearly gem but yet not touching it yet. I could feel her juices begin to flow. I could feel her sex begin to swell with anticipation. Finally as I lapped her netherlips, I made contact with her clit. "Yes, oh god yes", she screamed. Around and around I continued with each pass going over top the sensitive bud. I knew it wouldn't be long, especially when I heard her say "Omg, it's been so long." Hearing that drove me even harder. Dropping myself to my knees before her, I extended my tongue. Finding my mark, i continued with my tongue the same technique as I was doing with my fingers. Tasting her sweet juices, I lapped away as I marveled at how much of this nectar was flowing. Putting a bit more pressure on her gem with my tongue I sensed she was nearing it. Reaching up with my right middle finger, I moved it to her opening as I continued to lap her up. Slowly inserting my finger inside her, her knees slightly buckled. Pushing my finger deeper, I curled it up and back slightly. Finding her gspot easily, I knew the moment as I felt the soft pad. "Fuck, yes, do it, do it,"she cried out.

With short rapid trusts against her gspot, my tongue continued it's job. Feeling it coming, her pussy began to clamp down hard against my finger. Pushing her over the edge, she let herself go. "Oh my god, yes , yes, yes, dammit."She screamed. I began to worry about my finger as her legs dropped slightly and her pussy began to clench and flex upon my finger. Thrusting a few more moments inside her, she couldn't take anymore and pushed me away from her. I fell back on my ass. As I looked up to her, I saw her eyes still closed. Her mouth was agape and she appeared to be hyperventilating. Moving rapidly to my feet, I asked if she was ok. As her eyes flew open all she could say was, "give me a moment." As I looked at her, waiting to make sure she was ok, I began to reflect at this interesting turn of events. A minute later, I watched as she adjusted herself. Pushing her skirt back down in its proper place, she turned and looked at me and said "I'll do you later, I need a drink."

As I reached once more for her hand, we strolled back towards the clubs entrance with wide grins on our faces. As I reached to open the door for her I turned to her and said "By the way, my friends are naughty. Your in for a wild night"

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