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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

6/18/2011 10:57
Posted By:  - SANTA MONICA, CA  
Date Posted: 6/18/2011 10:57

We have all enjoyed HOT sexual experiences...but recently I met a fun couple who really defines friendship with benefits.  A business trip turned into the ultimate pleasure trip.

The wife Jocelyn replied to my Booty Call while I was recently visiting NYC.  She had always wanted a DP...and thought that night was the perfect time and place.

The three of us met for a casual drink at a hip Midtown lounge.  Upon entering I saw her at the corner of the bar....stunning blonde with sundress revealing her beautiful body.  It was "fuck me at first sight" when we hugged and made introductions.  Fun conversation, laughs and a few naughty stories later Joc and her cool hubby John asked me back to their hotel room.

On the elevator John and I began taking turns kissing Joc, nibbling on her neck and running our hands all over her curvaceous body with 36C au naturale tits.  She reached down and grabbed our hard cocks as the doors opened and she led the way shaking her sensational ass to the room.

As Joc opened the door, John walked in and took a seat on the chair in the corner of their nice hotel suite.    Joc playfully jumped on the bed and motioned me to join her.  John smiled at me and said "be warned...she is addictive".  I happily accepted as I could feel my thick hard cock eager to escape from my jeans.  In a matter of seconds we stripped each other and began kissing passionately gently grinding our hips together and feeling her moist pussy lips at the tip of my swollen cock.

After some delicious foreplay, Joc straddled me and took the head of my cock and began rubbing my pulsating cock and precum against her clit....at first I was hesitant to be bareback and reached over to grab my jeans for a condom...when she pushed me back down onto the bed.   She smiled and continued  to rub the head of my cock against her soaked pussy lips and clit.  She stared into my eyes and began feverishly fucking her clit with the tip of my cock...with an occasional insertion into her tight pussy...until all of a sudden she began going into a seizure of orgasms...SOAKING my cock, balls and much more with the most amazing squirting I have ever seen, felt and LOVED.

As Joc collapsed onto me...I noticed John slide behind her to take his hard cock and penetrate her ass.  It was so very hot to feel her pussy still dripping on me and see her eyes roll back into her head as John gave her very hot anal sex.   Moments later Joc whispered into my ear "I need you in my pussy NOW"...as she grabbed me and slid me inside of her soaked pussy as I could feel John pump her ass deep from behind.  I had enjoyed some HOT DP fun before...BUT this was like none other.  Joc was indeed addictive...and I had found my new love for women that squirt.

We fucked like rock stars...and what will forever remain a lasting image and memory for me is Joc squirting with what seemed like every few minutes of DP.  She loved the sensation of two hard cocks stuffing her holes...perhaps even as much as John and I enjoyed fulfilling her desires.

My appetite for DP...and now SQUIRTING will dominate my thoughts and dreams...until I can once soon meet them or another couple for more lifetime memories.

PS.  John exploded with cummm DEEP in her ass...and seconds later she felt me close and slid me out to cummm with a big load all over her soaked clit and stomach.  That is a lasting image...I wish to recreate SOON!





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