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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   How I became a COUG's prey  

6/21/2011 23:12
Posted By:  - LAS VEGAS, NV  
Date Posted: 6/21/2011 23:12
   (True story...I thought this only happened in the movies

So as my profile names says I am an Engineer for an Major Airline.
From time to time I have to travel for work or to evaluate
a damaged plane and have to disposition work for the mechanics.
I was traveling back from Dallas and boarded the plane right
before it was about to pull away from the jetway. It was early
on a sunday morning and the plane was pretty empty. I sat
down in emergency exit and was putting up my laptop and noticed
an extremely attractive woman who had the window seat next
to me and just smiled and jokingly appoligized to her for
holding the plane up. She smiled back and then curled up
with a blanket and dozed off. I put in my ear phones and took
off ( oh from an Aerospace Engineer, you don't really
need to turn off your electronics for take off and landing
) The F/A came around and offered drinks and snacks. She
woke up and we shared some conversation while snacks were
shared. We split the middle tray table. Our flight continues
and we chit chat and discuss life. Her name is Lisa and was
on a weekend get away to Dallas to see an old girlfriend.
And she tells me she has time to travel and do what she wants
to do now that she has been divorced for 3 years. I obviously
strike a cord and she lets it all out. We talk and ask her if
she flys a lot. She says she is starting to and how she was
in a marriage where she had it all but never got to do what
she wanted. I explain that as an employee we get passes to
fly. So I offered her one of mine ( I always have left overs
at the end of the year so I usually just give them away ) I gave
her one of my business cards and wrote down my cell on the
back and we continued on with our flight and landed some
time later. I saw her again at the baggage claim area and
she thanked me and said she would be in touch if my offer was
for reach and that she owed me dinner. I said fair deal and
gave me hug and we parted ways. ...Three weeks later I at my desk and my phone rings. It was
Lisa she says was hoping to fly to San Diego for the weekend
and hoped my offer was still good. I said no problem and I
book her flight for the following week. She says she can't
not offer my something for saving her approx. $400 dollars.
She offers me a home cooked meal ( says she is a great cook
and from being a house wife for 12 years, its what she is good
at ) I say that is not necessary but she insists and I agree
to come over. She gives me a directions and I mentally note
it is in an very expensive neighborhood of North Scottsdale.
I showed up about 15 mins late, as I stopped and picked up
a bottle of wine ( its the polite thing to do right? ) Lisa's
house is massive. She comes out in short shorts and wedges
on with a nice top that shows off her obviously fake tits
and I stare at her outstanding legs. I tell her what a great
home she has and she gives me a tour of all 7800 sq. ft. She
shows me her guest rooms and living room and her bedroom
and her bathroom. I notice in her glass shower a hot pink
vibrator and I point it out and she laughs and becomes bright
red and hussles me to the outdoor patio where the BBQ is.
She grills some steaks and we talk about places we have traveled.
She tells me she really wants to go to Europe. I tell her if
she is gonna cook meals like this and give me beer plus share
wine, another buddy pass already has her name on it. I openly
flirt with her as I am a sucker for fake breast and good tan.
She flirts back which stuns me as Lisa has a great body, a
great tan, long straight hair styled just right. We finished
dinner and just sat and talked. It got dark and she turned
on the backyard lights and lite up the pool and hottub. I
told her what a great pool. She told me she never uses it and
that she just uses the backyard now days to lay out and keep
tan. We were both probably drunk as we had finished off one
bottle of wine and 6 beers between the two of us. But I got
up and went to the fridge and looked for another beer she
followed me. I shut the door and she was right there. I told
her I could of brought it to her and she told me she was going
to go change. I poked her with my finger playing around and
said "change into what?" Lisa said her swim
suit. I told her I didn't have one with me and she just
smiled and laughed as she walked back into her bedroom.
Five mins later Lisa came out in her bathsuit that gave me
an instant wood. I almost choked on my beer. I walked outside
and sat on the rock by the hottub while she tested the waters.
She told me to get in. I was in my work attire; business casual.

Now i am not dumb, 42 year old women know what they are
doing and usually don't play games. I thought she was
openly flirting with me, a guy 29 years old, and she had told
me to get in a hottub with her when she knew good and well I
didn't have a bathing suit.

So in wanna the most brave things I did, I just stripped down
naked and hoped in. Lisa gasped and half just laughed. I
said what, you said to get in...so I did. We talked some more
about and the conversation moved to relationships and
sex. She asked me why I was single and I explained. I asked
her if she was dating. She told me she had been on a few dates
but only older guys hit on her and they are never any fun.
She laughed and said that no guy her age or older would be
naked a hot tub with her. I laughed and told her, how come
I was naked and she had her bathing suit on. I moved closer
to her and she froze. I got to within two feet of her and said
lets take off that suit. Told her to turned around and and
she did and I untied her top and tossed it into the pool. I
slide my hands down her sides and slid my thumbs under her
bottoms and pulled them down to her knees and she swam out
of them. I quickly turned her around and pulled Lisa into
me to. Feeling our two bodies touch and her huge tits up against
me. She leaned in for a kiss as I played with her hair. We kissed
and picked her up and sat her on top of me by wrapping her legs
around my waist. As we kissed my hands began to wonder. Feeling
her nice fake tits and and flat toned stomach. My cock was
super hard at the same time pressing up against her inner
leg begging to enter her. I slowly began to grind on her and
she grinded back. I put a hand between her legs and began
to finger her and tease her clit. She whined a little as we
kept kissing while this happend. I felt Lisa grab my dick
with one hand and slowly stroke it under the warm water.
Feeling the head and shaft and probably feeling how big
it was. I then grabbed her and picked her up by the waist.
And laid her on the edge and pushed her back as I slid my head
down between her legs and she moaned YES. She quitely said
her hadn't received oral sex in years. I used my tongue
and fingers the best I could. Teasing, tasting, flicking
her until her hips were trusting toward my tongue. After
a few mins I stopped and stood up. Stood on the bench and laid
her all the way back down so she was on her back and her legs
were on my shoulders. I put the head of my swollen cock up
to her pussy and pushed it in. Lisa moaning and tell me, "slow"
as she said she was super tight. Boy was she. But after a few
seconds she was taking all of me. I bent down and kissed her
while sliding in and out of one of the hottest MILF/COUG's
I have ever meet. We switched positions, as I bent her over
the edge of the hottub and grabbed her tits and slammed her
back into me. Using her tits to hold onto as I fucked Lisa
doggie style. I told Lisa I wanted her to ride me and she said
she wanted to too. So we got out and quickly made our way to
her bed. Still soaking wet and laid back and she sucked my
cock for a min then pulled her up to me. Lisa swung a leg over
me and slid down onto me. God it felt so good as she slowly
rode me. I got to look up and see her golden tan and nicely
tone body and fake tits that barely moved as she moved up
and down and moved her hips back and forth. I wetted my thumb
and played with her clit as she rode my cock. She started
to moan and buck and leaned back. Lisa spead up and I kept
playing with her clit. After another 30 seconds or so she
bucked really hard and used her muscles to clinch down on
my cock and I felt a rush of wetness as Lisa had a great orgasm
bringing a huge smile to her face. By now I was still super hard and wanting to cum. Lisa hadn't
hoped off of me and was still slowly riding me. I grabbed
her hips and helped her moved back and forth on my cock that
was completly filling her and on some thrusts I could feel
it hitting her wall, but she rode me like a pro. I spead up,
rocking her back and forth on my cock. I began to felt that
tingle that you get when you feel your about to blow your
load. But Lisa didn't slow down. She to was about to
have another orgasm. She started to moan out load. I felt
her pussy get all wet again as she had another orgasm. I kept
moving her back and forth real quick. I raised my hips and
blew my load deep inside Lisa as she colasped on top of me.
I told her that was amazing and she agreed. We showered together and cleaned up and I spent the night
as we had a lot of drinks. I still see Lisa from time to time
as our schedules are very different. She makes a great activity
partner and I have offered to bring her along on a few business
trips. She has been on one and we had a blast. Lisa loves sporting
events and then going back to her place for drinks and hottub
fun. Or just getting together for dinner. We usually end
up back at her place, but not always and that what makes her
so cool.

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