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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Who could that be?  

7/2/2011 10:16
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 7/2/2011 10:16
Collapsing in orgasmic bliss against her, I felt like I hadn't in weeks. We both were soaked with perspiration as the summer heat had finally hit Wisconsin. As usual with Dana, it was quite the workout.  We always seemed to go from zero to fifty five in no time flat. As we lay there in the afterglow of our fiery tryst, we were startled by a knock on the door. "Who could that be?" she asked. Shaking my head, I moved to put on my shorts and tee shirt to find out who was there. As i was about to leave the bedroom, i turned to Dana and said "I'll be back, don't restart without me." Shaking her head, she uttered "Please get rid of them and hurry back?" With that i strolled down my hall to answer my front door. 

Smirking along the way, I couldn't believe the timing. As I opened the door, i knew exactly who i'd find outside. Grinning from ear to ear, I welcomed Tari with a quick hug. Looking down, my eyes caught the large bag she was carrying. "Is that everything we discussed?" Bringing her finger to her lips ,"shhh, wasn't this suppose to be a surprise, let's not ruin this." As she walked inside, i couldn't help but admire her attire. She looked so much different than usual. The outfit was exactly as we had browsed online. The top truly accentuated her enormous breasts and the skirt she was wearing was the first I had ever seen Tari wear. As we moved to the living room, i moved towards her and soon our lips met. Extending my right hand down towards her curvy ass, i pulled her closer. With my left i moved it towards her neck and caressed her most sensitive spot.  After a minute of knew we had to stop, Dana would be wondering what was going on.  As we looked at each other, i whispered "jackie part 2, Let's go." We both smiled wide, know doubt each of us having flash backs to that time a few years prior. 

Composing myself, i wondered if Tari would remember our plan. Strolling down the hall, as i turned into the bedroom i saw Dana gently caressing her nipples. Seeing me enter, she asked immediately "who was it?" As i moved towards the bed I soon found myself looking down at her. "Tonight your special fantasy is about to come true. All you need to do is put on that blindfold over there on the nightstand and trust that your about to enjoy one of your unfulfilled fantasies." The look of surprise no doubt was what I expected. It had been a few weeks since we had discussed her fantasies and I was very sure at that moment that she didn't think tonight would be the night for one of them to happen.  As she looked at me questioning what was about to happen i soon comforted her. "You know them, i'm here to make sure this is fun. Whenever your ready grab that blindfold and let the fun begin."

As we looked into each others eyes, i saw the apprehension yet knowing Dana as well as I did, she was also excited at the unknown. "I trust you, but i'm nervous," she chimed in. With a few moments of silence, i waited for her to make her move. Finally with a shrug of her shoulders, she moved to the side of the bed that the nightstand was near. As she reached for the blindfold, I couldn't help but admire her shapely curves. Holding the blindfold for a moment, i watched as she reached towards me with it, "Please put it on for me, sir," she uttered with a submissive tone. As i reached for it and took it from her my ears caught what I thought was a faint snicker coming from the hall. Not losing focus, I soon placed the blindfold in it's place. Making one last adjustment, i reached down to take Dana's hands into mine. "Lay back." As I helped place her head against the pillow, I looked down to make sure the blindfold was doing it's job. Waving my hands in front of her blindfolded eyes, she didn't flinch. Yep, i thought to myself, all is well.

About that time I turned towards the door and saw Tari with a nervous smile on her face. I knew this wasn't easy for her, as it had been a long time since she had used her arsenal of gadgets and toys. Looking in her direction, I mouthed to her "watch a minute." As she nodded her head. I moved toward Dana's mouth. As out lips met once more, I kissed her tenderly this time. Pulling myself away, i spoke softly, "Your tasty, we will enjoy our desssert." Sliding my hands along her sides, i pushed myself lower. Extending my tongue, i began to kiss her soft skin down a trail lower and lower. Every so often I would extend my tip of my tongue and flick a few swipes against her most sensitive areas. Lower and lower i went until i once again found her sweet spot. Licking around and around in counterclockwise fashion, the room soon was filled with her moans. "Yes, oh yes," she soon moaned. As I reached up with both my hands, I grasps her very erect nipples of each breast. tweaking them the way I knew she enjoyed I was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure. Moving her closer and closer to another orgasm, i stopped all the together. Moaning in frustration brought a wide grin to my face. Turning toward Tari, I knew she would have the can ready. 

Taking the can of reddi whip from her, I moved back to Dana. Squirting a dollop of the cool sweet creme upon her clit and lips, she yelped in surprise. Moving rapidly I soon found myself covering each of her succulent breasts with the sweetness as well. "Shhhh, enjoy." I whispered to Dana. With that i moved to her pussy once more. As I lapped at the delicacy before me, i felt the bed move. Looking up, i saw than Tari was leaning over and about to enjoy the breasts covered in creme. Just before she was to have her first taste she  paused and handed me another prop. Taking the popsicle from her, i saw it back on the bed for future use. 

Around and around my tongue went, taking in sensually the sweetness. Dana's moans soon filled the room as her body was getting stimulated on both ends. Tari seemed to be working well in unison with me. Soon i had my fair share gone. Moving my large middle finger into Dana's entrance, she moaned as i soon found her soft fleshy spot. Curving my finger up and back, i began my rapid assault. I knew it wouldn't be long as from experience I knew exactly what would get her over the edge once more. A few rapid thrusts and i felt her begin to clamp down on my digit. Pushing harder and faster into her, i could feel it approaching. "Oh my god, yes, yes,"she cried out. with her clamping really hard against my large finger, i felt her juices flood. Just as i could feel her orgasm ending, i reached over and pulled some of the wrapper back off the popcicle. Moving it towards her pussy, i slide it in before she knew what was happening. "aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she cried out. Pushing it into her just as i had with my finger moments before found her crying out once more. Soon she was there once more. As i watched her appear limp, it was almost like she passed out. Moving to her face, i asked her if she was ok." With a slow shake of her head, she nodded yes.

Giving her a moment to compose herself, I asked her "Would you like to now know who the surprise is or would you prefer to leave the blindfold on?" As Dana took a moment to decide, her answer soon came. "Blindfold off, sir." With that i helped remove the black garment. As Dana took a few moments for her eyes to adjust, her eyes became wide when she realized who it was. As she turned to me to speak ,i stopped her. "shhhhh, your about to get Jackified." As all three of us grinned, Dana now knew what was about to unfold before her.

Part 2  COMING SOON...

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