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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Sleeping Beauty  

7/25/2011 13:06
Posted By:  - CHANHASSEN, MN  
Date Posted: 7/25/2011 13:06

A wet dream, or reality?

We were laying in bed one night, her on the left and me on the right.  We talked of friends we had recently met and of our excitement for the hopes we had for growing relationships.  I rolled on my side with her on her back.  My hand touched her with soft caressing movements. First on her breasts, moving slowly from one to the other.  Our talking softened and began to have greater gaps between words.  Eventually we were left only with the sound of our breath.  Slowly caressing, touching so delicately.  The back of my hand on her neck then her face.  Fingertips leading so teasingly down her body.  Softer and slower over her thighs and back up again.  This time to play teasingly near her beautiful and now engorged pleasure wonderland. 

The stroking began innocently and slowing.  Softly slipping between her lips to find a moist land waiting for more.  Softly and tenderly up and down.  Riding so gently over her pleasure button again and again.  Her breathing was growing deeper and unusually slow for this point in her play.  The stroking was now more focused than before.  Gently but slightly faster, up and down, softly teasing her now very pronounced feminine zone.  As her breathing continued to grow deeper I wondered.  Was she asleep?  She was so relaxed and her face was indeed unusually calm.  I continued stroking just a little firmer now.  Up and down with just a little greater pace.  Her breathing growing deeper yet.  Indeed, she was asleep. 

I moved my finger tenderly lower and lower yet until it was just inside the source of her wetness.  Slightly penetrating her ever so softly to share her moisture with her friend an inch above.  She was breathing relaxed with her mouth wide open in sleeping bliss.  As I slid my finger back up where it had been her next deep exhale included a wonderful moan.  Ah, could it work?  Could I do this?  I’d really like to find out.  I added a second finger.  One just above and one just below her waiting button of fun.  Circling them around and around, and around again.  Her breathing began to get sharper.  Up and down, then around some more seemed to be working tonight.  The more vigorous she breathed the quicker my fingers would circle.  The veins in her neck began to flare as she moaned now with every breath.  Faster and harder my fingers would run now with the addition of quick trips back and forth inside of her.  Her breathing grew faster and faster as if she was panting in her sleep.  Her body began to quiver with light spasms in her stomach.  Harder and faster I moved my fingers, now side to side, around and around.  Her neck was rigid.  Her mouth wide open, panting and panting.  Her body quivering harder and harder.  The panting grew quicker and quicker, much different than when she is awake.  Then without warning she exploded all over.  Her quivers turned to massive convulsions.  Her stomach became rigid as stone. The veins in her neck were fully exposed and her moan was unexplainable.  My fingers kept working as any good boy would.  I began to notice now that my arm was on fire.  The pain of the position was taking its toll.  I was still moving hard and fast as she maintained her rigid, convulsive moaning state.  Again and again her body would jerk.  Continuing for an excessively long time.  Gradually she began to calm.  Slowly, slowly my fingers began to move tender and gentle again.  Slower and slower they moved until nothing was left but her deep sleeping breathing again.  The deep breathing of a very relaxed sleeping beautiful woman. 

The next morning she awoke and looked over at me with her usual wonderful smile.  “How did you sleep” I asked.  “I slept like a dead person” was her response.  “Do you remember anything”?  “I remember you being very nice to me then….oh no did I fall asleep on you?  I’m sorry”.  She didn’t even know.  And I didn’t tell her until now. 



I love you T

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