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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   A Walk In the Park , part 1  

8/2/2011 17:43
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 8/2/2011 17:43

Pulling into the parking lot, i'm not surprised that there are no other vehicles there. Putting the car into park, I soon found myself turning towards you. "Are you ready?" With a brilliant smile and a nod of your head, i could sense your nervousness. Opening my door, I moved around to your side. Reaching for the handle, soon I was reaching for your hand to help you out. Taking in the sight of your legs,  it was the first time i ever seen you in shorts and tennis shoes. As I help you to your feet, I can't help but smile at the moment. The weather was perfect, as the sun shined down radiantly at us. As we moved together in unison, I dipped my head lower. Seeking your lips out for the first time today, i added my right hand upon your shoulder to pull you closer. My left soon follows as I reach down toward your wonderful ass. Finding your back pocket, i soon slide my right hand into it. Pushing your sexy ass closer towards me, I am once again enjoying how you feel. Our bodies always seem to melt together like a puzzle. Closing my eyes for a moment, they are soon opened as you push me away. 

"Isn't there that special spot we are suppose to check out?" you ask. "Patience is a virtue," i counter with a slight grin and chuckle. Taking your hand into mine, I move toward the car to retrieve the blanket and backpack. Hoisting it around my shoulders had you soon asking me "what's all in the bag?" Pausing for a moment before answering, "All your favorites and a couple more. Trust me,  by the time we find ourselves back here, you might have a new favorite."

As we turn toward the path, my memory is soon jogged. Halting at once, I turn back to you. "We forgot something." Reaching into my front pocket, I wave before you the shiny gold anklet. With a blush and a slight shake of the head, "of course" you counter. Moving to my knees, I wrap the symbolic jewel around your ankle. A moment later it is attached. As I slowly stand up, our eyes meet. I see you shiver slightly and know it's not from being cold out. With that our hands come together once more and we are off on our journey.

The dirt path found us moving across the hillside and over a ridge. As we crested the noll, you grasp my hand tighter and stop. The sight before us was heavenly. The miles of scenary before us was one that no doubt will be engrained. "Wow," you exclaim. As I embrace you once more, I chime in. "It's time." As i place the backpack on the ground, I unzip it enough for me to reach inside. Feeling around in the bad, I soon find what i'm looking for. As I pull the blindfold out of the pack, I twirl it around my finger for a moment. "Take once sense away, heighten another, right?"

"Of course, but give me a moment." As I watch you take in the beauty for another minute, I loved how the plan was coming together. Moving the blindfold in its proper place, I reach for your hand once more. Leading you slowly down the path, we would be at our destination soon. A couple more minutes with deliberate steps found us at the fork. Knowing immediately which of the two paths to take, the steep hill to the right was chosen. "Are we almost there" you asked at we paused for a moment. "In 100 steps your journey will be complete,"I countered. I could tell you had a nervous anticipation and that made this hike all the more special. As we resume our walk, I marvel at the many blue birds singing along this secluded path. The last time I had been on this path, the times were more frantic.

Coming to a halt I turn to you and ask "How many steps have we gone?"  Shaking your head you counter "I do not know." Looking down at you I reply, "It has been 50. We will go 50 more steps and you will need to let me know once we have taken  them, ok?" Your head slightly shakes from side to side as i'm sure if i could see your eyes, they would be rolling at that moment.

As we continue down the last leg of our journey I soon hear you exclaim with a raised voice "45, 46, 47,48,49 50000000000!!!" A devious little laugh soon follows. Little do you know, i already have the next item out of the bag. "Stop"I exclaim. Moving behind you, i soon find your wrists and rapidly cover them with the small black rope restraints. I'm slightly surprised at your lack of reactions. it is almost like you anticipated that coming. Maybe you did?

"Picture timeeeee," I speak up playfully. "Are you ready? I will lead you into position." "Oh this is going to be kinky," you question. Reaching for your hands, i move you off the side of the path to the faded wooden bench that was there. As we take a couple more tentative steps, I position you in front of it. "I am going to sit you down, There is a bench before you. Im going to help you sit on it and once seated, i want you to put your hand together on your lap, understand?" "Of course," you utter. 

I was begining to see how you were going to be today.  With that i help you sit on the bench. I pause a moment to wait for your hands to be in position. Waiting for another minute I finally decide I had enough of the fun and games. "If you don't do as i requested I will need to remove that anklet." A few more seconds of silence before i see your hands together at the knees. "Oh poo", you snort in defiance.

Moving before you, i dip my head lower. Seeking out your lips once more, I brush pasted them as your lips part. Moving to your sensitive neck, I trail a kiss along it. Almost as soon as i start, I end. Hearing your moan of frustration, i soontake your hands into mine. Remiving one of the ropes from your hands, i soon moved both your arms behind your back. Draping them both over the back of the benchseat, I soon added the rope back to your wrists. securing you to a rung behind you. Dipping my head i soon whisper in your ear, "Wayyyyy too many clothes for pics, don't you think?" With that I reach down and slowly unbutton your blouse. One button at a time I start at the top. with each button, i plant a kiss upon the exposed flesh. With each kiss, you react at the sensitivity of the moment. Finally, the last button is unfastened. Pushing your blouse back over your shoulders, i love how it's drapped upon you. Reaching into the backpack I speak directly to you "Don't move, that's the look." As quickly as i can, i get my camera ready to capture the art before me. "click, click, click" I soon snap off a few quick shots. Moving to your you again, i soon kiss the side of your neck, this time a while longer. Your mouth agape just the way i was hoping for, soon found me scrambling to reposition the camera to catch that pose.

Seeing another vision before me, i once again went into the backpack. producing another prop, a short section of white rope. Dropping to my knees, i soon circled your ankles 3 times with it. Stepping back to capture the vision, once again the camera snapped away. After a few more pics, i move before you again. Moving my face close to yours I soon speak, 'Having fun yet?" 

"Maybe not as much as you are," you chuckle. "I'm not so sure about that", i reply. Reaching down to your shorts, i soon find the top button. Popping that open, i grap your zipper and it soon is slid down all the way. Smiling at the absence of panties. I grin at the nice tuft of hair I see you had left there for me.Moving my right hand inside the new opening, I soon slide my right middle finger along your tuft. Lower and lower i trail it until i find your pussy. Sliding along your lips, I instantly feel how turned on you are. "I do believe I'm not the only one really turned on right now. I reply. Sliding up and down your entrance a few tender teasing strokes made a gasp fill the air. Pulling my finger away, i soon move it to my mouth, tasting you. "Delicious as always my dear." I comment.

"Ready for more?" I ask. "If you think you can handle more,"you devilishly reply.

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