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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Resistance is Futile  

8/15/2011 19:19
Posted By:  - SCHAUMBURG, IL  
Date Posted: 8/15/2011 19:19

Part 1 of this story was post here in the erotic forum 6/1/2009. Part 3 will be forthcoming

Michael had been struggling against the thick leather restraints on his wrists and ankles so long the skin under the restraints had begun to get warm and burn. He knew the leather was starting to cut his skin but he had never been tied up before much less tied up and left.  He did not like the loss of control and feeling of helplessness.  It seemed as if hours had passed since he left the Starbucks hand in hand with Lillith. A long black limousine had been waiting outside for them. He had willingly followed her into the car and she motioned him to sit opposite to him. As the car pulled away from the curb Liillth looked Michael in the eyes and asked if he trusted her.  It took some effort for him to speak. His mind was preoccupied with the movement of her breasts as she took a breath, the silkiness of her long tan legs and the thought of experiencing the taste between her legs for the first time. He could feel his penis which had been fully erect since he first caught sight of her throbbing against his thigh and the wetness from it spreading.  Finally, he coyly smiled and nodded yes.

He had been aroused enough to agree to anything but he had never imagined what would happen next.  As soon as he nodded yes Lillith produced a blindfold and reached over and covered his eyes before he could react.  She than instructed him not to speak. The limousine drove for some time but Michael got the feeling they were driving around in circles. The turn of events caused his excitement to momentarily ebb but as he sat across from Lillith he realized that while he could no longer see her he could still smell the sweet floral scent of her perfume.  He could also hear her breathing which caused his penis to swell again at the thought of her ample breasts in her tight black dress. His imagination began to run wild as he thought about the breasts under the dress, the way the soft, supple skin of her breasts would feel as his hands caressed and squeezed them and the way the nipples would swell from his touch and her breathing would become more rapid as he began to suck them.  By the time the car finally came to a stop he was again fully aroused and felling intoxicated by her presence. The driver opened the door and Lillith again took Michael’s hand and lead him out of the car.

Lillith guided Michael into the house and he heard the door close behind him.   He was still blindfolded but could feel a cool breeze and the strong smell of roses.  There was also the sound of flowing water and Michael could tell he was close to a large fountain and feel the slight spray from the cascading water. Then she led him down a hall way and into an airy room also full of the smell of roses.  He attempted to speak but she softly pressed a finger against his lips to quiet him and then gently pressed her hands against Michael’s, slowly moving her hands up his arms.  She caressed every inch of his bare forearms and over the sleeves of his shirt. Moving on to his chest she stepped closer so he could   feel her chest up against his. His breathing began to be in rhythm with hers.  Together they inhaled and exhaled several times.  He wasn’t aware that she had pulled his shirt out of his pants until she reached up and pulled it off.  She then moved her soft hands across his chest. Their breathing was still in synch and the smell of her perfume and that of the roses in combination with his intense state of arousal made it difficult for him to stand. She reached around behind him and placed her hands on the back of his waist. Now her body was completely pressed against his and he could feel her large firm breasts against his bare chest. She was not wearing a bra and he could clearly feel her fully erect nipples up against him.  This sensation caused him to stop breathing.  He no longer smelled the perfume or the roses or felt his weak knees but he believed he could feel every nuance of the shape of her engorged nipples. Lillith began to slowly move her hands along Michael’s waist.  His breathing restarted as he became embarrassed by swelling in his pants. As her body was pressed against his he knew she could not only feel his hardness but he knew she could feel the moisture caused by his prolonged erection.

 Lillith slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants.   He again began to feel dizzy and tried to speak but Lillith reached up and placed a gag in his mouth and before he could pull it off she had bound his hands behind his back.  She then returned to his pants and she slowly pulled down. Michael now stood in his wet shorts blindfolded, gagged and bound. The feeling of helplessness returned and he considered struggling, but Lillith again pressed her body against his and wrapped her arms around him.  She had taken the dress off and he could now feel her bare breasts with their large swollen nipples pressed against his bare chest. His penis quickly reswelled to full as her hips pressed against him. His breathing momentarily stopped again but he found himself begin to inhale as Lillith did and soon again their breathing was in synch. In addition to the pressure of her breasts on their inhale she also pressed her pelvis into his groin and Michael’s embarrassment over his swollen penis completely ceased under the pressure of her hips. After a few breaths she was not only pressing in but moving side to side to be able to fully feel the cock up against her.  Once he realized what she was doing he began to push out and move with her. For several breaths they pushed they bodies together on the inhale and away from each other on the exhale and Michael realized that their breathing had not only become more rapid so had their pulses.  The smell in the air began to change. While he could still smell her perfume and the roses he could also smell the distinctive smell of an aroused woman as her pussy began to produce fluid in anticipation of being penetrated. This smell caused an increase in his own production of fluid. He began to struggle against the binding on his wrists. All he could think about was pulling down her panties and thrusting his long swollen cock into her moist pussy.  But she moved away from him and for a moment he did not know where she was.   If he had just stepped forward he would have again been up against her but it was as if after being bound and blindfolded so long he had forgotten he still had the use of his feet. Instead he just stood there … alone.  He could no longer hear or feel her breathing or feel her breasts or pelvis against him.  So he took a deep breath through his nose to see if he could still smell the her aroused pussy.  It took a few breaths. First he smelt the roses, than the smell of her perfume and finally, the sweet smell of her pussy.  The smell reassured him and he felt safe again. Michael knew Lillith was close and all was well.

 After a few moments Lillith reached out and guided Michael onto the bed. She untied his hands and instructed him to lie down. On his back he felt Lillith take each of his hands and pull it over his head, wrap a thick leather restraint around it and bind him to the head broad.  She than placed her hands in his and slowly caressed down his arms to his chest.  She circled her hands around his chest and onto his hips. He still had his soaked shorts on and she gently tugged them over his large swollen penis.  She pulled the shorts off, bound his ankles in thick leather straps, pulled his legs apart and bound his feet to the footboard. Michael was now completely naked spread eagle bound, gagged and blindfolded.  At this point he felt no fear or concern all he could think about was the next time she would touch him.   As he lay on his back he flexed his penis and slowly thrust his hips up. Like a new born animal stumbling around for its mother he was reaching out for Lillith.  But he did not feel her and after a few deep breaths he realized he could not smell her either.  Touch and smell failing him he listened for her.  He would hear her moving around several feet from him and then he heard the sound of running water.  He could tell she was filling a container with water and  then he heard the sound of metal against leather.  It took him a few moments to place the sound but as a child Michael would spend hours with his grandfather in his barber shop. His grandfather was old school and still shaved his clients who requested it with a straight edge.  He knew the distinctive sound he was hearing was a barber’s blade being sharpened against a leather strap.  As a child he had become accustomed to the sight of his grandfather gliding the sharp blade against men’s tender necks but he could not imagine what Lillith intended to do with that blade as he had shaved his face just before their meeting.  His thrusts into the air stopped and he felt his penis begin to deflate. For the first time he struggled against the leather straps on his wrists and ankles.  The original binding on his writs was not very tight. He knew he could get free if he wanted and he knew he could easily remove the blindfold and gag. Now, he realized he was very tightly strapped to the bed and had very little range of movement.  He struggled against the gag, tossed his head from side to side in an attempt to remove the blindfold and tugged with all his strength against the leather straps, all to no avail.  Than Lillith returned to the bed and leaned over his face and kissed him gently on the forehead. He immediately stopped his struggling and began to relax.  He could hear her breathing and slowed his to match. For several minutes they remained this way and soon he realized his penis was again swollen full.   He began to smell her pussy again and realized that she was sitting with her legs apart so he could smell her better. He took several deep breath and pulled his neck up to get as close as possible to the smell.  He became conscious that he was trusting into the air again.

Michael felt Lillith move on the bed and then heard the sound of a towel being rung out and felt a Lillith’s warm and wet hand on his scrotum. This was followed by the pressure of a very warm towel being wrapped around his scrotum and penis. The heat was very unpleasant at first but after a few minutes he got used to it. Lillith then moved to the end of the bed and Michael heard the sound of water again. Then he felt her touch on his right foot, than the feel of a warm wet wash cloth. She then rubbed the cloth across his foot and then up the leg.  She meticulously washed every inch of his right leg and then the left.  When she finished washing his legs she checked on the towel wrapped around his genitals.  The towel was still very warm and she massaged his cock and balls thru the towel. He softly moaned at the renewed attention to his yearning cock and pushed it towards her.  After several minutes of this he began to feel his orgasm begin.  Her motions were firm and clearly intended to push him to the edge but Lillith moved her hands from his towel wrapped groin to his chest. She washed his chest just as she had his legs. The smell from between her legs was so intense that he almost completed his orgasm even without her touch to his genitals.   As she finished his chest she reached up to wash the length of his left arm.  Now her chest was up against his.  He could again feel her bare hard breasts against his chest. As she reached up to wash his left hand her breast pressed firmly against his face. If the gag was not in his mouth he would have been able to suck her nipple. He would feel in rub across his lip and his right cheek.  It was both soft and hard at the same time and he dreamt of being able to suckle it.  As she finished his hand she pulled away from him. As she did he was again overwhelmed by the now familiar scent of her perfume mixed with her pussy juice.

All thoughts of the outside world, of the passage of time and even the inability to see were gone from Michael’s mind. Lillith again sat next to him on the bed and removed the towel wrapped around his cock and balls. He cock was rock hard and ready for release. But instead of the desired pressure on his cock Michael felt a cool and smooth sensation first on his cock and than his balls.   Michael inhaled for the first time since the towel had been removed and now noticed the faint odor of eucalyptus in the room.  At first all he could think of was the sensation of her bare hand on this cock and balls but as his groin became fully coated with the substance he realized she was covering him with shaving cream. The image of the straight edge razor returned to his mind and he began to struggle.  Lillith allowed this for a few moments and then took her hand and placed it under this scrotum and began to message his perineum. This caught him off guard and stopped struggling.  First, she caressed but she gradually applied more pressure eventually applying firm pressure to the area. Again he relented and allowed her to do as she wished without objection.  His breathing became irregular at this stimulation and he again flexed and thrust his long hard cock into the air. He no longer felt any self consciousness. He wanted his cock massaged and he did anything his limited range of motion would allow to encourage her attention to it.  But she did not massage his needy cock. Instead he could feel her slightly move on the bed. The pure smell of her lubricate became very strong and then he felt moisture being applied to his lips.  Lillith had inserted her fingers deep into her vagina and taken the soaked fingers and rubbed them across his lips. The gag prevented him from licking the juice from his lips but now that scent was the only one he could smell.  He momentarily forgot about the needs of his penis and took several deep breaths to fully enjoy the scent. He was in heaven.

It was while Michael was in this weakened state that Lillith took one hand and firmly pulled his scrotum up.  With the other hand she pulled the razor across the bottom of his scrotum.   Michael was barely aware till the sound of the hair being cut roused him.  He pulled once on the restraints and caught himself.  She was pulling the scrotum to the side and he knew she was about the place the razor against his tender skin again. He was terrified and stopped all motion.   She pulled the scrotum from side to side and then down, each time meticulously removing all the hair from the exposed area. As a child he knew his grandfather was a master with the blade and never saw him cut anyone but he would occasionally imagine what would happen if his grandfather’s hand had slipped.  That image now appeared to him and he became scared… very scared. It was the kind of fear only a child can experience when he thinks a monster is in the closet or he has lost his parents. It was while Michael was gripped with this fear that Lillith raised his penis and began pulling in one direction and then another while swiping the blade along the tender skin.  Michael’s heart was racing but he did nothing to resist. He was exhausted and felt like the room was spinning. Still feeling the pressure of the leather restraints knew he had no control over what was happening and surrendered.  As Lillith pulled his penis into the last position and ran the razor across it Michael’s attention returned back to the smell of Lillith’s pussy juice on his lips and thoughts of being able actually taste her. He no longer cared to resist. He belonged to her.  

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