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   Hunting Bunny Rabbit  

9/1/2011 21:43
Posted By:  - STUDIO CITY, CA  
Date Posted: 9/1/2011 21:43

"Tell me a story," Daddy whispers in my ear. It is our second night in Vegas and my man and I are lying naked in bed after an evening at the Playboy Club. As I rub his cock, I open my mind and let the fantasy that's been hiding there flow out...



Daddy can see me surveying the club, my eyes wide taking everything in. Then he sees my focus narrow and sharpen. Ah-ha! I've found what I've been looking for.



"What are you doing?" he whispers in my ear.



"Hunting Bunny Rabbit," I reply. Her eyes meet mine. I want to jump out of my skin or at least run out of the club but I don't. I keep my gaze fixed on our prey. My heart is going to pound right out of my chest but I don't let on. Daddy knows and Daddy is so proud. Daddy likes watching His Girl on the hunt. He is an expert hunter and he is teaching me everything he knows.



My pulse quickens as our prey makes her way toward us. I can see her looking me over and I can feel Daddy staring at me from behind. He is watching my every move. He can see me trying to calm myself. This is not easy. He wants to see how well I've learned all of the little lessons he has taught me. I am wearing a short black skirt, a shimmery silver top with thigh-highs and stilettos -- standard Vegas attire -- and our prey likes what she sees. She has a wry smile to go with the glint in her eyes.



We have a live one on the line. 



"Hi. My name is Amanda. Would you like a tour of the Playboy Club?" she purrs, grabbing my hand not waiting for an answer.



I love the softness of a woman's hand. How it fits in mine. The only problem is that I usually can't tell who is leading and who is following. Usually, but not this time. The prey has fallen into our trap. Her full breasts are held up high and firmly in place by her Bunny bustier, the hair that I am going to wrap up in my hand is long and honey-dipped blond. I look to Daddy who smiles his encouragement. This is my kill. My first kill



Stopping, I squeeze her hand and pull her firmly to me. 



"I've seen everything I need to see here. Why don't you come to our room and I will give you a tour of something you've only imagined." 



I hand her a card with our room number and turn to walk away. Daddy allows me to lead the way until we are out of our prey's sight, then he takes my hand and slows my pace. I am comfortable again. I can feel my heart rate return to its normal rhythm. We get into the elevator to go up to our room and it all hits me. What the hell was I thinking? "Why don't you come to our room and I will give you a tour of something you've only imagined." Who says those things? Who am I to pick up a Playboy Bunny in Las Vegas? There were so many hot girls in the club. Daddy can feel my head spinning. He smiles wide and strokes my face.



He bites my ear and whispers, "You did perfectly."



As soon as I feel the pinch of his mouth on my ear and heat of his breath on my neck the voices in my head are replaced with an audible "Ohhh" that should have embarrassed me given the full elevator, but I don't care. I am home under my Daddy's command. My heart is racing again but for a different reason altogether. 



"I don't think she is going to come," I whimper to Daddy.



"She will," he says with a confident smile. He puts his hand on the small of my back and pulls me closer, up against his cock and whispers in my ear again, "I saw the way she looked at you."



"How did she look at me, Daddy?" Normally I don't let anyone hear me call him Daddy but I am so wet, so scared that I don't care. I need my Daddy.



"Like prey."



When we get to our room we don't wait for her. We strip and roll around in the bed, Daddy squeezing me, me licking him. Daddy puts a finger in my moist pussy, then a second. Daddy has big fingers. They fill me up. He tells me to rub my clit while his fingers caress the inside of my pussy. I start to rock back and forth rhythmically and Daddy knows that I am building to a huge orgasm. He whispers for me to stop, that it isn't time yet. Daddy doesn't have to talk to me sternly or call me names. He knows I will obey his every command whether whispered or merely thought. I am a good girl.  



I lift myself off of his fingers and am about to suck his cock when a knock comes at the door.



I sit upright. Daddy can see it in my eyes. The switch. I instantly go from being the hunted to being the hunter. I'm hunting Bunny Rabbit.



We get up and, not bothering to cover ourselves, open the door. There she is, still in her bunny outfit, her long blond hair trailing over her right breast. Without a word she steps into the room, standing before us, eyes pointed toward the floor. 



I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. Daddy likes the way I'm moving, confidently. It lets the Bunny know she should keep her head down and do as she is told. I let go of her hand and tell her to strip. Without a word she obeys. I can't tell you what her face looks like because my eyes are drawn only to her big, perfect tits. I lunge forward grabbing a mouthful of her right breast. I'm licking it, sucking it, nibbling it. 



And then Daddy is beside me. He is more in control than I am. He takes the left one in his hand and pulls it into his mouth. He massages it while sucking it with his mouth. Now the first sound our Bunny makes is a moan of pleasure. When he has worked his magic on her breast, Daddy goes to the bed and lies down. He watches me from behind as I unleash my lust and begin to work our Bunny over. I kiss her gently feeling the softness of her mouth and tasting the remnants of a breath mint. This gentleness belies the actions I take with the rest of her body. 



With my right hand I pull her hair yanking her head back exposing her neck. I place my left hand on her throat and push her back up against the wall. I am pulsing with passion. I'm so fucking turned on. If Daddy were to touch my clit I would come instantaneously. I realize our Bunny is moaning beneath my hand. I remove it and start to bite her neck. 



I turn to Daddy who is stroking his perfect cock as he watches us. I lead Bunny over to the bed and tell her to taste Daddy's cock. She bends down with her tits hanging over him and places her small mouth around his fully erect rod. Daddy raises his hips to meet her and she takes in a mouthful of hard cock. I hold her head in place by her hair while Daddy begins to fuck her mouth. Slow, long, deep strokes. He fills her mouth with his perfection. Slowly he fucks that little mouth. Deeply he fucks that little mouth. From behind I put a finger into our Bunny's tight hot cunt. The wetness of it makes my pussy jump and I know that...



I stop mid-sentence. I can't continue, I'm too turned on, and I have to come. The whole time I have been telling the story Daddy and I have been stroking his cock. Now I jump on with my joy-juiced pussy and ride Daddy hard. While I'm fucking myself with Daddy's cock, he picks up the story. 



"You pull Bunny's head up," he says, "and you kiss her hard on the mouth. While tasting my cock on her lips, you whisper to her the things you're going to do to her." 



That's all I can handle and I fuck myself hard as I come all over Daddy's cock. I ride him until every bit of the spasm subsides. Still mounted on Daddy's hard and now dripping cock, I continue the story. 



I tell our Bunny that I'm going to fuck her with my whole hand in her pussy. That I'm going to stretch her out and fuck her hard. Involuntarily, she sucks in her breath and Daddy can see not only the trepidation in her eyes but a hint of excitement as well. He smiles to himself knowing exactly how powerful his girl feels. 



I tell her to stand up. She does as she's told (Daddy and I picked a good one). While she's standing up I climb onto Daddy's magnificent throbbing cock and, with my back to him, slide all the way down on it until it hits against my back wall. I slide up and down on Daddy's cock while fucking our Bunny with my finger. I position her so that Daddy can watch my ass rise up and down on his cock and see my fingers slide in and out of our Fuck Toy. I slide two fingers in but without waiting, I push a third in as well. And, although she's wet, the move surprises her and she gasps but I feel her pussy pushing back onto my fingers. 



I fuck her cunt while I fuck myself on Daddy's cock. I tell our Bunny to let Daddy play with her tits. She moves up on the bed and Daddy grabs the Bunny, flips her around and puts a perfect breast in his mouth. I spin around while keeping Daddy's cock deep in my pulsing pussy. I now have a perfect view of my fingers up to the knuckles in that tight pussy. 



My pussy is an ocean of wet and I hear the sloshing of my juices trapped between mine and Daddy's skin as I ride him up and down. I am feeling powerful and a little sadistic. I put my hand on her round ass cheek and trail the fingers of my free hand up to her spine. Then I viciously spank her on the ass. She yelps so I hit her again. This time she muffles her cry so I let it go. 



"Get ready," I tell her (and Daddy, since he can no longer see what I'm doing), “here comes number four." I cup my hand and work my fourth finger into that burning pussy. I twist my fingers a little to work them in deeper.





"I'm fucking her with all my fingers, Daddy," I tell him. I hear him moan under the mounds of titty he has in his mouth. I imagine his wet tongue expertly flicking over her hard nipples and I suppress a moan of my own. 



I’m so turned on I have to stop fucking Daddy's cock to keep from cumming. It's not my turn, not yet. Instead I start to really fuck our toy with my fingers. I'm fucking her at a gallop, working, stretching that cunt. I fuck her and she starts to match the rhythm of my thrusts with her hips. But I know there's no way I'll get that fifth finger in. Already the fingers I do have in feel a little numb from being constricted in this tight space.



"It's not gonna fit, Daddy," I say. 



Suddenly, I smile. I know exactly what to do with my lonely thumb. 



I sweep it across her pussy gathering up some escaped juice. Then, I twist my hand around to position my thumb, and, without warning, I plunge it all the way in her ass. Now I'm fucking her with my whole hand, wearing her like a fuck puppet. She raises up and moans. Now Daddy can see what I'm doing and he moans. I feel my hand fucking her and I feel Daddy's cock, so hard it might split the skin, slamming into me and now I moan. 



Daddy takes over the rhythm of the fucking and I close my eyes and feel the wave washing in. Daddy quickens the pace, I quicken the pace, we all moan and our breath comes in quick short bursts and then someone, I'm not sure who, yells out and then I'm yelling out and then we all ride the wave. We're coming and coming. I feel my hand get washed in pussy juice, I feel Daddy fill my cunt with his cum as I bathe his cock in my juices. We come and come and I'm out of my mind riding the wave and then I crest over the top of it and collapse down on top of Daddy and slowly remove my fingers one at a time saving the thumb for last. 



We all lie together in a spent, sweaty heap holding each other as we wait for our collective breath to return to normal. After about 10 minutes our Bunny gets up, kisses both Daddy and me slowly on the mouth, gets dressed and, without a word, slips out the door. I lay in Daddy's arms thinking how amazing it was to fuck like rabbits. And I'm pretty sure Daddy will say that I was a most excellent student. 



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