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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Who Could That Be? Part 2  

9/3/2011 20:05
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 9/3/2011 20:05
   Not believing her eyes, Dana immediately recognized the face before her. It has been ages since she first saw pics of Tari. Her heart began to beat faster and she felt color come to her face, blushing was an all too common thing for her of late. As she opened her mouth to speak, she kept catching herself. She was speechless at the moment. With wide grins, Tari and Sir knew the time was right for the second part of the surprise. 

Moving off the bed, Tari moved to away from the two. Once out of eye sight, Dana leaned towards Sir, and whispered "Thanks so much for this." Leaning down to her, a soft kiss was planted on her cheek by him. "The fun is just beginning." With that, he also moved away from the bed, and strolled away in the same direction.

As Sir, entered the bathroom, his eyes grew wide seeing which of the attachments Tari had secured in place. With a whisper he asked "I thought we were going to save that one for last?" "I think she is ready for this. Besides, I have a surprise that even you don't know about, Sir." She countered with a chuckle. As he moved behind Tari, he pressed his semi erect cock against her ass. "Remember what we had to do to Jackie to make it work?" With a slight shiver, Tari could only nod her head as she knew exactly what he was referring to. Turning towards him, the large strapon pressed towards him. With a stifled laugh, he knew the fun was going to come very soon. Remembering the plan, he turned and walked back towards Dana. Tari followed closely behind. 

As Sir and Tari approached the bed, Dana was laying there with her head propped up onto a pillow. Her hand was gently tweaking her sensitive nipples, stopping at being seen by the two. As Sir moved to Dana, it wasn't until he was a couple feet away that Dana saw what Tari was wearing. As Sir was looking into Dana's eyes, he spoke "Remember the story About Jackie? You always wanted to be Jackie, didn't you? Your now about to be her." Hearing him speak brought a low groan from her. 

As sir moved onto the bed to join Dana. He moved swiftly to her lips. Extending his tongue, they soon kissed like long lost lovers. It wasn't until Dana felt the bed move, that she pushed herself away. Trying to see what was going on, Sir moved once again back to Dana's mouth, semi blocking what was about to happen. The mattress moved a bit more as Tari moved ever closer to Dana's sweetness. Moving her hips lower and matching herself up with Dana, she grabbed hold of the fake cock. Tapping it against Dana's netherlips, produced the desired effect. Dana gasped at the weight and size of the large tool against her lips. A couple slow strokes of the strapon along her mons and another loud "Yessssssss" filled the air.

"Get on your hands and knees. Head down , ass up." Sir commanded. As Dana swiftly did as asked , both Sir and Tari admired the curvy ass of the "new Jackie." Once Dana was ready, Tari moved towards her from the rear. Reaching under her, she grasped Dana's sensitive nipples." Again, another gasp was produced. Grasping the large strapon firmly, Tari shifted herself into position. It had been a long time since she had used it. But being a natural at this "ART" a couple gentle thrusts and the cockhead entered Dana. With a loud "umphhhhhhh" a guttural moan was emmited. Dana no doubt was tested by this large invader. Another inch, and then another and soon it was half way inside. "It's time", Tari spoke as she turned to him.

With that Sir moved behind Tari and tapped his cock against her juicy slot. She was soaked and ready as well. With a push, he slide all the way inside Tari. The push into her, immediatly had the desired effect as Tari in turn slide another couple inches inside Dana. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned. "Slow, slowwwwww." Dana cried out. Hearing this, Sir reached down and grabbed the bottle of KY gel. Reaching around Tari, he dripped some onto the fake phallis as it was slowly pulled out of Dana. A minute later and they all knew that did the trick. "Oh, yes, yes, yes." Dana began to mutter. "Fuckkkkkkk me, harder, harder." Tari soon chimed in. In unison all three began to fuck like a well oiled machine. "With sweat dripping down onto Tari, Sir began to feel his orgasm approaching. Dana's loud screams meant she was already there. "I'm cummmmming, keep going." Dana screamed loudly. " As Tari felt her own approach, she reached down and began to tease her own clit." "Harder, harderrrrr," she cried as she felt herself nearing as well. 

"Cum for me, cum with me." Sir commanded. A few more frantic thrusts and he felt Tari flooding his cock with her juices. Trying to hold back until she was done, "I'm cumminggggggg." Sir cried out. Pulling himself out of her tight slot, soon volley after volley of his hot cum shot out forcefully onto Tari's womanly ass. As his orgasm ended, he moved away from the spot rapidly. Sliding himself in front of Dana and under her, he uttered, "clean me." With that the fun wasn't done, there was one more surprise to come.

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