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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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10/6/2011 06:40
Posted By:  - RODEO, CA  
Date Posted: 10/6/2011 06:40
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Ever think to yourself that was a cool dream, and wish it would happen in reality. The concept is very simple and runs the lines of unfulfilled fantasy a while back. &nbsp;I thought posting it here would be the best place. &nbsp;Q dramatic transition with musical accompaniment into my dream, ta-da. &nbsp;I am in a store with many aisles looking around shopping. &nbsp;I am naturally tall, but in the dream I can see all the interesting women at once from an ariel shot (only once). Not all of the women jump me at once, which is a thought I have but not too concerned over. &nbsp;I go down one and pass a beautiful Brunette in a long sleeve red shirt and slim blue jeans, moderate heels (comfortable for running or) walking in a group of two other people. I look into her eyes as she looks into mine. I stop and browse the products for a bit, while she continues down the aisle. &nbsp;I wait for a bit as she comes back. &nbsp;I say hello, and she as ays hello, she comes in close stroking my right side up under my shirt. &nbsp;I put my arms around her and we have a nice short exchange holding each other as if she is laying on top of me (in contact from our chests to thighs, but still standing in the dream). &nbsp;She says: "You want to come home with me?" and I respond with "Sure".&nbsp;
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