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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Nasty Young Minx!!  

10/8/2011 09:56
Posted By:  - VAGINA, AZ  
Date Posted: 10/8/2011 09:56

There are some nights in which you make plans… and other people’s plans which make your nights. Once upon a time, in the very recent past, a naughty little young minx worked her magical spells on me. She is an incredible beauty with long flowing silky hair, glowing green eyes tilting up at the ends ever so slightly, soft mildly pouty full lips, and an enticing smile. Maybe more of a devious smirk at times, but her glow makes you wonder what is currently renting space in that sexy brain of hers.

Yes… sexy brain. Her words are soft and smooth at times, directly cascading down through her delicious mouth and sing as they dance through the air to the delight of my receptive ears. I listen intently as she speaks, trying to keep my thoughts and eyes from wavering. It’s hard, very hard, but her intellect is interestingly strong for someone barely 20 years on this rock, therefore my attention remains focused on her striking command of English spoken with such a delicate yet powerful delivery.

When our thoughts become words then our words transition to full conversations, there’s always that slight pause for cerebral digestion before redirecting one’s mind allowing the stream of consciousness to make sense of context and perspective. In this minuscule time my eyes wander, yet even the most delicate, carefully concealed action gets noticed by her. I am a seasoned vet, extra cautious and far more careful than my counterparts but it seems the force is strong in this gorgeous young lass.

Who in their right mind could overlook such an incredibly carved work of art? Sometimes I wonder where her lineage rests… the Hellenistic Era? The Renaissance? Her proportions fit her perfectly curvy frame like they were chiseled or drawn by the greatest of artists. Femininely delicate yet athletically strong shoulders leading to a perky 36c slinking inward to a nice tight 24” and curving back out to about 34” with a quite noticeable bubble which cannot help draw your eyes. Her legs finish her frame off nicely… long and tone… so long they go clear up to her ass.


Now where was I?

Well… I first met this young vixen in a restaurant/bar where she served her customers with such enthusiasm and care. She has such a way with people that you leave commenting on her mental and physical qualities, she leaves quite an impression for sure. A friend of mine who happens to be the greatest wingman on the planet next to my wife is usually with me at this place. This little vixen I am mentioning is certainly not the only attractive person who serves; it seems this place is a magnet for incredibly attractive women. Anyway… our discussions between my friend and Mrs. C about outdoor living, sexual innuendos, 4 wheeling, sexual escapades, sports, more sex, (You get the picture) are always a fun time for our beautiful wait staff. We all share incredible laughter and stimulating conversation.

Apparently these ladies have been talking about experiencing some attractive older men who fit certain criteria. I guess we fit this bill because after our first two months coming and going, these young women have been talking about some very nasty things they would like to experience as we find out later. Now… we are Very careful not to flirt with women who are so young because my friend and I feel that it’s not appropriate to be predators of young minds. We usually just talk with each other and get the whole bar of customers laughing and participating and these girls gently participate here and there.

These naughty little minxes are from 19-24… yeah, a little young and I try to steer clear unless they are intelligent and responsible so that there is less chance for drama.

Anyway… fast forward a whole year and my little vixen starts directing very quiet conversation towards me about hers and their fantasies. She had been leading up to it for some time, delicately steering our conversations to verifying that we are the guys for them. Of course these thoughts turned me on incredibly but I was slightly hesitant about how things would continue after this. She assured me that they are all extremely discrete and she had apparently spoken with my Mrs. and got a green light pertaining to such fantasies. Hmmmmm… now things are starting to make sense concerning my wife’s hints. At that moment, this naughty little cat called my wife and handed me the phone. Once I smiled after my call ended, she looked at me with those sexy eyes, grabbed me pulling her body up against mine and gave me such a sweet tasty kiss that I could feel chills everywhere!

She plainly stated, “Enough with this coy shit, I want you to fuck me and teach me what I don’t already know!” “I want to experience unlimited multiple orgasms like you taught your wife and others!” “I want you to use me for as long as we both have energy!” I said right now? She said, “right fucking now, my place!”

I know you readers want the juicy details but this story is incredibly long to continue so I will give you brief windows and let your imagination do the rest.

It was 9pm when we left and I didn’t return home until after noon the next day. We fucked in 3hr sessions only breaking for water and bathroom duty. That evening she learned to release her mind and can cum dozens of times with anyone now, unlimitedly if the guy has incredible stamina. She tried to count in our session but lost track within our first three hours.

She told the other girls and on the next weekend we all spent an afternoon, whole evening, and into the next morning together, all 5 of us. During the course of this last year, my buddy and I have teamed together with all/ some of them depending upon how things fall into place. Three of the girls Love DP and the other one likes to be fucked seriously hard by just one guy at a time. And what times they have been!! Initially I was hesitant as I stated because they are all so young but they have proved themselves more mature and drama free than most. My special sweetie is now 21 the others are now 20, 22 and 25.

We continue to fuck whenever they call me. Sometimes they plan crazy adventures, other times it’s just simply 4wheeling at the lake where we take the jeep to some very secluded spots on the waterfront. I can get called during the week or the weekend, it doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t interfere with family fun or obligations then I will accept the offer.

 Along with my incredible wife, their youth and enthusiasm makes me feel very young. My wife also has some young playmates and we have some intensely enjoyable times!!


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