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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

10/15/2011 16:11
Posted By:  - WOODBURY, MN  
Date Posted: 10/15/2011 16:11
    I am hiking alone in the woods.  It starts to pour out of no where.  I put on my rain gear but I'm getting drenched.  I see a tent off in the distance.  It's getting dark so I go see if I can find shelter.  When I get to the tent I find a couple watching the storm out the front of the tent.  They quickly invite me in, but I don't want to come inside dripping wet.  Although the temperature is dropping, I strip down and quickly jump in the tent.  They wrap me in a warm blanket but I'm still shivering.  They also remove their clothes, and lay on either side of me to warm me with their body heat.  My teeth are chattering and my skin is frigid.  Their warm hands rub me to bring the warmth into my skin.  I briefly nap, exhausted from my ordeal.  When I awake, I am still craddled between their warm bodies.  Their hands are still caressing me, although I am now completely warmed.  Behind me, I can feel the hardness of his shaft pressing against the cleft of my ass, his hands curving around my hips to gently rock me against him in a rythmic dance.  She is in front me, trailing kisses along my neck, her hands kneading my breasts, teasing my nipples.  As I awaken, so does my body.  My nipples harden.  My bottom strains againt his hard cock.  My breasts arch for more.  Sensing my response, he turns my upper torso to him to kiss me thoroughly.  She covers my buds with her warm mouth, pulling them far into her mouth.  His hand courses down to my waiting, pussy, now as wet as the rest of my body had been just a few  hours ago.  He pulls my lips apart as she lowers her head to taste me.  I moan as her tongue enters me, his hands taking her place on my breasts.  My body is torn by the wonderful sensations coming from all angles.  Which way do I move?  Who do I touch?  How can I please them both?  Although her tongue is still pleasing me, she has become preoccupied.  I can see that he is fingering her while she eats me.  She is getting close to the edge.  I move to her, kissing her, cuping her breasts, sucking her as she cums, only regretting that I haven't yet had a chance to taste  her honey. He can't take any more.  He roles me over, climbing above me, briefly sliding his cock along my slit to confirm my readiness before he plunges his cock into my waiting warmth.  My cunt evelopes him, stretches to accomodate his hard, thrusting need.  She is runing her hands and mouth all over us both, enjoying watching her partner's ecstasy as he fulfills me.  His thrusts intensify as my pelvis rises up to take even more.  He lets out a low, primal groan as his cock unloads his seed deep into my spasming cunt.    I slowly come back to earth.  We resume our positions in a cuddle in the blanket.  To nap.  To rest.  To do it again when we awaken.

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