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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   All Tied Up  

10/19/2011 04:37
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 10/19/2011 04:37
   All Tied Up

I have tied up Kali in the past. Blindfold, gag, hands and legs tied in that compromised position. I have stroked her curves with different textures before engaging her with different phallic apparatus, my own not withstanding.  Enjoyable? Yes but the safety and predictability of home can be a damper to heighten excitement. Tying Kali up for other people to enjoy, now that is exciting! Talk about wet and hard?  Can you say, “Soaked sheets” and as for me, I could have hit one out of Yankee stadium no bat required.
The first time we actually did this was quite unanticipated. From  past experience when we have gone to on-premise clubs we have learned that it’s best to bring your own goodies from home, as they say when  purchasing a lottery ticket “ Hey you never know.”  So we always bring some clean towels, Kali’s  favorite jack rabbit vibrator, a dildo,  hand restraints and a blindfold for good measure all neatly tucked into a small gym bag. On  one particular venture we decided to check out an on-premise club we’d been to several times in the past. We’ve always had a good time there and met attractive couples so we were in a good mood upon arrival. We got the club around ten thirty. Kali is dressed to the nines in an ultra form hugging halter dress and as always is turning heads mine included. I suppose going to an on premise club the weekend following a big party weekend was an error in judgment on my part because it seemed the crowd this night was extremely thin and I don‘t mean in poundage.  I knew we were in trouble when single male, old enough to be Kali’s father  approached us wearing dirty sweats,  I swear this guy just came from painting his house or some such thing. We were both put off by this guy’s advances but we remained polite until he eventually recognized the glazed over expressions and takes his leave of us.  
Kali airs out her disgust.
“ Jesus Gramps!  Did you even consider a shower?   WHAT THE FUCK!”
I put my most concerned expression to work.
 “Maybe he was afraid he‘d slip and break something, you know how brittle old folks are .” I say.
“Well there’s no body here I’d fuck.” Kali snaps.
I’m thinking the same thing as I  hear the dueling banjos from Deliverance begin to play in my head.  I shuffle my feet and glance around the party room.
“Let’s go see who’s downstairs.”   
Kali agrees and off we go. As we make our way downstairs Kali spouts.
“If Mr. Sweat pants shows up down here were done.”
“Aye aye, Captain.”
Downstairs is the basement of the party house. It has several rooms all made up with different themes. The Roman orgy room, the Doctors office, the Moonlight room. the Dungeon room, you get the picture. Anyway, we arrive downstairs in the pool table room. I call it that because there’s a pool table and two couples are playing pool . Apparently this is where the couples that consider themselves attractive have diverted to,  all two couples that is. Physical attraction is first for us in these situations and at first glance this group is a large improvement over the upstairs crowd .  Kali says nothing as the  couples greet us with brimming smiles. A Sandy Haired guy strokes his cue as he lines up a shot. He smiles up at Kali as we enter.
“You can have the winner.”  He grins.
“What would you have me do with him?” Kali quips back.
Sandy Hair’s smile widens even more.  
“That’s up to you.”
From Kali’s flirty retort I’m guessing she likes what she sees. Both of the guys appear good looking to me. I know from experience that the Sandy haired guy is Kali’s type,  he has a muscular build under his tight fitting shirt and the kind of angular bone structure Kali likes. The Dark haired guy is of plain build but has a handsome face.
At this point I’m trying to assess which of the two women go with who. What I am looking at I call a 50-50. Two brunettes, one shapely with a sweet heart face the kind I’ve seen in department store catalogs and consider rather attractive,  the other, to put it politely, is not. I know guys will bring a ticket to an on premise club to gain entry on a couples only night and I’m starting to think this is what the deal with the second brunette..  
“We’re just gonna pop through and see what the play rooms look like. Maybe we’ll take you up on that game later.” I blurt.
I smile politely and promise to check back as we make our exit.
Kali whispers to me as we progress down the hallway.
“The Sandy Haired guy is nice.” She says.
I know my Kali and when she under plays her assessment it usually means she thinks the guy is a hottie.
“What about the Dark haired guy?” I ask.
“He’s cute, what did you think of the girls?”
“It’s a 50-50.”

I poke my head into the dungeon room and flick on the light.  There is a rack on the wall with retraining rings hanging from it. Below the rack is a mattress.  As we pass by the other play rooms, gym bag in hand, my mind goes to work with ideas.
“You really like the guys?” I ask.
“You have something in mind?”  Kali says.
“I do but you have to trust me, okay?”
I can see the hint of excitement in Kali’s eyes and the slightest curve of a smile at the corner of her mouth as her mind goes to work on the possibilities.
“Tell me what it is.”
“Nope. You have to trust me or we don’t play.”
Kali’s  respiration always elevates just a bit as her mind wonders the corridors of sexual possibility and I can see her chest heave ever so slightly as her mind races.  
“ Okay but am I going to like it?”
“I tell you what. If you don’t like what goes on the code word to stop will be, Mr. Scott.”
“Mr. Scott?”
“As in Beam up Scotty.”
“Will I need to be beamed up?”
“Just remember it.”
We head back to the Dungeon room. I close the door and lock it after we go in. Kali wears a devilish smile now.
“Strip.” Is all I say.
Kali’s respiration rises a tiny bit more as she unzips her halter dress. God I love it when she breathes like that.
The dress falls to her feet and she stands before me a bronze goddess  in a gold G string. I can feel the electricity pulse through me to that special place. She reaches back to unbuckle a strap from her high heel.
“Leave the shoes.” I  say.  
Kali stops instantly. I smile only because I know she has relinquished all control to me which is rarely the case.
“ Lay on the mattress.”
Kali does so without a word.
I rummage the gym bag for the wrist restraints. I tie her wrists together then  through  the rings on the wall. I slipknot her left ankle and run the restraint under the mattress and tie it to her right ankle.
“Not too tight.” She begs. I soften the knot a bit.
“How’s that?”
“That’s good.”
I dig the blind fold out of the bag and turn to gaze at my handy work.  The rise and fall of her breasts has become more apparent now as  her respiration continues to rise.  I gaze into her eyes and lower my lips to meet hers. Her mouth hungrily meets mine and we kiss deeply. I slide my hand along the flat of her stomach and allow a finger to brush between her legs. I smile at the result. Kali looks at me with a passionate gaze one last time before I place the blindfold over her head and I’m thinking she’s going say something so profound  I may just cry. I gaze down at her beautiful face and I can hear the Archangels singing hallelujahs
“Don’t mess up the hair.”
The heavenly dreamlike bliss is instantaneously broken and all I can say is.
“Right, don’t mess up the hair, got it.”
I do my best to keep her hair in perfect order as I slip the blindfold on her. I stand up and take one more look around the room. I remove the towels from the gym bag and hang them on the rack, I place the Jack rabbit by Kali’s side.
“I’ll be right back.”
“Lock the door.” She pipes.
“If I lock the door who’s gonna open it when I come back?”
“Good point, well then don’t be long.”
“Just don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”
I roll my eyes as I turn and head out the door.
“Control freak.” I whisper to myself.
“I heard that!”
I chuckle as I head back to the pool table room. As I head down the hall I’m wondering what I’m going to say these couples or if they will still be there. Fortunately they are. As I enter the room, I’m hoping the Shapely Brunette is with the Sandy haired guy because I know he’ll be locked and loaded as soon as he gets the call but as I said before it‘s a  50-50. As I enter the pool table room I must have a shit eating grin on my face that says, “Hey, anyone here want to fuck my wife?” because when they see me I get a curious look. I go ahead roll the dice.
“I could use some help in the dungeon room if anyone cares to join me.”
The dice are rolling.
Sandy nearly drops his pool cue and leaps the table, okay not really but I can tell he’s definitely ready to lock and load.
“Always willing to help out.” Sandy replies
The dice hit the wall and bounce.
He makes quick eye contact with the Floppy Brunette.
SEVEN CRAP! The croupier shouts as my money is pulled off the table.
Hey it’s not that I’m complaining here. I already knew who Sandy was going to be with. Anyway at this point the Shapely Brunette glances at the Dark haired guy and I can tell instantly they are a couple.   She moves closer to him, they have a few hushed words.
“Were going to finish our game.” She says.
I look at her and offer the most inviting smile I can muster, which has been know to make some small children cry.
“If you change your mind you’re welcome to join us.” I say as I offer her a conspirator’s wink. I turn and head out the door with Sandy and the Floppy Brunette hot on my heels.  I know what you are thinking.  Fear not, I do not consider this taking one for the team in anyway because at this point regardless of circumstances I’m pretty damn excited about Kali tied up in the dungeon room and what’s about to transpire.  Before we go in I stop at the door and turn to Sandy and the Brunette.
“ If she speaks to you don’t answer. Do whatever she asks but do not talk to her. You may do what you want but before you do check with me.”
Sandy’s grin goes on infinitely. The brunette seems rather nonchalant but they both say okay. I tap lightly on the door as I turn the door knob.
“It’s me babe. I brought some friends.”
The first thing that hits you when you walk into the room is Kali’s beautiful dark tan body against the gold G-string panties, her  six pack abs are a sight to behold and I have to pull my own eyes away to catch Sandy’s first reaction as we enter. I’m thinking he can’t possibly smile any wider without the top of his head sliding off. The Brunette is grinning now too. They both give each other an approving look.
I move closer to Kali and crouch down by her side. I run my finger tips gently over abdomen.
“Are you O.K?” I ask.
“ Yeah, fine.” she says.
Her answer is short and I know from experience that this means she is excited and ready to get on with it.
“ Okay baby. There are two people here other then myself and they are going to have some fun with you.  You can tell them whatever you want or need them to do but they’ve been instructed not speak. I’m going to be right here the whole time.” I tell her.
“Okay.” Is all she says.
I know she’s ready so I turn to the couple and nods my approval. I move to a small table on the opposite side of the room and park myself there to watch.
Sandy moves quickly in between Kali’s legs as the Brunette positions herself  midpoint of Kali‘s body.  The Brunette teasingly massages the flat of Kali’s  stomach with her finger tips sliding her hands up to just beneath her breasts and then all the way back down to her pubic line. I watch as Kali’s respiration heightens with the soft touch of the Brunette‘s finger tips. Sandy is softly teasing Kali’s clit with the tip of his tongue. With each stroke these two make along Kali’s body I can see her muscles contract and release ever so slightly. It’s a very sexy and exciting thing to watch and not something I get to see from this perspective that often. I find myself instantly  aroused. Kali’s breasts rise and fall ever faster as the seconds turn to minutes and her breathing turns into soft moans of delight. I know her sounds by heart and I can tell Sandy and the Brunette are doing a good job. Sandy has worked his tongue deeper into Kali and her hips are beginning to rise and fall to his rhythm. The Brunette French kisses Kali while stroking her body and pinching her nipples. I watch as she slides her mouth down Kali’s neck and between her breasts. She flicks the tip of her nipple and teases it with her teeth and tongue before slipping it gently into her mouth.  This goes on for several more minutes until the Brunette moves down and switches positions with Sandy. At this point Sandy needs to get his clothes off and does so. He has well define muscular body and is smooth shaven from head to toe just like me. As expected he’s fully aroused. I’m not a connoisseur of penises but I’ve seen some in my day. Sandy’s has what I call a banana shape. It’s rather thick in the middle with a pointy head average in length at what looks to be between 6 or 7 inches. I’m thinking if he uses that thing right it will hit Kali’s G-spot perfectly.
The Brunette has taken over for Sandy with expert technique. I know her pussy is soaked and swollen and she is moving toward her second or third outer orgasm.  It won’t be long before she needs to get fucked.  
Sandy moves to Kali’s mid section and straddles her a foot on either side of her shoulders. He turns to make eye contact with me. I nod my approval and he lowers himself to Kali’s mouth. Kali lifts her head and hungrily opens her mouth for Sandy‘s cock. This is good sign. as  Sandy supports her head with his hands as he enters her mouth. I watch from the table as Kali pulls at her restraints. I know she want to wrap her fingers around  the shaft of Sandy’s cock. I can hear the frustration in her moans.
“Can I have a hand free?” She begs.
“ No baby, rules are rules.”
I chuckle just a bit because I never get to see her like this.  At this point my cock feels like I’ve been on Viagra for a month and I need to loosen my pants. The Brunette, still full dressed, thank you god, takes heed and  moves away from Kali’s swollen lips. She crawls over to me and helps me undress from her kneeling position. I’m thinking this girl maybe a fluffer for some porn production company because she never gets to her feet the whole time once she’s down. She goes to work immediately on my shaft but my attention never leaves Kali and Sandy. Kali is in a full lather and fighting to get free of her restraints. Sandy reaches back and rubs her clit as Kali continues to sucks his cock.
“Can I just have one hand free, please!”
“A deal’s a deal.”
“ I need to be fucked.”  She commands.
Sandy rises and moves away from Kali’s mouth. He goes to his pants and reveals condoms. He holds one up and points to his cock. I nod my approval. As he unwraps it. I move away from the Brunette still on her knees and go over to Kali. I hunker down close to her face and speak softly into her ear yet just loud enough so I can be heard by all.
“Did you like the cock in your mouth?”
“It was rather large and thick didn‘t you think?”
“ I couldn’t tell because you wouldn’t let my hands free.”
“I know, Baby, that’s the point, you have to take my word for it. This cock is fucking huge. I don’t know if you can handle it all.”
“ How big?”
“It’s really fat, it may even hurt you. I mean this thing is double the size of mine.”
I look over my shoulder and Sandy is ready to go.
“You sure you want it?” I whisper.
Kali hesitates for just a second and I can tell I’ve got her thinking on the size of the cock about to enter her wet pussy.  After a few seconds she nods her head. I take one last look at Sandy and move back to the table.
Sandy takes position between  Kali’s legs and damn if he doesn’t do her just the way she likes it. He slides the tip of his cock against her sopping wet pussy and teases her with it, sliding it up and down her pussy lips with just the tip, ever so slightly parting and penetrating the lips but not entering her. The Brunette is back to suck my cock which is so hard it’s turned from red to blue. I know the blood from my big head has drained all the way down to my little head because when I feel like this my back teeth start to ache.
Kali is moaning incessantly, her head is rolling from side to side, her body language is begging Sandy to slide his cock in but she hasn’t asked for it yet. Finally the words I want to hear come out.
“Okay you have to fuck me now.” She pleads.
I can see her body tense up in anticipation of the huge cock I planted in her mind. As Sandy begins to slide in his 7 inches Kali’s hands clench into fists around the restraints and she lets out a long anxious moan. Sandy draws a long sigh as he completes his first stroke and begins his repetitions. I watch them both as the Brunette works my cock very professionally.  I’m watching for what seems like an eternity but isn’t really more than 3 or 4 minutes. In that time every move of Kali’s body heightens my excitement and at the same time gives me that nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach sending waves of electric emotion through me. I’m thinking I’d like to go over and join them because I’m feeling left out. I want to place my cock in Kali’s mouth while Sandy fucks her but I can see it would only distract from their rhythm which is rising very fast along with mine. I know My lover is close from her urgings.
“That’s it. Like that. Yes.  Hard like that.”
A few more strokes and she is in the zone. Her words  comes out in a long shuddering sound.
“ Ooooohh Yeeeeaah fuuuuck meeeee!”
Sandy is near his end now and thrusts hard to keep up. I can hear a deep growling build up inside of him as they meet in the middle. The two bodies both tense up at the same time.
Sandy releases that final primal Aaarrgggaah as Kali’s body rises to it’s end and her muscles contract for the last time in her final release. I pull back from the Brunette and unload at least 4 or 5 good blast onto her chest as I watch Kali wither back into the mattress and Sandy fall to Kali’s side. The release eases the tension and my knees buckle just a bit. The Brunette smiles up at me as she rubs my cum over the top of her breasts. I see I’ve gotten some on
her blouse and apologize but she just smiles up at me in a sort of no need to apologize gesture.
We are now at the part that can be tricky but these two seem to know it’s time to take their leave and Sandy begins to gather up his clothes and get dressed. He hands his date one of the towels hung on the rack and she wipes the cum off her breasts and blouse. They move to the door. Sandy turns and takes one last look at Kali, still lying tied up and trying to catch her breath.  Sandy smiles at me with that thank you very much smile and nods. I nod back and they both disappear out the door.
I go to Kali’s side  untie her and remove the blindfold. She still has that glassy orgasmic look in her eye as she smiles up at me.
“That was fun lover. Which guy was it?” She purrs up at me.
I smile a shit eating grin back at her.
“You’ll never guess.” I say.
“The Sandy haired guy?”
“Oh you’d have enjoyed that no doubt.”
“The Dark haired guy? no way!”
“Who was it then?”
“The old man in sweats.”
I laugh so hard I almost piss.
“I will fucking kill you if that’s true.” She panics.
I pull her into her arms and hold her close before something very bad happens to me. I kiss her cheek.
“I’m just kidding. It was the Sandy haired guy.”

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