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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Boys on the Beach  

10/25/2011 11:21
Posted By:  - OMAHA, NE  
Date Posted: 10/25/2011 11:21

The sun is sparkling off the
water as the two young men play ball across from each other. 
Their youthful maleness enhances the
warm feeling between my legs. 
rich fantasies that Michael shares with me make it possible for me to tap into
the endless current of sexual energy that surrounds us. 
Of the scores of women lying on this
pebble beach, I may be the only one keenly aware of how the tightness of my
pink thong bathing suit hugs my cunt, the lips pouting against the fabric
between my legs. 
It would be
wonderful to be sitting in this lounge chair with some eager lips lapping at my
pussy while I watched the two young men enjoying their sport. 
But that thought must remain in my mind
to be played out in another time and place.


We are on vacation, miles
away from home, miles away from the pressures of earning a living and taking
care of all that surrounds us there. 
My lover sits beside me and my hands keep wandering over to caress his
They long to wrap around his
sleeping cock and call it out of its rest into attention. 
My mouth wishes it could feel the
fullness of his stiff rod thrusting into my throat. 
What would happen if I did that?  My mind wanders…


The two young men looked up
as I reached over an adjusted Mike’s suit to free up his rigid prick. 
In admiration they watched as I bent
across the chaise lounge to take his cock in my mouth. 
Watching me lap eagerly at my lover’s
cock, they drew closer. 
I could
see the effect I was having from the corner of my eye as the bulges began to
grow in the front of their bodies.  
Mike also looked up at them with a very satisfied look, as if saying,
“Yes, she is all mine. 
She is mine
to serve me in any way I like.” 


His frank expression seemed
to invite them closer. 
accepted the implied invitation and took two steps towards us. 
One of the young men could not resist,
a soft groan escaping from his mouth as he took a few more steps towards us and
sat down on the chaise besides me. 
Leaning over to serve my master revealed my ample round buttocks and the
sweet triangle of my pussy held in by the pink thong.


Mike looked over at the young
man with a subtle nod of the head. 
Before long, the youthful hand reached out and began stroking the
rounded flesh of my ass. 
Each stroke
led me to open my throat deeper to receive the hardening flesh that was held
between my lips. 
With a groan of
my own, I opened up my legs to give the young man access to that encased
pinkness that flowed out from the joining of my cheeks. His hands moved from my
ass and were welcomed between my legs. 
His avid fingers slipped under the edge of my suit to find the wetness
that had been there all day. 
Mike’s cock grew as he watched the young man lick his lips in
anticipation of what might be possible. 
Mike gently lifted my head away from his lap and asked me to stand up so
the young man could take off my thong and have free access to my wet
I complied without


Freed now from the pink
fabric, my pussy lips swelled in response to the attention from both men.  
Standing between them, one in front and
one behind, my cunt ached to be touched. 
Knowing what I like, Mike reached over and pulled up on the skin above
my clit, lifting the hood and revealing my own small erection. 
This shameless exposure made me even more
desperate to be touched. 
quickly planted his lips around my clit and began to suck and lick my pussy in
the way he alone knows how. 
young man behind me reached both hands up to my hips, caressing the fullness of
my ass and looking forward to his own opportunity to lick at my cunt. 

Mike released me and once
again pulled me down to take his cock in my mouth. 
This action opened me up to the boy behind me and I heard
his sharp intake of breath as the smell of my hot cunt hit him. 
His hands were still on my ass, and he
used them to spread my cheeks and open up the hidden places to him. 
He held himself off long enough to have
a good look at my plump pussy and the small brown star of my anus. 
His lips then found their way as he
licked from the bottom to the top, including my clit, my cunt, and my ass. 
I shuddered with delight, clasping
Mike’s cock in my throat with the pleasure of having attention from these two


The whole population on the
beach had stopped what they were doing to watch the torrid scene
Again Mike nodded his
approval to the young man, and he instinctively pulled away and stood to pull
down his suit and let loose his ample, pulsing cock. 
My cunt in the air made it easy for him to slide the head of
his prick into the soft damp folds of my pussy. 
I choked with the thrill of two cocks in me, my lover’s cock
thrusting into my mouth, and this young stranger’s cock thrusting into my cunt. 
He began to move in and out, his hands
gripping my hips to keep me from falling away from him.  
A moan of deep pleasure escaped
from me as I felt both cocks grow, one deep in my threat, the other deep in my
The young man began to move
his prick in and out in quick thrusts. 
His excitement was not contained, and before long he leaned back with a
look that could have been mistaken for pain, and shot his heavy load of hot cum
deep into my pussy. 
I gasped as he
shuddered inside me and opened my throat deeper to allow my love’s hard cock to
find its own release deep inside my throat.


All around us people began to
clap their hands together, excited to have witnessed such an unabashed display
of passion. 
As I straightened up
and looked around, I saw many eyes looking at me hungrily. 
Without needing any instruction, I laid
down on the chaise with my legs spread wide and my head thrown back, waiting
for the next two eager cocks to come forward and fill me up.



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