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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Flesh for Fantasy  

10/28/2011 03:48
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 10/28/2011 03:48

 After many failed attempts to woo the single female into a fantasy threesome, I had given up and stopped looking.   I suppose I blame myself or just the fact that time is too precious to waste and life is too busy. I have often wondered what it would take to land the fantasy of having Kali and an attractive female all to myself but I never expected it to happen. Well let me tell you about a weekend romp to Atlantic City.   
    Kali and I found ourselves at a tequila joint in the Borgata Hotel called the Gypsy Bar. Two things you should know about Kali, number one, she loves a Rock & Roll cover band and two, she loves a bar equally stocked in tequila and men both of which we found ourselves surrounded by on Friday night.  I noticed a gaggle of about five girls late twenties to early thirties make their way through the crowd and up front to the dance floor in front of where the band was setting up and not far from Kali and me.   I instantly took notice of one girl/woman in particular.  She was the stand out among the crowd with curvy reddish-brown locks to her shoulders, smooth bodylines and a sexy low cut summer dress. She had the look of a movie star, actually, she looked a lot like Elizabeth Hurley, but at the time, I couldn’t put my finger on whom. Anyway, she sneaks a glance in our direction as she chats it up with the group.  I catch her eyes moving over Kali’s body checking out her tight curves and ample breasts.  As her eyes break away from Kali, they instantly meet mine. I smile politely and add in a quick wink. This redheaded goddess doesn’t seem the least bit uncomfortable in the idea that I’ve caught her checking out my wife; in fact, I’m thinking she almost seemed as if she wanted me to.  I point this out to Kali.
“That sexy redhead in the gaggle of girls was checking you out big time.”
Kali turns for a look see.
“Really?”  She’s cute.” Is all she says.
Kali plays the check you out game very well and never gets caught looking but this time she lets the Redhead catch her looking and liking what she sees. I detect some female flirting going on between the two as I try to casually watch  from the corner of my eye, not something I do very well mind you.
The band is finally set up and the leather clad lead singer takes center stage. I swear his leather pants are two sizes too small and the bulge in them two sizes too big. You’ve heard of “The Cat in the Hat”, well this looks like
“The Cock in the Sock.” to me.
He has to be stuffing it. Anyway, he introduces the band and goes on with the usual “ ATLANTIC CITY ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?”  Shenanigans to get the crowd pumped up. I watch the Gaggle of girls whoop it up, all but the Redhead who just rather takes it all in with a smile. Upon closer assessment, I can see she is the senior of the group. The band breaks into a good Jersey Shore tune and soon the place is  Ro-ck-in’ in-to the Night.    The girls, all-attractive by my eye, take center dance floor and begin the exhibitionist ritual of letting down their hair .  We enjoy watching the girls from our front row viewpoint.  Kali is shaking her ass in my groin and getting into the music as I keep beat with my hands on the bar table next to me.  I cannot help but sneak a few peaks to see how our Redhead is doing and almost every time I do, I catch her looking our way.    After a song or two, the Redhead catches Kali’s eye and gestures for her to join the group on the dance floor and away she goes.  I watch from my seat; pretty harmless good-natured fun nothing naughty like we are used to seeing but cute nonetheless.  The girls wave me out to join them but I do not want to spoil the fun, more to the point, I am busy watching a group of about five guys also late twenties to early thirties on what appears to be a boy’s night out.
The five guys are laughing it up and eyeing up the gaggle of girls on the dance floor, one of whom is my wife. I can see Kali is enjoying herself. All is good in my world.  
    As expected, the leader of the fun ship “Party Guys”   makes his way onto the dance floor and begins his advance on the single women.  I will describe this guy as “The Zany Dancer Guy” because of his nutty dance floor antics. Kali and the Gaggle are enjoying his comedic dance performance. Pretty soon the rest of the guys catch on to their buddy’s act and are out on the floor.  It’s all fun and games with lots of laughing, a little flirting, basically harmless enough.  I notice most of the guys are avoiding Kali.  I understand their caution; they have seen me with Kali and are giving her room.  Kali exit’s the dance floor and returns to my side all smiles.
“Which one?”  I ask.  
“Two. The Zany dancer guy and that younger guy with the flower print shirt.”
I checked out the Young flower print stud on the dance floor and suspected he would be Kali’s pick because he looked rather like Matthew Mcconaughey, the one guy Kali gets a free hall pass with.  Kali informs me the flower print guy is a younger version of me. I don’t remember ever being that handsome nor looking like Matthew Mcconaughey but I love Kali for trying.     Anyway, the night rolls on, the tequila flows, we’re feeling fine. Kali gets some more dancing in with the Gaggle.  She and the Redhead are sexy dancing together and enjoying being the center of attention.  I can see Kali is doing some reconnaissance with Red because she is laughing and shaking her head.  The Young stud in a flower print shirt finally makes his move. He works in behind Kali and moves his hips close to Kali‘s derriere.  Kali and the Young stud have a sexy good time on the dance floor. The young stud pushes the envelope just a little but I know Kali can handle herself and if he was too forward she’d let him know. The song comes to an end and Kali returns to my side.
“What’d you find out?” I ask.
Kali smiles. “You mean about the redhead?”
“Of course, I already know the young stud wants to fuck you.” I quip.
“She’s very sweet. Her name’s Darlene. She’s 37, divorced and has a twelve year old daughter.”
“And all the eye contact?”
“Apparently she thinks we’re cute.”
“That’s nice and what about the young stud?” I ask.
Kali smiles, “Like you said, he wants to fuck me.”

 As the night progressed, I got in a few dances with Kali and in the process some dancing in with Darlene and the Gaggle. We decided to sit a few songs out and enjoy some people watching when I see Darlene making her way over to us. She smiles politely and Kali formally introduces us. I compliment her on how beautiful she is in her summer dress. Kali rubs my back as I do my best to be charming. Darlene tells us that the youngest girl of the group is celebrating a birthday and that she really doesn’t even know the girl but that her friend from work invited her to join the group and that she really needed a night out and agreed come along. Darlene rolls her eyes.
“They’re cute and all but way too giddy for me.” Darlene says.
“Youth it’s wasted on the young.” I say.
“That’s for sure. That group of guys invited us over to Harrah’s, there’s some kind of pool party there. That’s the last place I want to go.”
“You’re welcome to hang with us.” Kali offers.
Darlene smiles invitingly at Kali.
“Thanks, if they go I may just take you up on that.”

 At this point I’m pretty intrigued and enamored with Darlene when all of a sudden I get a tap on the shoulder. I turn to see a rather good-looking guy in collared shirt and tight slacks; he looks to be in forties. He asks if he may dance with my wife. I appreciate his politeness and say, of course. He asks Kali for a dance, she smiles and they head to the dance floor. We watch the two for a few minutes.  The guy handles himself in a more gentlemanly manner than the Young stud but I can tell from the way Kali is moving with him she is feeling a little horny.  By my eye it’s apparent the guy’s enjoying Kali’s hard body as they move to the rhythm of the music. I look over at Darlene and it hits me who she looks like. I smile flirtatiously and say Elizabeth Hurley. Off Darlene’s quizzical expression I explain.
“That’s who people say you look like.”
Darlene smiles and her eyes shine brightly at my super model connection.
“That’s so sweet. I bet your wife gets Jennifer Anniston.”
“She does get that a bit.” I say.
I catch Darlene focusing on me for a moment. “Do you know who Jason Statham is?”
“The name sounds familiar. I sure hope you think he‘s handsome.” I say.
When our eyes meet Darlene’s cheeks flush.
“You look like him.” She says.
Darlene breaks eye contact rather quickly and turns her attention back to the dance floor.  We watch Kali and the guy dance some more. Kali presses her backside against him as he teasingly runs his fingertips along the smooth of her waist. I’m thinking perhaps I’ve said something to offend Darlene by the way she abruptly has gone cold.  I can’t imagine how telling someone they look like a super model could be offensive, when suddenly she turns back to me and levels such a sobering gaze upon me I almost knock over my drink.
“Doesn’t it bother you?”
“Doesn’t what bother me?”
Darlene gestures to Kali and the guy on the dance floor.
I smile a devilish grin.
“Do you mean the dancing or the fact that men want to have sex with my wife?
She hesitates for a second. “The sex.”
“If I where him I‘d want to have sex with her.  What makes you ask?”
“You just seem to be so at ease with each other.”
“We’re best friends, why wouldn’t I want her to enjoy herself?”
“I wish my ex had felt that way.”
I smile politely and reply, “Find the right guy and anything’s possible.”
Darlene smiles back at me and winks.
This is what I find so attractive about mature women they are much more courageous then younger women. They tend say what’s on their mind without inhibition.  Conversation becomes real when people share who they are and what they feel.
We both watch Kali and the single guy on the dance floor for a few seconds while my brain works furiously on my next thought. I do my best to find the right words and project them clearly and sincerely.
“To be honest with you, I’m just as infatuated with you as he is with my wife. I don’t see anything wrong with that.”
She smiles at me and I almost melt.
“How does your wife feel about that?”
“We’re always been honest with each other and we’re still best friends.”
“I have a sneaking suspicion about you two.” Darlene quips.
“Do tell.” I reply.
“I think you may just be naughty.”
I smile a devilish grin “We are” and toss in a quick wink. “But only as a couple.”
“How naughty?”
I am truly enjoying this woman’s company and don’t want it to end so I use my best stall tactic.
“I’ll tell you what, when my wife gets done with her dance, I let her answer that question.”
I see the glass in Darlene’s hand is about empty and the waitress is within eyeshot.
“Let me refill that for you.”
I call the waitress over and hand her Darlene’s glass.  Kali returns to the barstool next to mine, the handsome guy thanks her for the dance. Then turns to tell me how lucky I am, I just smile and say thank you and he disappears into the crowd. I turn to Kali, who I know is feeling all loosy goosy from Tequila by now, add to that dancing with both the young stud and the older Gentleman and I wind up the pitch.
“Darlene asked me a question, I told her I’d let you answer it.”
Kali smiles invitingly at Darlene.
“Oh? What’s that?”
“I was asking your husband how naughty you are.”
Kali’s smile widens a bit more.  She slowly leans toward Darlene bringing her lips to within inches of Darlene’s cheek and in her sexiest teasing voice she whispers.
“I can answer that personally if you‘d like.”
Kali pulls back just enough to meet Darlene’s eyes. Their lips are within inches of each other.  I can’t pull my eyes away from them but I can feel the crowd’s eyes around us zeroing in on these two women. Darlene’s lips edge ever so slightly toward Kali’s the women softly touch lips. I can see Kali’s eyes close and her mouth slightly open. I can’t hear Kali’s soft moan over the noise of the crowd except for in my mind but I can see her breast’s heave ever so slightly as her respiration elevates.  She opens her eyes and smiles at Darlene.
“Was that what you expected?” Kali asks.
“That was very nice.” Darlene smiles in reply.
I finally am able to pull my eyes away long enough to look around the room. As I suspected more than half the guys in close proximity are glued to Kali and Darlene. I order another round for Kali and myself as the two ladies excuse themselves for the powder room. I wait with baited breath for them to return. When they finally do return, Kali parks herself on the barstool next to me.  Darlene smiles at us and promises to catch up with us later. I turn anxiously to my lover. “Okay tell.” Is all I say?
“She wants to fuck us.”
I’m at a loss for words.  Wondering what a woman is like sexually is the first thing that crosses my mind when I see an attractive woman but I had surrendered to the idea that having a threesome was ever going to happen so the words Kali has spoken are jamming up my already limited thought process.
“Why do you say that? Something happened in the bathroom? What?”
“We went into a stall together.”
 “She wants to fuck us.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Trust me, I know these things.”
I hate to admit it but when it comes to reading people Kali is usually right on the money.
“Anything else?” I ask.
 She has fantastic breast.” She casually shrugs.
“That’s it?”
Kali has a tendency to plays it a little cagey in these situations. Okay, actually she enjoys torturing me.
“She said you are a sweetheart.”
“Oh sure. You get fantastic breast, I get he’s
 sweetheart. Just wait until I come back from the men’s room with the young stud. “Oh by the way, he has gorgeous cock and he said you were cute.”
Kali smiles. “Oh he thinks I’m more than just cute, believe me.”
“It must suck to always be so sure of yourself.” I say.
“Yep it’s a curse alright.”
“So what’s the next move, Brain?” I ask.
Kali peeks through the crowd. I follow her eyes across the room to the party guys group.  The party guys are all over the gaggle of girls. I catch the Young Stud checking out Kali and I would guess trying to figure out our deal.
“Let’s do them both.” She says.
This is an extremely exciting idea but how to do it without dropping the ball?  It’s crazy to think Darlene would even be attracted to us in the first place but to add a single guy into the mix at this point, I don’t want to risk the chance at the single girl for the sake of the single guy. My mind grinds up the situation. As usual Kali is miles ahead of me.
“Will she go for it?” I ask.
“Are you kidding me?”
“How do you know?”
“Trust me I know these things.”
Okay, I confess, I’m just a cave man. I can’t multi think or multi task. If I try to cook bacon and eggs one or the other will be burnt but on the other hand and on my own behalf, I can lift a big boulder over my head and make fire!  I gave up trying to keep up with Kali’s incisive thought process a long time ago and when I can no longer lift a big boulder I pray she doesn‘t discard me like a soggy paper plate.
“Okay what’s the plan?”
“The night is young. I’ll come up with something.”
Eventually what goes in must come out and I excuse myself to do what men do.  There is actually a line for the men’s room. Needless to say what should have taken less time than one song took several? Upon my return I find Kali awaiting, she seems a bit flush. Kali tells me the fun ship party guys were all over her and Darlene on the dance floor while I was out standing in line.  
“They were grinding us up on the dance floor.”  She says.
 “Matthew Mcconaughey?” I ask.  
Kali smiles and nods.  I know now she has some dish.  
“His name is Vaughn, he‘s 32.  He’s hanging with some friends from work. They’re all staying at Harrah’s.”
I look across the room as Kali brings me up to speed. I see Vaughn talking to Darlene. I wonder what’s transpiring there.  When I was a single guy I’d have made a play on a girl like Darlene so I’m guessing that’s the deal. I watch as Vaughn and Darlene part Company and I decide to give Vaughn an opening to be up front. I turn to Kali.
“I’m going to take a quick walk outside. When he comes over keep him interested until I get back. I want to see how he handles himself.”
I turn and head out to the casino floor. I find some of the Gaggle having a smoke; I bum one, and do a little flirting then head back into the bar.  As I come in I see Darlene talking to Zany dancer guy.  As expected Vaughn is by Kali’s side. I walk over and we shake hands as Kali introduces us.  He’s polite enough but he has that “single player” characteristic that leaves me leery. I open the conversation.
“So you guys are over at Harrah’s. What’s up over there?”
“There’s a pool party at eleven Carmen Electra is supposed to be there. It’s swimsuits only. Should be pretty wild fun.” Vaughn replies.
“Half naked bodies mixed with alcohol? Yep, sounds like fun.”
Vaughn looks at Kali and smiles.  “You’re welcome to come along.”
Kali puts forth her best fake pout and says. “All I brought is a thong.”
Vaughn smiles and glances at me. I reply in Kali’s defense
 “It’s more like dental floss than a thong.”
Kali then says to Vaughn in her most dangerously flirtatious voice.
“Actually, we’re kind of having our own party right here but you’re welcome to join us.”
I watch Vaughn’s reaction as Kali lightly brushes his arm. He smiles at the suggestion and I know his mind is going through the scenario. In situations like these it all comes down to how comfortable the guy is with his masculinity, consequently, can I be the same room with another guy having sex with his wife and be able to perform?
“That’s a very tempting offer. Will it just be the three of us?” He counters confidently.
I’m a little surprised at his bravado. I guessed he might back away but he seems sure of himself.
“Actually we have another friend joining the party too.” Kali quips.
I observe Kali closely in these circumstances, she has three distinct expression that tell me what she‘s thinking.  Expression number one is blank, it means I could care less either way, you are too generic and you haven’t captured me. Number two is the half smile, one corner of her mouth turns up and her head angles slightly to one side, it means you have her interest and she’s considering just how cute you are. Number three is the full beautiful smile, her eyes are shining and she looks as if she’s had some sexual thought provoking vision involving whoever she‘s talking to.  Right now she has on look number three.
 Vaughn glances across the bar at Darlene and the Zany dancer guy as he does the math. One plus two is three. Two plus two is four.  Or perhaps he already knows the deal with us and Darlene maybe she said something and that’s why he’s so sure of himself, either way, he smiles at Kali and says.
“I’m just going to let the guys know to go ahead without me. I’ll be right back.”
Vaughn heads over to his group. I’m thinking so far so good but I’m not sure how this is going to go down. I’m hoping Kali knows her shit when it comes to women because this single guy could blow the whole thing if Darlene gets into a twist. I look across the bar at Darlene and Zany dancer guy just as the two part company. Darlene turns and heads over to us.  The way she plows through the crowd I get the distinct feeling my ship is about to sink in the harbor. Darlene heads straight for Kali and I can tell she’s pissed. I try to tune in to the conversation but all I can hear is,
“Yeah he’s cute but he’s an asshole.” from Darlene.
Yep! Not only is my ship sinking in the harbor but it’s burning as it goes down. I look across the room at Vaughn and he’s having a heated discussion with Zany dancer guy. Kali moves closer to me.
“What’s going on?”
 “Vaughn is married, his wife is home with their two year old and she’s six months pregnant.” Kali says.
As it turns out Zany dancer guy spilled the beans on Vaughn because Darlene rejected his advances. Guys can be so catty.

Darlene returns to the gaggle of girls and from the looks of things she’s spilled the beans on Vaughn because the girls are now avoiding him like the plague.  The rest of “The Party Guys” work the “Gaggle of Girls” right up to the edge of a dance floor sexual frenzy.  Mr. Zany’s dance floor antics have become over inflated with alcohol and soon his cute demeanor is just plain obnoxious.  It looks like the Party Guys are becoming restless and eventually Darlene makes her way back over to our side, dodging several advances and one outright ambush from a goober with a pocket protector.  She arrives safely at our table and rolls her eyes as she lands a seat next to us. I smile at her heroic escape from the goober.
“It looks like a jungle out there.” I say.
“It’s worse than that. It’s a tequila soaked rain forest.” She says.
Darlene turns to Kali.
“They’re all heading over to Harrah’s. I‘m going to hang, if you guys don‘t mind.” She says.
Kali smiles. “We were hoping you would.”
Darlene, Kali and I scrutinize the Party Guys as they head out the door. As Vaughn passes by he looks right past me at Kali. I can see that look of lust filled hunger in his eyes, it‘s ugly.    Kali glares back at Vaughn as he slinks out the door.
“Such a shame.” Kali sexual frustration is apparent in her voice.
“A bunch of insecure assholes.” Darlene snarls.
If Vaughn was a hottie in Darlene’s mind before, he’s become the most unattractive guy in the place now.    Not ten minutes after the guys leave. Darlene’s friend from work comes over to tell her she is heading over to Harrah’s with the girls and ask her to come along.
“You go ahead. I’m going to hang here.”
The Girls wave us good bye as they headed out the door. Between the tequila, Vaughn and all the party guys whipping Kali into frenzy on the dance floor, I know my lover is feeling like a Wendy’s hamburger, hot and juicy and ready to go.  I’m not so sure about Darlene, she seems pissed but I know when Kali’s ready she’s ready and she won’t be pussy footing around and truthfully I don‘t blame her. We always play it straight so there’s no question what the deal is. This is the point in which single females usually drop the ball.  Kali turns to Darlene.
“You want to get out of here?”
“Absolutely. Let’s go.” Darlene answers.
My first thought is “Holy Shit!” and that’s all the time I have for thought as we all make our way out the door to the casino and toward to the elevators. I feel like this is some kind of dream and everything is happening in slow motion. I flash the room key for the security guard at the elevator bank and the three of us glide past him and into an awaiting open elevator.  Kali and Darlene stand across the elevator from me. I poke a finger at the number 32.  The doors close and what happens next is rather fast and furious.  Kali crosses the elevator, she has that I need to get fucked right now expression. I smile at her and she rips my shirt open and kisses me hard on the mouth while she pinches my nipple. I know she’s in the mood for it a little rough right now. I can hear her respiration heighten as she presses against me so I grab her hard by the waist and pull her to me. Kali reaches back for Darlene’s hand drawing her across the elevator to my chest.
Darlene runs her hand along my smooth shaven skin.
“I’ve wanted to touch that chest all night.” She smiles up at me.  
Kali moves behind Darlene sandwiching her in between us.
Kali whispers into Darlene’s ear
 “It one of my favorites body parts.”  
I’m feeling the current in my groin as Darlene presses her lips against mine.
“Here’s my other favorite.” Kali says as she guides Darlene’s hand to the swelling mass in my jeans. I hear a soft moan from Darlene as we kiss.
“She has the sexiest soft lips.” Kali says as she runs her hands along the curves of Darlene’s waist and over her round ass to the skin just below her summer dress. Darlene arches her back and slowly pulls away from my lips to turn around and face Kali. She presses her ass against my swollen mass as she kisses Kali deeply and runs her hands over Kali’s breasts.  Before we realize it the elevator comes to a stop at the 32nd floor. Kali and Darlene are still lost in each other and I have a hold of Darlene’s hips as she presses her gorgeous ass against me.  I turn my attention to the elevator doors just as they open and standing in the hall is a cute young Asian couple I smile at them and all I can think to say is “Hi guys.” Kali and Darlene break from their tongue duel and smile sprightly at the cute couple as they exit the elevator. I come out last and give them both the conspirators’ winks. Somehow we all make it down the hall to our room pawing and groping each other like young lovers in a high school hallway. Once safely inside our room the girls go directly into the bathroom to do whatever girls do together in the bathroom. Hey, it is a pretty big bathroom. I fire up the i-pod  and get the lighting set. The girls come out of the bathroom wearing only panties; well truthfully only Darlene has on a sexy Brazilian cut, Kali never wears panties. Kali comes to me first and we kiss softly on the lips this time. I reach down to feel her; she’s heavily wet and more than ready. Darlene seems just a bit confused as to what to do. Kali sense this and gently guides her onto the bed. I have to stop and gaze at them for a few minutes because I know what a rare occasion this is. Kali moves on top and slowly up between Darlene’s smooth, toned legs kissing her belly and breasts as she makes her way up to Darlene’s lips. The two women can only be described as beauty defined. Watching them kiss softly and passionately is making my back teeth ache as all the blood in my head has drain down to cock. Kali slowly works her way back down Darlene’s neck and breasts to her belly and then on to her panties. She turns to me and smiles invitingly at me. I move to the bed and she helps me remove my shirt letting it fall to the floor. Then she unbuttons my jeans and helps me step out. I catch Darlene watching from the corner of my eye as Kali has to guide my cock to release it from my briefs. I can see Darlene’s pleased reaction as my cock springs free of its confinement. I slowly join Kali between Darlene’s legs I immediately notice the small wet spot, I can’t help but smile as together we remove her panties. Darlene is smooth shaven but for a small thatch much like Kali’s, her pussy lips are deliciously full, the kind I love to lick, and wet. Kali goes right to work and instantly I hear Darlene begin to moan from Kali’s tongue. I decide to start with my lover and I lie down on the floor between Kali’s legs and go to work on her. She drips her honey allover me and I take great pleasure in ravishing it all up as she squirms on my face to her own delight. I listen to Darlene’s soft moans as my lover takes her through the paces. Darlene’s sighs of ecstasy only heighten my own excitement until I can no longer concentrate on my lover. I remove myself from between Kali’s legs and enter her very slowly from behind. Kali raises her ass slightly as I long stroke her trying my best to restrain my rapidly advancing orgasm.  Darlene’s sounds of passion are driving me crazy as I stroke my cock inside Kali but I only hang on for a minute or two before I must pull out. My cock drips Kali’s nectar. I move around the bed to Darlene and I kneel down by her.
“Your fevered pitch has me crazed.” I whisper.
“I can’t help it, your wife is amazing.”
I watch Darlene’s abdomen tighten and relax with each stroke of Kali’s tongue and fingers. I Lean across to kiss Darlene and she pulls me hard to her lips tasting Kali’s juices around my mouth.
“Your wife tastes delicious.”
“Would you like to taste more?”
Darlene nods with enthusiasm. I stand and offer her my honey soaked cock, she hungrily gratifies me by taking it into her mouth and cleaning off all of Kali’s juices. Once cleaned she expertly strokes me as she sucks my cock until I am on the edge of again almost exploding. I pull back and smile down at her. She looks up at me in frustration, knowing how close I was.
“Not just yet.” I say.
Kali has moved away from her position between Darlene’s legs and for an instant I’m wondering if anything is wrong. She opens the night stand draw and removes a condom. She joins me at Darlene’s side of the bed and kisses her on the lips. Darlene presses into Kali’s mouth hard and hungry. Kali pulls back and whispers into Darlene’s ear.
“You want that fat cock inside you don’t you?”
Darlene’s temperature gage has reached the red. All she can do is ravenously nod her consent. Kali helps me slip the condom on and I move around the bed to position myself between Darlene’s legs. Kali stops me.
“You’re not quite ready yet.” She says as she moves around the bed to join me. I’m not sure what she means as I look down at my raging hard on. Kali place three fingers between Darlene’s legs. When she removes them she slathers my condom covered cock in Darlene’s juices. She smiles at me and says.
“Now you’re ready.”
She kisses me lovingly on the lips as if to say have fun and I slowly lower myself over Darlene. I can see the anticipation in Darlene’s eyes and I don’t want to tease her but I want to enter her very slowly so we can both feel every bit of the first stroke. I feel her body tense slightly as I separate her lips with my cock. She draws in a long breath as I slowly glide inside of her. When I reach her pubic bone she lets out a sign and presses her clit against my weight. I know from this motion what she wants and I begin to move my hips up and down massaging her clit against the flat of my cock and pelvic bone. Darlene’s sighs of pleasure rise rapidly as she writhes with delight beneath me. I realize I haven’t accounted for Kali. I glance over my shoulder and find Kali watching us from the couch. She has her legs spread and is playing with herself, her eyes are closed at the moment but she is rocking her hips and moaning. Her eyes open and meet mine. She smiles at me as she continues the circular motion of her fingers over her wet clit. I watch her hips thrust up as she has her first outer orgasm. I love to listen to Kali, the sound of her passion always intensify my pleasure and apparently from the feel of Darlene‘s vagina tightening around my cock and the rocking motion of her hips it has done the same for her.  The heat between us is so intense that I can feel my own orgasm rising again. Normally I would be cursing the condom for my loss of feeling but right now I’m thanking god for it or I’d have shot my load upon entry. Darlene’s moans become more feverish and she presses hard against me.  I bear down on her with my hips to help maintain her friction and add to her rhythm   I look into her eyes only to see where in the cosmos she might be. She gazes back at me through glass as she invades time without end. I feel myself begin to go over the edge with her as my cock starts to pulsate in contraction.  We feel each others signals which only heighten the excitement before orgasm.  I try to hold on as I listen to Kali in the background to see if she is on the same wave of orgasm. I can tell she too is extremely close. This signals me to let go and so I thrust harder against Darlene.   At that moment her whole body begins to shudder. Up to this point her moans of passion have been just that, moans but as her orgasm rises to its end I hear words.
“Oh yes, fuck meeee haaaard!” She urges.
The intensity of her orgasm seems to start at her feet and work up her body. I’ve never felt anything quite like it before. I’m thinking I’d like to pull out rip the condom off and explode over Darlene’s taunt body or offer her the chance to take me where she wants but I can feel Darlene’s vagina contracting griping me in her orgasm and I don’t want to ruin the little death she is experiencing . I feel my contraction and I arch my back and drive forward as I push against Darlene one final time. Darlene’s hips rise to meet mine as our bodies both begin to shudders in muscles spasms. I feel warmth against my pelvis as if I’ve had warm water poured on me there. I look down and see the wetness of Darlene’s orgasm on me as she pants heavily and her body withers into the bed. I venture a quick glance at my lover on the couch.  I catch her as she finishes.  Kali’s hips rise up into full orgasm, two finger of her right hand brush quickly over on her wet clit and two finger of her left hand penetrate her vagina and rub vigorously over the hood of her G-spot.  Kali’s respiration halts for an instant as she cums. I can see her wetness flow. I turn back to Darlene she feels completely wilted beneath me as her breathing begins to return to normal.  As for myself. I slowly collapse to the mattress next to Darlene. Every pleasure sensor in my body from head to toe has fired and all I can do is lie still and try to recover.
I don’t really remember what happened after that. I ‘d like to tell you I recovered quickly and return to my lover to pleasure her after which I  Jacked-off in the bathroom once more just for good measure to deplete my super human libido but in truth I think I just nodded off. When I came to Darlene was gone and Kali was asleep by my side. In the morning we had a hungry and heated session of love/sex. It was very intense, passionate and loving. When we finished I asked about the evening. Kali told me she enjoyed watching me with another woman more then she expected.
“Was it what you expected?” Kali asks.
I thought on this for few seconds and replied.
“Having you there and knowing you were okay with it made it for me, no guilt just pleasure. But what really boggles my mind is how Darlene was so easy with it all; she never hesitated for a second.   I still can‘t believe what we did last night.”
Kali just looks at me with conspirator’s smiles. I try to read her eyes to no avail.
“What?” I ask.
“You were a marked man from the time she spotted you.”
“What are you talking about?”
 “I didn’t tell you what she told me in the bathroom stall last night.”
“That‘s because you like to torture me. Now tell me. ”
She said, “There’s only two movie stars that make me wet one is Matthew Mcconaughey the other is Jason Statham. Then she looks right at me and says, your husband looks a lot like Jason Statham.”
I smile; lay my head back on the pillow and gaze at the ceiling for a moment as my mind goes into instant replay of the evening. I pull Kali closer to me and she runs her hands across my chest.
“No way.” Is all I can say?
“Yes way” Kali snips.
“So that’s all we are to you is just some movie star fantasy fuck?”
“Yep, so just shut up and enjoy the ride.”
I chuckle as she pinches my nipple and climbs on top of me.


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