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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

11/3/2011 18:28
Posted By:  - OMAHA, NE  
Date Posted: 11/3/2011 18:28

She was driving to see him, her bag of toys sitting in the car seat
beside her. She never knew what the night had in store for her. However,
she knew one thing...he would be inside her, deep inside her, more than
once before the morning came.

The toys stimulated her imagination..knowing they were there..to be used
on her. He was masterful with them, his insistence, his coaching, and
his lust all fed her growing need and interest in all that might be

What could be possible? What might happen?

Maybe she'd get there...walk in the house and find him waiting for her
in the bedroom. Each corner of the bed would have a silk tie...long
enough to entwine her limbs and secure her to the bed. His command would
echo from the back of the house...Here! Now!

The sound of her high heels on the tile, coming down the hall, would
make him hard. She knew what he would like, so before getting to the
door of the bedroom she would peal of her sweater and skirt, leaving her
only in thigh high stockings, high heels, and nothing else. Pausing at
the door, she would wait to hear his voice...Now! Here! Face down!

Entering the room, she'd hear his breath catch as he looked at her from
across the bed. Their eyes would meet, fiery and direct. She'd crawl
across the bed on all fours, her ass shifting from side to side, until
she was right in front of him, his naked cock large and red.

She'd look at him, waiting for permission to take him in her mouth.
"Come closer", he would say. "Suck me now ...now! Her lips would reach
for the tip of his cock, sucking so it would slide into her wet soft
mouth. "More! Deeper! Suck it into your throat – all the way"

Opening her throat, she willing takes him deep..longing to satisfy her
own need to have him inside her. She moans with her ache for him. The
evening just beginning.

"On your back! Let me have those wrists"..........

Slowly she pulls her lips away from his full cock..sorry to be doing so,
but excited to respond to his command, excited to be his slave.

She rolls back across her round cheeks, her knees in the air so he can
catch a glimpse of her wet, slick pussy. She may be responding to his
commands, but she knows exactly how to move to drive him crazy. He can
hardly keep himself from throwing her back against the pillows and
spreading her wide so he can dive into her with his cock..but wait he
will, wanting to get her positioned so he can have complete control,
just as she wants.

She finally lays back, spreading her legs as her hands reach down to
gently pull at her lush pussy lips. She wants his mouth there, more than
anything. His large hands reach out and grab her wrists. Taking one he
pulls it over her head, her small breasts lifting with the tug. The
other as well, gets tied securely to the bed, her breasts and mouth
completely at his disposal, all of her in fact, as her hands are now
captured in the silk ties, He leaves her legs free for now, knowing she
won't kick or fight him. She wants him too much.

He wraps his large hands around her two wrists and slides them down her
shapely arms, engulfing her breasts, squeezing them, His fingers find
her brown, prominent nipples and he begins pulling on them, slowly at
first, turning them as he pulls, Her nipples are highly sensitive...the
button-like nubs love to be sucked and squeezed. Each caress sends
currents of excitement right to her clit, He hears her moan with each
touch of his tongue as his mouth surrounds her nipples one at a time.
Can he make her wait? It doesn't feel like it. His full cock begins to
ache to be inside her.

His face comes close to hers.."Kiss me hard", he says. Kissing him is a
wild ride of lips and tongue, wet and full...licking and sucking at her,
melding her lips and tongue into his own. There is a desperation in
their kiss as they each can feel the building force of their
desire...their need,

He straddles her then...sitting on her hips..his big cock pointing right
at her face, He begins to touch himself. "I'm going to come all over
your face", he said. "Would you like that?" Her small voice says, "Yes,

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