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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   The neighbors, you say?  

12/6/2011 23:27
Date Posted: 12/6/2011 23:27

A year agoish, new neighbors move in. Good lookin. Swingdar on! They're fun. We drink, chat, hang out. They become our closest friends on the culdesac (french word for dead end street).
Converations cover football, kids, work, cars, vacations.
They mention that they have been to Hedo.


We talk about a wonderful rooftop hot tub at a resort we go to every March. They respond with " oh you've been to Desire."

We tell them we are nudists. Nothing more is said.

The months pass, same old, drinks,onversation, a little pool and occasional hot tub.
One weekend, they have a friend in town. Cute little bohemian chick. He stays at home to babysit. She comes over for a hot tub with her friend. Mo and I are in the tub when they come in, Mo topless. No biggie, we're nudists. Her friend rips off her top and jumps in. Fabulous. The night continues, we drink play pool, sing to youtube ( we're laim) and have a great time. The neighbor feels it's time to go but the friend doesn't so she stays. Back to the tub we go, this time  all naked. More drinks, more pool, then we break in the pool table, hot tub, floor, etc. and send her home in a robe.

Neighbors wake up to find her naked on their couch and wonder what the fuck happened.
We ask ourselves " Did they just leave their unicorn at our house?"

Nothing is discussed again for a few weeks. Finally they ask, we admit, they admit,
They should be joining us all soon on the Lounge!

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