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Are you seeking New Windsor, New York swingers personal ads?
Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Night in the VIP Room  

12/14/2011 12:25
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 12/14/2011 12:25
     Coming up with a good screen name was not as easy as you might think. We hadn’t yet found this website but we had floated around the internet. I was hardly computer savvy but I figured out how to navigate my way to lifestyle sites. When it came time to post pictures the flat top scanner just wasn’t cutting it. I finally broke down and bought a digital camera and decided to do a photo shoot. The pictures are posted here. Anyway the photo shoot was a success and I got some really hot shots of  Karen and her a few okay shots of me.  That evening we headed out for dinner and hit Gentleman’s club .    Upon returning home from the club we were both pretty worked up. I had witnessed Karen getting visually fucked by a rather good looking guy on the opposite side of the bar. I knew he was her type when I caught her spying back at him. I love to see her play this game as she does it so well and it often makes her very wet and ready which always makes me hard. As we pulled into the driveway and parked I rushed to the passenger’s side to meet her as she got out. I grabbed her by the arms and pushed her against the fender kissing her hard on the mouth. She responded as I knew she would spreading her legs for me as I ran my hand down to her core. Underneath her mini, with no panties to hasten me as she never wears them,  I slipped a finger right in finding her already wet again as I knew she would be.  My cock already on full alert jumped at the discovery. I left my fingers in place as she worked herself against them while we kissed.  When we I pulled away I turned her around and pressed her over the fender, lifted her mini and began my assault from behind. Her wetness felt remarkable and quickly brought me to a peak. I knew I would not last long and was hoping to bring her to the peak with me.  
“Fuck Babe your pussy is wet. Who was it tonight?” I asked .
“The Hugh Jackman looking guy across the bar.” She panted “ I was dancing for him.”
“You were? You little slut! When? When I went to take a piss?” I say.
“No! In my mind you idiot! She huffed.
“You wanted to suck his dick didn‘t you?” I urged.
I drive my hips forcefully against her ass as I ask the question.
“Ooooh fuuuck meeee!  Yeeess!”
“Did he want to fuck you like this?”
I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her into me as I drove my hips forward.
“You wanted his big dick in your tight little cunt didn‘t you?”
“Ooooo…yeeeess Fuck yeeesss!”
Her ass started to bounce up and down as I thrust harder. I can tell Karen is about to come as am I.
“Like that! Fuck me like that!.” she pleads.
“You’re thinking about his cock right now aren’t you?”
Karen’s  leg muscles contract making her ass bounce wildly I can feel her vagina tighten around my shaft.
She wails as her ass bounces and her wetness washes over my cock. I continue to thrust until I feel her contraction releases me then I pull back and shoot my load narrowly missing her shoulder length hair as she withers over the hood of her Honda.
  Later that night as we lie in we discuss the club.
“So what were you fantasizing about at the club?” I asked.
“I was imagining dancing for you both.”
“What were we doing?”
“You were both watching me dance and Jacking off.” She replied.
I thought about her fantasy for a while after that night. Imagining her on stage before a club full of horny patrons all lusting after her hard sexy body. I have to say the thought made me tingle with anxious delight. Spring eventually turned into summer life became busy as work picked up and we had little time to stop and smell the roses or in our case recreational sex.  By summer of 2000 we found ourselves in the middle of a triple digit heat wave that wouldn‘t let up. Needing a break from the fast track and the overwhelming heat we decided to booked a room on Long Island close to an off premise club we liked to haunt and headed for the nude beach of Fire Island.   We spent Saturday at the beach people watching and enjoying the cool ocean breeze. As the sun went down we headed back to the motel to shower up among other things and headed out for dinner. We always liked to dine early which would leave us with some time after dinner to get revved up for the off premise club at  a local Gentleman’s club.  
  After dinner on the way out to the strip club I watched my lovely wife change in the front seat next to me from “sweet sexy wife out to dinner with handsome hubby”  into “sexy strip club vixen.” I couldn’t help but eye her up while I’m driving as I am just as guilty of gawking at my own wife as the guys at the beach that day. As she slides the pink body hugging tube dress over her well toned and golden bronzed body I notice she has on a thong. Since she never wears panties of any kind I am wondering what that’s all about. I am about to ask about the panties when she turns to me and asks.
“Did you notice that guy at he beach with blue speedo?”
“Babe, we were at a nude beach I didn’t seen any bathing suits. Duh!”
She rolls her eyes at me.
“When he got there he was wearing a blue speedo and took it off. Duh!”
“Oh? You mean the guy behind the wind screen playing with himself?” I reply as I snap my eyes back to the road just in time to avoid the shoulder ditch.
She smiles a devilish grin at me.
“Why do you ask?” I say.
“He was peeking at me through the screen  and masturbating.”
“Did it creep you out because you didn‘t say anything?”  
“Actually, it  made me horny.”
“Really? Why does that not surprise me?” I replied with a cynical grin.
Our conversation instantly brings to mind her dancer fantasy and  no sooner then the connections where made and the light bulb went off in my head I turned to my lover no doubt exactly as she knew I would and asked.
“You want me to ask if you can audition tonight?”
Without hesitation she replies.
I glance over at my wife with a curious gaze. She smiles and says.
“Can you handle that?”
“ Honey I’ve watched you suck other men off  I think dancing for them is a non issue.”
She chortles at my cavalier attitude.
As we pull into the parking lot of Café Royal Gentlemen‘s Club I notice the parking lot is pretty damn full. I review my wife’s attire once more before we enter .  The pink dress is pull tight across her well rounded bosom to where her ever erect nipples seem to almost be piercing the thin fabric. I can even see the definition in her  well carved abs right through her dress.   Her bubble butt is looking quite vivacious as she strolls in and we are greeted by the door bouncer who charges me ten bucks and gives my lover the quick once over. . He seems to like what he sees.  As we enter the club I take mental notes of the guys at the bar. There are a handful of middle age gentlemen chatting up the local talent. Pretty harmless stuff a large group of guys are getting lap dances off to the side. These guys are younger than the bar guys maybe mid thirties but a pretty big crowd of them. Next to the lap dancers is the V.I.P rooms. As we round the bar/stage a  door to a V.I.P room opens up and young guy of I’d guess around early thirties steps out followed by a slender brunette with huge assets. I watch my lover as she takes notice of the guy. I know he is for sure her type at about six feet tall with dark features and a solid build but not juiced up. He is your fundamental all-American good looks package . We circle to the far side of the bar/stage and take position where we can see everyone coming and going. The dancer on stage moves through the finish of her routine in a rather routine finish. We take little notice as the DJ pronounces her departure and announces the next dancer up.
“And now for our next performer let’s welcome KIIIIWI to the stage!”
 The DJ cues Guns & Roses, Welcome to the jungle. The crowd around the bar goes wild. From the looks of things you would think Jeanna Jameson was coming out or some such porn star.. Karen and I look at each other like WTF. She yells over the song.
“I like her choice in music!”
The next thing we see is this petite Asian/Korean hard body with a long jet black mane come running out, jump up and straddle the pole face up into death spiral to the stage floor. The crowd is going nuts as she does a back hand spring to her feet grabs the pole with one hand and spins around it as she begins her dance routine. My lover shouts over the music.
“Pretty impressive.”  
All I can do is smile as I gaze upon this hot, hard bodied, sexy cute, Lucy Liu/Kobe Tai  package. This girl is every mans Asian spinner fantasy and she hits every move with authority and flexibility.  Karen is on high energy right now. She is a rocker babe to the core so the  Guns & Roses alone has her dancing and grinding up on me and ogling Kiwi which isn’t hurting her mood either.
“Wow! Things are heating up around here and we haven’t even order a drink yet.” She says.
I wave  the Barmaid over and order some well needed refreshment . The drinks seem pretty strong for a Gentlemen’s club but at these prices they should be. I knock back two drinks to my wife’s one by the time Kiwi is finishing up her set with Billy Idol’s white wedding  As the Barmaid delivers us another round. Kiwi hops over to the bar top and sits down legs apart  right in front of My lover.
“Hi Guys! You two are cute what’s your names?” She beams.
I can tell my lover is feeling a buzz and is still jacked up from the stage performance but I wasn’t prepared for what came next. Karen grabs Kiwi by the waist, leans in and nips then sucks the flat of her stomach.  Kiwi braces my lover” head in her lap as she does and I’m thinking those drinks were stronger than even I thought or maybe Karen was dehydrated from the beach. When Karen finally pulls away Kiwi leans down and plants a deep tongue kiss on her. It’s pretty fucking hot to watch and I have to adjust my pants.
“Hi, we’re Karen & Steve very nice to meet you.” My lover quips.
At this point I am checking the room for the bouncer attack. I could never get away with something like that but girl to girl must be a different set of rules here because nobody raises an eyebrow except the middle age men at the bar.
“Are you guys married?”
I’m wondering why she would ask such a question or even care but I remain silent since Karen is hitting it off so well with Kiwi.
“Yes we are. Are you, because you are just too cute to be single!” Karen says in a slightly intoxicated tenor.
“I’m not  but I do have a steady boyfriend.”
“Well he’s a lucky guy, I hope he knows it.”
I’m thinking I should cut my girl off right now  as she’s getting a bit syrupy but Kiwi comes right back.
“Oh he is lucky alright I can guarantee that.!”
Kiwi extends her hand to Karen and says.
“My name is Kiri it means mountain.”
“Mountain of pure energy.”  I chime in. “Your performance was amazing.”
“Thank you.” She says as she tosses a smile my way. I’m beginning to think this isn’t a typical direction the conversation is taking. I mean how often does a dancer disclose her real name to patrons.
“Are you guys going to hang around for awhile I’d love to come out and have a drink with you.”
Oh yeah. This is not a typical direction. By now she should be hitting us up for a private dance or at the very least a lap dance but she seems truly sincere.
“Yeah we’ll be here for awhile.” I reply.
“Great I’ll see you in a bit.”
Then Kiwi throws her legs back up on the bar top and crawls her way from patron to patron gaining wealth as she goes. That ’s when the thought finally hit me, we didn’t even tip her. It was like the goal of separating us from our money  never occurred to her. Now that is definitely not typical. As she makes her way around the bar top I catch my wife making eye contact with the All American boy across the bar. Yep she definitely likes what she sees and I am guessing he does too. Kiwi finishes her bar top business with the All American stopping to chat with him for few minutes then makes her exit. We sit and watch a few more dancer perform before Kiwi shows up by our side. I wave in the barmaid and have her refill drinks for us and buy a round for Kiwi. The music pumps loudly and it’s difficult for me to keep up with the women’s  conversation but from the way Karen pets Kiwi’s leg and the way Kiwi strokes Karen’s waist they seem to be hitting it off well. Eventually the conversation turns to dancing and Kiwi-Kiri asks.
“Have you danced before?”
“No but I‘d love to try it. Do they have an amateur night or something?” Karen asks.
“I bet we can get you an audition.” Kiwi replies.
And with that Kiwi hops off the barstool and heads to the DJ booth. We watch as she talks to the DJ for minute then returns to us. She hops onto the barstool with a smile and announces.
“All fixed. You can go up with me on my next set.”
Karen leans into Kiwi and says.
“I’m only wearing a thong  I don’t have a top.”
“ Really? I hadn‘t noticed.” Kiwi quips as she gazes at Kali nipples poking through the thin pink fabric of her tank dress.
“Don’t worry this is a topless bar you don’t need one.” She smiles.
I know my lover well and at this point I can tell from her body language she is a bit nervous. Kiwi senses it too and gently runs her fingertips dangerously high up the inside of  Karen’s leg as she leans in and kisses her on the lips. I watch closely. My lover’s eyes close fleetingly in the moment as her breathing rises to Kiwi’s touch. When she opens her eyes Kiwi whispers to her.
“Don’t be nervous. You’re already breathtaking just follow my lead you can fake the rest.”
At this point Kiwi hops off the barstool and takes my girl by the hand.
“Time to get ready.” she informs us.
Karen gives me quick smile that says I‘m little nervous. I give her a kiss and tell her to have fun. Before Kiwi leads her away I say.
“Take good care of her for me.”
Kiwi looks back at me with a conspirators grin and says.
“Don’t worry about her. I will.”
I am beginning to wonder just what we’ve gotten ourselves into here when one of the middle age guys at the bar starts to tell me how sexy my girlfriend is. I can hardly focus on anything other than my lover leaving for the back room and what is about to take place. As my nervous excitement begins to build I look across the bar and see the All-American looking over at me. He raises his glass to me in a sort of toast to what I think he knows is about to happen. I raise my glass back to him and nod in my typically confused yet best knowing gesture. Truthfully I am excited for my lover this is something we have talked about before so I know she is somewhat mentally prepared for it. I take a quick glance around the club to see who is who when I notice the DJ trying to get my attention he waves me over to the booth.
“What’s up?” I ask as I arrive.
“That your girlfriend or wife that’s going up with Kiwi?”
“My wife why?”
“How should I intro her?”
Intro her. Hmmm. I hadn’t thought about that . As the DJ mixes songs I go over pet names in my head. Let’s see Babe comes to mind I call her Babe all the time.  “Hey Babe how was your day.” or  “Babe! Where did you put the extra large condoms I bought yesterday?”   I can hear the DJ announce her now.
“And now let’s welcome to the stage Kiwi and BAAAABE!”
That’s definitely not going to work.  What the hell did her father call her?  KAXAN! He used to call her Kaxan when she was like twelve. Nah ! That’s no good sounds like a super hero or something. What? What? What name? The DJ looks up from his mix with  impatient scorn.  Kaxan won’t leave my tiny little brain so I finally blurt out
“KAAALI! “  The DJ’s scornful look turns to one of confusion.
“Kali?” He asks.
“Yeah! Kali!” I sputter.
He nods his head as if he understand then looks back down to his mixing board. I return to the bar and take my seat as the present dancer finishes up her song and moves to the bar top to begin her cash crawl. The DJ’s cues up AC/DC and just as “You Shook Me All Night Long” hit’s the speaker he intros the girls..
“And now a very special treat let’s welcome Kiwi and new comer Poooorschaaa  to the stage!”
“What? I said Kali not Porscha you fucking douche bag!”  I whisper to myself.
The crowd begins to applaud and the next thing that happens is pretty astounding. Kiwi comes bouncing out onto the stage, leaps up grabs the pole throwing her legs above her head while twisting her body to straddle the pole in reverse facing the stage floor. Spot  on cue Karen/Kali comes strutting out, same pink out fit she has been wearing, and does a dip spin around the pole. Her pink tube dress hikes right up exposing her pink thong covered package and the crowd now goes wild the place is vibrating.  The All American guy across the bar puts fingers in his mouth and wolf whistles to the girls. Karen finishes her spin by kicking out her feet and laying out on her back still holding the pole, while above her Kiwi slowly spirals down the pole toward Karen. As Kiwi finishes her spiral decent to the stage the two meet in a perfect sixty nine position. The crowd is throwing singles and going wild as the two girls go at each other in a mock exhibition of  cunnilingus debauchery.  Kiwi finally rolls off  Karen and does a back bridge into a walk over and begins to dance around the stage. Karen follows suit, minus the back bridge, and begins to strut her way about the stage as well. Kiwi has the dance moves but Karen is keeping up quite well as she struts and gyrates her hips from one end of the stage to the other. At this point my jaw is on the bar top as I can’t believe what a natural my wife is at this. She seems to be relishing the whole experience. I am considering her actually giving up her day job as this could be her true calling.
As the two girls pass each other Kiwi grabs Karen’s hand and draws her in. They stand face to face center stage eyes lock for a moment then Kiwi places her hands on Karen’s hips and very slowly begins to draws her pink tube dress down while watching the crowds reaction. The crowd begins to chant. Lower! Lower!  Kiwi eggs on the crowd as she eases the dress slowly down my lover’s ample bosoms . The chanting rises as the dress descends. LOWER! LOWER!  Karen’s pink dress seems reluctant to let go of it’s hold on her pert nipples struggling to stay put and protect the bosom it was sworn to shelter yet Kiwi will not be denied  The dress in a last ditch effort to remain at it’s post is finally no match for Kiwi’s expertise and  alas the soft pink fabric looses it‘s grip and My Lover’s nipples and her breasts bounce up in enthusiastic release. The crowd now whistles and applauds wildly. Kiwi urges the dress continuously down until Karen’s flat stomach and bodacious bubble butt are exposed.  The din of the crowd continues to rise as the dress glides down my lover‘s well defined legs and lands on the stage floor.  From my lover’s smile I know she is feeling as sexy as hell as she winks at me then flicks the dress to the edge of the stage with one stiletto heeled toe.  My Lover raise her arms in victory as she stands clad only in a thong, her beautiful round breast and well toned body a sight to behold. The crowd is applauding, hooting and howling and giving me the thumbs up. Just as Kiwi turns to move away Karen pulls the sting on Kiwi’s bikini bottom and it falls gently to one side as Kiwi struts away. The club is only topless and crowd already half wild turns to pandemonium.  As Kiwi passes the All American he points at her bottoms. Kiwi turns and gives Karen a surprised look. I can’t hear but I can make out her word to over the din of the crowd.
“You aarre a naughty girl!” She stomps a foot and laughs.
My Lover just smiles and shrugs then picks up her strut and spins around the pole a few more times. The festivities are just about over and Karen grabs up her pink dress as Kiwi hit’s the bar top and begins her cash crawl.  As she struts one last time off the stage to the dressing room I see the All American wave her to him.  She steps across to the bar top and squats down in front of the young hunk. I can’t hear or see anything from my vantage point except for her back but I know the young hunk is getting an eye full because her knees are spread wide and  I know my girl is loving this attention. If she could choose who she wanted to dance for it would be a bar full of guys with looks like his.  After a few minute she returns to my side of the bar but not before every guy and most of the free moving dancers congratulates her on her dance. She is glowing and she almost can’t sit still, crossing her leg then uncrossing, shifting from side to side. I assess her for a second and I know what going on. I lean toward her.
“That made you wet didn’t it?”
She tries to hide her guilty smile.
“Look at me.” I say.
She turns to me trying to keep it together yet failing miserably. I smile at her culpability and she offers me a devilish grin. Then she spreads her legs just enough for me to see the wet spot on her thong.
“Did your hunk over there get to see that too?”
Another guilty smirk but I already knew the answer.
“I couldn’t help it. He wanted to talk to me.” She whines.
“What did he want?”
“He wants a private dance in the VIP room.”
“What did you tell him?”
“I told him I would ask you.”
I know that means she would really like to give this guy a private dance. I had to think about this for a bit. It was still early in our adventurous lifestyle and this was all new to me. I didn’t mind the idea of my lover dancing for a hot guy it was actually quite a turn on to watch but to not watch and only imagine what was going on was whole new thing. I really hadn’t come to any kind of decision on it when I noticed the All American hunk across the bar coming our way. He must have figured I was Porscha’s significant other and that I might not be up for her dancing behind closed doors with a stranger. Especially since he knew this was Porscha’s first time on stage even though she was very excited to be there. The young hunk stepped up to me as I turned to him and introduced himself.
“Hi I’m Greg.” He said extending his hand.
“Hi.” I said as we shook hands.
“ I couldn’t help but notice you guys were together. Your wife is very beautiful.”
I am wondering how he knows Karen is my wife as I looked at my lover seated on the barstool next to me. She has on her number three smile which means she really likes this guy.
“Thank you the crowd seemed to like her too.” I reply.
 “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind her giving me a private dance?”
I shift weight from left to right stalling and still weighing my options.
“ Well, this is her or rather our first experience at this maybe…”  But before I can finish my sentence he says.
“You know we could all be together in the VIP room if you’d like.”
I present him with an enlightened smile and say.
“Really? That would be OK with you?” I ask.
“Absolutely.” He says with an understanding wave of his hand.  
“That’s very thoughtful of you.” I say.
I glance over at Karen who is almost jittery with anticipation. She rubs my arm in the most loving and supportive manner in hopes of swaying me to her objective.
“We’d love to how do we set it up?”
“That’s no problem. I’ll set it up for us. I’ll be right back.” He smiles and says.
Then he heads off to the other side of the bar where I see him draw Kiwi away from her business. I am guessing he has to have her set up the VIP room with the powers that be. I really don’t know what protocol is but it’s not our concern if he wants this to happen he‘ll have to make it happen.
Karen looks at me with a speculate type expression.
“Are you okay with this?” She asks.
I am wondering what her apprehension is all about I mean it’s just a lap dance for crying out loud right?
“Babe, what do you think is going to happen? He‘s not going to ask you for a BJ.”
 I think on what I just said and retort.  
“You didn’t tell him you would blow him did you?”
“No! Of course not. Duh!” She snaps.
“ Well then what are you so worried about?”
“I don’t know?”
I look at my beautiful wife. I am so proud of her performance on stage and that everyman in the room wants to have her that I missed the whole point of her fantasy. I sometimes forget who I am dealing with then it hits me.
“You want to blow him don’t you?”
She smiles sheepishly.
“I’m not going to blow him.” She replies with hint of disappointment.
“Not if you don’t want me to.” She says with a smirk.
“Well what do you want because this isn’t about money.” I ask in all my confusion.
“I want you both to Jack off for me.”  She says without hesitation.
Seriously all I want is for My lover to experience her desires and fantasies so why all of a sudden do I feel like the spoiler?  And so again I am wondering what have I gotten myself into. I don’t want to be selfish but up to this point our experience has been pretty equitable. I know we talked about things being “fair” for both of us but in truth things are never exactly fair. As I ponder all this Greg makes his return all smiles and I can tell we’re good to go.
“All set.” He says with a giant smile.
“Great.” I say.
Greg turns to head toward to the V.I.P. rooms. Kali gives me a nervous smile and grabs my hand for moral support as we follow Greg, Kali whispers to me.
“So what do you think?”
“Babe let’s just see how it goes. Okay?”
We enter a room of about six by ten in dimension the music from outside is being pumped in through ceiling speakers. There’s a comfortable looking couch on the long wall and little else, the room is dimly down lighted. Greg closes the door behind him and makes himself comfortable on the couch. I stand at the door not really knowing what to do. My groin is getting tingles of nervous pleasure sensations and I can feel my cock getting stiff and then going soft. I’m thinking if this isn’t handled right it could be really bad for me. That’s when Greg says.
“I know this your first time dancing. Why don’t you start by dancing for your husband.”
I smile at Karen and immediately sit down on the couch. I’m thinking I want to hug Greg for his thoughtful suggestion and that’s when My lover moves in front of me and begins to wave her hips in my face. As she dip her hips the dress begins to ride up just a bit.
“Your ass looks absolutely extraordinary in that pink dress babe.” I say as I greedily take it all in.
I run my hands over her backside and down to her legs then gently back up along the inside of her legs to the point of origin. The increased wetness I find there tells me she’s been thinking dirty thoughts since she got off the stage. I know there is a protocol with dancers in a V.I.P room but since this is my wife I feel the rules are for the other guys and so I gentle move aside her G-string and separate her lips with one finger. I find absolutely no resistance and slide right in with ease. I can feel her velvety wetness tighten around me as she closes her eyes and rolls her head back. At this point my control center is all good as I have a raging hard on. From the corner of my eye I catch Greg watching Karen’s reaction to my finger and so I slip two more inside of her. My Lover is not really dancing but rather rocking her hips side to side and to and fro riding my fingers as I gently massage her clit with my thumb. I glance over at Greg who is wrestling his jeans trying to make room for his growing penis.
I am sure this is exactly what he hopped would happen in the V.I.P room because he can’t seem to contain his ever growing smile or hard on. Karen senses his trouble and offer assistance.
“Is there anything I can help you with?” She teases as she bends to touch Greg’s package.
He leans back into the couch rolling his hips up toward Karen.
“Yes there is.” He quips still smiling widely.  “I seem to be having a problem with some swelling.”
In one smooth transition with my finger still tightly gripped by her pubic muscles My lover shifts her body to Greg and begins to liberate his ever growing member. Before I can even regroup Karen has him in her mouth and is going after him like a Porsche 911 turbo chasing a Lamborghini Diablo on the freeway at rush hour. I decide it’s time to stop fingering and start licking and so I replace my fingers with my tongue.
“Holy fuck your pussy is so wet babe.” I moan as I face dive into her deliciousness.
She responds by driving her pussy against my chin to increased the pressure.  Karen is so heated up right now her vagina is ready for anything. I have seen her temperature gauge hit the red zone before and believe me she can run hot like this for awhile. Just as I am thinking I need to drop trough and begin to plow I hear a tap on the door. In that instant  I realize that we have probably been watched the whole time on video security camera. I survey the ceiling for a camera but see none.   I turn to look as the door opens and Kiwi steps inside.
“Awwwe! You guys started without me.” She giggles.
Karen turns away from her work to answer Kiwi.
“I’m just getting the guys warmed up for us.”
I look at my lover with bewildered enthusiasm, she smiles and winks at me then it hits me. She planned this whole thing. Not the whole thing but she must have had more conversation than just dance moves when she went in the back with Kiwi to get ready. Kiwi comes over to the couch and kisses Greg hard on the lips then turns to us.
“I guess you guys have already met .” She says with a wink.
“Not formally.” I reply.
“Well this is my boyfriend Greg. Greg this is Karen & Steve.”  
Greg is still slumped in the couch right where Karen left him with his dick at full mast. He just smiles and gives a quick wave.
“Your beautiful wife told me about her dance fantasy I thought we could help her out.”  Kiwi replies.
“Wow! When you said your boyfriend was a lucky guy you weren’t kidding.” I reply with a laugh.
“Time’s going to run out so we better get to it.” Kiwi advised.
Greg and I exchange position with the girls and now stand before them both. We work diligently performing for the girls. Both Kiwi and Karen urge us along tickling and sucking. At one point Karen is so heated she has to play with herself. Watching her hips move up and down leaning back on the couch rhythmically rubbing herself as we stroke ourselves drives me to the edge and I can feel my orgasm building.   Kiwi senses my rise and licks up under my balls helping to increase the pressure.  I can tell Greg is on the same plane as I am and getting close too. His low throaty moans cause Karen to sit up and await his release.  The two sexy vixen sit before at the ready.
“Where would you like this Miss?” I ask Kiwi.
Kiwi pulls her raven mane back behind her shoulders exposing her pert bosom.
“Fire away big boy.” She wisecracks.
And so that is exactly what I do. The first round hits her dead in the chest. The pressure is so intense it splashes on Karen. I look over to see Karen in the same ready position as Kiwi just as Greg unloads his first round. Karen catches some on the chin and it runs down to her breasts. I have one squirt left in me and aim it at my lover. Greg turns his gun on Kiwi and fires round two at her. Thankfully no one was caught in the crossfire. I am basically finished now and so my knees buckle just a bit. Greg on the other hand has a few rounds left and it is quite amazing to watch. He shares his remaining essence with Karen and Kiwi   and I am here to acknowledge his self propelled happy ending was a double sloppy wet mess for Karen and Kiwi..  At one point I did not think the guy would stop coming.  Fortunately or more to the point well planned out, Kiwi produced a towel for us all and we wiped up very quickly after which we bid them farewell and left the club to head for the off-premise for the rest of our night. On our way from Café Royal to the off-premise Karen turned to me and said of all things.
“Porscha? How did you come up with that name?”
“I didn’t. The fucking DJ came up with that. I told him to introduce you as Kali.”
She thinks for a second then says.
“You know what’s funny in high school the catty bitches that hated made up a joke about me.”
“Really? Tell me.” I say.
“ What’s the difference between Karen and a Porsche?”
I look at my beautiful wife with an inquisitive smile.
“I give. What’s the difference?”
“Most guys have never been inside a Porsche.” She snorts.
I chuckle and say.
“Well you have to admit Kali we gave Kiwi and Greg a pretty fast ride.”
“Hmmm? I like the name Kali.” She says.
“Cool. How about next time I have you intro-ed as Kaliride?”
“Will there be a next time?” She asks
I smile at my lover as I pull into the parking lot of the off-premise. I give her wink and say.
“Let’s see how it goes Babe.”

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