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   The Snowmobile Story Part I  

1/28/2012 10:50
Posted By:  - NEW PRAGUE, MN  
Date Posted: 1/28/2012 10:50

The Snowmobile Party. (January)




On that January Saturday it was cold in New Prague. John and Susan had called to say they were running late because their sled trailer’s signal equipment was frozen and they could not get their brake lights and running lights working.


I sat down to finish my coffee just as Leanne came into my office to let me know that our son had been delivered to his ‘overnight party’ at the Smith’s house. I could tell she was nervous, as she usually is when our ‘naked party friends’ come to call. This was enhanced by the fact there were some other couples coming over to sled that she had not met. John and Susan had told us these other couples were friends, and that it would be a good time. So we took them at their word, and Leanne was left to deal with her usual and heightened anxiety.


I knew, however that once people got here and we got riding, that anxiety would vanish.


This would be the first time in more than a year we would possibly be in the hot tub with a couple other than John and Susan. If the other couples left and the we just spent the rest of the night with John and Susan that would be fun, too.


But when these things came up, I could cut the anxiety fog with a knife.


So I went outside and got busy getting the sled ready to go. The sled the two of us ride is Polaris 550 Trail Touring 2-up. Leanne doesn’t drive as sled, she rides. I have special hand warmers I put on the handles for her, and also keep extra water in the storage box.





We stopped at the Marystown Pub up by Shakopee. The ride had gone well. We had gone around the southern part of New Prague and then up Highway 13. At that point the trail crossed over 282 and then over a small lake. Marystown was the perfect place to stop. John and Susan were riding their Indy 500s and only one other couple made it, George and Rose.


John and Susan had met George and Rose at the summer boat party and had made friends with them immediately. This was the first time they had seen each other since August.


John was his usually funny self, telling jokes and loosening everyone up. Susan, he dark eyes darting from place to place was taking in the décor of the rural Pub. George, who was a good 6’4” had a soft voice and his wife Rose was a petite redhead who laughed easily, and was talking to Leanne about her kids.


The conversation eventually got around to “why are you interested or what got you interested in the swinging lifestyle?” This question is one that HAS to be asked because the motivations are as diverse as the people who enjoy the buzz only a marriage in the swinger lifestyle can have.


John finally asked George how they got in to it, and George leaned back in his char, and took a long drink of his beer. He got Rose’s attention. Looking at his wife, he said ‘Rose, you want to tell the story?”


Rose turned a bright shade of red, highlighting her dark red hair. She thought for a moment, then said, ‘well GEORGE, you always embellish.” She then turned to my wife Leanne and said ‘if you want the facts, I’ll tell it. If you want a good story, let George!”


We all burst into laughter. Leanne poked me, hinting ‘here’s another bullshitter just like you’.


Susan broke in, “you don’t have to tell us anything if you don’t want to. It is just John being nosy”.


George sat back in his chair, and said “well this place is kind of populated. I’d rather tell the story where no one else can overhear us.” Susan looked disappointed.


Rose piped up, “well it was kind of an accident, but I agree with George, let’s tell it later. It always sounds better after a few drinks. If you want to know what got us interested though, it was us stumbling in to a Lifestyle Dance at a hotel up in the cities.”


We had been there long enough. It was time to get the gear on and get back out on the trail.





John opened the bottle of vodka and began to mix a bloody mary. Rose and George were sitting at the bar on the 4 season porch. Leanne already had her bloody mary, susan was in the hot tub off the back of the porch, and I was sitting behind the bar watching john make the bloody mary.


It had been a nice day on the trails, and we were all cold when we pulled the sleds up to the back porch. We had already run into the house, doffed our sledding suits and clothes and taken a soak in the hot tub.


Now …. We were relaxing around the bar. Everyone had brought a robe, but mostly we all wore towels as we stood around the bar on the heated porch. Just beyond the door was the hot tub, where we could hear the jets running. John had taken Susan’s towel from the rack by the hot tub so Susan would have to prance into the heated porch in the nude.


   “Turn up the heat,” John snickered as he put the finishing touches on Rose’s bloody mary. “Susan will be cold when she gets in here!” I knew what that meant. She’s run right for him and open his robe and climb inside. Sure enough, we heard Susan’s high pitched voice yell:


 “No towel! Cold! Cold! Cold!” The door burst open and Susan rushed across the floor, grabbed open John’s robe and hugged him, pulling the robe around her. “John, I wish you wouldn’t DO THAT!’” she exclaimed, burying her head in his chest.


   I handed her a margarita, and she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around herself. Susan at on the chair at the end of the bar, and took a long drink from the straw in the glass.


 After some chat about the trails and the day on the sleds, I knew what was coming next. John looked at George, and said “Well? You can tell the story now!”


George put down his beer, and looked at Rose. “Which one of us tells it?” Rose thought for a minute, Susan sat deeper into her chair, savoring her drink. Leanne held out her glass for me to make another bloody mary. John leaned forward across the bar, and I got busy with the new drink.


     “Well,” Rose began; “as we said at the bar, it was an accident. “Alcohol was involved, if you must know.” We all laughed. John was growing impatient. George was smiling, waiting for the story. Leanne and I were just sitting there relaxing, wondering why this was a big deal. “We never actually talked about the lifestyle between us,” Rose continued. “I was on a weekend outing with my girlfriends. We were up at the lake cabin that my friend Kathy owns. One night we were playing a drinking game, and one thing led to another, and soon we were all sitting around playing strip poker. Of course, who could think anything could come of that? We were all married women, with kids, and there hadn’t been so much as a discussion of anything like sex between any of us or any attraction issues. In the 10 years we’d been going to this cabin it just never came up.”

Rose stopped and took a drink from her glass, unsure how to proceed.

   “Well to make a long story short, we were pretty drunk, and then Gayle said ‘let’s take the pontoon out!’ So we all went down to the dock. Some of us were half naked, others hadn’t lost any clothes, and Sandra was naked; she’d lost every hand. We got on the pontoon and took it about 50 yards offshore and then Sandra jumped in. Everyone else took off what they had left and jumped in. I was the last one; still the prude, me.

    “Now this was a sensation I’d not had before, being naked in the water at night. I’d not had the sensation of seeing other women naked other than the showers at the gym or on some photo or movie. The sensation of the water between my thighs and on my nipples was interesting. So I just rolled over on my back, and looked at the moon and felt the sensations. It turned me on; to tell you the truth. At that time I didn’t even think of having SEX with anyone. I just felt relaxed and sort of revved up!

     “After a while I could hear Gayle shouting that it was time for a Beer! I paddled back to the boat, and was hanging from the steel deck when Sandra swam up next to me, and pretended to flounder. I reached over to grab her arm. She grabbed my arm and then pulled herself up to me and kissed me. I could feel her breasts against mine, and her legs wrap around my waist. The first kiss was on the lips but nothing too urgent. Then she put her arms around me, and planted a kiss on my neck. I immediately felt shivers going throughout my body. At once I was surprised, frozen, and terrified our friends would find us under the boat in this embrace. The electricity of that kiss on my next momentarily shot right through my body to my pussy, and I reciprocated by kissing her right breast. I had never done that before to ANYONE! She moved her head back and we kissed again. This time it was the hottest kiss I have ever had! My body wanted to come right there.”

Rose stopped, her face turning a shade of red. She took a strand of her hair, and twirled it aimlessly. John was clearly into the story. George had a cat that ate the canary look on his face. Susan was inching toward Rose’s position on the couch. The two of us looked at each other and I was as very aroused not only by her story but by her story telling.


     “I heard Gayle calling for us, and Sandra let go and swam under the boat. She got on from the front end and I climbed up the ladder from the back end.

    ‘where have you two been?’ Gail demanded. Your beer is getting warm!”


    I looked at Rose and asked her “Well what happened next?”


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