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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Snowmobile Party Part II  

1/30/2012 19:49
Posted By:  - NEW PRAGUE, MN  
Date Posted: 1/30/2012 19:49

   Rose looked at me and smiled; “well I was in a state of confusion, since I found it VERY erotic and unexpected, yet I wasn’t sure if anyone else saw or heard anything. So I just came on board and grabbed my beer and slouched into the seat cushion.” By now everyone in the porch was listening intently. I wasn’t sure how this story was going to continue, but since they were naked and sitting on our porch, I knew that her sexual adventures didn’t end with that weekend on the lake.

     “Well tell them the rest of it, Rose”, George said. He seemed anxious she had stopped where she did. It was clear there was more to this part of their adventures than just the ‘kiss under the boat’.

    “OK, you perv,” she addressed to George. “I was as, I said, confused and turned on at the same time. When Sandra sat across from me on the pontoon, I thought it would have been nice if it were just US out there without the rest of them!”

     By this time, Susan had moved close to Rose and was stroking her hair. It was obvious Susan was turned on by the story, too, and was attracted to Rose. John and George were more focused on Susan’s actions. Her towel was now half off and her breasts had popped tumbled out from the confines of the terrycloth towel. Susan crossed her legs, right over left and leaned toward Rose, who was concentrating on how to tell the next episode of her story.

     Lille had swiveled her chair so her back was toward me at the end of the bar. She dropped her robe a little off her shoulders. This meant: ‘RUB MY SHOULDERS FOOL!’

I complied. John mixed another margarita and handed it through me to Rose. Susan indicated held up her glass; “refill please”. John set about making another drink for his wife.

    After handing Susan her new drink, I slipped my hands under Lille’s robe and stroked her pert nipples. Lille leaned back in the chair, and undid her robe, exposing her athletic figure and well-trimmed beaver. I reached through the robe and stroked her, feeling her warmth and wetness. I knew she was anticipating not only the culmination of Rose’s story but also what seemed to be an inevitable coupling of Susan and Rose. By now the heat on the porch had caught up with the cold outside. Rose took her towel off and placed it under her on with wicker couch. Susan lounged against her, and put her arm around her.

     “Well, what happened NEXT?” Susan asked Rose. Rose, aware of Susan’s intentions and attraction, leaned forward, took a drink of her new margarita. Susan had picked that moment to lean onto Rose, and missed her. We all laughed.

     John chuckled, and said “Sue, she has to finish the STORY!” Susan laughed, and ran her hand down the side of Rose’s body, brushing her breasts with the back of her hand. Rose leaned back into the couch, and began to tell the rest of her story of how she and Sandra finished the evening.

     “We were on the boat on the way back, and Sandra popped over from her seat and sat next to me. Gayle was driving the boat, Kathy was passed out on the deck. We thought we were going back to the dock, but instead, Gayle headed out across the lake. None of us had noticed the moon was full. It was humid, so the evening wasn’t cool. Sitting on the deck of the boat while it was underway was going to be cooler than trying to sleep in the unairconditioned cabin!”  Rose stopped, took another drink of her margarita. Susan kissed Rose on the neck. Rose shuddered a little from what seemed to be a little tickle fter the kiss.

Rose continued, “Gayle backed the throttle to a low speed. She grabbed another beer from the cooler, and threw two more back to us. She was just cruising the lake under the moonlight. She wasn’t paying attention to us. Sandra put her finger to her lips, suggesting I not make any noise. She then reached under my swimsuit and started stroking my pussy. I felt truly unhinged. I was having sex with one of my married best friends, while another one of my married best friends was passed out right in front of me and my OTHER married best friend had her back to us, and was driving the boat and taking the beauty of the star-filled night! Sandra was an expert. She had me wet in no time. Her fingers were sensitive to my clit, and she stroked it slowly at first. I was trying to keep an eye on Gayle, so she would not see anything. Every time she stroked my clit, I felt little strikes of electricity going through my stomach and into my legs and breasts. Trying to keep things quiet, I just moved my hips to her strokes.

   “Suddenly, like a shockwave, I stuck out my legs, choked back and moan, and came like I had NEVER come before. Sandra took her fingers out of my swimsuit just in time; Gayle turned to us and smiled.”

     By now I could see that Lille was stroking her own pussy. Susan waited for Rose to finish that part of the story, and then leaned over kissed Rose on the neck, licking her chest down to her breast and nipple. Susan kissed Rose’s nipple, and then took her left hand and reached down to stroke Rose’s inner thighs. Rose settled into the couch, and raised her hips to meet Susan’s gentle caresses.







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