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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 

2/1/2012 06:03
Posted By:  - ESCONDIDO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/1/2012 06:03

A single male friend of mine has recently gotten into a relationship. He hasn't brought up the full scale of the lifestyle but has hinted around it and she seems receptive to the idea. So I tell him, when she is ready for you two to go out "Vanilla hunting" give me a call. Take her to pounders and I will be there. He says oh I don;t know if she would go for that because I know you. I say, "no you don't"


A couple of weeks later I get a call from him saying she is game. They will be there around 930. So I get myself dressed in a miniskirt, tank top, thigh highs and 5in heels. I arrive around 915 and position myself at the bar, where I can both see the entrance and be seen. I watch as they walk in. She is a HOTTIE!! I make eye contact with her and she blushes a bit. As they walk past me, I gently caress her arm. As they walk away she turns her head and winks.....Bait set and taken!!


A great song comes on so I take my butt out on the dancefloor. No one else is dancing yet, it's still early but I don't care. I am swaying my hips and shaking my booty to the beat...That rhythmic dance that can put you in a trance. I notice my friend's girl (let's call her A) standing by the wall, tapping her toes a bit so I walk over take her hand and guide her to the dance floor. "I really don't know how to dance welll", A says. I say, "you are looking pretty sexy to me. And she blushed again...Oh boy, this is a newbie...But I am loving the game.

After a few songs she says she would like me to meet her man. So I say sure and follow her to their table. Introductions are made...Nice to meet you. Then she tells me what they are up to tonight. They wanted to go out and were hoping to find a female to take home with them for the evening. She said she didn't think they would meet anyone BUT would I be interested in joining them? Hmmmmm......I pretend to really think this over. I say, "I really have never done this type of thing before. I mean maybe experimented a few times with friends but that's it." She says, " That's ok I dont have much experience either, we can learn together."

We have a couple more drinks then I suggest we go back to my place because it is closest. As soon as we get in the door she is ripping at my tank top, yanking on my skirt, her warm greedy mouth trying to devour every inch of me. "You are so damn sexy! I just want to taste that sweet pussy!" She says. She pushes me on the couch and goes to town...Damn, damn, damn....Girl!!! You sure you don;t do this EVERYDAY? She had me squirtin, swearing, cummn and talking jibberish.

Now it's my turn!! She is excited because she has always been the giver with women...This will be her first time on the receiving end. I gently spread her long legs, nibbling the inside of each thigh as I move closer to the real treasure. As I gently spread her beautiful pussy lips, I do a teaser flick of my tongue on her clit. Her whole body shudders. I then start to add a little presure and move my tongue in a circular motion over the exposed head of her clit, stopping to suck and flick my tongue at the same time. I then insert 2 fingers into her soaking wet pussy...I pull them out, climb above her and lick her pussy juices off my fingers. Now it's time to show her how she NEEDS to be treated. I go back down....2 fingers in her pussy, massaging the gspot. My soft tongue on her clit, flick, suck, lick......As I move faster her moans become screams! She says I am cumming!! I think I might even squirt....I work my fingers back and forth pullling on the gspot, suckling on her clit. I can hear how wet her pussy is getting so I position myself over her to catch her juices. She shoots a damn geyser at me....At least a galloon. It is on my head, in my eyes, nose, mouth and it tastes good. She sits up and asks for a kiss....she wants to taste herself. We share a tender kiss between two women who just fully enjoyed each others bodies. As we lay there in an embrace, about to fall asleep....We hear an Ahhh Hhhhem...Clearing of the throat. We look up to see my friend standing there...Totally left out but ready for some.

I turn to him and say,"Sorry sweetie, we are beat! Maybe next time, this was HER initiation.

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