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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   A night at the club  

2/1/2012 06:52
Posted By:  - ESCONDIDO, CA  
Date Posted: 2/1/2012 06:52
   A night at the club:

I'm sittin at the bar with my girls, sippin on my Corona, lookin fly in my black mini and red top...5in stilettos that wrap around the calf....The men are on the prowl tonight...Jockin and jumpin for a chance to speak. We ain't hearin it though..It's ladies night and we are doin US!

The music is bumpin, we do a couple shots of Patron "Cheers Divas!" We throw them back like pros and suck that lime...Lickin our lips and lookin around...Oh yeah...We see ya all lookin and we LOVE IT!!!

I feel a tap on my shoulder and the look of Daaaammmnnnnn on my friends' faces. I slowly turn around, ready to go off on whoever thought they could invade my space and TOUCH me!!! My breath catches, the words die on my lips...OMG!!! This man is gorgeous...I mean drop the panties, get on my knees, I am already cummin baby!! SEXY!!! He say"excuse me miss but can I have just a minute of your time?" I feel like a stutterin fool as I say, " uh, uh, su..sure" Battin my eyes and givin him a sly smile...Lickin my lips for that desired effect of the look of lust in his eyes. I follow his gaze as he starts at my feet, moves up my legs, stoppin for a minute to lick HIS lips as he gazes at my slightly parted legs...See I have no panties on and I KNOW he can see my Kitty hangin out just a little bit...My gaze falls to the large bulge that has suddenly appeared in his slacks. He moves onto my belly, my breasts, and then looks into my eyes. Without another word he
grabs my hand...I go willingly as my girlfriends gape at me in surprise.

We walk outside, looks from both men and women following our path to the doors. He turns to me and says, "your place or mine?" I say, " I can't wait that long!!! I want you NOW!!!" We walk a little ways and get to the side of the club....We can see people in the parking lot but we don't care....He starts to kiss me hard...Hands sliding up my thighs...his thumbs lightly brushing my pussy lips. He brings his hand from under my skirt and licks the wetness of his thumb....YUM....I say "give me a taste!" He gets on his knees and starts to flick my clit with his tongue...Damn he knows what he is doing! He slowly inserts 2 fingers and starts to massage my gspot. Bringin them back out as he comes up to kiss me...Both of us lickin my juices off his fingers. He goes back down and continues to feast. Tongue runnin in circle around on my exposed clit...Damn she is standin up! I start to buck against his face as he finger f*cks me harder and faster! I am about to
squirt! I grab his head..."I am cumming!!!!'" He opens his mouth and drinks it all...lickin up every last drop...Damn she's sensitive now!

My turn!!! I push his back to the wall.....Undo his belt, and pull out his 9in cock....Mmmmm....he looks yummy! Precum is on the head so I slowly lick that away...Gazing up at him to see if he is watchin...He is!!! GOOD! "Watch baby...Tell Mommy how you like it" I start off slow. Suckin, lickin, strokin. Paying attention to his moans and the way his body is reacting to what I am doing. I quickly figure out how he likes is and get busy!!! Deep throatin, firm grip on his dick as I stroke faster. Massagin his balls with my other hand. I continue to stroke as I run my tongue under his ball sac...Addin a little pressure and then suckin...I run my tongue up his shaft as I take him into my warm, wet mouth again...Bringin that dyck slowly to the back of my throat..Gaggin a little and looking up again to make sure he is gettin the full effect...He smiles down at me and his body tenses...Oh ya baby...Seeeing my pretty mouth around his dyck is too much for
him....He wraps my hair in his hands and shoves his cock down my throat...I gag, eyes waterin a little but I am a big girl....Give me all of that sweet cum! Mmmmm....damn he has been eatin his fruit this week....I continue to suck every last drop of that sweet candy...wipin the corners of my mouth and lickin my fingers....I clean his dyck so go it is dry when I am done.....My pussy is pulsating and drippin down my leg....Damn I want to feel him inside of me!!!

He lifts me up and slams me against the wall.....His kisses are hard and hungry...My legs wrapped tightly around his waist...His pants have fallin to the ground around his ankles but we don't notice...We also don't notice the crowd that is forming to watch our frenzied encounter! Panting, moaning, thrusting into me..Deeper and deeper...Feeling my pussy grab his dyck as he slide out and relax as he slides back in...Moving my hips in a circular motion as he gets his arms under my knees and REALLY sits me on his dick....He is bouncin me up and down...My ass cheeks smackin together makin that clappin sound....I look over his shoulder and see the crowd we have drawn...I bend down to his ear, with a sly grin on my face, and whisper..."We have an audience baby...Let's give them something to talk about!" He slides my knees up to his shoulders and balances me with my pussy in his face as he licks and flicks my clit....My body is going crazy, convulsions take over and I squirt so hard in his face I think he is gonna drop me for a second....But NO, he's got this...This isn't his first time!!! He flips me upside down and I start to suck his dyck while he laps up the cum that is still oozing out of my hot box!! Damn my juices taste sweet on this dyck!!! Lickin my lips as he sets me on my feet. I look into his eyes and I KNOW I am in for a major pounding!!!

He spins me around...Tearing my top off my shoulder in the process and causing the slit in my skirt to grow longer.....He pushes my skirt up on my hips as he exposes my round ass to the crowd...A few playful smacks so they can see the waves as it jiggles and then he is back in that pussy...Going after it like she owed him money...I am in my 5in stilettos but he still has be on my tiptoes...Biting my lip to try to stiffle the screams of pain and pleasure...He is getting deep with this position...Just when I think I can't take it anymore, I hear him cry out and his body shudder....I stand straight up and rest my head on his shoulder....Then there is a sudden burst of applause....At first I am confused but then I remember the crowd.

As I turn to look at our large audience...There are my girlfriends, front and center...Looks of awe, shock, and total bewilderment on their faces....They come over to me and pull me away from him..."Girl! What the hell?", "This is NOT like you!!", "What about that new boyfriend you were telling us about? How do you think he would react to this?"

I turn to them and say..."I don't know how he would react...Why don't you ask him?" As I come up behind the man, he turns and holds me in an embrace. Kissing the tip of my nose and then my forehead..."I Love You Mamii".....I can see my friends are ready to commit me so I say to them..."Ladies this is my new boyfriend D!" "D, the Divas!!"...."Now ya all can stop starin at my man's goods and lets get back to dancing...Next round is on me!!!!"

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