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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Snowmobile Party Part III (last episode) (fiction)  

2/1/2012 22:17
Posted By:  - NEW PRAGUE, MN  
Date Posted: 2/1/2012 22:17

We all relaxed. The sight of Susan seducing and pleasuring Rose had been a very erotic scene. The light of the stereo’s equalizer danced off the supine and slightly sweaty body of the beautiful Rose. Her auburn hair was enhanced by the cathode ray like spurting lights. She spread her body out on the couch. The only other light on the porch were the lights under the bar. They cast a shallow glow against the curtains. This light highlighted everyone’s nudity; their eyes focueds on the spent body on the couch. Each person was reflecting thoughts both erotic and sated.


The CD player changed songs. The lights danced again. A familiar voice rose from the seven speakers on the porch; ‘eyes of blue, red roses too’ came through the speakers. Louis Armstrong was hinting that we should grab a partner and slow dance. John extended his hand to Lille. She opened her robe, and grabbed John around the small of the back. Rose remained on the couch, still lost in her orgasms. Susan took George’s hand, and they began to dance. I could see George reach down and cup Susan’s butt in his hands, and kiss her neck. Susan responded by kissing George on his neck and kissing his ear. Lille was enjoying John’s kisses on her neck. I couldn’t see much because of Lille’s robe, but it looked like John was sliding his fingers over her bush as they danced.

I could tell Lille was enjoying the dance; her face became buried in John’s chest, and they stopped moving. Her knees buckled a little, and I could see her grasping John’s shoulders. Then they started dancing again. I turned the music up, and opened another beer.

     “Hey” I heard Rose murmur. “I want to dance too!” I looked over Lille’s shoulders to the couch. Rose was still lying there. But by now she was leaning up and watching the other two couples dance.

     “You can join us if you want to”, Susan said.

     Rose took in the dancing couples and said: “it’s my turn to watch.” Then she looked at me and asked for a freshened margarita. Taking John’s position behind the bar, I set about making another drink for the lovely Rose. Rose stood up off the couch, came to the bar and sat in the swivel seat at the end of the bar. This was the seat Lille had occupied. It didn’t look like she was coming back to it soon.


     Rose took her margarita and looked at me in a way I hadn’t seen her look at me before. But then, I thought, I’d only met her once before, and there wasn’t exactly a long friendship there! She leaned over on the bar and asked me; “does Lille like women too, or does she just like to play a little around the edges?”

     I took one look at the slow dancing Lille and the tall handsome John. “She prefers men”, I began, “but when we are around the swinging lifestyle she is more likely to respond to women, initially.”

    Rose and I turned our attention back to the dancing couples. I hit the remote and forwarded the disks to the Moody Blues’ ‘Knights in White Satin.’ Susan was stroking George’s cock. She was kissing his neck, and stroking his cock as they danced. Lille and John were nude now. My lovely wife had lost her robe. John had lost his towel. They were holding each other very closely. I observed John, as I had before, a tall muscular guy about 6’2” 230 pounds. Even though Lille was close to 5’10”, he seemed so much bigger than her, and his shoulders and arms completely encompassed her. John turned his back to us, and I could see Lille’s face in complete relaxation, her chin buried in his broad shoulders.

     Susan had George in a state of complete agitation. The stroking of his cock had caused an erection, the kisses on his neck and chest had accentuated his excitement. Rose was riveted to this couple. I asked her if she and George had ‘gone all the way’ with another couple yet.

     Rose touched my hand and said ‘no so far this has been about me and my fantasies. He hasn’t even had a BJ from another woman.”

     “That’s about to change”, I said, adding “unless you interfere!”

     Rose leaned back into the swivel chair. The song ended, and the CD player picked up on ‘The Band’s’ ‘The Weight’. I was not quick enough to find another slow dance. Lille and John came over to the bar. George and Susan parted. Everyone came back to the bar. I admonished myself for not keeping the moment going with another slow dance.

George looked relieved, and kind of embarrassed by his huge hard-on as he came over to the bar and picked up his now watered down drink.

     The atmosphere could be cut with a knife. I dumped out the water logged margaritas and wondered what would happen next, if anything. Lille’s pert breasts begged for my attention as Lille stood by the bar. Susan’s blonde hair fell over her shoulders. Rose swiveled in the chair, her lithe and lightly freckled body enhanced by her red hair and overall auburn shaded good looks. George, all 6’1” of him stood away from the bar. He was making sure his diamond cutter didn’t hit John, who was standing next to him.  George moved over, and stood next to the chair Rose occupied. Lille stood beside Rose, and looked over at me. I could tell something was brewing in the naughty part of her mind, but she just moved over next to me, and put her arm around me. I leaned over and kissed her, then her right breast. Rose swiveled in her chair, and began to stroke Lille’s left breast.


Susan backed up and let John hug her from behind. There was a moment of awkward silence. Lille reached down and began stroking my cock, obviously enjoying not only my attention to her breast, but also Rose’s. Rose turned her chair toward Lille and began kissing and licking Lille’s right breast. Lille responded by kissing Rose’s neck. I backed off and helped Lille move to where Rose could lick and feel and suck on both breasts. Rose slipped a finger down to Lille’s lightly trimmed beaver. Rose began to stroke Lille’s pussy, kissing her breasts and nipples. Lille stroked Rose’s breasts, and kissed Rose on the neck. Rose let out a small moan. Lille pushed her pussy on to Rose’s finger, which began to probe Lille’s g-spot and clit.


George couldn’t take it anymore! Watching Rose with Lille drew him close to them. Kissing Rose on the back of the neck, he distracted her from Lille. Lille drew away a little as George turned the chair slightly. Rose responded by stroking George’s cock. He kissed her deeply, then knelt down, spread her legs, and began to lick her beaver. His tongue touched her clit, and she immediately came in a loud moan, bucking her hips against his mouth.


She grabbed his head, and pulled him toward her mouth, each sharing her pussy juice, and kissing. George then pulled her hips down on the chair and filled her with his rock hard cock!


Kissing her with extreme passion, he entered her again and again. Her legs cramped on to him, drawing him more and more inside of her. She moaned, he grunted. Then he began to talk to her.

     “You have the tightest hottest pussy in the world, and I love the way you fuck me, and I love being watched while I fuck the shit out of you”

    Unexpectedly she responded, “give me that cock you son of a bitch, you fucker!”

   “You have the tightest hottest pussy and are the greatest fuck ever!” He said.

Then both of them shuddered, he lifted her off the chair, and he yelled ‘fuck me!’ She groaned loudly, grabbed his shoulders, wrapped her legs around his waist, and barked a loud scream.

     They stood there for a moment, Rose suspended off the floor, her legs wrapped around her husband. They rocked together, and I could see them both spasming with additional minor orgasms. After a few moments, he lowered her back into the bar chair and pulled out of her. As he withdrew, his diamond cutter was still there, coated in their juices, and wagging. Rose appeared to be lost in another world. George reached for a drink.

Susan applauded!


Lille had her hand on my cock. John was stroking Susan’s pussy. We were all excited by the performance of George and Rose.


After that we all retuned to the hot tub. Afterward we all sat in the movie room and watched an episode of ‘Swingtown’ on Netflix.


I thought Lille and I had plans after that. Then she reminded me I had to get up and make breakfast for everyone!











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