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   Short Story, from Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, December 1990  

2/14/2012 08:57
Posted By:  - NEW PRAGUE, MN  
Date Posted: 2/14/2012 08:57

The Party at the Officer’s Club



December 1990.



The day started off like all of the others. First of all, it was cold. My room at the BOQ  (Bachelor Officer’s Quarters) had a door that faced to the west. Overnight a cold wind had driven in, and the old WWII barracks that had been converted into officer’s quarters could not keep up with the driving wind, cold and snow.



There was a little dusting of snow by the door where the foundation had settled, and the sash and door insulation had not settled. ‘Well,’ I thought ‘this is better than being in the barracks’. The buildings of this old WWII mobilization station had last seen winter operations during the Korean War. It was all the maintenance crews could do to keep up with failing boilers, failing steam lines, and non-operating heating systems. I sympathized with the thousands of soldiers occupying these dilapidated buildings. They didn’t complain, though. Most of them knew these barracks might be the last roof over their heads for months, perhaps a year or two.



At this point, none of us knew what destinies awaited these troops once they were deployed to the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The vast majorities of these officers and men and women were not fazed by their imminent danger. They were focused on getting on with it. They all knew their road back home to their jobs and towns went through Kuwait and possibly Iraq.



I got organized, and jumped in to my 1986 Jeep and drove over to the officer’s club for breakfast.



The officers’ club was another yellow-clad WWII era building. It had been maintained in fairly good condition. The dining hall doubled as a dance floor at night, surrounded by a balcony that wrapped around the hall in a U-shaped fashion. The floor was parquet, and the heat worked.



I met with some of the other officers from my unit. All of us had a long day ahead. Ron, a tanker from West Point had a meeting with a unit scheduled to deploy in the next 18 hours. My best friend, Dan, had to meet with the commanders of a hospital unit from Wisconsin. They had just had their orders changed from going to Germany to augment the Landstuhl Hospital to being sent as en evacuation hospital to VII Corps. Everyone in the unit was concerned that they were being reorganized at the last minute to perform medical duties for which they had never been trained.



Dan looked at me over his eggs, and said “the 4056th is going to the rifle range tonight”. “It’s going to be a clusterfuck. None of their officers know how to run a range or be safety officers.”



     I took a long drink of my coffee and looked at him quizzically.



    “I need a range safety officer” he said.



    I didn’t want to offer. It was going to be about 5 below tonight. The idea of going out in the evening, and freezing my butt off didn’t appeal to me. Besides with 500 nurses, orderlies, doctors and whatnot on a night rifle range did not appeal to me as a place to be very safe.



    Dan looked at me and Ron. “Over 250 nurses?”



   Ron immediately said he was in. I relented. I finished my coffee, put on my field jacket and left for the Operations Center. I didn’t know if I had enough liners for my jacket to keep me warm. But, the thought of meeting some nice nurses might be a good thing.



7PM. The Warming Tent.



One of the benefits of doing night fire in the winter is the sun goes down at 4PM. By 6.45 I had been already put in almost 3 hours on the rifle range as a safety officer. My shift was over. I WAS frozen, but the unit had erected a warming tent. As firing orders came off the line they went to the warming tent to wait for the buses to take them back to their barracks. The dining facility personnel had put up coffee and soup in the warming tents. I had just arrived when a group of nurses came in from the cold and the rifle range. They were chatting and heading right for the coffee and soup. I was still shivering when one of the nurses came over to me and said “I thought big rough touch regular Army guys never got cold!”



     She had seen my unit patch, I assumed, and knew I was not a Wisconsin National Guard officer.



     I didn’t know how to respond. Finally I said “well we have blood vessels too!”



    She took off her helmet and put on her soft cap. She was a captain too. This meant she had been in the guard for a while, and knew her way around the Guard, if not the Army.



     She stuck out her hand. ‘I am Rebecca Keilen. Captain Rebecca Keilen.”



    I shook her hand. It was warm, strong, and confident. “You can call me Captain Paul, United States Army” I joked, using my first name and not my last. I knew she could read my last name on my field jacket, so it wasn’t necessary to give her that information again!



     “Where are you from, in Wisconsin?” I inquired.



     “Rhineland”, she said, then added, “well you know where our hospital is from.”



     “Quite a drive to drill” I remarked. She shook her head. When she took off her left glove I saw a large rock of an engagement ring and a diamond encrusted wedding band. My hopes sank!



     She took a drink of her coffee. Her gaze seemed over my shoulder and far away. She shifted her weight, and leaning toward me said “I hear the band at the O-Club tonight is a good one”.



   One of the features of this buildup for Desert Shield was that almost every other night was a ‘departure’ night for units heading off to Southwest Asia. Just about every other night there was a band at the officer’s club. This weeknight would be no different. Having already been there for four months, I knew each band and its repertoire by heart. But for Captain Rebecca Keilen this would be the first time she would hear this particular band. I also knew their deployment schedule, so I knew this would be the last time this unit’s officers would hear this band. We chatted for a while. I found she did not like the barracks, the sharing of open bedspace and showers and noise with the other women. I also sensed a small amount of loneliness.






She told me all about growing up in Rhineland, why she joined the Guard and what she liked about it.  Listening to every word, I never heard her mention her husband. She mentioned she had no children yet, but wanted some someday.



After about 45 minutes of chatting I decided to take a chance. “Your bus isn’t here yet. Have all of your nurses fired?”



     She laughed and said “they were done and gone a while ago. I lost track of time talking to you”.



     “Do you want a ride back to the barracks?”



     “No, but if you are going to the Officer’s Club you can give me a ride. I’m thirsty.”



     A woman after my own heart! We left the range and got in to my jeep. The temperature said -6. I started it and let it run to warm up. I silently wondered by Rebecca (and it WAS Rebecca not BECKY) had not yet mentioned her husband. I put the car in to gear and we headed off to the officer’s club.



We drove down the snow covered road toward the Fort’s cantonment area. Rebecca was talking constantly, but also staring out the window. I found that she had used the Guard to get her nursing degree. I also found out that she had three brothers and two sisters. Her mom and dad had been married forever, and she enjoyed hunting and fishing. Slowly, the lights of the cantonment area came in to view, and with that, the circle road that led to the officer’s club. I turned left, and we drove toward the club. It was only 2030 (8.30 PM).



We arrived at the Club. The band was playing, and people were out on the dance floor. Rebecca had left her helmet and gear in my car. She had on the same uniform as I, BDU’s Field Jacket, and Cap. I didn’t see Ron or Dan. I was sure they were out on the range. Rebecca let me over to a table where a few nurses from her unit were sitting. A Half-empty pitcher of beer sat on the table. We sat down, and Rebecca introduced me to a few captains and a first lieutenant. I didn’t catch their names. The band was too loud. We took off our field jackets and gloves and relaxed at the table. For the first time I could see how Rebecca looked! She had a raven colored hair, and was about 5.6”. Her uniform hid her figure, but it was clear this woman was in shape. I went over to the auxiliary bar and purchased another pitcher of beer and brought over some more glasses.



After a few drinks, the band played a slow dance. I was sitting in my chair enjoying a` beer when Rebecca put her hand on my forearm and said ‘let’s dance’. I don’t remember what song the band was playing. I was reluctant to get too close to her since I was married and she was married. The Army still reserved the right to use any type rubric to discipline someone who might be overtly getting some sex outside of their marriage.



I did hold her somewhat close. It was as close as you could hold someone while wearing the ‘tents’ our BDU’s were. I could feel she had a very hard body. She leaned in to me, and discreetly pulled my arms around her waist. The lights were low for the slow dance. I was somewhat paranoid about some colonel or lieutenant colonel from our unit wandering in and taking a note for our unit commander.



After the song was over, and before the next song and the lights coming up, I asked her if she wanted to go to the balcony bar and get a drink away from the others.



During dances, and other events, the management of the Officer’s Club had three bars open. The main bar was in the dining room. The second bar was next to the dance floor, and the third bar was in the balcony area. The advantage of being in the balcony was that you could see who was in the main dining area near the dance floor, and see who was coming in and out of the club. I was thinking I needed to get her off the dance floor and away from us being readily observed by officers who didn’t share my sense of sexual adventure.



We made it up to the balcony and we each got a drink, and leaned over the railing. Immediately I saw Ron and Dan come in, each with a nurse. By their shoulder patches I could tell the nurses were from the 4056th Hospital.



     “Who are those nurses?” I asked Rebecca.



     “They are from the physical therapy department. I really do not know them. They do have a reputation as party animals though”. 



     “What kind of partying?” I asked in a noncommittal tone.



     Rebecca laughed. “Not sure, but I think those two like each other.”



     I watched Ron and Dan escort the brunettes to the bar. “Which two?”



   “Lieutenant Delaney and Lieutenant Pearson.”



   “Oh,” I remarked. “Gay or bi?”



     Rebecca leaned back in to me and said “well if they were gay they would not be with your two friends, Captains Rowland and Gearing.”



With that comment, she spun around toward me, and placed her hands over my shoulders. She smirked, and said “and what were you just thinking?”



     I looked at her, wondering if she were teasing me or being sincere. I searched for a reasonable reply. Finally a flash of a thought came` to me; “well if they are bi, my friends are in for one heck of a night!”



     She pulled herself close to me. “Do you know how long it has been since I have had a shower to myself?” I remained silent. “One month.”



     Clumsily, I inserted “well my BOQ has a private shower.” As soon as I said it, I KNEW I had overstepped. I had known this woman for only about three hours, and we were officers and we were in a public place!  She leaned back, laughed, and grabbed my hand.



     “I tell you what, you drive me over to my barracks, and I’ll get my stuff for a shower.” I was nonplussed, but wasn’t going to complain. I couldn’t tell her that if she didn’t get it in tonight she’d be out of luck for a private shower for a long time. Her unit was scheduled to head for Volk Field and deployment within the next 48 hours. We picked up our jackets and caps and gloves at the table where her friends were still drinking. She told them she was going back to the barracks and offered them a ride. They all declined. The party was just getting going. I managed to dodge Dan and Ron and get out without them seeing us.



     We got into the jeep, and I got the heater going. The gauge now said -11. Rebecca was silent on the ride over to her barracks. Her barracks were on the east side of Fort McCoy. These buildings were in better shape than the buildings on the north and west side. There was a bustle of activity as the last buses from the ranges and classes came in. One thing about sending reservists off to war, the training schedule went right up to the last minute.



     After a few minutes, Rebecca emerged from the barracks, carrying what appeared to be a small tanker bag of clothes. She jumped into the jeep, and said “good news”. She paused, threw the bag into the back seat and continued; “no morning formation. Tomorrow families are coming to visit!”



     I almost felt used. Was she using me to get to a long hot private shower before her husband showed up? My antennae went up. This could be the Big Tease. Was she planning and evening flirtation only to ask me if she and her husband could use my room for a fuck palace while I was out working tomorrow? I decided to let it ride. Either way, it was better than watching TV or going back to the O Club.



We got back to my BOQ, and I went up to the door and unlocked it. She went in. The room was warm. I turned on the TV and sat in the chair by the coffee table. It was by pure luck I had my own room. Ron and Dan were in the adjacent room, and they had to share. I was supposed to have a roommate but he had some weird specialty and was sent to Saudi Arabia. So, by default, I had my own place.



     Rebecca took off her field jacket and blouse. She sat by the heater, savoring the pleasures of central heat! Her brownt-shirt revealed that she was hiding a nice set of tits, and a thin, athletic waist. She opened her tanker bag and began pulling out the female shower paraphernalia!  “So your unit has family day tomorrow?”



    Her back to me, she paused over her open bag, clothes, sweatsuit, socks, and other gear billowing out of the top like someone had tossed a grenade in the bag. Her shoulders slumped. Then she straightened up. Grabbing a towel from her bag, she headed` for the shower.



     Before she closed the door, I had to warn her. “Rebecca!” I shouted.



    “Yes”, I heard her say as the sound of running water came from behind the door.



    “I forgot to tell you this is a shared shower. My friends Dan and Ron also use it. So make sure you lock the other door!”



    There was silence. I could hear the water running. Then the door cracked open. Rebecca, her hair already wet from the shower twisted her face around the side of the door, and said “well if I know Lieutenants Delaney and Pearson, we might want to make sure this door isn’t locked later on, then.”



      “OK” I said. ‘Strange night’ I thought. Since it was Monday night, football was on, so I turned to ABC to see who was playing. I didn’t give it another thought.



     After watching Blair Kiel try to make playing quarterback in the NFL look hard, I checked my watch. Rebecca had been there for a while. I heard the water shut off. I opened another beer. I was starting to relax. At least this woman was ALIVE I thought, unlike my bitch wife, who wouldn’t know a good time if it fell on her and began to wiggle. So, the chance to just sit here and watch a football game and have a few beers with a good looking and attractive woman would be reward enough for a night that was fast going to 15 below.



Rebecca was taking a long time. Just then I heard the door to the adjacent BOQ open. I heard Dan and Ron’s voices, as well as two distinct female voices. Damn, I thought. ‘Rebecca get out of there!



Suddenly under my door a note slid through. Great, I thought, some fucked up early morning meeting. I picked up the paper. It was on Colonel Michelson’s stationery. “Because the RG has worked 65 days in a row, all nonessential meetings for tomorrow are cancelled.” It was signed by Colonel Michelson. Wow, finally, a free day! I didn’t have any units close to deployment. There were no due in units, and I didn’t have a shift in the security office! If nothing else I could sleep in!



Finally, Rebecca opened the door. She had heard the ‘neighbors’ come in, and was being quiet. She just had a terrycloth robe on. Her hair was clean and smelled good. She had put on some makeup. Rebecca Kielen was stunning! Her raven hair bounced down over her shoulders. She turned and threw the BDU pants and her towel into the corner. I got a woodie.



   “Do you want a beer?” I asked her.



   “Sure.” I opened a Budweiser. She drew close to me, and I kissed her. The feeling I had was like a fire burning through me. I wanted to rip off that robe, and take her right there. Her tongue was strong, inviting, and active. She pulled me toward her, and she reached down to feel my cock, which was pushing hard against the buttons of my BDU pants. I put my arms around her, and could feel she was a hard, hard body with some definite soft spots. I kissed her neck, then down to the robe, which was still hiding her breasts. She took her hand off my pants, and redirected them to her robe, which she untied and let fall away from her body.



     Instantly her breasts were revealed by the robe’s parting. They were round, pert and melon-like, with small areolas and protruding nipples. I began to stroke these nipples while we kissed. She reached for my crotch. I undid my web belt, and she deftly unbuttoned my BDU pants and reached into my underwear. My cock popped out. I started kissing her nipples. She reached for my left hand and guided it toward her pussy. Her right hand was stroking my cock.



     “I’m not very good at this” she whispered in my ear. I could find nothing wrong with her method or touching at all!



     My fingers were guided to her clit. Her hand stroked the back of my hand as I began to stroke her clit. The entire pussy area was already wet. I took my index finger and stroked the inside of her pussy. Her knees buckled a` little. She began to move backward toward the bed, holding the hand that was now wet with her juices. Rebecca lay back on the bed and drew me to her. Kissing me on the neck, she pulled me close to her right breast. I kissed the nipple, and then licked it a little. I began to work my way down to her stomach, kissing her between her breasts.



     Suddenly, she drew my face toward hers. She kissed my neck, then we kissed again on the lips, then tongues, searching for each other. She spread her legs, and using her feet against my upper thighs and butt, drew me in to her.



     The sensation  of entering her was unique; her pussy held my cock like a hot towel had been wrapped around it. Rebecca sighed, and I could feel her kagel muscles pulse, pinning my cock in her pussy. She began to fuck me. It wasn’t a fuck like I’d had in a long time. Her movements were passionate, needy, and completely enveloping me. She kissed my neck, then my ears, whispering ‘fuck me, fuck me’.



     Her legs wrapped around my thighs, and she used her heels to push me farther in to her. I began to stroke her harder and harder, she raised her hips to meet each stroke, murmuring “fuck me” at the apex of each stroke. I took my hands off of her shoulders, and braced them on the headboard. I partially pulled out, and she raised her hips to meet my cock.



     She held her hips up while I went back to vigorously stroking her pussy with my cock. Suddenly she stopped, raising her hips she froze, her pussy muscles, arm muscles and legs shook, she let out a muffled moan (we had not forgotten the people next door).  And then I gasped and came too.



   She let herself back on to the bed, my cock still inside of her. Her breathing was heavy, her pussy muscles still undulating against my cock. Her legs relaxed and her heels rested on the back of mine.



     Slowly our breathing became more shallow, and I withdrew from her. Rebecca rolled on to her side, facing away from the wall. She watched me crawl off the bed. I went to get her a glass of water. From the next room we could hear laughter and joking. What was being said was unintelligible.



     I filled the water glass and sat on the edge of the bed. Rebecca was leaning up on her side, elbow propping her up. She was radiant, beautiful, and in her nudity she cast a striking silhouette against the dimmed lights. She took a sip of the water and asked me; “do you have any wine?”



     Shaking my head, I replied; “no, I didn’t buy any.”



    Rebecca laughed. Her laugh was more infectious in the privacy of my quarters. “Beer will do”.  I got her beer out of the fridge and handed it to her. I wanted her again, but didn’t know what would happen next. She took a long drink of her beer, placed the bottle on the night table, and laid back in the bed. She stared at the ceiling. Party noise filtered through the ancient partitions. The TV glowed in the dark, nameless football players knocking each other out in the frozen turf at Green Bay.



     All of the sudden she seemed far away. I did not catch the significance of this, when I said “well at least tomorrow is ‘visitors’ day.”



     She sat on the edge of the bed, her face looking at the floor. She appeared drained, tired, sad. “I told you I wasn’t very good at this”.



     Now I was perplexed. “You were great!” I assured her.



    “I’m not good a cheating.” She explained. “And my husband doesn’t think I’m a great fuck, either. But doing this was hard for me.”



    Alarm bells went up in my head. Was she going to confess this to her husband? If she wasn’t comfortable, how did we end up here in bed? Who was her husband? She hadn’t mentioned him all evening.



     “I wasn’t planning to cheat. I just wanted some good company.” She continued. “But when they announced visitor’s day I lost it.”



     Now I was more curious than alarmed. Something has happened between her and her husband. She was sad, yet relaxed and somehow at peace with herself. I ventured to question her “well at least you will see him tomorrow before you deploy”.



     Her face looked up from the floor. Her eyes were tearful, shimmering in the cathode-ray light of the television. “He’s not coming. He didn’t come to the unit deployment ceremony from Marshfield, he didn’t come to the final dinner at the Armory, and he didn’t come to my promotion ceremony last year.”



      I was astounded. “Why not?”



     She laid back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She began to cry. I laid down next to her and took her in my arms. She wept softly, and said “he said he wanted nothing to do with the babykillers in the military. He said I was ‘on my own’ in this adventure. His conscience would not let him celebrate the aggressive wars of the United States.’” She pulled herself away from me, and looked at me through soggy eyes. “When I pointed out I was a healer not a warrior he said ‘if you wear that uniform you are a killer.’”



     “When was this said?” I asked.



    “Saturday.” She replied.



    I immediately felt disgust for this poor excuse for a human being. Discounting my distaste for his politics, I thought, ‘how in the hell can you talk like that to a person deploying to a combat zone!’ What a selfish insensitive prick. And that was only two days ago! I tried to think of something to say to her. She leaned in to me, and hugging me, tears still dripping from her eyes, we lay back on the bed. I drew her close, feeling her breathing become low and regular.



     Rebecca curled in to me, and said “I wonder what tomorrow will bring”.



The party noise from Dan and Ron’s room grew louder.



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