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   A Taste  

2/26/2012 15:59
Posted By:  - SCOTTSDALE, AZ  
Date Posted: 2/26/2012 15:59

  A very small excerpt from the (nearly finished) book I’ve been writing whose working title is “The Amorous Traveler”. Tell me what you think I would really appreciate the feedback.





When a phone rings at three AM it’s seldom news you want to hear. When it’s a phone in a hotel room three thousand miles away from anyone you know (or think you know) it’s downright disturbing.



  I hadn’t told anyone where I was going when I left but the important people in my life always knew how to get a hold of me if they needed to in an emergency and had a pretty good idea of where I’d be this time of year, knew my cell phone number, my e-mail address and a few other things but very little else. This hotel and this room number wasn’t one of those ways they could find me.  Most people I know head for the usual places. Jamaica, the Bahamas, St. Martins, Aruba or someplace like that.  Me…I go to a little heard of place in the Leeward Islands called Guadeloupe. I talk about this place a lot. The people are my kind of people. I’ll land at Pointe-a-Pitre International Airport which is little more than a landing strip in the jungle with a small one story airport and Air France 747’s mixed with smaller aircraft and “puddle jumpers” flanking the two runways. I’ll have a quick but pleasant conversation with the French speaking customs agent, get my passport stamped, have my luggage inspected, get my rental car, a snack and be on the road in less than twenty minutes.



  From the airport to the town of Sainte Anne (one of two towns on the island I would call photographic or noteworthy…Basse Terre, the island capital being the other) is quick but beautiful as it winds along the coast on the Atlantic side of the island to the hotel.  After less than an hour from the time I had landed I’ll be perched on a barstool prepared to forget the world exists for however long I’m here. It’s my secret place of sanity and I guard its location from everyone or so I had thought until this minute.



  So here I am flailing around in the dark trying to find a phone I’m not sure I want to answer while the few remaining brain cells left over from killing most of a bottle of tequila before bed tries desperately to grasp the situation and the possibilities it brings as I fall out of bed naked and disoriented.  Then it hit me. Not the reason the phone was ringing, but the phone itself. (Note to self: DO NOT grab the phone cord in an effort to keep from falling out of bed)



  As I lay there in the dark feeling the knot on my head swelling I hear a faint “hello? Hello?... coming from the receiver on the floor a foot or so away from my throbbing head.



My mangled head and the tequila have diminished my motor skills to about the same level as a baby trying to get their hand to their mouth for the first time. The only difference being, a baby probably doesn’t feel like they’ve got a block of cement on their head.



  When the phone receiver finally makes it to my ear and I mumble a “hello” I hear a sultry southern female voice cheerfully say “Hi luv! Did I wake you?”



  Oh God…It’s Constance.



  I’m not in the mood for this shit right now. The voice on the other side of this phone tends to have a lot of unwanted baggage attached to it (Even if it is Louis Vuitton). I want to unwind…not step into a four act highly charged drama with this woman right this minute and with Con…it’s seldom a casual visit and usually costs me something.



(Usually my sanity)



My head suddenly hurts worse from the thought of the possibilities that could befall me if this is more than a friendly phone call. Knowing Con…it isn’t.



  Constance is, on the surface, most every mans ideal woman. Blonde, tall, lean and beautiful with a few kinks in her closet sexually to keep things interesting but high maintenance enough to drive you to distraction and send you to the poorhouse quickly.



  The socialite daughter of a prominent and powerful southern politician who’s learned a thing or two about manipulation as a means to getting what she wants at any cost (which is usually anything she wants at that particular moment and adrenalin charged sex on her rules with a little cloak and dagger relationship or two thrown in to make it interesting followed by a lot of pain and confusion.). She has a phonebook full of ex-husbands she was never faithful to and has no remorse about it. She never had kids because she was too selfish to give up the time needed for them. In other words…she can be a gorgeous royal pain in the ass you’re not sure you can trust but stupidly like having her around from time to time thinking you’re in control and won’t get burned. That generally proves to be completely wrong and the kiss of death for you but still, you can’t help being drawn to her one way or the other when you meet her. Most guys, in spite of the red flags and other warning signals she puts out get sucked into her world to one degree or another now and then.



  Hell, I almost married her once.



  Now here she is on the other end of this phone and I’m starting to get nervous.



“Are you busy?”



   “Well…I was, like most people this hour, trying to get some sleep Con, what’s up?”



   “I was wondering if I could come up and talk to you about a couple of things.”



  Panic… no strike that, out and out fear suddenly takes over my whole body, “You’re here? In the hotel?! How did you know where I was?” as my mind raced I looked around to make sure there wasn’t a large sticky web strung up behind me when I wasn’t looking.



   “As I recall…I know a thing or two about you and your habits, remember? Can I come up?”



“Sure” followed by a click and silence on the other end. It would have been pointless to say no. I ruled out getting dressed, she wouldn’t give a shit if I was or not. I danced quickly around the room picking things up with my head pounding and looking for a possible escape route if I need it when there’s a knock on the door.



  When I opened the door…there was everything I expected to see and more. There was Con standing in the hall wearing a white, nearly see-through linen dress with only three of the dozen or so buttons holding the dress together just below her tits and a pair of heels all accentuating what seems to be a newly acquired tan. The dress I expected albeit not like that, the heels and the tan were something new for her. She had been constantly lectured as a child to play down her height because, according to her mother “Six feet tall is tall enough for a girl” and she should “Never stand taller than the man you’re with.” and Con always listened to her mother (sort of). Yet here she stood looking amazing with me at eye level to what appears to be a recently purchased pair of tits. I could only imagine who paid for them and what else has changed with her since our path’s last crossed.



  “So what did the other guy look like?” she grins while touching my head as she walks in past me. Kissing hello right now would be a tedious formality with no necessary benefit as far as she’s concerned.



   “What makes you think it was a man?” I ask trying to sound like the complete smartass I usually end up becoming around her.



  “With you hun…one can never tell. Can they?” she shoots back grinning from ear to ear as she reclines back on the edge of my bed while throwing one leg to the side and letting her dress fall open to reveal what I had already suspected…the dress, the shoes and three diamonds dangling on a chain from the ring in her navel are all she’s wearing.  I have to admit right here and now. No matter how exasperated I’ve ever gotten with her she still has the all time hottest looking cunt a woman can have. I don’t know why that is…but it is and she’s gently waving that freshly shaved slit around making sure she gets my complete attention right from the start.



  “You’re a little underdressed for a late night drive so I’m guessing you’re staying at this hotel…right?” I ask while stepping closer between her legs and gently run a finger down the lips of her slit and enjoy how soft she is.



   “Maybe” she purrs in that southern drawl of hers while sitting up a little and starts to grab a hold of my cock and moves her head towards the family jewels as they begin to rise to the occasion. (She seems intent on kicking this little unexpected meeting into high gear right from the start. I’m not sure I’m ready for that just yet…if ever.)



   “What’s up Con?” I ask as I grab hold of her hair and hold her head back a moment.



  She gives me a semi-exasperated look and relaxes slightly before launching into “There are a few questions that have been bugging the shit out of me for a while now. I have this need to get them answered” she semi-whispers/says as she moves as forward as my grip will allow her to go and flicks as much of her tongue around the head of my cock as she can reach. 



  “So you figured out where I was, even though we haven’t spoken in what, two years,  jumped on a plane and flew all the way here to ask me some earth shattering question that you suddenly can’t sleep without the answer to?”



  “Um-hum” she mumbles as I let her head finally move forward and she swallows my cock right down to my balls (a new trick I see).



  “So what’s so goddamned important that you had to do this right here right now at this hour?” I ask.



    She measured her words while licking my shaft as her mouth slides back off my cock with “I was laying in bed the other night thinking about when we were together and all of the stuff we did, and didn’t do, in and out of bed.”






   “The more I thought about it, the more I wondered why we didn’t do more than we did. The more I thought about that it started to bug the shit out of me that we hadn’t. I knew where you’d be this time of year so I popped over here. I was going to surprise you in the morning but all these questions kept bouncing around in my head and wouldn’t let me sleep so I called you.”






  “Well, one is…how come you didn’t take me to any of those parties you’re always writing about? You’re well known for your adventures and your swinger friends Doc but we never did any of that.  In fact I don’t think I met any of those people the whole time we were together…why was that?” as she looked up at me with an inquisitive/ somewhat pissed look on her face.



   “Oh…is that all? I thought it was something really important (truth is I wouldn’t subject anyone in the Lifestyle to her brand of insanity. That’s a path best left not taken). That could have been handled a lot quicker and cheaper over the phone don’t you think?” I shoot back half laughing at the whole line of thought.  I’m not sure she’s telling me that’s the the truth of her question yet or that she’s going to like the answers to all of this if it is. It’s got all of the signs of a long, probably painful, night regardless.  “I’m afraid to ask what the other questions are.”



  She leans back on her hands while giving me the most seductive look I’ve ever seen her give but says nothing. I chuckle and push her back flat on the bed. Her eyes are flashing playfully as she finally says “Maybe so, but think of all the fun you’d miss doing things like this that way.” She smiles back with that smile of hers that always spells trouble and that tells me there’s more to this line of questioning than she’s letting on at the moment which makes me both curious and concerned.



   She spreads her legs further and I reach for her pussy to find it sopping wet (another new experience, it used to be difficult to get her that wet) which made me even stiffer while I climb on the bead and on top of her as the head of my cock hits that wetness and I slide into her pussy for what will be a very long ride.



  The walls of her cunt tighten up around my shaft to make sure I don’t go anywhere soon.



  Con was never an overly animated lover but when she’s getting what she wants she lets you know it with her face. Her eyes begin to look trance like and her mouth falls slightly open. Her breathing becomes more intense but still keeps the sound level below the radar. I’m seeing all of those familiar traits as she grinds back into me. The only sounds you can hear is her faint breathing and the ocean crashing on the beach a short distance from us outside the balcony doors and the gentle slap of our bodies meeting as we thrust towards each other while she gets wetter and wetter.



   Everything is quickly building until she’ll grab me and pull me to her as she squirts gallons of her own cum between us as I keep pounding reaching my own orgasm then she’ll suddenly let go, lean back and squirt my cock out of her pussy. Round one is done and for her that was just foreplay. Now she’ll want to get down to some serious sex. (For a seemingly reserved person her sexual enthusiasm for the things she likes went unmatched for quite some time until another woman entered my life (the gorgeous woman I’m married to now) and proved her to be little more than a talented beginner. Still…even when she ticked me off she made it interesting sexually.)



  She rolls off the bed, gives me a smile and heads for the bathroom saying “I have to pee.”



   I’ve learned from experience to follow her in. Round two is, apparently, already about to start without the usual break period she always seemed to need.



  She’s already naked in the shower when I get there leaning forward against the wall with her outstretched arms. Her legs are spread wide and that lustful look has returned to her face as she looks over her shoulder at me. I step in beside her and tease her clit with my fingers before sliding two of them into her pussy and back to her g-spot where I massage the area until I see her knees start to buckle. I quickly step back behind her and drive my cock into her pussy as she lets loose of a long hot stream of piss between us that crash’s to the shower floor and down the drain like a perfect yellow waterfall. I cum hard inside her as the stream of piss continues to flow hard out of her. She’s shaking so hard she can hardly still stand up and just as the flow of piss subsides I pull my cock out of her pussy and ram it hard into her slightly lowered ass causing her to gasp and look back at me again a little shocked but receptive to the idea as she begins to pound hard against me taking all of my cock deep inside her relentlessly as her hand dives into her pussy working her clit and urethra in hard frantic motions until we both cum again then she stands up causing my cock to withdraw, turns around and drops to her knees in front of me in the shower where a giant stream of my own piss begins to flow and I spray her entire face and body which she happily rubs all over and into her hair. A moment later…we’re both done. I turn the water in the shower on, help her to her feet and reach for the soap. We wash each other clean. Then I wrapped her in a bathrobe and put her to bed. Neither of us seems to be in any condition to talk right now and part of me is glad for that. It takes a matter of seconds and Con is fast asleep.



  A few hours later I find myself still wide awake and sitting on the balcony with a Cuban cigar in one hand and the rest of the bottle of tequila in the other watching the sun rise out of the ocean as Bob James and David Sanborn’s “Maputo” plays quietly behind me from the CD player. Sleeping at this point is an afterthought. The questions I think Con is going to ask are bouncing around in my head. The breeze is warm, the salt spray mixes with the aroma of freshly cut fruit from an unseen kitchen nearby and everything seems so calm. Even the faint conversations in French from the hotel staff heard off in the distance seem soothing. “If I were alone I’d be painting right now.” I think to myself as I imagine the smell of linseed oil and paint thinner in my lungs. I look over my shoulder and see Con sound asleep in the bed I’m supposed to be asleep in and return my gaze through the palm trees to the water in front of me knowing I’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do of some form or another in a while.




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