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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Alone in the Room  

3/4/2012 21:02
Posted By:  - BRAINERD, MN  
Date Posted: 3/4/2012 21:02



She had just texted him the third picture.

The first was her in the mirror in her bra and panties.

The second was her in the mirror with only panties on.

The third was her in the mirror with nothing on.

They were texting and talking by speaker phone when she suddently said "shhh!"

"There are voices in the hall, and the doors and walls are really thin" she said.

Whispering again then "there are two guys right outside my door."

"They are in 204, my room is  205 and my door lock does not work" she added.

He asked her if she was nervous or scared and she said "i don't know."

He asked her if she was excited and she said "i don't know."

They had been in the lifestyle for 15 years so fantasizing about other people was nothing new.

Both of their sexual curiosities were definitely aroused.

Peaking through the small door peep glass she started to whisper again ...

 "They are cute and one is  named Chris, I think the other one is Kevin"

He could also hear the voices through the phone.

He said, "I can hear them too, they sound cool, what do you think?"

They had always played together in the Lifestyle and only fantasized about separate play dates.

"I don't know if i could do it,"  she whispered.

"No, I understand, its only a fantasy, but I am very turned on by the idea," he answered.

"They are cute though," she replied.

"Well its a real long shot and i NEVER want you to do something you are not into." he said.

There was a long silence from both ends, and then muffled voices from the hall.

The voices were talking about a party in their room.

"Are you still naked?" he broke the silence.

"Yes," she said, "and it feels weird peaking at these guys through the door wearing nothing."

"Are you wet," he stammered.

"Yes, I am still wet from playing on the phone last night.  Very wet."  

"And I'm not sure what to make of it." she continued.

"Well you don't have to get up tomorrow, can we stay awake awhile and play over the phone again," he asked.

"Sure," she answered, "Im up for most anything tonight."

There was another silence which he broke with a "hmmmm."

"I have an idea, if you want to try something a little different," he added.

"Do tell, sweetheart, do tell"  she answered.

"Well, start by putting on just a t-shirt…"

"Then go out of your room and down to the lobby to get some coffee…"

"Come back to the room, but swing the thing over to hold your door unlocked…."

"Climb on the bed and start to play, and I will do the same on this end…"

"It will be risky and exciting, and since they are cute, you have nothing to lose if they peaked in" he finished.

"Okay, I'll do it, but you stay on the phone while I am gone, just in case," she replied.

He could hear the phone clunk on to the table, the door open, and close.

There were muffled voices from the hall way, a greeting of some sort, then silence.

A few seconds later some laughing and a low whistle and some small talk.

About 3-5 minutes went by and he could hear the key opening her door.

Then there was a squeak of the latch.

Finally a little thud as the door closed against the blocker.

The phone made a rusting noise as she picked it up and said "I'm back."

"Its really cold in the hallway, but my room is super warm, glad I turned up the thermostat." she remarked.

"Well?" he asked.

"Well what?" she replied.

"What did they say to you," he urged the question.

"Oh that," she replied laughing.

"They both said, 'Hi' and one of them asked 'do you need any help?"

"I told them, the coffee maker in my room is broke and left it at that," she added.

"Were they in the hall way when you came back?" he asked.

"No, they were not, but I could hear them in their room, and I am sure they were talking about me." she answered.

"How do you know that?" he asked.

"I heard them say something about legs and a t-shirt.  Oh, and I wore my tall blue heels," she added.

"Fuck, you just made me hard," he replied.

"Then go baby go!" she loudly whispered.

"Only if you text me one more picture, then join me for play time," he answered back.

"Okay, what would you like," she asked.

"Sit up like a catcher in front of the mirror and snap one," he requested.

"Alright, just a minute then," she said.

He kept playing with his growing cock, listening at the phone. 

There was some rustling and then a click.

He could hear her flop down on the bed and then a ding came through on his phone.

It was a perfect shot of her on top of the desk, from the neck down to her heels, kneeling like a catcher.

Her skin was perfect in the light and her breasts were especially inviting.

"I'm lying back on the bed now, did you get the picture?" she asked.

"Oh YEAH, it is so FUCKING HOT! I could cum right now!" he scream-whispered in the phone.

"DO IT," she said.

"No way, not yet, we are gonna play and talk for a while first," he answered.

"Okay, then, what are you thinking about?" she asked.

"What would you do if those two guys came in the room?" he blurted.

"I don't know." she answered.

"But it could happen, the door is unlocked and propped open." she continued.

"I know, I could hear the door bounce." he answered.

"Well Im gonna cover my face and play along with you right now," she said.

"Awesome, he replied, "I am gonna stare at your picture.

For about 10 minutes there was mostly silence on both ends of the phone.

Occasionally there could be heard a muffled moan, or breathing.

Then the silence was broken with a small rustling from her end.

And she said "Hang on I just heard something."

This was followed by a whisper "There is someone in the room, oh my god, by the door, I'm not alone!"

Then he could hear a soft and muffled conversation.

He could hear her ask "Who are you? What are you doing?

And he could hear a muffled answer but could not make out the words but there were two more voices.

Then her could be heard again, "what do you want?"

This time he could clearly hear a voice say "We won't  hurt you, your way too beautiful to ever hurt."

"You left your door unlocked, we thought it was a signal," one voice said

"And we just want  to watch, but we could leave if you are scared," the other voice added.

"Um, I guess it's fine then," she tentatively said.

And then added, "I'm technically not alone, my husband is on the speaker phone right now."

She was kind of covering her body at this point but said to her guests, "grab my phone for me please."

"Okay, my name is Chris," said the first guy and he tiptoed across the room with her phone.

He handed her the phone and she read the handful of text messages from him, three of them.

"Go for it!"  

"Go for it!"  

"Go for it!" 

She then handed Chris the phone to read the messages, and he smiled and handed it to the 2nd guy.

"This is Kevin," Chris said.  And Kevin muttered a muffled "uh hi."

Then Chris added, "May we watch while you play, this is SO HOT!"

She said "Im shy about it, so I will cover my face, but you can watch, and play with your self too if you like."

"Awesome" they both said and leaned against the desk and slipped out of their clothes, stripping naked.

They watched as she lay back and moved her hands deftly between her legs. 

And they got harder and harder watching her clitoris swell and moisture gather beneath her fingers.

After about 5 minutes the phone dinged, and Chris picked it up.

His voice broke the silence when he said, "your husband wants to know if you can cum like this."

She answered "it feels awesome but it will take a while."

The phone dinged again.

Chris walked closer to the bed where she was lying and he said "could you roll over on to your front?"

"He says I should rub your shoulders and your back," Chris added.

"Okay that sounds awesome," she said flipping over.

The phone dinged again.  And shortly after glancing at it Chris crawled up on to the bed.

"He says you like to feel somebody sitting on your backside," Chris said.

He positioned himself over her perfect round ass and lowered his frame down on to her.

His cock was super hard and he rested it firmly between her ass cheeks.

The phone dinged again and this time Kevin picked it up, and he showed it to Chris.

Chris started to slowly grind his hard cock up and down between her ass cheeks, groaning with pleasure.

She soon heard the unmistakable sound of a photo click and then the sound of a message being sent.

The image was to his phone in no time.

In the pic he could see that Chris was a strong fit guy with tattoos and his frame was pushing down in to her ass. 

His hands were squeezing her neck and shoulders.

Her head was buried in to the pillow and her ass was arched back in to his cock.

The phone was still on speaker and he could hear Chris say "Oh my god, I just came a little bit."

Kevin took another pic and sent it off to him.

The next image was a close up and showed a small pool of Chris' cum pooling up in the crack of her ass.

Some of it was covering his cock and very much dripping down between her legs.

He could hear Chris apologized and she replied "no its just fine, I love it."

Chris then added "Im not done yet can I slide between your legs and rub that way for a bit?"

She said "please do, you will probably make me cum."

The phone dinged again, and Kevin moved in front of her now and started to rub her shoulders.

Chris moved his hands down to her ass and rubbed in the cum that had leaked out of his cock.

Over the speaker phone he could hear more moans and heavy breathing.

The phone clicked and another picture was on the way.

This photo was taken by Chris and the image looked down on her round ass, flexed back muscles.

Her head was now tilted back and it was obvious that she was swallowing Kevin's cock.

He could hear Chris say, "this feels too good, I think I slipped inside a little?"

Then her affirming and muffled voice was unmistakeable and she loudly said "Its oaky I want you inside!"

There was then a simultaneous groan of pleasure as he slid inside her. 

She was so wet he could hear it through the phone.

Chris pumped in about 5 times and exploded.  "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," he said as he filled her with his cum.

There was about 30 seconds of heavy breathing and more groans as she climaxed over and over.

Kevin snapped another picture.

This time the image showed her lying on her side, legs open, cum spilling out on to her leg.

In the picture Chris was moving back and making room for Kevin.

He could make out a certain amount of shuffling through the phone, then he heard her exclaim, "oh fuck!"

Chris began snapping a series of pics now.

All throughout the clicks and text messages he could hear a chorus of pounding climaxes coming from her.

The sounds of her orgasms and screams were punctuated by a series of text pictures arriving at his phone.

The first image showed her legs spread wide, head thrown back, Kevins hard cock sliding barely in to her.

The second images showed her legs spread, face curled up in orgasm, muscles in her abs straining.

The third image showed him throwing one leg over his shoulder, back arched about to thrust deeper inside.

In the fourth picture she was now riding on top of his cock burying her hands in to his chest.

In the fifth picture she straddled him, legs out, catcher style, his cock just going in, a perfect penetration photo.

In the sixth picture she was collapsed on top legs stretched down and straight.

By the time the seventh picture arrived Kevin had her in doggy style across the bed, hands grabbing her hips.

By the time the eighth picture he could see her hair flipped back down her back and her mouth open in orgasm.

By the time the ninth picture arrived it was clear that Kevin was now filling her with his cum, his chest and shoulders straining.

The pictures stopped but the sounds continued.

He could hear them talking and soon her voice was talking in to the phone.

"Could you hear? she asked.

"Oh yeah! And I came just a bit after Kevin did!" he ecstatically replied. 

"Wow," he added, "I am a mess."

"I think I'm a mess too," she answered.

"So, are they done, or is there going to be another round?" He added.

Her reply was a bit hopeful, and she said "I am not sure just yet."

"How about if I call you back?" she continued.

He answered breathlessly "YEAH sure, but don't you DARE make me wait."

"Okay," she said, just a minute or two and I will call you right back."

"Fine" he answered.

Then the phone went click

(( About 10% true 90% fiction ))

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