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   Dinner with a friend  

3/9/2012 16:33
Posted By:  - SCOTTSDALE, AZ  
Date Posted: 3/9/2012 16:33
Sorry, I couldn't resist another chunk.








  The late afternoon light always gives the Mediterranean a magical feel that can seem timelessly decadent and tranquil all in one moment. This part of the world called the French Riviera has the reputation to match the light.


  The Old World villa’s and apartments blend seamlessly with the new condos and hotels as they roll up the hills away from the water towards the miles of vineyards and farm lands beyond.


  I had flown in to Nice and Hyeres/Toulon Airport late last night and was too buzzed to get much sleep then. I owed a friend a visit and now was as good a time as any. I spent most of the time that morning (as I somehow often do) watching the sun come up and gazing over the Mediterranean at the boats in the harbor before heading off for breakfast.


  St. Tropez beach had been my planned hang out of the day. I was hoping the sun, sand and view would help remove some of the jet lag and possibly some of the stress I’ve been dealing with the past few days. My body was baked…..and so was my brain in record time. I don’t think I had blinked all day for fear of missing something wonderful. Beautiful, tan, well- kept bodies wearing considerably less than the ladies in the Bain de Soleil ads I remember seeing on TV when I was younger.  Bodies everywhere, bronzed bare breasts arching up to meet the sun.  Designer sunglasses and jewelry accessorized the next to non-existent, if any, items of clothing to be found on the women as they strut from water, to chair, to bar and back again. This constant movement is the mating ritual of the “Rich and Fabulous” and in many cases the “Wannabe Rich and Fabulous”. Everyone would size each other up and weigh the invitations looking for that “A” list offer that will complete their social calendar for the day and advance them socially (and maybe financially). The entertainment value of all of this posturing can wear thin quickly I discovered and after more than a few disappointed hello’s and good-bye’s from some of these young beauties I decided to take my private party of one back to the hotel. I had plans for the evening and it didn’t include any of them…at least not tonight. As I drove my car back to the hotel from the beach my neck started to hurt again just thinking about all of the quick turns and snaps it had done and the visual workout my eyes had endured earlier. It couldn’t help but bring a smile to my face. I barely had time to enjoy the moment when I found myself pulling up to the front of the hotel.


  The valet put my car away as I made my way to the desk to retrieve my messages and mail and was told a package was left in my room.  The invitation I had made this trip for had arrived and I opened it while I crossed the lobby to the elevator. There were two cards inside. One was a hand written note stating that a driver would pick me up at the hotel at eight and take me to my destination and to “Please Dress” for dinner. It was signed “M”.


  The other card was an engraved calling card still preferred by well to do European’s with the single name “Monique” printed on it.  I have met many Monique’s around the world and there is many more in France. It’s the “Debbie” of French names in many ways, but a blind fool could easily tell what I already knew about the woman whose name was engraved on that card. This was no ordinary “Monique”. It made me smile again to think about it.


  Americans have generic looking self-important business cards that won’t even get you a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s. I could have shown that card just about anywhere in the world and more than just doors would open for me.


  I knew “Dressed” didn’t mean a tuxedo in this case, but I also knew a little more effort was expected than the “Just in from the Islands” look I had been sporting most of the day. When I entered my room there was a wrapped shoebox sitting on the bed with another note from Monique on top of it. “Be sure and shave, you look like shit.” Was all it said, with that in mind I got cleaned up and dressed into cream colored worsted wool slacks, a powder blue cotton shirt, raw silk sports coat and then I opened the package. Inside was a handmade pair of Brentano caramel and white spectator shoes (in my size of course) which I quickly put on with little time to spare and headed out the door with me wondering how she knew what I was going to wear.


  I made my way out of the elevator and back across the lobby just as a limousine pulled up. A driver came around and, with only his eyes and a slight nod of his head, acknowledged me, letting me know he was aware of who he was supposed to pick up, then opened the door. Off into the evening we rode. The driver was a pro. He didn’t speak and seldom even glanced back at me in the mirror. Which was fine with me, I somehow didn’t feel in the mood for small talk. There was much on my mind that needed sorting out and the quiet time was helpful. The life on the sidewalks and streets outside the car was more of a distraction than I cared to deal with right then so I just settled back, closed my eyes and let my brain unload for a few minutes.


  A short time later we arrived at a building on the hill near the center of town. It was a large street side villa with a view of the harbor. I could see part of the beach I had been on earlier that day as well as the lights on many of the yachts I had passed in my travels to and from the hotel and to the café I had stopped and had lunch at earlier in the day. The street opened into a small circular plaza with a fountain in the center. The breeze from the harbor blew quietly across the plaza causing all of the vegetation to dance and sing a quiet tune.  At one side several cars had been neatly parked and an armed security guard patrolled quietly.


  The walls of the villa were washed in color from unseen lighting that cast them in ochre, blue, purple, teal, yellow and red against the aged patina of the walls giving this old building a surreal new look.


  Two rather large, well dressed men stood at the door. You could tell they weren’t guests and they weren’t there for decoration. Their tailored suits neatly hiding Uzi’s underneath. Before I could reach into my jacket and produce my invitation they opened the door and gestured me in while quietly giving me the once-over. I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made their “friend” or “foe” list. When the doors opened I could hear the sounds of a live band playing something that was a little African rhythm, and a little Jazz. It immediately took you over and drew you further in to the building. The color scheme on the outside of the building had been carried into the building as well… only warmer and darker the music was matching the décor perfectly. It took a moment or two for my eyes to adjust. Unfortunately not in time to keep me from almost knocking a lovely woman, in the most transparent black dress I’ve ever seen, on her ass. “May I help you?” she asked half laughing in French as we both struggled to keep her from falling.  She had on a musk based perfume that was sending my head into orbit while I momentarily held her to me. So much so that it was a minute or two before I realized I was supposed to let her go and respond to her question. I’m not an impulsive person by nature, but her perfume and the intoxicating rhythm of the music was giving me thoughts of fucking this beautiful unknown woman right there in the lobby in front of God and everyone. Fortunately I came to my sense’s……I think. I fished the card out of my jacket pocket and handed it to her. She smiled while she brushed her hair back out of her face with her hand and said, “We’ve been expecting you” in English and handed the card back to me. “Follow me please.” She smiled over her shoulder as she led me through a black velvet curtain.


  “I’d follow that perfume, and the lovely ass in front of me, just about anywhere.” I found myself thinking as I moved my way through the curtain.


  The room was filled with round tables covered in cream-colored linen. The tables were spaced so as to allow movement by the guests and staff, but close enough that you could carry on a conversation with the table next to you without talking loudly. The heavily textured and colored walls made the large room more intimate in a surprising way. The staff, although provocatively attired in silky white and black, was all business and professional as they moved from table to table.


  It appeared the band was having a more difficult time paying attention to what they were doing than usual perhaps. Their eyes were darting in every direction trying not to miss anything that might be happening. In spite of this they seemed cool and weren’t missing a beat musically. I have to admit I was impressed.


  All around me couples were sitting and having lively conversations with the people near them as they enjoyed their meals and drinks. Some would look up and smile, as I was lead to a table near the center of the room. As we neared the table I began to take more notice of what people were doing. One woman at a nearby table gave me the most lustful look I’ve seen in a long time as she un-did the halter of her dress and exposed her breasts to the room. It was a matter of seconds before the man next to her spooned some sauce from his plate onto one of her nipples and began licking it off…much to the delight of her table companions. I smiled into her eyes. She moaned quietly and smiled as I continued to follow the lovely hostess to my table.


  There were three couples seated at the table having drinks when I approached and without a moments hesitation I was introduced to them all by the hostess before she turned and retreated back behind the velvet curtain.


  As I was just sitting down and beginning my “getting to know you” chit- chat the white sleeve of a waitress was setting down a glass of red wine. A Merlot you could smell from two feet away. It was wonderful.  “These people know a helluva lot about me for never having been here before.” I thought to myself as I took a sip of my wine.


  The quiet moans from the table behind me had become more intense. My table companions kept looking past me to the point I had to turn and see what all of the noise was about. The lovely woman with the exposed breasts now had her feet spread widely upon the table while a woman next to her was reaching under her dress and working her pussy into a wet frenzy. Thrusting more and more of her hand into the woman with greater and greater speed as she looked lustfully into the woman’s eyes and occasionally kissed her while the man on the other side of her continued to lick and nibble on her tits. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed slightly as she grabbed both people in each hand and she began to thrust her body into the woman’s hand causing even more of her “lover of the moment’s” hand to disappear further into her pussy. Her thrusts began to get harder and faster matching the thrusts of the hand. The dishes and the glasses on the table were bouncing all over the place as her body worked it’s way into a wave-like rhythm that started below her neck and rolled down to her pussy and her thighs. A man walking by unzips his pants and slides his cock into her open mouth and she swallows it down like she was starving, taking all of his cock in one giant gulp.


  Moments later her body stiffens and a muffled scream filters out from around the cock in her mouth then her body relaxes for just a moment before starting a whole new series of convulsions. The man withdraws from her mouth as cum spills out of his still pulsing cock on to her face as a broad, exhausted smile lights up her lips. It was quite an impressive sight I must say. It certainly wasn’t what I had expected to see at dinner that’s for sure.


  I turn back around in my seat and see that my newfound friends had gotten a little caught up in the whole scene and were happily playing themselves. They were massaging breasts, groping crotches, with kisses being passed around the table.


  The woman to my right, Corrine, had her husbands cock in her hand and had been unconsciously playing with him while watching the goings on at the next table. When she realized I had turned around and was looking at her she smiled and unzipped my pants and reached in to get acquainted with my cock. My hand began to work its way up her stocking’d thigh exposing more of her beautifully shaved pussy as her somewhat short dress moved further up her belly.


 Suddenly I could feel a hand gently resting on my shoulder and a body leaning closer into me as a very familiar voice found its way to my ear. “Having dessert before dinner Mon amour? How very American of you.”  I didn’t even have to turn around as my tablemates all broke into laughter…… Monique had arrived.


  “No…. just an appetizer sweetie.” I smiled as I rose to give her a kiss and a hug with my cock still hanging out of my pants as everyone continued to laugh.


  She was as beautiful as the last time I saw her. Even if she was wearing slightly more clothing than that micro thong bathing suit bottom she had on that day. That thong didn’t leave much to the imagination, but then again… it didn’t stay on very long.


THAT however is another story for another time. Right now she’s standing before me in what can only be described as the perfect “Little Black Dress’. The almost non-existent straps showing off her beautiful tanned skin with her dark hair in that short spiky style she’s always worn it in. Her vivid blue eyes jump out and take all of me in with an approving nod, as she sits down beside me. Judging from her smile she was pleased with what she saw.


  “I see you’ve already met everyone else.” She smiles as she glances past me and looks at Corrine’s still exposed pussy and gives it a slight pat then licks her finger.


   “A friendly group you’ve got here.” I grin as I look around the table and the room. She smiles slyly but says nothing, as she looks closer at me.


  She reaches over and pats my unzipped fly as she says, “I see some things never change with you.”


 “On the contrary, things get better.” I reply back as I give her another kiss on the cheek and then proceed to stuff what’s left of my manhood…and my pride, back into my pants.


  I no sooner finish my statement than fresh glasses of wine and salads are put in front of us. The breast of one of the waitress’ resting on my shoulder as she places hot rolls on the table. I playfully turn and take a mock bite at it, which doesn’t even cause the woman to flinch. Just a slight smile as she continues her task.


  The conversation at our table becomes livelier with each course. The woman across from me has made eating food a new erotic art form as each morsel is seductively drawn into her mouth, her long tongue wrapping around the food, causing a lustful look from Monique and comments from other table guests about the woman’s obvious talents.


  Monique’s breathing seemed to be getting deeper and more deliberate as she ate and watched not only the people at our table, but everything that was happening around us. She did this with amazing calm and grace, not some frantic voyeuristic “take it all in” looks like I’ve seen other people do. She looked pleased to say the least.


  The activity in the room had increased as we ate. People in various stages of undress had begun to play and suck their way through the room. The band was beside themselves, but still valiantly playing.


   They were devouring food and each other as the level of activity seemed to become wilder and more uninhibited. If our table was approached at all it was done respectfully, kiss’, touches, very sexy caresses, but little else. Everyone made sure Monique was the first person to be approached. It was as if they were being granted audience with the Queen or something. I could sense the eyes upon us as we ate. Everyone was watching and waiting……but for what I hadn’t a clue at the moment.


The food kept arriving at our table each dish more wonderful and decadent than the last. The tastes, smells and textures adding to the intoxicating passions building in us and around us like a drug we couldn’t get enough of. The more we ate…. the more we wanted. Deconstructed this, seared that. Duck, scallops, lobster, uni, caviar…you name it and it appeared in artistic bites that surprised and amazed, even me.


 The staff masterfully negotiating the room of partially bare, sweaty bodies that lie between our table and the kitchen seemed super-human. Even they were loosing clothing, but managed to maintain their professional demeanor.


  I hadn’t touched Monique yet, but I couldn’t resist any longer. Reaching down I ran my fingers lightly against the inside of her thigh causing an involuntary gasp from her that surprised both of us. Her eyes grew wide and wild yet she said nothing. She just locked her gaze into mine as she continued to place a small bite of roast duck into her mouth.


  I returned my hand to her thigh to find her legs spread slightly wider in anticipation of my touch. I barely made contact with her skin when her mouth falls open and her eyes half close as another gasp escapes from her lips. I can feel the heat from between her legs as she continues to stare into my eyes as hers silently ask me “What next?”


   An odd silence fell upon the place. The only sound was the music from the band….or so it seemed. I wasn’t sure if we had become more of a center of attention than we were before or what, but I wasn’t going to turn around and find out right that minute either.


  My cock has become so stiff it’s found its way out of my still-open fly and is waving around like a heat seeking missile in search of a target. This sight hasn’t been lost on Monique either. Without ever taking her eyes away from mine she takes hold of my cock and begins to stroke it. This happens long enough for her to turn in her chair and bring her head down upon my cock. It felt wonderful as my cock disappears into her very wet mouth. The collective gasp let out by everyone around us made it all the more exciting. My head begins to spin in sheer pleasure as she works me in and out, her tongue dancing along the shaft of my cock and deeper into her throat.


  A very large, naked and dark man moves from somewhere behind me over to the other side of Monique and begins to stroke her back as he unzips her dress. As he helps her dress fall to her waist she grabs his cock in her hand and begins to stroke it before starting to alternate between our two cocks. As she’s sucking his cock she stands with her ass to me and lets her dress hit the floor exposing her beautifully tan ass and pussy to me at eye level. She’s so wet that juices are running down the inside of her leg. I’m not one to pass up a golden opportunity so I stand, remove my jacket, and move towards her. My cock is way ahead of me and is moving on a direct course to those very wet lips. I undo my pants and they hit the floor with a thud as the head of my dick finds her slit and slides right in to her. I’m barely inside her when her pussy begins to spasm. With each grip around my shaft she draws me further and further inside of her.  It’s as if she’s sucking me off with her pussy……. it’s incredible!


  Corrine has taken leave of her clothes and is crawling on the floor underneath us. Lifting my leg I let her underneath us and free my leg from my pants. Suddenly I feel her tongue licking my balls and working its way down my shaft to slide onto Monique’s pussy and around her clit where she does some serious tongue work before returning back to my balls and repeating this all again. It’s all I can do to keep from cumming instantly.


  In an effort to keep myself from cumming I turn my attention to the other side of the table……bad idea. There was the woman with the great mouth lying sandwiched between a man and Corrine’s husband Marcel on the table next to us as she was trying to get yet another mans cock into her mouth. Marcel was pounding his cock up her ass so hard that he was driving her head into the man she was trying to suck and would knock him back off of the table….. only to have him mount the table and start over. Seeing those cocks sliding in and out of every hole in her body did me in. My cock exploded violently inside Monique’s pussy. Cum was oozing out from around my cock as I kept pumping still wanting more of her. Corrine was busily licking every drop of juice and cum from around my cock and Monique’s pussy not loosing even one drop, moaning with pleasure as she did so. Corrine’s fingers were frantically massaging her own pussy to the point that her own juices were forming a puddle on the floor between her legs. Still I kept pumping…. getting harder with each thrust.  Her breathing has become passionately determined, but I can tell that, even as excited as she is…..she’s not ready to cum yet.


  Corrine stands up and slides her hand between Monique’s ass and me, gently pushing me back and out of Monique’s pussy. She then grabs Monique’s waist and guides her onto the table and onto her back without Monique missing a beat as she continued to suck on that large black cock. Corrine bends down and buries her face in Monique’s pussy as she moves her hips in front of me and spreads her cheeks and offers me her own pussy to fuck. I remove the rest of my clothes and slide in to those silky folds between Corrine’s legs just as another woman appears and begins to suck and massage Monique’s tits. I’m not entirely sure how much I have in me after just cumming so much in Monique’s pussy, but who am I to pass up such a wonderful offer.


  A few moments later the noise from the other table becomes louder and more passionate. I glance over to see Marcel pulling out of the woman’s ass as she rises up and rolls over on her back. The three men, almost in unison, begin to cum all over her body as she reaches between her legs and begins to shudder to a climax.


  I begin to hear the familiar sound of Monique building to her own climax as Corrine begins to thrust harder and harder into me as she devours Monique’s pussy. Corrine’s legs begin to shake and she slumps hard into the table for support as she starts cumming hard herself. The man in Monique’s mouth stiffens and cums and so does Monique….. with a vengeance, she starts flopping around on the table like a fish out of water and then falls silent and motionless except for her fast, heavy breathing. The silence in the room at that moment was both surprisingly calm and a little un-nerving at the same time.


  Everyone begins to kiss and hug while Monique slowly rises from the table. I glance around the room and see that the room is missing most of the people that were there earlier. About the only people left are a few members of the wait staff and the guys in the band who are looking a little befuddled and unsure as to whether they should continue playing or call it a night. Monique rises to her feet and comes straight to me and kisses me passionately as her body continues to shake uncontrollably. She leans into me for support as her breathing is still coming in deep sensuous draws. The passion in the eyes is still there along with her smile. My instincts tell me the evening isn’t over yet.


  She bends down and picks her dress up off of the floor and drapes it over her arm as I collect my own clothes before she takes my hand and leads me away from the table towards an arched doorway at the opposite side of the room. She looks amazing wearing only her heels and her skin glowing with sweat, reflecting the golden lighting of the room.


  Halfway across the room she glances up at me and says, “Welcome to my Club” as her smile takes over her face.


  “Your Club?” I asked half surprised.


  “Yes, I own all of this… including the parts you haven’t seen yet.” She playfully answers back.


   “I thought this was a restaurant.” I find myself saying sounding more surprised. “It is …..And soooo much more you haven’t even seen yet. Some come for dinner, some for a party, and some for a night not to be forgotten soon. I hope for you it will meet all of the needs of your legendary adventurous nature.” She laughingly says as she leads me through the door into what I’m sure will be a pleasurable night in the unknown, sensual world she has built here. Untold and as secretive as she herself is. A place limited only by ones desires and imagination. Monique wouldn’t have it any other way and tonight neither would I.  Tonight belongs to Monique. With that I follow her naked body through the door. The textured walls in the halls are awash with the same colored lights that highlighted the outside of the building and the dining room. They bring an elegant richness everything and everyone I see.


  European Swing clubs are amazing places. I haven’t been in all of them…yet but the ones I have been in are well thought out and impeccable in every way. Monique’s appears even better. The minute attention to detail is impressive. The theme rooms I was able to glance into as we walk by are stunning. Even just the basic play rooms are elegant and sensual not just a room with a bed and some basic decorations to create a “theme” like many of the clubs in the states do. The dungeon looks like it’s been there hundreds of years (and quite possibly might have been). The Middle Eastern room gives you the feel of being inside a Bedouin tent filled with brightly colored pillows, rugs and cushions. One wall in a large play area appears to be white frosted glass until someone goes in and the door is closed. Then it becomes a two way mirror spectators can see in while the occupants can’t see out. The “Pool” is like a giant fish tank with plexiglass benches and seats placed all over and a bar on the back side you go up steps to enter surrounded by four in-ground spa’s and several large beds. We reach the end of the hall to a large door that opens as we get closer. Inside the walls are colored wine red with several leather couches the same color scattered here and there. I the center of the room there is a large four posted bed. On that bed is a naked woman tied to the posts. As my eyes adjust to the amber colored light in the room I realize the woman on the bed is the young woman who seated me earlier. Monique and I cross the room and when we get to the bed slides part ways up on the bed and looks at me before saying “Are you ready for dessert?” as I hear the door close behind me.




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