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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Only In Vegas  

4/12/2012 13:29
Posted By:  - DUBUQUE, IA  
Date Posted: 4/12/2012 13:29
We arrived in Vegas 3 days prior to a convention we were to attend. Staying at Treasure Island the pool was still open even though it was getting late in the year, however, the weather was great, very hot. I surprised my wife with a suite as we were there for 7 days.

The day we arrived we just laid low, had cocktails and listened to some music and relaxed. The next morning we had breakfast and she decided on a bloody mary to start the day. Around 11:00 AM I suggested we go lay out by the pool and get some sun. She agreed and we went to the room to change. What I didn't know was she had purchased a new bathing suit prior to our trip. I know now she had idea's or at the least, wanted to turn lots of heads. Now, it wasn't a thong suit but it also didn't leave much to the imagination.

We left the room headed towards the pool. Of course we went in the wrong direction and were wandering through the casino looking for the exit to the pool. She of course only in her suit, no cover up. Well, as you can imagine, every blackjack table, every slot machine came to a screeching halt as the guys (and girls) watched us walk by.

We finally made it to the pool and grabbed two chairs and laid down. The cocktail waitress asked us if we wanted a drink. She ordered a margarita, myself, just a beer. Pool was quiet for about an hour or so before people started to fill in. The margaritas must have tasted good as she continued ordering them. Keep in mind, 2 or 3 and she's on her way. Well, on her way she was.

Their were seven young guys and two young girls in the jacuzzi. She decided to join them while I drifted off into a light sleep. The guys were buying drinks for the girls and included my wife. She asked me a couple times to join them but I was fine in the chair. Not sure of how the conversation started, (guessing she brought it up) but after about two more hours, she got out and came up to me and said honey, I invited everyone in the jacuzzi to our room. I said what? She said don't ask, let's go, their ready. Now the two young girls just met these guys as well which I soon found out the guys were from a minor league hockey team from Canada.

OK, off we go to the room.  A bit quiet in the elevator as I didn't know what she had told them, or what they expected. When we got to the room I ushered her to the bathroom to discuss what's happening. She told me she explained to them that we are swingers and have sex with others and in front of people. So I asked her, what do we do now with seven guys and two girls. She told me if she can choose 1 or 2, I could have both young girls at the same time in the same bed. I said deal! Well, we came out of the bathroom and they were all sitting there wondering what to expect themselves. You could clearly tell the girls were not going to get naked, at least in front of the group.

Back to the bathroom for another meeting. I told my wife, choose who you want and I'll ask the rest to leave politely. She was torn between two guys. She decided and I asked the rest to go and we'll see them later at the bar. Well, at the door as they were leaving, she kept talking to the alternate guy and her nips were so hard it was obvious she wanted him bad. Well, he took off with the group and the guy in left in the room wanted to talk to me. He said are you really going to let me do your wife? I said yep. He was young and had no clue what to think.

When we came out of the meeting place, (bathroom) my wife was on the bed naked and playing with herself. We both only had trunks on and I immediately took mine off. He left his on for the time and looked at me, I said go ahead, no issues here. He laid down between her legs and began to lick her very wet pussy. She was ready to cum in seconds and did. Think the pool conversation helped there. He continued to lick and it was obvious to me (and her) he was good at it. He made her cum 3 more times. She couldn't take it anymore and told him to get a condom on and fuck her hard. He continued licking, she was screaming, fuck me now!

At that point he laid down on his back and grabbed her and pulled her up to his mouth as she held onto the headboard. He brought her to another orgasm. As I watched all this with my hard cock in my hand, she rolled off and on to her back. I was as hard as a rock and quickly stuck my raging cock into her mouth. She sucked me like never before she was so turned on. He again was between her legs. At one point he looked up as she was sucking me and said dude, you have a huge cock. My God he said. Well, she couldn't take it any longer and got up, put him down and tore his trunks off.

She said I need to get fucked by both of you guys right now! As she took his trunks off, out popped a 3" rock hard cock. Hence the reason he never took off his trunks. She went along with it and rolled one of my condoms down his cock. He rolled over, the condom fell off. She put it back on, tried to stick it in her, fell off. She says damn, so I moved in and took his place. He watched and jerked off while I took her to another world that she so wanted. He said I'm cumming, as polite as my wife is and didn't want to hurt his feelings, she said right here on my tits. That excited him more and he came in ribbons (numorous) all over her tits. I went for a bit longer and filled her mouth and splashed her face. He was in awe. She laid there in a just fucked sweat with that look on her face as he got his trunks on and left.

To this day we wonder, #1 what if she chose the other guy, #2 what did he tell his hockey buds that night. And did they believe him.

100% true story.

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