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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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5/10/2012 16:27
Posted By:  - AURORA, CO  
Date Posted: 5/10/2012 16:27
   Like the other woman, Lynn was nervous but anxious to take advantage of this opportunity.  

She pushed the other woman down onto her back and ran her eyes over the body in front of her.   Noticing the toe rings, the little imperfections that come with age, the tasteful tattoos, the curves, everything was just as she had dreamed about so many times before. 

 For her part, the other woman was less interested in the sights than the feel as she ran her hands all over Lynn's body.  She was tracing Lynn's curves from her knees, over her waist and up to her neck.  Back down over her breasts then between her thighs, taking pleasure in the obvious arousal that had soaked the cleft in Lynn's panties.  

Lynn began working her tongue against the other woman's nipples.  One side then the other, massaging the each breast with her hand.  It was hard for her to concentrate because the other woman was focusing on the moistness between Lynn's thighs.   She had pulled the panties aside and was softly rubbing the little button of pleasure just below Lynn's patch of blond curls.  the more she played with the little button, the harder it was for Lynn to concentrate.

Finally, she just gave in.  Pushing the other woman's hand aside, she pulled up her knees and rapidly stripped her panties off.   Before she could drop them, the other woman grabbed them and tossed them aside.  She pushed Lynn down on her back and turned so that her head was close to Lynn's thighs.   She pulled Lynn's thighs apart and begin to play with the button again.  Only this time she was using her tongue. 

Lynn for her part was undecided.  Should she do something or just concentrate on the pleasure she was getting... knowing that she'd have her chance to return the favors. 

 Before she could decide, she felt a hand reach around her thigh and fingers spread the lips of her special place.  They entered her and she gave up all hope of being able to do anything but submit.   Her juices were flowing, soaking the hand between her legs, soaking her thighs.  

She was starting to respond to the efforts of the other woman.  Her hips began to move almost of their own free will.  She pushed against the hand inside of her, against the face between her thighs want to orgasm but at the same time, not wanting too.   As her body was reacting to the stimulation provided by the other woman, she pulled on the other woman's hips, dragging her over to her.   The other woman lifted her leg and moved on top to straddle Lynn.  Her own crotch right above Lynn's face.   Lynn could clearly see the signs of the other woman's arousal.  Her panties were not just soaked but the juices were coating the inside of her thighs as well. 

Lynn pulled the panties aside, and began to use her tongue as she remembered her lover doing so many times.   A little time on the button, a little time on the cleft, even a little time on the starfish further up.  Lynn was in heaven.   As she worked on the pleasuring the other woman, her own arousal lessened. 

Noticing this, the other woman stopped her own efforts and concentrated on enjoying the pleasure she was receiving.   Lynn pushed her to the side and as the other woman lay there, she tugged at the skimpy lace panties that she so badly wanted to have out of the way.  

Lifting her hips, the other woman allowed Lynn to remove her panties, but as Lynn turned to drop them on the floor, she felt a hand pressing against her own moistness.   She pulled it away and began to focus her attention on the other woman.  Rolling her on to her side, raising her knee, she was able  to reach all of the other woman's points of pleasure.  One hand one a nipple, one hand on the inside of her thigh, her tongue working the wetness between the legs of her new playmate.   The other woman began to move in response to Lynn's efforts and at the same time began to apply her own efforts towards pleasuring Lynn.  

It was wonderful to experience as the two woman drew energy for the each other.   Suddenly the other woman stopped her efforts and started to spasm.  Lynn quickly slipped her fingers inside the other woman as she had felt her lover do to her so many times before.   Working her fingers back and forth, she felt the pocket around her hand swell, getting tighter, as the other woman approached her own climax.   Then, without warning, the other woman gave a short scream and came.  Lynn kept up her own actions, having learned from her lover that the most intense sensations come just when you don't think you can stand any more stimulation.  The other woman spasmed again, and again, each one less intense than the one before.  

Lynn noticed the pocket around her hand relaxing and slowed her efforts, slowly... gently stopping.  She pulled her hand away as the other woman pulled her head towards her and kissed her.  Not a gentle kiss of gratitude, but a full on kiss like she got only from her lover.   She was surprised, but just for a moment.  Responding to the kiss, she pushed her own tongue into the mouth of the other woman. 

It was wonderful, not just the kiss, not just the lingering taste of her own juices mixed with that of the other woman, but she was doing something she had only dared fantasize about.    She was totally aroused, so aroused that the she grabbed the hand of the other woman and guided between her own thighs.  She was ready for her own climax and wanted it, desperately wanted it.   Taking her queue, the other woman began to pleasure Lynn in much the same way as Lynn had done to her.  Much to Lynn's surprise, the other woman could not only reach her spot, she knew exactly where it was.  Hitting the bulls eye with the very first touch.  

She reacted instantly, arching her back, breathing deeply, grasping at the sheets with her hand as the other woman began her efforts to bring Lynn to climax.   First slowly, the faster, increasing the pressure against Lynn's greatest area of pleasure.  She was amazed, does everyone naturally know how to hit her spot... what the hell... is it written on my forehead she thought.   Her movements became more urgent, the pocket around the hand of the other woman swelling as Lynn approached her own climax. 

Just as she was about the hit her peak, the other woman spoke into her softly, urging her to push.   Lynn's body was responding to the stimulation and as her pleasure peaked, she squeezed against the hand inside of her.    The hand responded with more pressure, faster movement until it was too much.  Lynn's orgasm was intense beyond belief, soaking everything in a flood of fluids. 

The other woman for her part, expressed her pleasure by continuing her efforts much like Lynn had done to her.   In response, Lynn spasmed again, releasing still more fluids and like she had done to the other woman, the other woman slowly reduced her efforts as the pocket around her hand relaxed.   Both woman giggled, then lie next to each other.  Sharing the relaxing emotions that always follow an experience like this. 

They lie there quietly, looking into each others face, smiling, kissing gently.  Less like lovers now, more like friends.   Suddenly Lynn sat up, anxious because she suddenly remembered her lover.  She looked around for him, and relaxed when she saw him, still in the chair, still with a smile on his face.  

She slipped off the bed and made her way over to him.  Pulling him up out of the chair she kissed him, she thanked him for the experience but as she reached down to slip her hand inside of his pants the other woman joined them.   She too kissed him, then kissed Lynn.  Thanking them both for the invitation and expressing how much fun she had.  She knew it was time to go, she had only a limited window before she had to be back at her own job.  

She dressed quickly, but instead of her own panties... she put on Lynn's and smiled.  She had herself a little something to remind her of the experience.  Not knowing if this was a one and done type of thing of if she would be invited back.  

She walked over to Lynn and kissed her one last time then she walked over to Lynn's lover.  She took his hand and said think you, he smiled at her like he always did and told her to have a good afternoon.   She turned and opened the door.  She gave them both one last smile as she waved good bye and closed the door.  

Lynn turned to her lover and smiled.  He walked over to her and took her in her arms, kissing her, drinking in her beauty, the mixed taste of both her and the other woman.  

Suddenly they both laughed, thinking them same thing.   She began to strip his clothes from his body as he stood there, submitting to her lead.  

She dragged him onto the bed and they began to make love like only together they could, but in the back of both of their minds was the face and smile of Jennifer as she closed the door.

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