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   New Story About Life on the Mississippi!  

5/12/2012 14:15
Posted By:  - NEW PRAGUE, MN  
Date Posted: 5/12/2012 14:15

The Float-illa On the River

June – The Mississippi River.


It was one of those mornings that one has only when one wakes up and he is on a boat in the middle of a mist-wrapped and becalmed body of water. The sun was already up, the mist rising from the lake, and the sound of seagulls and other birds were heard making their morning calls.


Lille was still asleep. The coffee was made. In the distance through the mist a barge was making its way up the Lake Pepin shipping channel. Otherwise we were alone. I sipped my coffee, and took in the beauty of the bluffs surrounding the lake, and the bucolic setting of the lake, the barges, the fishing boats in the distance, and the absolute stillness of the lake’s personality.


The mist was not a heavy fog. It was the kind of veneer of fog that is consistent on the river during the summer months. It muzzles sound from the distance, amplifies sound in its cocoon, and screens only the starkness of objects in the distance. Because of this I was reluctant to move and make a sound.  The clank of something would be amplified, and Lille would wake up before she was ready.


With Debt-Ceiling, our 1977 35 foot Carver Mariner, you never knew when you might touch something and have it fall off, break or go CLANK. Lille didn’t need to be awakened early. This was our first weekend since Thanksgiving without our kids, without work requirements or any social requirements. Lille’s busy time at work was over, and she was in ‘physical and mental recovery’ mode.


I opened a canvas chair on the fantail and sat back, taking in the mellow hot coffee. In the distance I heard the thump-thump of the diesel engines of the tugboat driving the barges against the current in the shipping channel. A train horn sounded, and from the Wisconsin side a train, unseen in the mist, thundered down the tracks. And still it all seemed quiet, serene, and meaningfully peaceful. The boat’s generator ran smoothly, quietly recharging the batteries and running all the air conditioner and the fans. The mist began to thin, and the bright high blue sky began to appear. About 50 yards off the starboard beam; a giant bass flopped out of the water, and on its return trip, left an oscillating circle of ripples on the glassy water.


Debt-Ceiling was a reclamation project. We had purchased her as a ‘great piece of equipment’ six years before. The boat had a different name then. By the time we went through the first few weeks, we decided to change the name. A normally unused MasterCard was keeping her operational and floating. By July of that year I found a calligrapher, and changed the name. Other names had been used, but this was the only one I could sport in public. When the MasterCard hit its limit, the new name jumped out at me!


For seven years, we spent treasure, time, blood, sweat and tears refurbishing her. Now she was relatively reliable, and it had also become the icon of our family, defining us like a cabin or other digression might identify one’s passions.


So, by this time, Debt-Ceiling had become a member of the family. It reminded me of having a stray dog grow on you. So here we were, first time in months with no agenda, no requirements, and no demands on us. I climbed in to the fly bridge and turned on the radio. Although there were a lot of good talk programs on, I changed it to just Jimmy Buffet’s Margarita Ville station. I went below to freshen my coffee.


I stopped in the galley, and opened the door to the front cabin. There was Lille’, sound asleep, completely nude.


I always like to just see her nude. It never ceases to make me remember the fun we’ve had, and how hot she gets me just by lying there. I always like to start by admiring her long slender and toned legs. When she is lying there nude, I like to just look at her legs and pretend I’m licking and kissing the inside of her thighs. Her nicely trimmed light brown bush has a high pubic bone, and when she is sleeping in her back, I like looking at the little pussy lips that I can see beneath the small tuft of hair. As she breathes, I like gazing at her pert breasts which rise and fall with each breath. Her nipples are surrounded by aureoles that turn a light shade of red when the nipples are kissed and caressed.


By now I was hard. Seeing her in the nude made my dick hard.


Just then my phone buzzed.  A text was waiting for me. I closed the cabin door and went back in to the galley. I opened my sprint HCT and there was a text.


     “What R U UP 2 Tday?” it read. The text was from John.

     “Nuttin’” I typed. I thought about telling him we were busy. I paused. I wondered what John and Susan might have in mind. They knew we were down on the lake for three or four days. We had just arrived on the lake last night and anchored around midnight. I didn’t want to make a decision without talking to Lille’ so I erased the response. I decided to change the message.

     “Lille is lying here naked and she isn’t awake. I’ll get back to you. HA HA HA U R jealous now!” I typed and hit SEND.

    The text alert beeped as quickly as I hit send. “AM JEALOUS! Do you need help waking her?”

    “Not TDAY” I typed. But before I hit SEND, I added “what is on your mind so I can ask Lille’ when she wakes up?” I hit SEND, and waited.

     Then the phone rang. It was John. “Enough of this TEXT crap. Don’t people talk anymore?”

    I had to nod in agreement. “I guess not” I replied. “So what is do damn important that you texted me on the boat in the middle of the lake, an hour from the nearest landing, and also not knowing if we’d be having sex when you texted?”

     I heard John chuckle. “Since you answered,  I knew you weren’t having sex. Anyway, Susan and I were thinking of going to the Club boat party today. We’ve never been to one. The kids are over at her mom’s, and we’re free ‘till Sunday night. Whatddya say we meet up there and check out the party?”

     I stopped to think. Meeting groups of new people wasn’t what we had planned. Driving Debt Ceiling thirty miles up the Mississippi, into the St Croix, and all the way to Afton wasn’t going to be cheap. It certainly would eat up the better part of a day just to get there. At close to $5.50 a gallon (thanks, Obama) with two 350 v8s and Holley 4 barrels I could just about estimate the cost of getting up there and back in the $300 range. But, I reasoned, if we had gone somewhere, gotten a hotel and paid for food for just one night out, $300 would be what we’d spend, anyway.

     “Gotta ask Lille’. You know how she is about going places and being part of a crowd.”

     John replied. “Well we are heading to Hastings now. Can you call me when she wakes up?”

     “I will,” I said, and both of us hung up. I exited the cabin and went back on to the fantail of the boat. Seagulls were resting on a log that protruded from the water. I was ambivalent about going up river. We had planned to stay here in our anchorage and just hang out naked all day and the next. I checked the battery gauge. All were green. I shut down the generator and waited for Lille’ to wake up.


1000 AM.


     “What did John want?” Lille asked me. We were both naked and holding on to the tether line I had placed in the water. The water was cool and refreshing. Neither of us were great swimmers, but we enjoyed being in the water naked. The previous night, after anchoring, we had skinny dipped before going to bed. This was the best part of the morning, being naked and just floating in the lake.

     “He wanted us to meet them in Hastings and go up river to the Club boat party.”


     Lille’ pulled on the rope over to me, wrapped her legs around my hips, kissed me, and said “we could just stay here”. Then she leaned back into the water, her legs using my body as a fulcrum. She looked at the sky. Her hair was wet in the water, he breasts and pubic hair just below the surface of the water. The sun glanced off her supple skin and magnificently toned body. Then she said “we have all weekend, let’s just go and see what the fuss is all about.”  Then she pulled herself out of the water, using my hips as a swivel point. She kissed me and said: “NO SHIT STIRRING!!!!! We are going for the view and the social connections!”

     I paused. “Well John and Susan will be aboard.”

     Lille’ let go of me by unbracing my body from her legs’ grip and began to pull herself away from me on the rope. She was going toward Debt Ceiling. She rolled over on her back and said in a loud voice: “they can stir their own shit. YOU do not stir any shit.”




     It was a magnificent day. June in Minnesota is very schizophrenic. A morning could be balmy, 80, no wind. By afternoon, it could be damp, rainy and windy. By evening it could be calm, warming, and dry. Usually at this time of year, the mornings were magnificent. They were cool and calm, sunny, and with just a hint of humidity. By afternoon, this trend either continued into a spectacular afternoon and breathtaking sunset, or the wind will pick up from the southwest or southeast. If that happened, the lakes and rivers would be wind-tossed and hard to anchor or keep station. Entering locks and dams then would become hazardous and challenging to the skipper of a boat of any size. As we approached lock and dam #3, the weather remained calm, clear, and with only the hint of humidity.

     During the trip up from Lake Pepin, Lille’ had taken a shower, made some breakfast sandwiches in the galley, and put away the berths. At the gas dock in Red Wing we had picked up John and Susan. In their usual style they had come aboard with a box of sangria, a case of Budweiser, meat to grill, and a big container of pasta salad. Adding that to our already stuffed fridge was tough, but the `resourceful Lille found room for all but the wine and beer. At the gas dock John bought about 20 Lbs. of ice. Some went into the ‘clean’ ice chest for ‘boat drinks’. The rest went into our large cooler where John put his beer and the 5 liter bladder from the box of wine.

     When we were about a half mile from lock and dam #3 I peered through my field glasses. The pass way lights were red! That meant there were either other boats coming southbound, and we had to wait only a few minutes, or there was a barge in southern passage, which might take as much as 2-3 hours of waiting! I switched my ship to shore to channel 14 and hailed the lock and dam.

     “Lock and Dam #3, this is northbound pleasure craft, request update on passage”

    The radio crackled. Then the clear voice of the Lock God came through: “Lock and Dam #3 to northbound craft, estimate 15 minutes to passage.”

     I breathed a sigh of relief. If anything we’d make it through the lock and head north in about 45 minutes.

     John, Susan and Lille’ were sitting on the bench seat on the bow of the boat. Each had a bloody Mary. They were earnestly chatting about something. I had the radio still tuned to the Sirius’s Jimmy Buffet channel. Secretly I hoped that if they were drinking the bloody’s that we had enough V8 or Bloody Mary mix on board. Now all we had to do was wait for the signal from the lockmaster the lock was open, and we could go into the lock, be ‘raised’ and head off to the north. It was early afternoon and we were still at least 2 hours from the party’s anchorage. A thought crossed my mind: ‘what if we went through all of this time, fuel and hassle to clear the lock, and get up river and the party ended before we got there! I sat in to my captains’ chair, took a tug out of my bottled water and relaxed. ‘This is your favorite thing, driving your boat and hosting others. Don’t worry, be happy’. At that point, all anxieties about the trip and what might or might not happen left me. My mind freed me to just enjoy the day.  Unrealistic expectations, excessive fantasies and ‘projections of a great time’ were not going to interfere with just enjoying the journey.


330 PM

Afton Alps area, St Croix River.


     I had never been on this stretch of river before. The scenery was wonderful. The high bluffs on either side of the river were filled with trees. Huge homes dotted the promontories along both the Minnesota and Wisconsin sides of the river. Unlike the Mississippi River, the St. Croix was carved out of a vast gorge. The water was tinted with a light rust color. This is a byproduct of the iron in the rocks on both sides of the river. The bottom was based on rock, not the sand and silt of the Mississippi Serengeti. Debt Ceiling slowly chugged along against the current. I could hear the laughter from in the cabin. John and Susan and Lille’ had gone down into the cabin so they could hang out in the nude. By the sound of the laughter I could tell John was not sparing the vodka going in to his Bloody Mary mixes. I leaned over and looked down the hatchway. They had the radio on and were listening to Blue Collar Radio on the Sirius radio in the cabin.

     In the distance I could see a flotilla of boats rafted together on the Wisconsin side of the river, just south of the 494 bridge. I picked up my field glasses, pull the throttles back flying from a huge SeaRay. I leaned into the hatchway, and called down “put at least SOME of your clothes back on, we’re there!”

      Then I turned the wheel over to starboard, and Debt Ceiling   began the short trip across the river to the 10-15 boats rafted together or anchored near each other. Form the distance I could see they had rafted together several boats in a long line parallel to the shore. Other boats were tied off to the trees on the shore and they were beached. This made almost a horseshoe anchorage, with the center of the anchorage open water screened from the sight of passing boats. I picked up my field glasses, trying to find a place to anchor, and saw a naked women jump from the sundeck of a large new Carver Mariner. She disappeared behind the superstructure of the large boat and I could see a fountain of water spray from behind the phalanx of boats. ‘Well, we got here a little late’ I thought, and tried to think of how to maneuver the 35’ of Debt Ceiling into this melee’ of boats.

      Just then my ship to shore crackled to life. “Boat approaching Mile Marker  18 anchorage please respond”.  I picked up my binoculars and a navigation post one the shore behind the flotilla read “18”. This meant we were 18 miles up the St. Croix from where it had its confluence with the Mississippi.

     “This is Pleasure Craft  Debt Ceiling requesting permission to tie up.”

     The other side of the radio was silent. Then it cracked again: “go to channel 67”.

     I turned the radio to channel 67, and waited.

     “This is Renegade. This is a private party.”

     “Renegade, this is Debt Ceiling out of Red Wing.” I didn’t know any of these people. It didn’t occur to me they would want to make sure we weren’t DNR posing as a pleasure craft, or just some nosy ‘vanillas’ who wanted to get close, take some photos and then take off.

     “Stand by Renegade”, I said. Just then John came up the ladder and handed me a piece of paper. It was a party invitation confirmation from the Club’s website. I read it quickly. “Renegade this is Debt Ceiling  the password is  ‘Chocolate Lava Cake’.”

     “This is Renegade, you are correct, sir! Go down river past the Sea Ray named ‘HellzaPoppin’ and tie off on their starboard side. They will get you tied off and introduced around to anyone who is over there. Remember if you are going on the side of the river facing away from shore you had better put something on. The Pierce County Sheriff and the Wisconsin DNR have been by twice.”


     It was a good thing John had been serving the Bloody Mary’s. Lille’ ascended to the flybridge by the aft ladder, and laughed. “Nice trip”, she said. I detected none of her usual anxiety or nervousness when meeting new, strange, and most likely completely nude people. Then she went back down, and began preparing the lines and the buoys and the grappling hook for the tie-off with ‘Hellzapoppin’.  We tied off with ‘Hellzapoppin’ and met her skipper, Jack, and the 1st Mate, Elizabeth. They had greeted us enthusiastically, and when they saw John and Susan, there were hugs with them. I looked over in to the artificial ‘boat lagoon’. Most of the people were nude, lying on floatie toys and chatting. One guy was walking around with a pitcher of something, filling drinks on the floatie toys as he walked along.

     There were about 15 boats in the ‘boat lagoon’. Lille’ and Susan tossed their floaties over the side. Susan was already nude. Lille’ wasn’t. They got on their floaties, held out their plastic cups, and sure the enough, the pitcher bearer was there in a flash!

     John put his hand on my shoulder and his arm around Elizabeth. “Well now the party can begin!” he exclaimed.


The Boat Lagoon

430 PM


     One thing Lille’ is better at than me is just chatting with people. In no time she was in the middle of the group of people on the floats, drinking, chatting, telling stories and just relaxing. There were people on boats sitting on their salon decks, chatting. There were several competing stereo systems clattering music into the lagoon. On the beach there were several smaller boats that had been beached. Couples were congregating around a portable bar someone had towed to the so-called beach. There was a keg inside the bar, and the ‘proprietor’ was filling plastic cups as fast as he could.

     John was nowhere to be found. Susan was standing in the water next to Lille’. They were chatting with several women and couples. I saw Lille’ toss her head back in laughter and point in the general direction of the boat. I could not tell if she were apologizing for the dowdy appearance of our boat, or the dowdy appearance of me. I filled a cup full of beer and climbed over the transom. Sitting on the swim deck, I put my feet in the water and began to survey the party on the Lagoon.

      Jetskis came and went, taking partygoers out for a ride, or towing a kneeboard or small rafting toy. Smaller boats came and went, bringing more chips, mixers, ice, whatever seemed to be in low supply. It was fun to watch. Mostly, people inside the circle of boats were in different stages of undress. Most of the women were at least, topless. Many of the men were nude. There was no overt sexual activity. It just seemed to be one big naked party. It reminded me of someone transporting the nude pool from Hedo II to rural Minnesota for a day. Finally I broke down, tossed my swimsuit over the transom and joined the party.












I was watching a real professional at work. Elizabeth was on her stomach, between John’s legs. She was licking his balls, and stroking his cock. She started licking one ball, then the other. She then took her tongue from his balls and began to lick the base of his cock, right where it met his balls. John groaned. She had been teasing him for about a minute, and it had drawn a small group of observers to Debt Ceiling’s sundeck. I was sitting in my captain’s chair. Lille’ was naked, sitting in her wicker chair. Somewhere during the late afternoon she had lost her swim bottoms. Her top was hanging from the flag halyard, but the bottoms were nowhere to be found.


Elizabeth stroked John’s cock one more time, and then took his left ball in her mouth. After sucking on it she took his right ball his mouth. John moaned and leaned back in his chair. Elizabeth then licked around the base of his cock again.


I looked around the sundeck and at the railings of the boats tied off to us. Some people were starting to get a little stirred up. One woman was leaning against a guy and he was reaching around her, stroking her clit. Some guys were hard, and their companions were stroking their cocks.


John looked powerless. Elizabeth was teasing him mercilessly. There were about 10-12 people watching her performance. When she finally took his cock in her mouth, she only had to suck on it for a few seconds. John moaned loudly. Elizabeth pulled her mouth off his cock just in time. He came hard, his hips bucking out of the chair while he had a few spams; shooting all over the paper towel Elizabeth handed him. Some of the cum dripped off his cock and into his balls.


Elizabeth quickly put her tongue on his stomach and began licking up the extra cum. She liked his cock, balls, stomach, and the base of his cock. John finally quit moving and collapsed into the wicker chair. Lille’ began to applaud. Other couples joined in. Elizabeth grabbed her drink, took a long swing, and held it up. The applause continued for about 20o seconds.


Lille’ looked as if she remembered something. She reached into the storage box by the captain’s chair and pulled out a short cover-up skirt. The sun was starting to wane, and true to form, Lille’ didn’t want to get cold. She stood up, stepped over John’s extended legs, and took her swim top off the flag halyard.


Elizabeth stood up, threw on a long t-shirt, and sat down in the other chair on the sundeck. John was worthless. I did not see Susan anywhere. I could hear Jack’s voice off in the distance. The blender was running. He was still being the host with the most. Lille’ sat back down in her chair, and turned to Elizabeth.


“Wow, that was something”, Lille’ said.

Elizabeth smiled, knowingly. “I just enjoy doing it”.

I looked around. The crowd had scattered. On one of the sundecks at our level, a woman was being pleasured by her what appeared to be her husband. Two women were kissing her on the lips and on her breasts. The guy was firmly planted between her legs. We had a nice view.


Just then Susan climbed up the ladder. She was wearing a cover-up, and being trailed by a couple. Susan was excited, and bounded up the ladder. Paul and Lille’, you have to meet these two! Our attention diverted to the ever-effervescent Susan, the scene on the other sundeck was quickly pushed out of our immediate attention.

     “This is George and Rose”, she said. “George, Rose, this is Paul and Lille’, long time friends of ours!”

     George and Rose seemed somewhat overwhelmed by Susan’s race to introduce us. “Hi” George said. Rose shook Lille’s hand. Such was the impact of Susan’s entrance that only now did Lille’ and I notice that` George and Rose were both nude.

     “Do you want something to drink?” asked Lille’. Susan bolted down the ladder.

     “They left their drinks at the bar on the beach,” Susan explained as she descended the ladder and jumped in to the water. “I’ll get them!”

     John finally stirred from his chair. Rose and George watched him struggle out of the chair, stuff was still dripping from his cock. Elizabeth laughed. “Hi, I’m Susan’s husband”, John explained. “Have a seat, I’m going to go mix a drink.” John sort of staggered down the ladder to the salon, and disappeared. Rose scanned the seat. Lille’s grabbed a towel and tossed it over the seat. Rose sat down. George sat on the edge of the hatch to the parlor, his legs hanging over the lip of the hatch. Lille’ was already in a conversation with Rose.

      Susan returned with their drinks. It turned out they had started out with another couple they knew, but they had mechanical trouble, and had to stop in Prescott. The couple they were with flagged down a boat they knew was going to the anchorage, and George and Rose went ahead. Their friends didn;’t want them to miss the party while they tried to have their boat repaired. So here they were, boatless, most of their stuff back in Prescott, and naked.

     “We got in to the water and we were already naked” explained George. “Then this other couple took off because they got a text one of their kids was sick. Our stuff was left on their boat. We found Susan and she brought us here.”

     “What was the name of the boat you came in on?” Lille’ asked.

     “OAR U READY”, George replied.

     The name sounded familiar. We had seen it on the river before.

     “Their names were Neil and Jeanne,” Rose said.

     Elizabeth let out a breath of air. “Typical of those two”, she explained. “They probably got a call from one of their ‘booty friends’ and took off.

     Rose looked perplexed. George looked at the deck. “Doggone it” he muttered.

     Lille’ broke in. “We have all kinds of stuff to wear down below. Where is your car? We can take you there right now if you want to go!” Lille’ gave me a head nod, indicating she was done with the party anyway, and it was getting a little late. Just then I remembered tonight was going to be a full moon. It was also supposed to rain sometime before midnight. I looked down  from the sundeck, and surveyed the carnage in the anchorage. Lille’ took George and Rose down the gangway to the salon to find them something to wear.

     The party wasn’t exactly winding down, but the sun settling into the west was causing swimsuits to go back on. The harder partiers were building a bonfire over by the portable bar. Grills were going, and people were cooking dinner. There were a few people still nude, but overall the party seemed to be shifting gears. Because we were in a valley we the sun was fading fast; shadows were creeping across the water, and there was the pre-night chill in the air.

     As George and Rose came up the ladder, I took one last look across the anchorage. John emerged from the salon, and asked what he could do.  Lille’ was already on the transom untying us from ‘Hellzapoppin’. I cranked over the port and starboard engines, and the generator. The A/C fired on, along with all of the lights. Jack stopped his ‘hosting’ and came over to the port side of Hellzapoppin and finished untying the lines and fenders. I slowly backed ‘Debt Ceiling’ out of the anchorage, turned her toward the center of the St. Croix, and then headed south. Behind us, running in front of the streams of sunlight I caught sight of a squall headed toward the anchorage. Fortunately the squall seemed to be tracking west to east across the Afton region. We were already in the channel and headed south. I could feel the humidity climb. As soon as` this small ‘front’ passed through, the chill would be gone, and the air would be humid, and breezeless in the cockpit, save for the self-made breeze by being underway. A humid, stifling but starry, clear night was ahead of our evening return to Lake Pepin. It was just then I remembered we had two passengers that needed to be dropped off. I didn’t know where, but by now I was sure Lille’ had obtained that information!


9 PM


I was alone in the cockpit, driving the boat south on the St. Croix River. I could hear music coming from the salon. We were coming up on the Kinnikinnic State Park. Cops always hung out there trying to bust boaters who were lost, having trouble with their night lights or drunk. Because of the boat traffic that was close in I did not look in to the salon. I kept alert, and was trying to keep up with the smaller craft that was moving about.


I looked over the fantail and saw the silhouette of the sheriff’s boat following me. Since all of the lights were working, and we were going slow through the no-wake zone, I wasn’t worried. Suddenly a 23 foot boat swung out in front of me. I had to turn sharply to port. The sheriff’s boat was right behind me, and had to turn to starboard. The smaller craft powered up and, not seeing the sheriff, took off, plowing through the no-wake zone. The sheriff, seeing this, took off after them, lights blazing.


After making it past the poor dumb asshole who had almost rammed me, and then jumping off, I relaxed.


It was a sticky night, and after making our way past the sheriff  bottleneck, I took off my swim trunks and let my body enjoy the night breeze. There was a hint of fog across the St. Croix, and many boats were moving about.  I could track them by watching the parade of red and green lights and underway lights. They all seemed to be heading south toward Prescott. 


Lille’ had told me that George and Rose had left their car in Prescott, so that would be a quick stop to drop them off.


I opened a beer and sat back into my captain’s chair. In the distance I could see the lights of the Railroad Bridge at Prescott. The auto bridge was below it; lights ablaze. The boat traffic seemed to be heading to Prescott or Hastings. I was worried that we’d get caught at the lock and dam and have to delay getting to lake Pepin until 2 or 3 in the AM. I leaned over to open the hatch to the salon, and saw the lights were out, and there was no one in the salon.




Oar U Ready was tied up to the street dock in Prescott.  Since I could not get down the gangway and find out where Lille’, George, Rose, John and Susan were, I figured the quickest way to the street dock near Oar U Ready. I reached through the hatch cover, and grabbed one of the grappling and extension booms. I extended it as far as I could, and leaned it across Lille’s seat on the sundeck. Since the current was behind me, I knew I had to turn ‘Debt Ceiling’ into the current before trying to secure her to the street dock near Oar. I reopened the hatch and yelled down for help.


Silence. They all must be in the forward cabin, I thought.


There was no time to go down below. The boat traffic was too dense for me to leave the cockpit. I saw Lille’s had left her phone on the dash. There was no chance to text or call her to wake her up or get her attention. Time to improvise. There were two boats to my port side and one to the starboard. There was one space left at the street dock. I had to time the turn into the current, and the landing of the boat so that the boom could catch the cleat, and give me time to tie off the lines to the bow and the aft section.


Oar U Ready sported no lights. There were no docking lights, no cabin lights and no lights from her camper.


Approaching the street dock at a 90 degree angle, I closed in to about ten yards from Oar. I felt the current against ‘Debt’, pushing her beyond the desired pivot point. I pushed the engines into a pivot and drove her into the street dock. Hopping from the cockpit to the aft deck to the dock, I used the boom to pull her in. Tying the bow line and then stern line, I secured Her with a ‘bang’ on the city dock.


I decided to find out where everyone was. I opened the door to the salon. I found it empty. Moving past the galley and the head, I came to the door to the forward sleeping quarters. Still silence.


Ok, I thought, I will either find five people sleeping, or an orgy on the other side of the door.  I knocked. No sound. I opened the door.


There were no lights on. I peered through the darkness. Then my eyes adjusted. They were all nude, and asleep. Susan was spooned around Lille’. George and John sandwiching Rose. Empty wine glasses littered the cabin.




No movement. “AHEM”.  Silence. Too much wine. They were all soundly sleeping. I decided to head over to ‘OAR’ and see if I could find out anything about George and Roses’s clothes, cell phones and wallets.


Climbing off of ‘Debt’, I walked up the city dock. ‘OAR’ was tied up, and dark. I figured they were either gone for the evening or asleep themselves. Stepping over the gunwale, I saw a bag sitting on the bench. Opening the bag, I found two swimsuits, two cell phones, a wallet, and a small purse. I took the wallet, and looked inside. It was George’s wallet. The cell phones showed little or no texts or messages. At least I had found their clothes and critical belongings


As I started to climb over the gunwale, I heard a noise coming from the cuddy. Forgetting the original mission, I crouched down and opened the door to the cuddy.


Jeannine was sitting on the bench in the cuddy. She was obviously sitting on someone’s cock. In the blue reflective light of what appeared to be their laptop, I could not see whose cock she was sitting on. Her legs were spread toward the hatch I was peering through


Whoever’s cock she was on, they were not moving. She both of her breasts were being massaged by the hands of whoever’s cock she was riding. Then I saw the camera. They had a webcam on them. It was perched right above me, aimed at where Jeannine was slowly riding the cock. Off to my right I saw some movement. It was another woman. She moved in front of the camera, and after lickin the shaft of the cock inside of Jeannie, began to lick her clit.



Jeannine let out a loud gasp and started fucking the cock and the tongue. Both the cock and the tongue kind of stayed still while Jeannine articulated her ass and hips to stroke both the cock and the tongue. After a few strokes, she wrapped her legs around the neck of the woman between her legs, and let out a loud scream of orgasm. I heard the guy grunt.


It was time for me to go. I climbed off their boat, and headed back to our boat. I had the bag full of lost possessions. It was almost decision time for us. Either we were going to cruise to Lake Pepin by ourselves or with company. After seeing all of the sex all day long, I was waiting for the most important part of the night: the cruise under the full moon nude with Lille’.


By the time I had returned, everyone was awake. George and Rose decided to leave the boat. They had not prepared to stay overnight anywhere, and their sitter was going to need to be taken home pretty soon. They thanked me for recovering their clothes and other items. Rose kissed Lille’ on the cheek and promised to get together again as soon

as possible.


John and Susan, as usual, went back in to the front cabin and closed the door.


Lake Pepin



The full moon was so bright it was almost like day. Across the water the waves lit up in fluorescent tips under the power of the light. In the sky the stars shone brightly. Because of the lack of ambient light over most of the lake, the stars were visible in their splendor; twinkling in the distance. Across the southern shore, there was a twist of fog. The embers of bonfires dotted the shoreline; their smoke drifting out over the water, mixing with the wispy fog. In the distance mooring lights shaped the shore on the Wisconsin side of the river. Lille’s body reflected the powerful rays of the moon, seeming luminescent in the silver light. The air was warm. There was a slight sense of mugginess in the atmosphere. This was the part of the day I had been looking forward to. Standing nude with Lille’ under the full moon, cruising Lake Pepin gave me a sense of peace. ‘Debt Ceiling’s’ engines thumped on. The sound of a Jimmy Buffet concert wafted from the speakers on the sun deck.


I started stroking Lille’s nipples with my right hand, keeping the left hand on the wheel. Lille’ responded by stroking my cock. That was all it needed to get hard. I leaned over and licked one of Lille’s nipples. She then turned toward me and said “this one got cheated!”  So, I licked the other one! While I was licking her nipples, my fingers found their way between her legs, and found her already moist. When I stroked her clit with my fingers, she pushed her hips toward my hand and using her hips, stroked herself on my fingers on the way back. She was so wet, and I was so hard, I was ready to put the boat in neutral and bend her over the chair right then!


Just as I was pulling the boat out of gear, the hatch cover opened, and out popped Susan! She reached down into the hatch, and John handed her a drink. Susan took a long swig, handed it to Lille’ and kissed her. John followed Susan through the hatch, and handed me a beer.


From the start it was obvious that their ‘nap’ had revived them!


Susan wrapped her arms around Lille’ and kissed her on her neck, and then the two began to kiss passionately. John sat on the wicker chair next to the captains’ station, took a long drink of his beer, and smiled. I was stunned at the fast development of events; I was  meady to really get into it with Lille’, and here was Susan, stealing the show! Susan ran her fingers up between Lille’s thighs and began to stroke Lille’s pussy. Lille’ responded by kissing Susan’s tits, and running her fingers inside of Susan. Susan and Lille’ kissed again. John was sitting on the edge of the chair. I was still standing next to Lille’, right where I was when Susan ‘attacked’! Lille’ moaned as Susan stroked her clit. I wanted to start kissing Lille’s tits while Susan was pleasuring her, but they were so close there was no way to get to those nice tits without acting like a 3rd wheel. Lille’ quickly moved to the wicker couch and Susan followed her. Susan sat on the edge of the couch. Lille’ started by kissing the inside of Susan’s thighs. Susan stretched her legs out and placed them on the railing. Her head arched back, as Lille’ kissed the inside of her thighs, then the area around her pussy. Lille’ slipped her fingers into Susan’s dark muff, and then into her pussy. Susan let out a loud moan. When Lille’ pulled her fingers out of Susan’s pussy, and began to lick Susan’s clit, Susan wrapped her legs around Lille’s shoulders, her hands around Lille’s head, and began to pant as the waves of pleasure coursed through her.


John got off the couch and began kissing Susan’s right breast. I leaned over and began to kiss her left breast. Susan’s hips were undulating against Lille’s tongue, and her nipples were erect and hard in my mouth. Her dark muff outlined against Lille’s face. I looked down and all I could see was Lille’s forehead and her eyes, focused on Susan’s face. Susan’s breasts were firm. The nipples were taut. Her body was tightening and relaxing as each wave went through her.


Each wave was building in intensity. On the last wave, Susan cramped her legs around Lille’ her arms around John’s head and mine and drew us all together. Her hips raised off the couch, and she started her orgasm by saying ‘ohhhh ….. ohhhh…….ahhhh… shit! Here it comes!’  Her body tensed, wracked by several waves of the orgasm. Lille’ backed her face out of the neatly trimmed bush, and John and I stopped kissing her breasts. Susan rolled her entire body on to the couch, and was spent.


Lille’ stood up, and grabbing a beach towel, wiped Susan’s pussy juices from her face. Susan rolled over on to her side, and said “your turn, Lille’. Lille’ laughed and sat down in the Captain’s chair. I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t know what Lille’ wanted at this point. She had started being hot for me but Susan had redirected that passion, and Lille’ had done a magnificent job on Susan.


The boat turned on its anchor, and the moonlight streamed across the sundeck and cockpit. Lille’s body was luminescent in the moonlight. I admired her, sitting in the Captain’s chair, still nude, body shining in the moonlight. The moonlight shone on her well-trimmed pubic hair, casting a little shadow across her pussy. I looked back at the couch, and Susan was now sitting on the deck. John was sitting on the couch, massaging her shoulders and neck. I could see he still had a huge hard-on. Susan was looking at Lille’.


I decided it was time for Lille’ to get some pleasure for the pleasure she had just given. I kissed Lille’ on the neck, then on each breast, and after licking each nipple, slid my tongue between her tits, and traced a straight line of licking to just above her pubic hair. J I knelt on the deck between her legs, and began kissing the inside of each thigh. I used my fingers to barely touch her clit. Each time I licked and stroked her clit, she raised her hips off the chair, as if to chase my tongue and finger, searching for more pleasure. Finally, I inserted my finger into her pussy. She was wet, and warm. She moaned when I stroked her pussy while I kissed and licked the inside of her thighs. I took my index finger and felt for the hard inside of her pussy, just behind her pubic bone. I stroked it. She let out of small gasp. I stroked it again, and she lifted her hips toward my tongue, her clit just touching the tip of my tongue.


I pulled my face away from her pussy, and looked up. Susan had just started licking Lille’s left tit, and John was licking the other nipple. Lille’ reached to massage one of Susan’s tits, and John’s still hard cock.  Susan began to kiss Lille’. I then inserted my fingers into her pussy, and licked her clit. Lille’ exploded with a long orgasm, squirting juice from her pussy, and onto my fingers` and the deck. Susan kissed Lille’ while John kissed one nipple then the other. I went back between her legs, and began to lick her beaver harder. Lille’ let go of John’s cock and Susan’s tit, and placed her hands around my head, driving my tongue onto her pussy. Susan stepped over the chair, and with her long legs, was positioned just above my head. She was deeply kissing Lille’ while I continued to lick her pussy. Lille’ rocked with one orgasm after another.


John placed his arm around Susan and drew her off Lille’. I stood up, and, taking Lille’s legs around my hips, drover my cock into that wet, hot, tight pussy. Lille’ gasped, then started fucking me like she had never fucked before! Her hips were like they were on swivels!


Before I could come, she looked around me, and stopped fucking. I turned to see what she was looking at. It was John. He had Susan bent over the wicker couch, and was fucking the daylights out of Susan. Lille’ wanted to watch them!


She had me sit in the chair. Then in a reverse cowgirl, guided my cock into her pussy. John was slamming Susan as hard as I had ever seen him fuck her. Lille’ was riding my cock while focusing on the other couple. Each time Susan let out a yelp or groan, Lille’ fucked me harder.


Just as I was about to come, Lille leaned back on to me, and her body tensed. She stuck her legs out straight, rocking back on me. Just as  she did that, I came, both balls bursting and snapping as I let the load go!


Lille’ tensed one more time, let out a long groan and grunt, and came one last time. Then she relaxed and leaned back on to me. John and Susan were still not done! They fucked for another 30 seconds and then Susan let out a long wail, John grunted, picked her up off the couch, and slammed his cock home one last time.


They were both panting, spent. John slowly lowered Susan to the couch. Both of them lay down on the couch and spooned. The moon still shone brightly off the water and now the sweat of the 4 bodies relaxing on the deck. We were all quiet. The boat turned on its anchor, and we could see the distant lights of Frontenac. John and Susan quickly drifted off to sleep. Lille’ and I relaxed. I thought about how much I loved her, and how much fun she was to be around. We both drifted along in our own thoughts. The current made a slow rubbing noise against the hull. The anchor line creaked each time we turned. The stars were a brilliant collage against the night sky; there was no ambient light to obscure the vastness of the cosmos. I felt, suddenly, as if we were the only people left; it was just the two of us on this river forever.


Am I was fine with that.

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