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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Ice Cream  

5/16/2012 23:44
Posted By:  - CANYON COUNTRY, CA  
Date Posted: 5/16/2012 23:44

I would love to sit close to you reaching under the dining table watching as your face turns a little red and flush .Your guests are enjoying our company . no one knows im all the while teasing your clit . Running my hand agianst your soft shaved mound . I can feel just a small patch of your hair trimmed just right above. Im engrossed in conversation laughing , but all the while my hand has a mind of its own .You squirm a bit and push your legs together as to lock me out of that sweet box . I quickly pinch you leg and get a quick reaction . You hold yourself back and bite your tongue... almost yelping .You release your legs once agian allowing in.

One of your guests notice your pain and ask are you ok.You say " Yes Yes HOT!.....Emmm I mean the food was Hot...thats all . Im so determined that I need to have you right NOW! But if I must wait then im going to torture you clit with constant Soft pressure . I even stop for a moment to reach my hand up . I grab a strawberry and taste it . The juices are mixed with yours ! I taste them together Soo fucking amazing!

I begin to return to my orginal torture.You reach your hand down . Smiling at me as to stop my hand from returning .You can barely take it . Your so Hot and soo scared all at once. I can tell its just too much . I can see you have no words your just Ready to explode. I ignore your hand.. My eyes lock into a gaze giving you a fierce look . You know this look ! If you dont allow me to continue you might wish you had . youve seen that Fiery Look in my eyes before.

I continue my Smooth even pressure . Brushing firm then soft , Firm then soft . Fuck you cant do it . No not anymore . You jump up and run to the kitchen! Saying nothing your ready to scream !!! I Calmly follow " Oh I better check on her.. ill see if she is ok?" . the door swings closed.

You know I dont care that your guests are just a Thin wall away from us.You say " I can't I can't!!!!" . Me " I need you Now.. !!!!!" I reach over and pull you close .Planting a firm passionate kiss on your lips. Now your really melting , Emmm Like Vanilla Ice Cream. Its quick I cant help but want to take you .Your Legs are soaked ! Your Juices are running down your Thighs.

I bend you over the cold counter top! Pushing firmly with one hand! holding you down.. your Legs look soo good with those High heels Supporting all there beauty. I reach with my free hand .Undoing my pants. I Pull my Cock out. Its already throbing!!! Ready to explode! You are looking back at me. I can just see your eyes . Your so filled with lust. It is almost too much for me already.

I take my Hand and pull your panties to the side.I Force my COCK Deeply into you .. FAST And HARD Strokes ,OVER AND OVER , It doesnt take long before

You Scream "More Harder!! Ahhh God Yes!"

I Moan as your covering my cock with you Juices .You get soooo slippery wet! I cant fucking take it any more. I Start to Throb and Fill you until Its Running out of your pretty Parted Lips.. ohhhhhI quickly Pull your dress back down and stand you up.You look so shocked !! Everyone had to hear that. Oh my god.! But I grab your hand and pull you back into the dining room so pleased with the state I have left you in. Your face is Red.. Your legs trembling. You smell of Sex!!

I Quickly ask " Whos ready for Desert ?! I know I am !" Big Grin on my Face. With a big smile "Ohhh Ice Cream Please!"

Mr. Scream4more   Enjoy let me know what you think

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