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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   My Hypnotherapist  

7/16/2012 16:38
Posted By:  - DUBLIN, CA  
Date Posted: 7/16/2012 16:38

It's dark... Except for the pretty lights that spin in front of her eyes. She can't look away even though she doesn't want to. She's lost track of time. Has it been 5 minutes or 5 hours? She doesn't have a clue. All she knows is the lights are so captivating. And she only hears lovely words continuously echo quietly in her ears.

She hears them but they don't fully register. Service, desire, mine, deeper, are the only words that touch consciously. Every time she hears them, they become even more true than a moment before. Every time she hears them, her pussy clenches.

She's never felt such arousal before but she cannot seem to cum. She longs to touch herself and take herself over the edge but she can't move her hands. Just as that thought of her captivity deliciously enters her mind, it just as delectably slips away, and she sighs. The light captures her attention fully again and the words continue to repeat. She doesn't even realize that she's begun to whisper.

He's been watching her strapped in the chair now for over an hour. She looks absolutely stunning held tightly there. The chair is of his own design. The headset and visor fits so perfectly over her head not letting in any other light or sound except for what he has programmed. Her arms are held in the position of surrender, mostly for the psychological effect it has. Her legs are on separate planes strapped securely, splayed wide open for stimulation and observation.

Her body glistens with her sweat and he smiles as he watches her hips struggle to move closer to the vibrating bullet that just brushes her clit between her open legs. She doesn't even realize that she's being instructed to move back just ever so slightly each time she feels she's about to orgasm. Just far enough to allow the fire to recede the tiniest bit until the urgency passes, then sliding back up until it's just barely felt. He wants her aroused by the programming and not by the touch of the toy.

He notes with pleasure that her nipples would cut glass if he held a pane to them, and the little bit of drool sliding from her lips is so adorable. This time, he's apparently gotten it just right. She's becoming what he desires. He hears her whisper, "I'm yours", over and over again as the programming drives her deeper.

He steps up behind the chair lightly brushing her hair away from her neck bending down to simply breathe there. Her scent wafts to his nostrils, sweet and spicy at the same time. He tenderly licks her skin tasting her. Simply wonderful.

She keeps repeating what she's been taught, keeping with the programming, but now there's a catch in her voice. She's aware of him. She's almost ready.

He moves between her legs and allows his eyes to roam her form, his erection growing more turgid at the sight. Her lips are ruby red and plump, her tongue flicking out occasionally to moisten them. Her voice is ragged with desire and she twitches within her bonds.

He bends down and lets his breath brush over a nipple. She immediately attempts to arch towards it, her voice growing a bit louder at the stimulation. He moves to the other and takes it in his mouth lightly tonguing it as he suckles. She moans deeply still trying to complete her mantra. He smiles at this and moves on to other succulent areas to torture.

He looks down between her legs and finds her labia blush red and swollen, her juices dripping from between them. His hand moves to slightly finger her entrance, just lightly teasing. He hears her gasp and she begins to beg between her programmed words. Just a simple "please" peppered here and there.

He smiles as she keeps moving in the direction he wishes. He just lightly draws his finger around and around her opening as her begging crescendos. If it weren't for the straps binding her to the chair, she would have impaled herself on his hand at the first opportunity. As it is, she struggles forcibly against them trying desperately to drive whatever is between her legs deep inside her channel.

He uses the mike that feeds into her headset. "Higher", he gently whispers, and she begins to soar. Each time she comes close to orgasm her body stills for a moment to be followed by the passion building once again.

He slips in one finger and feels her pussy clench as if desperate to hold tightly to whatever invades. He just gently taps her g-spot with his finger's pad and she thrashes as wildly as she's able. He whispers again, "Higher."

He feels her walls pulling on his finger and in response he slips in another and whispers again, "Higher."

Her body simply reacts by tightening around his digits tugging on them, coaxing them deeper. By the looks of her, he notes that she's apparently reached saturation. Her head is tilted back and her mouth repeats and repeats her phrase. But her body is slowly struggling to move within the constraints of the straps as her pussy works his fingers. His cock throbs and tightens as he realizes that she's almost there.

He turns off the visor and headset and removes them with his free hand. With her eyes glazed and staring straight ahead, he bends down and takes her mouth feeling her hungrily kiss him in return.

Her body and pussy continue to ride and contract exactly as programmed. He slides in yet a third finger and, although she gasps slightly, she continues to do as the programming dictated. Ride up and down and hold tightly to what is deep within.

He unbuckles the straps at her thighs freeing her somewhat and she lewdly allows her hips to rock on his hand, fucking it. She no longer is conscious of her own need, just the need to drive whatever is inside her to cum within. Her entire focus locked on pleasing and satisfying whatever she rides.

His cock twitches and he realizes it's time. He bends down and simply says "cum", completing her programming.

Her body cannot contain the pleasure. Her head rocks wildly from side to side, her pussy clamps down with such force he almost spills his seed then and there with the awareness of what is about to come.

She stifles her screams as the orgasms flood her body. She rides wave after wave of pleasure down until her body finally calms. She seems to drift off for a moment and he waits patiently for the last signal that the programming has held.

Shortly, she begins to whisper again, "I'm yours" as her body begins to move, her pussy starts to once again clench around his fingers. He knows now that it's absolute.

He draws out his fingers and she quiets. She no longer whispers, but her mouth continues to move. He releases all of her fetters and scoops her into his arms carrying her to their bed. He lays her on her side then climbs in close to her, facing her, her head in the crook of his arm and he smiles.

His hand moves slowly out and at his caress of her face, her eyes regain focus. She looks at him and smiles asking, "Is it done, Master?" He grins wickedly and simply states, "Fuck me, pet!"

Her eyes glaze back over and she throws her top leg over his hips, grabs his cock and slides him inside herself. Her hips automatically rock and her vagina begins to suckle. He realizes that this first time won't take him too long. It's been a extensive training session and he's about to burst.

Just as he expected, the electrifying sensation begins to race down his spine then almost painfully between his legs. He grabs her and holds her tightly to himself as he yells out loudly as he empties his cock deep inside her. She cums with him just as he's taught her in the chair, the titillation of her pussy milking him extending his pleasure.

They both continue rocking together with the pleasure for what seems an eternity, then leisurely ride it down together. The force of the experience lulls both of them to a light sleep, but it isn't over.

Her programming still in place, she begins to move again. Her mouth begins to whisper, her hips begin to rock, and her pussy begins to firmly stroke his cock back to life. As he gently becomes aware, she moves with more focus, more intent. He places his hands on her moving ass and gently squeezes. "That's it, pet. That's it." encouraging her to comply with her programming. His cock takes very little time to swell within her walls.

Because of her ministrations, his own voice is soon just as ragged as hers as she simply rides him as he's wanted. He takes a nipple between his teeth and lightly bites it feeling the responding squeeze from between her legs. Even though he's just been through one glorious fuck, he knows that it still won't be long before he cannot hold back any longer. Her pussy is just too sweet to be denied.

He begins to encourage her in earnest speaking softly in her ear, "Higher." Her whispers grow louder and her pussy contracts harder as she is driven towards the peak once again.

He grabs her ass hard and begins to thrust mercilessly into her, driving himself deep, taking his pleasure. The feelings are so lush that his orgasm hits him without warning and he explodes deep within her walls. She responds as programmed, cresting the same wave with him and her pussy begins again to milk his cock for every drop of his seed.

They gently fall back to earth, both dozing in each other's arms until the cycle begins again. It simply repeats over and over throughout the night until he, entirely spent, strokes her face gently and says, "You're mine!"

He holds her closely as her final orgasm of the night takes her. He can hardly keep her from flinging herself off the bed with her thrashing, but he glories in what they've accomplished. She has become the perfect fuck toy for him. He kisses her face as she begins to finally descend from her ecstasy and her body melts in his arms.

With unfocused eyes, she looks to him and says quietly, "Thank you, Master. I love you."

"I love you too, pet. Now sleep."

And she does.

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