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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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7/19/2012 22:11
Date Posted: 7/19/2012 22:11
   A first attempt.... please be kind :)



She loved taking the time, feeling him get hard. The first taste of pre-cum. His gyrations as she flicked her tongue over
the tip. When he began to moan she prepared her self – placing him against the
back of her mouth and swallowing every drop quickly as his body jerked between
her lips.   Her body seemed to spasm with
his. He was weak in the knees and his
head was spinning and she noticed was terrifically wet with excitement.


From the beginning she viewed finishing as her reward for loving
the act of giving. Proof that she was
talented, and  a little evidence she was
naughty even. 


She was much naughtier in her fantasies.   She knew his – knew from the movies they’d
watched together, the fantasies they’d shared and some they’d lived out. And truth be told, her fantasies were usually
more outrageous than his.  Sometimes she was the princess from Ann Rice’s novels --
stretched out over a barrel, taking all villagers and used by them one after
another. Or she was gangbanged by too
many to count – the center of all their erect attention. She imagined showing off her skills, having a
dozen men’s rewards in her mouth while the last continued to pound her. She could visualize her breasts swaying and their
fluids sloshing to the rhythm of her fucking. She envisioned daring them; looking them straight in the eye; showing off;
getting her just rewards. Or she was a fairy, having magical sex with other
fairies and vampires and werewolves in pairs, or trysts or groups. Or a dominatrix; striking another woman’s
lips just so with a cat-o-nine-tails or shocking her with an electric wand.   Bringing her slave to the brink and back
again several times before finally allowing her release.


And so this idea was born. Maybe she got it from the radio – everybody should pay for it once. Or maybe she drew from her own fantasies.  Even though she loved blowjobs this would be
different somehow…. 


And her idea to entice him? 


Chocolate a bar
of chocolate. Not
any chocolate either --  a bar of something milk chocolate and smooth –
no nuts or fruit – and swanky.   She had
no desire for a damned candy bar.


So she suggested the idea to him: “I’ll
take your best shot
.” A  blowjob or
handjob or both -- with a performance finish – shot straight into her mouth.  And a challenge -  how much cum could he deliver at once into her awaiting orifice.



So needless to say, she was shocked when he recoiled at the very idea! What’s wrong with him, she thought.


He saw the offer as cliché of relationship jokes. Paying for sex; and worse yet, paying for a
blowjob? Paying for something she did
and enjoyed
anyway! Where did it go from here? Jewelry? Cars? Wasn’t that the cruel joke played on men by women who really only faked desire?


She was surprised at his reaction and it angered her a bit
too. After all, wasn’t she playing
along? Was her price too high?   

Was it not offered in fun?



Three days later he was driving, his mind wandering over her
offer as the fog of his anger lifted. Suddenly, what he had first missed hit him. He felt the blood rush to
his face as a waves of guilt and embarrassment rushed over him. He felt foolish not understanding and
trusting her.


Those feelings soon gave way to another flush – this one of
excitement. He felt his face flushing
again; differently this time, and could hear the blood thump in his ears.


“Chocolate. Fucking chocolatehe thought to
himself. Yes, it was more than
that. A power play showing her feminine
wiles. Her power over his. And simultaneously a potentially submissive


But who was submitting to whom?


She had discovered a very clever and powerful way to flirt
with him.


Fucking chocolate.”


 She had the free will to start this game
or not.  


She made the first


She offered


She set the rules. 


She wants a chance to
fucking show off!”


He realized they were far from the old clichés – she was his
muse and he her gadfly. He brought
things out and encouraged her until she suddenly was dragging him into some new
adventure. It was a story repeated over
and over in their relationship.




As they showered together that night he apologized. For
taking something completely wrong. For
misunderstanding her intentions. For not
trusting her.


A few weeks later, he stopped at the store on the way home. He bought two different chocolate bars – nervous
as he was picking them out and not wanting to disappoint her. And he picked up a tiny exotic chocolate ice
cream as well. Giving her choices - hoping one would meet the grade.


He noticed he was shaking as he checked out – like he was 16
and buying condoms all over again. He
had spent the week excited. Flushed.   He had a raging hard on, and the ache from
anticipation had slowly moved all the way up into his abdomen.  


He secretly hoped the checkout girl didn’t notice his
erection and couldn’t read minds.




As he came in the door, she was reading on the couch. “Got something for you, sweetheart”…and he
started pulling out the gifts.


She laughed when she saw… and a wicked smile came over her
face. “
Glad to see you’ve come to my way of thinking she said. She carefully unwrapped the first bar, broke
a small piece off, and tasted it. It was
European, sweet but not too much, and very smooth.  It
would do.



She started by teasing him. Starting in her mouth, playing him like an instrument – then adding her
hands and rubbing one hand over his tip when she wanted to see his back arch
and toes curl while sucking him at every indication of pre-cum. Licking him from the base of his penis to the
top and slathering him in her love. She
brought him to the brink several times; grabbing him firmly when she wanted him
to stop. She loved hearing his panting;
his moans as she played him. Seeing the
blood change the color of his face and start to move down his chest. She felt her own desire rising as she desperately wanted to climb on top of him. She noticed her wetness was moving down her
thighs. And silently swore to keep her end of the bargain, no matter her desires.


She knew just how to combine her hands and mouth. Rubbing over the tip, sucking him until he
moaned “
uhhh i’m cumming.” and grabbed her hair.  At last it was time.


And there she was, her smiling eyes looking back up at him–
mouth agape, awaiting her reward.   The
perfect target. And he began pulsing –each
time hitting the mark, filling her mouth with the reward.


And then she showed him, sloshing it around for a minute to
make sure he it – saw the evidence of what they did and how naughty she could


And in an instant it was gone.



Sometimes chocolate is just chocolate.   



And sometimes my friend chocolate is a tease; a sign of
love; an invitation to adventure;


no, a mindfuck

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