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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Something I wrote for her on a C130  

8/7/2012 07:43
Posted By:  - GLEN ELLYN, IL  
Date Posted: 8/7/2012 07:43

So we decide to go to a private naught party, just me and you. The theme of
the party is black. You wearing a short black dress, red underwear and a
slim bra. I'm wearing dress pants dress shirt and a tie. We compliment each
other. You let me pack the bag with some accessories that we might need
later. The sexual tension is in the air as we drive, unaware of what might
happen at the party. It's a BYOB so you pack a bottle of your malbec wine
and I bring jack for me, not enough to get drunk but to relax and
unwind. When we arrive we enter and check in, the eyes are on us and it
looks like we are the new couple on the block. You seem nervous. I ease your
worries with kind words and compliments of how sexy you look. Nothing is
going on, people mingle in groups. We have couple of drinks as we sit on a
couch and watch a naughty movie on the big screen. We introduce ourselves to
another couple and talk little bit about the lifestyle, they are very good
looking, and we felt pretty comfortable with them, they say hopefully see
you later as they get up and leave towards the somewhat private rooms. You
give me the look, your lips are tingling. I take your hand and lead you to
the room, we enter and thru the dim light see many couples making out,
touching kissing. Girl on girl, girl on boy, I take your hand and push you
against the wall, kiss you deeply. As we are making out I push my hand under
your dress and thru your undies. Someone is wet. I walk away, leaving you
hot. I come back right away with something in my hand, I put the blind fold
on you and we continue to make out. You are very wet. I take your hand and
you follow me, when we get to the bondage room I take off your clothes, leaving nothing
but the bra and panties. I help you get on the saw horse, you don't resist.
You feel the restraints on your hands and feet. They are comfortable but
limiting your movement. The smell of leather hits your nostrils, everything
feels kinky. I let you soak in the situation, you are aware of presence of
others in the room yet you can't see them. You hear sex, you hear moaning.
You feel fingers run on your back, you feel a hand, then another, and
another run it's fingers all over your body. You feel my lips kiss you on
yours, while getting teased by other hands. You are aware that there are
others, teasing you, it feels good. All of the sudden someone pulls your
panties down, you have no idea who as I am still teasing you kissing your
neck, pulling your hair. Slap! You feel a slight burn on your butt cheek,
and then it's followed by a kiss to your friend, slap another one and a
lick. You feel me walk away. It's really quiet you noticed. All your hear
are foot steps and sounds of people fucking all around. You feel a warm wet
tongue penetrating your friend, oh you shiver with pleasure. Its going
deeper and it's all around. You are trying to figure out if it's me. You
feel more hands, running all over your body, touching you, squeezing your
nipples, sucking on them. A hard object is being inserted in you, you
realize it's the blue toy. God,  it feels good. Its going deeper and deeper.
You lick your lips, I whisper that your are so wet that you are dripping.
You moan , and then next to your lips there is a penis that wants to get
sucked on, you sense it but resist doing anything, a slap on your butt
cheeks and a pull on your hair reminds you that you are to obey, you resist
and get punished again. You stick your tongue out and start applying strokes
but you are so turned on that finally you are fully sucking on the whole
length, trying to see if it's mine. Your pussy is still getting penetrated
with the toy. You feel a familiar pressure on your chocolate starfish with
someone's tongue, oh god. You moan. You stop sucking to catch a breath, and you
breathe heavy. You go back doing it. You freeze. The blue toy gets taken away
and you feel a cock entering you. You try to resist but you are restrained,
whose cock are you sucking on? Whose cock is trying to fuck you from behind.
But the motion starts, and your pussy drips, throbbing. A female voice
whispers in your ear "take it all" you are getting fucked harder and harder,
you can't keep the cock in your mouth anymore. Gasping for air. The
surrounding doesn't even matter anymore. It's all about you. How many hands
are on you? Who cares at this point. All of the sudden you feel that you
gonna go, you can't hold it any longer. The cock that you were sucking in
walks away it's just you and whoever is fucking you from behind. You go, as
does he. Your friend and definitely dripping now. A girl comes over and
kisses you , undoing the restraints. Getting off the horse your feel like
you still going. Legs are weak. She let's you keep the blind fold on while
she wipes your legs. She pushes you on the bed. You start kissing her, all
over. You flip her over and find her friend, slowly you insert fingers while
licking her, she moans you use your other hand to run all over her body,
while fingering her you start to suck on her clit, she reaches down and
pushes your hand harder. You feel strong hands on your waist as you are bent
over on the bed. A tongue is licking your friend as you are pleasuring her.
At some point you say fuck it and take your blindfolds off, what you see is
her sucking on a cock, you sucking on her and when you look back you see me
with a huge hard on, you nod
Your head basically asking me to fuck you. I enter and you go back to
sucking and licking her. Everyone can last so long,  the sex is louder and
louder eventually I can not hold it anymore, and neither can she, she goes
and I come inside you. I continue to fuck you with the blue toy while
flipping you over, she comes over and starts going down on you while going
in and out with the toy. I am deeply kissing you pulling your hair, teasing
your nipples. Her guy walks over and starts fucking her from behind. You
watch him fuck her and it's such a turn on, you can feel him going in her as
she sucks on your clit and fucking you with the toy. God you are almost
there, yes yes, you are there can't hold it anymore, You go as your body
twitches. You push her away cause your friend is so sensitive. Me and you
kiss and watch them as the fuck right next to us. You kiss her, I squeeze
her nipped and run my fingers all over her body. They finish. We lay wasted,
just enjoying the moment. Our bodies are drenched in sweat. We enjoy the
view of other groups fucking. We get somewhat dressed and get a drink. Ready
for another round?

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