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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   A funny thing happened on the way to the reunion  

8/7/2012 18:05
Posted By:  - LINCOLN, NE  
Date Posted: 8/7/2012 18:05

We have 2 family reunions to attend and decide to make it one of those "classic" family trips.  35 days of travel,
with 3 kids, and in a TENT will take its toll on anyone.  Eventually,
no matter how good you “intend” to be, your naughty side will come out.

For me, it started in the hot-tub. 
I have good memories of hot-tubs and they always trigger my
horny side.  The first time I ever got her to cum in public
was in the old Tubbery in Lincoln.  For only $45 an hour
you can rent a private tub and whatever skin cells or bodily fluids the
previous users left are included at no extra charge.   A
little seedy, a little dirty, but erotic none-the-less. 


I had known for a
long time that her first sexual explorations had occurred in the
bathtub, under a very effective flow of warm water and from the time I
first heard that I was obsessed.  I had amazingly powerful
fantasies about watching her perform that intimate ritual for me.


So now here I was, in a
hottub with her, feeling horny and with a devious plan in hand.  Well,
actually, it was her left breast (it is my favorite) in my hand at that
time but the plan was already in motion (as were her breasts – water is
the best bra EVER!).


I had been handsy enough that she knew I was up to
something and started to object to the idea of having sex in this
“questionable” place.  Don’t worry, I told her, I have
something else in mind.


Trust me.  I took my hands from her
breasts and spun her around so she was sitting on my lap, facing away.
Now put your head back on my shoulder and close your eyes.  Just
relax.  She was floating in front of me now, feet pointing
toward the other side of the tub.  Im going to move you a
little now, just trust me and relax.  Put your feet up on
the side.  Relax.  She was starting to get
what I was up to now and I felt her tense as the first jet pushed
between her legs.  Don’t worry, the door is locked and
nobody can see you.  Sure there are tubs on both sides of
us but have you heard anything through the walls?  Im going
to spread your legs a little.  There.  I
waited, my hands under her lower back, her head on my shoulder.


I lifted a little on her
lower back and nudged her in a little closer.  The thing
is, when it comes to arousal, she has absolutely NO poker face.  You
can tell exactly what is going on down there by watching her mouth. 
I watch as her lips part and her head falls farther back against
me.  Her tongue flicks expressively behind her teeth. 
I don’t know why its so sexy, it just is. 


She loves it when I
whisper in her ear.  Its funny because I know that it
doesn’t take her long before her brain is completely disconnected and
she has absolutely NO idea what I am saying, but she likes it anyway and
who am I to complain.   I tell her how often I have
imagined watching her like this, feeling her body tense, hearing her
breathing deepen, seeing her toes flex against the side.  She
is breathing very deeply now and her hips are moving up and down in a
slow rhythmic dance.  I can’t believe this is actually
happening and am in danger of popping off right there from the mental
stimulation alone.  I tuck my junk between my thighs to
eliminate the sensation of flowing water and get my attention back to
her.  She is close.  Her eyes are squinting
now and her lips have pulled back somewhat, almost in a snarl.  I
LOVE that. 


The problem is, I am slipping.  I don’t
want to think about what makes the bottom of the tub so slippery but if
you have ever had sex in water you know that you have very little
leverage and almost no traction and the slippery tub isn’t helping. 
She likes to push against something as she approaches orgasm and
now she is pushing hard against the side of the tub.  We
are in a battle and I am losing.  I see a small frown
appearing in her forehead, she has pushed herself outside the zone of
optimal sensation.  I push her back into position and the
frown disappears.  But she is pushing again and again I am


Before the frown can appear again I take action. 
Would you like to change position?  YES!  She
moves to a kneeling position in front of the jet, hands on the side of
the tub, hips thrust forward.  I kneel behind her, one hand
on her hip, the other reaching around to cup her breast.  I
can feel the water hitting me as it passes between her legs, she needs
to be lower.  I slide my hand between her legs and push
them farther apart, the other hand on her back, gently pressing her down
farther, she leans her chest against the side.  She is
panting now, sweat dripping down her face but something is missing, she
should have cum by now.


Her top is long since gone but she has kept her
bathing suit bottoms on, they are getting in the way.  I
slide my hands down her ass and between her thighs, fingers slipping
under the fabric and pull it aside.  Immediately she lets
out an audible moan and I can feel things reaching a new peak.  It
does not take long.  She always holds her breath when she
cums.  All the tension builds to a maximum and then time
seems to stop, everything freezes.  I can see heart pulse
pounding in her neck but nothing else is moving. And then its like a
stained glass window shattering.  She collapses,
shuddering, pulsing and I hold her, floating mouth against her ear, my
breathing almost as strained as hers. 


These are the moments when
I feel closest to her, she is vulnerable, open, and I can’t imagine
anything more deeply erotic in my life.


And that’s pretty much why hottubs are one of my
kryptonites (I seem to have many).  And it is happening
again.  We may be in a public hottub in a public pool but
there are no kids right NOW, and there is no way Im going to manage to
behave myself much longer…

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