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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Standing in the Doorway...  

8/28/2012 20:43
Posted By:  - SCOTTSDALE, AZ  
Date Posted: 8/28/2012 20:43

I stand in the doorway and see you lying on the bed.  It’s late afternoon, music is softly in the background and as the sun sets, amber colors fill the room embracing you in its glow and warmth.  You are completely unaware of my presence.  The look on your face is relaxed, sensual, beautiful and filled with pleasure.  You’re naked with your legs spread, one bent out at the knee.  One hand gently caresses your breasts, the other roams your body...stroking, rubbing, lingering.  Eventually, that hand stays on your pussy, already becoming engorged with arousal.  You caress your lips, trailing your fingers over its softness.  The hand on your breast moves from one to the other, gently squeezing their fullness.  You take your beautiful nipple between your fingers until they are puckered and hard.  I hear you softly moan with pleasure.   

On the bed next to you are some of your favorite toys: your Athena vibrator, a realistic dildo and SAO.  I know you will be there for a while!  Nothing will be rushed this afternoon. 

My eyes move back down to your pussy.  Your lips are spread, engorged and your wetness is evident.  Your hand continues to explore…you want to delay going for your pleasure point.  You dip a finger into your pussy, moaning as you feel it enter and the wetness it brings.  You take your finger out and put it in your mouth, savoring your taste which I know is incredible.   

 I am getting so aroused watching you.  I want to join you on the bed, yet I also want to enjoy your pleasure just watching you. 

 Your hand moves to the bed next to you.  I hadn’t noticed the long white feather before.  You take the feather and slowly run it up and down your body.  Your back arches as it circles your breasts.  You continue down to your pussy, but stroke yourself all around it.  You love the feeling on your inner thighs, groin and belly as you are unable to lay still and your moaning intensifies.  I’m mesmerized as I watch you stroke yourself with the feather.  I want to be that feather! 

 You finish with the feather and go back to using your hand.  Your fingers are now circling your clit.  I can see how big it’s become.  You are so wet.  I want to join you…to add to your pleasure, yet somehow, I don’t think anyone or thing can add to it right now. 

 You now have one finger in your pussy and the other continues to rub your clit.  Your hips are moving side to side, up and down.

I know that I will join you.  You need my mouth on your nipples….breasts…tummy…neck…everywhere.  I quietly walk in the room.  I bend over and gently take your nipple in my mouth.  As hard as it was, it got even harder as I sucked on it.  You jump a little, startled that I’m there.  You never open your eyes….you just revel in the added sensations.  My hands join my mouth on your breasts…rubbing, caressing, squeezing.  I move back and forth from one breast to the other.   

 After a bit, I know I (you) need my mouth on your pussy.  I need to give you pleasure, taste you, inhale your sexy, female aroma.   I move between your legs…kissing down the inside of your thighs…one then the other.   I blow warm air on your pussy and you shudder with pleasure.  Your hands replace mine on your breasts.  I gently spread your lips and envelop your clit with my mouth ever so gently.  I almost cum myself it’s so erotic.  I spread your legs further and with my tongue, lick from your ass to your clit then back down.  You raise your hips off the bed as if needing more or maybe to give me better access to your beautiful ass.  I want to turn you over and love your backside, yet I don’t want to interrupt the moment.  As if reading my thoughts, you turn over, raising your ass till you are on your knees.  I rub my hands over your cheeks…round, soft and so sexy.  My tongue knows just where it wants to go…right at the base of your tailbone.  I know it’s so sensitive there.  I start there and move my tongue up your spine.  I feel your goose bumps and know you love it.  I move back down but instead of stopping at the base of your spine, I keep going.  I keep going till I find your sensitive…what’s the word used in Victorian erotica?  Oh yes…rosebud.  I circle, dip into a bit and keep moving down.  Then I start the trip back up stopping there again.  You are in another world, you are so turned on.  I lick, probe, explore and enjoy your backside.

 Reaching around I caress your breasts and as expected, your nipples are so hard.  I find Athena and turn it on.  I put it on your clit, but I know that you know best where and what pressure.  Your hand finds mine and takes it from me.  I’m free again to pleasure you all over with my mouth and hands.

 As I pleasure you and you pleasure yourself with Athena, I see the signs of orgasm…your body stills, your breathing increases, you become quiet.  I follow your lead, knowing you need to concentrate.  Your ass goes even higher, if that’s even possible and your orgasm rips through you.  It seems to last forever.  I feel your shudders, shaking, contractions and your wetness dripping.  Your sounds of ecstasy fill the air.

 You collapse on the bed, yet I sense we aren’t done.  You reach out towards me and whisper "I need to be filled…my pussy needs to be filled, I need to come again."  You turn over, once again legs spread, breasts full, nipples hard but this time your body has the glow of orgasm.  I put the cock in your pussy, slowly, gently, letting you adjust to the size and hardness.  Oh yes, you moan, I need that.  I move it in and out…slowly.  I know how you need to build up.  I let the head rub your g-spot.  That got your hips moving and begging for more.  I move a little faster and deeper, following your lead.  You are thrashing and groaning now, hips moving up and down, back arched.  Another orgasm rocks your body…you shout out in pleasure.  I slow down, but you tell me not to.  After a minute you raise your ass off the bed and cum again and again and again.

 Spent, you collapse and I remove the cock.  You lay there breathing hard but not moving.  After a few minutes, you turn your head, look at me and with a smile say…Well!  That was certainly nice!

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