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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   Tender Mercy, a fetish night tale.  

9/20/2012 19:17
Posted By:  - MADISON, WI  
Date Posted: 9/20/2012 19:17
   " Hey.  have you ever heard of fetish night at the inferno?", she asked him. Surprised by her question, he took a moment before answering. "Yes, and in fact i've been there a couple times in the past. Why do you ask?" Looking into his eyes, she replied. "I saw an ad in the isthmus and wondered what it was all about, and I thought perhaps you knew more about it." That was how the week started and here it is, Saturday night, and i'm driving to pick you up. Looking back, I'm sort of glad you were as comfortable asking me the questions you did. I can't help but feel a tiny bit nervous as this is a new phase for us. I hope the night ads another chapter to our journey.

A couple minutes later I find myself pulling into your driveway. Putting my car into park, I check one last time the rear view mirror for my appearance. I wonder what will be the sight before me.. Reaching for the door handle i exit the car. Walking along the path, I begin to feel a warm feeling rush over me. I know you said I would be pleasantly surprised, and I wonder how surprised I might soon become. Reaching your door, I ring the bell. I soon hear footsteps approaching inside. A turn of the knob and a moment later, i see you. "Wow, your , wow, incredible, I utter. I am at a loss for words. This is a rare moment for me, and i'm pleasantly shocked by the look before me. I didn't know you had it in you. 

"I did a little shopping," you respond. Taking a moment to savor your look, I soon move towards you. Turning my head, my lips seek yours as I need to kiss you, my lovely date. As our lips press against each other, my hands soon find your shoulders. Massaging then, I soon catch your fragrance. Oh, you did it again. I pull myself way from you. Looking into your eyes i chime in, "you know what that does to me." "Exactly! I learned from the master." you reply. My confession of using 2 different fragrances, no doubt wasn't soon forgotten by you, i note.

Taking your hands into mine, I note your sweating a bit. No doubt you confident appearance has an element of nervousness as well. "Ready? I ask. Nodding your head, you look deeply into my eyes and say , "Yes, sir" We both chuckle in unison, and begin our journey. Walking towards my car, I intentionally walk a step or two behind you. Savoring the look, I enjoy seeing you wearing that short plaid skirt. I'm surprised by the naughty school girl look. i didn't know you had that in you, i think to myself. I would have guessed leather or perhaps a just a tight skirt and semi revealing blouse.

As we get to the car, i reach for the door and help you inside. Your short skirt, makes it hard for you to settle into your seat. As you position yourself, I catch a glimpse  above your legs. No panties. For the second time tonight, I am pleasantly surprised. As I shut your door and turn to go to my side, I can't help but produce a wide grin. Oh what a night ahead.

Pulling away from you place, My curiocity get's the best of me. "Where did you get that outfit from?, i ask. "Oh, i found this really interesting shop in town." you reply. Soon, we find ourselves arriving at our destination. We both become a tad more quiet as we approach. I know you must be nervous. I also suspect that this new experience would pique your curiosity. Pulling into the parking stall, I soon turn off the engine. Turning towards you, i stare into your eyes for a moment before speaking, "You look incredible, relax, have fun and most of all savor the sites before us." With that we step out of the vehicle and begin our walk our bucket list experience.

Approaching the door, I ask you one last time if you are ready. With a nod of the head, you utter "Ready as i'll ever be, sir." With that, i open the door for you, and take in the view from behind. Moving towards the doorman, I reach for my wallet and produce our cover charge. The first thing that I notice is the music is a tad louder than normal tonight. I focus on where your eyes are looking. i know your trying to digest all that is before you. Once our hands are stamped, I reach for your hand. Escorting you inside. I soon lead you towards the side bar. Your head soon becomes on a swivel. Your precious in your digesting what's before you. As we reach the bar, you turn to me and say, "Did you see that couple?" Looking into your eyes I answer, "You haven't seen anything yet." Ordering our favorite drinks, I soon hand you yours. "Do you see that guy staring at you? I can't blame him, you look incredible tonight, my dear." With a slight blush, you softly speak, "That means a lot to me. You do know this is almost overwhelming to me." As I scan the room for a brief moment, I turn back and answer, "That is why many are here, they are enjoying the same things we will tonight." With that, i help you onto the barstool. You instantly realize you might have a problem with that. I move in front of you, and grazing your skirt, i help cover you just "enough". "There you go, all better?" I ask. With a shake of your head, you don't find the words. But then again no words are needed to be spoken. I am a happy man.

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