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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Valentine Gangbang  

11/12/2012 05:53
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 11/12/2012 05:53

It didn’t take very long to figure out Kali had a multiple male sexual fantasy. I mean once we opened up the lines of communication it was laid out on the table right next to my female-male-female threesome fantasy. It was near the beginning of our lifestyle experience before our twins were born. It was a sunny afternoon and we were on our way into New York City for some naughty fun. Back in those days we found ourselves on the road to New York city often, Manhattan being the closest place to find a swinging good time. It seems on this particular trip our nonjudgmental discussion of sex opened the flood gates into Kali’s sexual psyche and I almost found myself drowning in the deluge as the conversation began to rise.
“Oh I fantasize about multiple men a lot.” She said as she gunned the Honda down the West Side highway.
“So you think you could handle two guys then?” I taunted. I think Kali took my taunt as a challenge because she quickly replied. “I think I could do more than two.”
“Really, how many?” I asked. “I don’t know but I have a fantasy of being surrounded by four or five guys masturbating and playing with me.” She replied with a smirk.
“You mean a gangbang?”
“Yes and no, mostly just guys jerking off and feeling me up playing with me.”
“Wow. Ever think about doing porn?” I asked before I had a chance to think if I really wanted the answer.
“I would do it as long as I get to choose who I have sex with.”
“Who would that be?” I asked rather cautiously.
“The guy has to be my type and nothing longer than average. Thick is okay but too long no way.” She professed.
I smiled at her reply knowing she loves my thickness but internally I was feeling slightly vulnerable by the whole idea of her fantasy. I know Kali’s sexual staying power outweighed mine and at this point in our adventures I wasn’t ready to take that on hence I shifted the conversation.
“You know our hotel is a short walk to the diamond district if you want to shop tennis bracelets?” I said.
“I’d love to baby.” She said.
Anyway we had a wonderful day in the city and a great night of naughty fun and I learn a few Kali fantasies to keep stored for future use.



A few years after that sunny afternoon I found out I was going to be a father not once but twice blessed with a boy and a girl. I was so thrilled by the idea of having twins that I promised to buy Kali the biggest diamond tennis bracelet I could afford as a post-delivery gift. Of course life is what happens to all good intentions and three years after the birth of our twins I still hadn’t made good on the promised tennis bracelet. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I decided it was time to get my ass in gear. I took a day in early February and went to Manhattan to scour the diamond district for that perfect four caret bracelet which I found and purchased. Upon returning home I made hotel reservation at the Marriot Marquis in Time Square and dinner reservation at Nobu for the Valentine weekend. It had been years since our discussion of Kali’s multiple male fantasies and by this time we had experienced MFM, group sex, light bondage and an orgy. I must have been in the spirit of giving because I decided it was time to put together Kali’s long awaited fantasy. With some time on my hands, which is what usually gets me into trouble in the first place, I began to search my favorite NYC lifestyle website and found Matt a handsome twenty-six year old Dylan McDermott look-a-like ten years younger than Kali. I must admit I did have a few reservations about my idea but I plunged ahead and made contact via the website. Matt sent me his contact numbers and I gave him a call. After a few minutes of conversation I knew I liked this young man he was well-spoken and mature. When I told Matt what I had in mind for Kali he immediately had a suggestion. It seems Matt had been invited to a gangbang before and in doing so had become good friends with the host couple and one of the other participants named Brendon. He suggested I contact the couple on the website for references on himself and Brendon. I thought his suggestion not only helpful but rather fortunate. Trying to find and vet three single guys for this adventure could become quite an undertaking not to mention how they would perform together. My previous uncertainties now beginning to subside I checked out the profile of the couple Matt provided. I found not only were they a very attractive couple in their mid-thirties but they lived in Manhattan to boot. After reading the entire profile I wasn’t surprised to find she was a former fitness competitor and he a former print ad model. I asked myself why we weren’t going to Manhattan to meet this couple but decided that would have to be another time. I e-mailed the couple with my inquiry and got a quick response. Please feel free to call anytime we’ll be happy to help out signed Barry and Dawn followed by both Barry and Dawn’s individual cell numbers. My doubts now all but vanished I immediately dialed Dawn’s number and two rings later I was listening to the very sexy sweet and slightly southern voice of Dawn. I had a hard time focusing on the task at hand as I looked at the pictures of Dawn on line while chatting on the phone. Dawn informed me that both Matt and Brendon where both very attentive and polite young gentlemen and that neither I nor my very sexy wife would be disappointed she also added that if I was in need of an extra her husband would be more than willing and welcomed to help me out. By this time my head was spinning and I think Dawn could tell I was a bit overwhelmed by the way I stammered over the phone because she said with that sweet southern drawl. “Take all the time you need darlin if you decide you can use him you have his cell.” I swallowed hard and thanked her for her help. She very sweetly and playfully giggled. “Anytime sugar” I have to admit I went back and looked at their profile pictures several times, all right I looked at Dawn’s pictures but I did manage jot down Barry’s cell number from the email. I had to admit Barry was very much Kali’s type. After running a few sexual scenarios through my mind for a few days I finally gave Barry a call. He had already gotten some details from Dawn and was very responsive and helpful with my inquiry. I told Barry of our Valentine’s Day itinerary minus the tennis bracelet he asked me where we would be dining I told him Nobu at eight. The plan was that I would lead Kali to believe we were going to an on-premise club after dinner knowing she would want to change and freshen up at the hotel before going out. Barry, Matt and Brendon would be at the Marriott Marquis bar when we returned from dinner. I would suggest a quick drink at the bar and guide Kali into the mix. If all went according to plan the only thing I had to worry about was whether Kali would succumb to the temptation. Barry seemed to think it was a good plan and agreed to “do his best to make it work” I said “great” and asked Barry to fill Matt and Brendon in. When I hung up the phone I was cock sure everything would work out famously.



Three days before Valentine’s Day I gave Kali the heads up on our city escape. I was still feeling cock sure of my plan. By Saturday’s drive into Manhattan my cock was no longer so sure. My mind kept racing through the sexual situation and I was overcome with angst at what I had set in motion not to mention the dread I was feeling that something was bound to go horribly wrong. I mean think about it for god sake! I set up a surprise gangbang for my wife? What could possibly go wrong? What if she doesn’t really want to do three total strangers? What if I chose three guys she doesn’t like? What if she likes all three? What if she doesn’t like a gangbang? What if she does? What was totally weird was my anxiety kept creeping into my cock and causing me to have a raging hard on. I kept getting cock zingers all the way to Manhattan just thinking about it all. I had to adjust myself several times because my cock kept yo-yoing .
At one point, as I untangled my cock from my underwear, Kali looked at me and asked if I was alright.
“Just a little excited I guess.” I said.
“Do you need help with that?” She smirked. “Eyes on the road lady I can handle this.” I growled.
Kali smiled at my discomfort and rubbed her self once or twice for good measure. We finally reached the Marriot Marquis parked and got to our room. Kali was worked up from the ride in the car and went right for the spot I was having trouble with earlier. Usually it takes me a good measure to reach climax but Kali barely had me in her mouth for a minute before I erupted and ran down her chin.
“What was that all about?” She asked as she toweled off her face.
“What do you mean?” I asked giving myself time to think on my feet, something I am not too good at.
“You never come that fast.” She proclaimed.
“I told you in the car I was excited.”
“Well, now what?” She said with some frustration. I could see she was squirming a bit which means she’s horny and wet so I pushed her onto the bed where she landed on her back. I slipped the wedges off her feet as she unbuttoned her jeans and helped me run them down over her hips. I tugged at the cuffs of her jeans until her legs were set free, gazed upon her sweet wet pussy, then dove face first into her nectar. It wasn’t more than three minutes before she begged me to do her. Maybe it was my horniness in the car or maybe the hotel room or maybe just being in NYC or a result of all three but I know I counted at least three vaginal orgasmic contractions as I thrust myself into her before she begged me to come.
“Ooooh yeeaaah fuuu-ck me hard I want you to come now baby.”
My groin and legs where soaked in her love juices as I reared back holding onto my cock. I could feel a very hard contraction well up from behind my base as I threw my head back.
“Oooohhh Fuuuuuuucck!” I growled as I stroked myself to the finished for her viewing pleasure. The load exploding so powerfully it landed on her stomach and neck.
“You really are excited Baby. That’s two loads in ten minutes. What are you trying to do break a record?” “I don’t know babe you just have that effect on me.” I said as turned to head for the shower before she noticed my awkward expression.
As the water ran over my body I had to admit I felt more relaxed having released that anxious sexual tension. Kali slipped into the shower behind me soaping my back then my cock with one hand while using her other hand to run her soapy fingertips between my ass cheeks and stroke my prostate. It wasn’t long before I was hard again. I know my lover can be a sexual dynamo at times but whatever the reason was she seemed as horny now as I had been earlier. I turned to her kissing her lovingly on the lips and said.
“Let’s save some for tonight.”
“I can’t help it. Your cock is making me so horny.” She panted.
“If we keep up this pace we’ll never make it to dinner.” I said.
I must have gotten through because she reached for the shampoo and began to wash her hair. Thank god Kali loves good food even more than hard cock I thought to myself as I stepped out of the shower to dry off. I was dressed and ready to go long before Kali finished putting on her make-up allowing me the extreme pleasure of watching my beautiful wife dress to go out. Her fashion sense never ceases to astonish me and this time is no different. When she finally presents herself to me she is wearing a very classy yet sexy curve hugging little black dress. In one glance I find myself so physically draw to her I feel a powerful need to simply put my hands on her body. This is always that special moment of realization for me of just how lucky of a guy I am and I cannot for the life of me erase the smile from my face.
“Would you mind?” She asks as she turns her back to me to help her zip her dress.
“You look absolutely stunning tonight lover.” I say.
“Thank you baby” She says as she turns back and kisses me.
“You know what would complete that outfit?” I ask as I reach inside my coat and present the jewelry box to her.
“Honey, what did you do?”
“Something I should have done years ago.”
“Open it" I watch her eyes as she cracks open the box to revel the 4 carat diamond tennis bracelet. I can see her expression change instantly as she gasps at the sparkling diamonds. When her eyes come up to meet mine I can see tears welling up in the corners. She tries to say something but nothing comes out.
“Let me help you.” I say as I remove the bracelet from the box and place it on her left wrist.
Kali still gazing at the diamond bracelet on her wrist trying to hide her tears finally looks up at me.
“It’s beautiful honey.” She says her voice slightly trembling.
“Not nearly as beautiful as you and our twins” I reply. She throws her arms around my neck and pulls me to her hugging me hard while drying her eyes on the shoulder of my coat. I laugh and bear hug her back. We head downstairs holding hands and head across the hotel lobby. The doorman fumbles to hail a cab as he gawks at Kali. On the ride uptown Kali leans lovingly on my shoulder and gazes at the sparkling bracelet on her left wrist. She exhales a long breath and says.
“That’s about all the excitement I can hand for one night.”
“But the night is young lover.” I jibed.
I am much more relaxed with how I feel the night will progress. I know Kali is in a good and sexy mood for whatever the night has to offer. After a quick ten block ride uptown we found ourselves shouldering through the Valentine couples crowding the lounge at Nobu. As I flagged down the bartender I noticed a familiar face a few barstools to my left. It takes me several seconds before I grasp that it is Barry looking back at me. I am wondering what he’s doing here as I run our phone conversation through my mind. I know I did not discuss him meeting us at Nobu although I do recall telling him I had eight o’clock dinner reservations. He must have read my confused expression when he smiled at me and came strolling over. I have no idea what he is up to but I am hoping he does. He and Kali make eye contact as he stops to meet us.
“I couldn’t help but notice such an attractive couple.” I glanced around the lounge with a confused expression before returning his gaze.
“Attractive is not often used to describe me.” I said smiling politely.
“Well you are very handsome man but I have to admit your wife is quite stunning.” He proclaimed putting forth his most seductive male model smile to Kali.
If Kali doesn’t find a guy attractive or doesn’t buy the line he’s selling or isn’t in the mood she will shoot him down within three seconds. Fortunately I think she found all three pleasing.
“Thank you” Kali replied with a glowing smile.
“You are very welcome. You must get this all the time but you look like Jennifer Anniston only much sexier.” He said.
I could tell Kali was intrigued with Barry’s forward and flirtatious way as he extended his hand to Kali.
“I’m Barry” he said.
“Very nice to meet you Barry, where is your Valentine tonight?” Kali asked looking over his shoulder. “
She’s visiting one of her guy friends tonight.” Barry replied without missing a beat.
“Visiting one of her guy friends on Valentine’s Day? You must have quite a unique relationship.” Kali declared.
“Rest assured it’s unique and very naughty.”
“Really? I like naughty.” Kali teased. “If you could only imagine”
“I think I can more than just imagine.” Kali toyed.
Barry chuckled at Kali’s quick witted banter.
“Wow! Beautiful and frisky I love it.” Barry said before he turned to me.
“You are one lucky guy.” Barry said as he extended his hand to shake mine.
“Yeah, I get that a lot.” I replied.
“I’ll be at the Marquis later if you’d like to stop by for a drink.”
“Thanks we’ll keep that in mind.” I said as he gave me a conspirator’s wink and headed for parts of the lounge unknown. As soon as Barry left Kali turned to me and said.
“What do you think that was all about?”
“Not a clue. Seemed like you enjoyed it whatever it was.” I queried.
“He is a good looking guy how could I not?”
“And he’s having drinks at our hotel later.” I observed.
“He did say that didn’t he?” She taunted.
Kali was still wearing a smile when the hostess came to seat us. I knew she was thinking naughty thoughts about Barry. I thought it was a very smart play on his part to plant naughty thoughts in Kali’s mind. We highly enjoyed the Pan Asian fusion gourmet dishes we ordered for dinner. The drinks flowed and the conversation moved from how much Kali loved the diamond bracelet, to the kids, to upcoming vacations, then back to how much she loved the diamond bracelet and finally to what we should do after dinner. By this time we were both feeling pretty smooth having downed our fair share of drinks over the course of an hour and a half. We tossed a few off premise places back and forth before we came up with an on premise place which we both agreed on. Our geisha waitress brought us the check which I paid and then we headed back to the Marquis. I could tell she was thinking about Barry’s invitation so I made it easy for her.
“You want to stop for a nightcap with Barry?”
“Are you reading my mind?”
“It’s not hard to read Babe. He is a good looking guy.”
When we got to the hotel we headed to the second floor lounge bar. The bar itself is a rotunda basically if you belly up to it and sit in one place long enough the bar slowly turns so that all the patrons have a chance to overlook time square. Anyway we headed over to the bar and just as I planned it Barry was having drinks with Matt and another handsome young guy I assumed was Brendon. The three amigos, as I came to think of them, were very busy entertaining two rather attractive ladies. Kali and I pulled up to the bar next to the group trying not to be intrusive. Barry saw us and immediately invited us to join the group. I watched closely as Barry introduced us to Matt and Brendon as well as the two ladies. I did not have a chance to vet Brendon beforehand so I was curious to see Kali’s reaction to him which seemed neutral. Brendon was good looking guy of about mid- twenties but he had a California surfer look that I knew Kali didn’t care for. As for Matt, I knew I hit a homerun as soon as Kali shook hands with him.
“You look like Dylan McDermott ” She proclaimed with the sweetest I’d love to fuck you smile she could bare. The two ladies in the group cried out simultaneously.
“That’s it the guy from The Practice right?"

Apparently they’d been trying to come up with the name Kali so easily threw out there. From that point on the two ladies and Kali became fast friends and the three amigos bought drinks for the group as they flirted with the girls. I enjoyed flirting with the two ladies while watching the Amigos work their magic. Barry, the oldest of the three, seemed to lead the conversation while Matt and Brendon took their cues from Kali. All three made sure Kali was the center of their interest and all conversation revolved around her. I have to admit I was a little jealous of all the attention she was getting. As it turned out I wasn’t the only one it seemed the two ladies were competing for attention form the guys too but after several failed attempts to shift some of the focus back to them they simply gave up and drifted on to greener pastures. I could tell Kali was feeling loose and lascivious because she kept touching Matt and Barry in a rather playful manner. Brendon didn’t seem to mind biding his time knowing what was ultimately in store. The drinks finally caught up with Kali and she excused herself to use the powder room. We all watched her rather luxurious ass sashay across the room. No one said a word but I’m sure we were all thinking the same thing; hate to see you go love to watch you leave. Barry was first to speak.
“I think we should move the party upstairs.” He said as Matt and Brendon nodded in agreement. “You think she’s ready?” I asked.
“Her body language is saying yes all the way. What do you think?” Barry asked me.
“I’ll see if I can get a handle on her when she gets back.” I replied.
Again we all watched as Kali return from the bathroom and park herself next to me. She ran her arm around my waist and pulled me to her rubbing my back seductively. I know my lover well and this means she is ready to move on to whatever we are going to be doing. Her mood is relaxed and her aura is radiating sexual propensity. I draw her to me and kiss her on the lips. She puts two fingers into my mouth and I can taste the salty sweet flavor of her pussy.
“Did these boys do that?” I ask.
“Yes.” She answers with a guilt-ridden smile.
“Have you been thinking naughty thoughts about these boys?” I ask.
“I have been thinking naughty thoughts since the car ride Baby.” She replies.
“Do you know what they’d like to do with you?”
“I have a pretty good idea.”
“What do you think about that?”
“I think it’s up to you.” She says. I instantly have that anxious tension again and it’s going straight to my cock because my cock is zinging so much and it feel like it did on the ride down in the car. Kali looks into my eyes wondering what I am thinking and in that moment I can tell she wants to do this. I hesitate for a second wondering how I got myself into all this then I turn to the amigos. “We’re in room 1756 give us a few minutes then come up.” I say as I hand Barry the extra key they will need to get up the elevator to the room.
Not another word is spoken as Kali and I head toward the elevator. As soon as the door closes behind us Kali looks at me.
“Are you sure you’re okay with this?”
“Honey I’m the one who set it up it was part the Valentine gift.” I chuckle.
“Is that why you were so horny today?” She asks as she strokes my raging hard on through my jeans and kisses me on the mouth. I just smile at her like the cat that got the canary. She reaches under her dress and brings up two fingers glistening with her wetness.
“Look what you did to me.” She teases as she puts the shining slick and deliciously tasty fingers into my mouth. I suck her juices clean and smile.
“Look what I did to myself; my cock is blue fucking steel right now.” I say just as the bell for our floor dings and the doors open. We rush to the room where Kali quickly freshens up in the bathroom as I put music on the I-pod and set the lights.

The Amigos must have been pretty anxious too because the doorbell rang as soon as I finish setting the lights. The fellas come politely in smiling and commenting on how nice the room is as they take a seat on the couch under the window. The bathroom door opens and Kali enters the bedroom. She has changed into a body hugging sheer white lace dress with micro panties and white stilettos. I watch the guys admire Kali’s sexy curves and dark skin against the white fabric as she takes center stage on the bed. The three amigos immediately surround her on the bed while I remain on the couch to watch. Barry stands at the foot of the bed and draws Kali, on her knees, to him. They kiss passionately for a second before Barry’s mouth moves down to Kali’s breasts. Matt and Brendon move in from either side and gently massage her breast while kissing her neck and teasing and stroking her ass with light hands. I watch Barry’s mouth slide down my lover’s stomach to her already wet panties. Barry skillfully helps her shift position from her knees to her buttocks and removes her panties. My lover then spreads her legs to receive Barry’s tongue. Matt and Brendon gently lay Kali on her back all the while caressing her body and teasing her erect nipples with their tongue. I watch my lover arch her back as the three of them work magic on Kali’s body. Kali’s rhythmical breath begins to rise and falter as Barry skillfully heightens her excitement with each flick of his tongue. The other two boys have stepped off the bed to undress I see both are aroused as they crawl back to Kali on the bed. She immediately takes Matt in her mouth while she strokes Brendon. I can tell Barry is doing a nice job because Kali is having a hard time focusing on the other two boys. Her hips begin to rock as Barry adds his fingers into the mix. I know Kali loves this as her hips rock faster and her respiration rises even more and she begins to moan with pleasure and delight.
“Oh yeah like that. Yeah like that, like that, like that….” Kali’s hips rock faster and faster until they begin to convulse and her voice shudders.
“Ooooohhhhh Yeeeeeeeaaaah like thaaaaat!”
It takes a good thirty seconds before her body begins to calm down and her respiration returns to normal. Matt and Brendon slide off the bed while Barry removes himself to wash his pussy soaked face in the bathroom. Kali sits up looks at me and smiles signaling me to her. I can hardly stand up straight from the cast iron hard on in my pants. Kali helps me undress and places my stiff member in her mouth as I softly stroke her soaking wet clit. I close my eyes as her beautifully skilled tongue mouth and hand stroke my blood engorged cock to the edge of explosion. I hold on to the edge as long as I can I can feel Kali’s free hand tickle my prostate as she slowly and deliberately circles her tongue over the head of my cock. She pulls her mouth away the instant before I am about to explode and says.
“Your cock is so hard baby. Look at the veins I can see them throbbing.”
There’s a slight drip of fluid escaping the tip and she flicks it with her tongue. I step back before I shoot my load wanting to wait as long as I can. Barry returns from the bathroom carrying his close which he places on a chair close to the bed. The four of us stand before Kali she falls to her knees and does her best to keep us all up. It’s like watching a juggler keep four plates spinning on sticks actually it’s more like three because my cock is so hard it’s like petrified wood. Barry reaches back for his pants and removes a condom signaling me if he may fuck Kali. I nod my answer and before I know it Kali is naked, except for the stilettos, on her stomach with Brendon underneath her licking her pussy while Barry thrusts her from behind. Brendon doesn’t seem to mind having Barry’s balls in his face and Kali seems to be enjoying this position as she sucked furiously on Brendon’s cock.
I have seen this position during group sex before often times the guy licking is also into sucking and I am guessing this to be the case here. I never did vet Brendon I just took Dawn’s word that he would be good to include in the festivities. This is not one of the scenarios I envisioned when I put this all together and it’s making me wonder again what I have gotten myself into. I know I would not want to be in Brendon’s place beneath Kali. I am not homophobic but the idea of balls or any other part of a penis that close to my face is not really a turn on either. Nevertheless watching Kali moaning and gyrating in Brendon’s face while Barry hammers her from behind is very stimulating and my loins are on high alert. It all seems rather surreal and I struggle to bring myself back to reality in order to unfreeze from the moment.
Matt has been enjoying the show and decides to join. He moves to the bed and straddles Brendon’s legs to offer Kali his cock which she graciously takes into her mouth along with Brendon’s. After a few minutes it must have been time to switch positions because Barry suddenly pulls back and switches places with Matt. It only takes Matt a few seconds to get a condom on and into place behind Kali. I can’t see what is going on underneath Kali but whatever Brendon is doing under there neither Barry nor Matt seem to mind. I know from experience Kali can either take it or leave it when it comes to intercourse with other guys but she does seem to be enjoying this scenario quite a bit. By the way she is pushing against Matt and grinding her hips into Brendon’s face I’d say she is getting closer to orgasm. After a while Matt stepped away from Kali’s luxurious ass and glances in my direction. I guess he’s saying it’s my turn now. With no time to second guess any of what is about to happen I step behind my lover and slide right into her beautifully wet and silky smooth vagina. My lover moans slightly as I slide in. I feel her pubic muscles tighten around my shaft as I begin to thrust. I can tell she is feeling the difference in girth between us as I am a bit thicker than the amigos. I can feel my balls thumping against Brendon face and at first I find it pretty damn distracting. I try hard to concentrate on how Kali’s vagina feel around my cock but Brendon’s tongue swiping against my shaft is making it hard to focus. I have to admit it is totally bizarre yet at the same time strangely exciting. The mixed sensations are distracting me just enough to keep me on the precipice of orgasm. Kali’s grip on my cock is tight but her pussy is so wet I need to thrust harder to heighten my sensation. As I lengthen my stride to help gain ground my cock slips out of Kali and into Brendon’s mouth. I thrust several times before I realize what has occurred. I am ashamed for a moment but I can’t seem to stop thrusting and of course Brendon seems to be relishing sucking my cock and damn if it doesn’t feel good. I let the sensation wash over me for what seemed like forever but was only several seconds before I pull back and return to Kali’s wet warmth. I am so over stimulated by it all I can feel my balls tightening and I am very close to cuming. Matt stands to the side stroking his cock while my lover works on Barry and Brendon’s cocks. Kali begins to moan as she feels my orgasm rise she provokes me to climax.
“Oh yeah Baby fuck me with that fat cock. Come on baby I want you to cum.”
And that’s all it took. I pulled back and as I did, Kali rolled off Brendon onto her back. Brendon pulled away from the bed and stood up over Kali on one side while Matt stepped closer to the bed on the other side and Barry remained on his knees near Kali’s head I stood at the foot of the bed. We all finished ourselves to completion on Kali’s stomach beneath us. The three amigos came one right after the other knees buckling cum shooting and dripping. I aimed low on Kali’s belly and my load exploded so fiercely it actually splashed off her cum soak belly. All completely spent Kali slipped off the bed and excused herself to rinse off. The amigos thanked me for sharing my beautiful wife got dressed and quietly left. When Kali return to the bedroom from her shower she lay on the bed next to me as my mind raced through what had just happened.
“Well how’d you like it.” She asked.
“You knew what was going on back there.”
“Yeah, I thought it was pretty hot what’d you think.” She asked I had to think about my answer for a few minutes before I replied.
“Yeah it was pretty hot. Does that make me gay or just bi?” I kidded.
“Let me check.” She said with a smirk. Then she put her lips around my cock and I rapidly started to rise.
“No more gay or bi than I am.” She teased as I pulled her close and hugged her hard.



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