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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   my husband is now bi sex slave  

11/13/2012 13:52
Posted By:  - CHAMPAIGN, IL  
Date Posted: 11/13/2012 13:52
   My husband and I have a unique relationship. Im in total control and I can Fuck whoever I want whenever I want and thats the way Hubby wants it. I have one male lover I see right now and hubby approves of any guy I want. Just recently my husband confessed to me his desire to try cleaning me up right after my lover is done with me. I said if you are going to eat his cum you might as well suck Cock. I could see he got excited and started to get a bulge in his pants when I said that. He said maybe I should. So thats when it started. And with some coaxing I got my Stud Lover to allow my husband to suck him. My husband likes to play the role of a submissive sex slave. So I put a slave collar around his neck with a leash, a cock and ball gag on him, use a riding crop to redden his ass, sometimes blindfold him or handcuff him to a chair and make him watch us Fuck! Ive made him suck my Lovers 8" Cock and Lick his balls several times, hubby is getting good. And Hubby has to watch up close on his knees as I Fuck my Lover. Then after Kevin cums I make my husband clean up my Cum filled pussy. I usually sit on his face and feed him my cream pie to show total domination over him!! In the most recent experience, Kevin my Lover came over. I made my hubby make us dinner, serve us like a Royalty, pour our wine. Then he ran us a bath water in our jacuzzi bath , then my Lover and I played in the tub as my servant husband poured wine. After ward my husband gave us both full body massages. He gives great massages. Then I made my slave get on the floor on his knees. I teased him with my pussy getting it close enough to touch then pulling away. I had beent rying to think of something SO TABOO to make my husband do to show I had absolute complete control over him. Then I shocked both Kevin and my slave with my idea. I asked Kevin to move to the edge of the bed and get on all 4s and put his head down on a pillow and put his but up. He did as I asked. Then I took out my honey dust powder and dusted down the crack of his ass with a feather duster. He liked the sensation. Then I grabbed my slave husbands leash and pulled and told him to crawl over to the bed. I told Kevin to spread his legs a little more to open up his ass cheeks and make his white honey dust covered asshole visible. I looked at slave and said youknow what you have to do. " Lick his asshole slave and dont stop and until I tell you". He seemed hesitate at first, then I said, " What are waiting for" andI tapped his ass with riding crop. Then my hubby moved his mouth up between Kevins ass cheeks and started licking. I think Kevin being freshly bathed and the powder helped. He started licking his asshole lightly at first then he just buried his face between Kevins buns and really rimmed him good. From Kevins Hard Cock and sounds of pleasure he was really enjoying it. I made him lick Kevins asshole for probally 20 minutes.Afterward I made him get up on the bed & suck Kevins BIG DICK. I kissed Kevin as Hubby Sucked. Then I got off bed got out a 7 inch vibeand lubed it up and put it up against Hubbys asshole. His head was down sucking Dick but he raised up a little as I penetrated him. As I began Fuck his ass I remind him to lick Kevins balls too. Kevin moaned in pleasure as my Hubbys tongued moved around his testicles. After that went on for a bit decided it was time for more total domination of Hubby. I stopped and told them to switch places. Now Hubby was laying on his back and I instructed Kevin to straddled his face and feed hubby his BIG DICK. Kevin straddled him and my Hubby resumed sucking in that postion. I masturbated with another small vibe on my clit as I watched this Erotoc scene. Kevin reached over and fingered my pussy. Then he started getting to a good rythym, his balls were smacking hubbys chin as he Fucked my slaves face. I Loudly came watching this scene. Hubby was gagging on Kevins Big Dick and had to hold his hips so he wouldnt jam it all the way down his throat. Finally Kevin started really thrusting and humping hubbys face and I knew he was close. As he started moaning and groaning I knew he was Cumming. I yelled at him to pull out. He did as he was exploding. His Big Load of Cum pumped into Hubbys mouth and all over his face. Then I used my hand to pump Kev

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