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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Bondage- Displine Party  

11/14/2012 13:10
Posted By:  - NEW WINDSOR, NY  
Date Posted: 11/14/2012 13:10


“Think about it like this, allowing someone else complete control over a situation takes all responsibility out of your hands. That should make it easier to let go." He said.
I had time to let my mind wrap around those thoughts as we drove in silence through semi refurbished neighborhood of houses.  We pulled up to a nicely restored three story row houses and got out. We were greeted at the door by the host couple.                                      
 “Are you participating or observing?”  They asked.
 I looked to Ride who turned to me and smiled a devilish grin. 
“We are participating.” He said.                                                                         
 A red wrist band was placed on us both then we were escorted inside to a rather large living room with a bar along one wall and a buffet on another. Ride gave our bottle of Grey Goose to the bartender and asked for two vodka tonics. There were roughly thirty couples gathered give or take. The couples were what I consider to be attractive although some of the men not my type yet still all fit good looking men. I noticed two guys across the room right away. They looked about mid-thirties had dark features and from what I could tell the body type I like. I noticed they both looked in our direction and from the way they held my stare I could see their interest.  As for their ladies they were with I knew Ride would like at least one because she was a petite looking brunette with a strong round ass the kind he refers to as a spinner the other was a statuesque curvaceous blonde. It seemed Ride had caught the spinner’s eye as they were both locked in eye contact when he handed me my vodka tonic.                                                                                                    
“What do you think of those two couples across the way?” I asked. He glanced back at me and smiled just as the host couple rang a glass to make an announcement.



 “Ladies and gentleman thank you all for coming to the party. We know some of you want to participate in the festivities and some just want to observe. For the next hour we will remain in this room. This is the icebreaker hour after which time we will move to the exhibition room. The yellow wrist bands are for those couples that wish to observe the red wrist bands are for couples that are participating. For the next hour please enjoy yourselves and do get comfortably acquainted.”                                         
  As I looked around the room I noticed the majority of couples wearing yellow bands. We made our way around the room introducing ourselves to couples and working our way toward the two couples I noticed earlier. When we arrived in front of the two couples I was happy to see red wrist bands on all of them. The Spinner’s partner was far better looking than I had first suspected. His deep blue eyes against his handsome dark features seemed to sparkle and pop and when they met mine I went a little weak at the knees. I wanted to say something smart and sassy but Ride beat me to it and as always cut right to the chase.                                                                       
“We noticed you four right away. It’s nice to see red wrist bands over here.” He said. 
Not exactly the line I would have used but it seemed to break the ice immediately. The Spinner’s guy put his hand out to meet mine.                                                                                                                  
“Hi I’m Nick.” He said. His voice was delightfully intoxicating like a sensual 
“Hi, I’m Kali very nice to meet you.” I said.
Our hands touched and the erotic energy was instant. I felt a sharp tingle run up my arm and down my spine to my sexual core. I know Nick saw it because my cheeks flushed crimson red from all the blood rushing there. I took a small wobble step backwards Nick still holding my hand and steadying me.                    
“Are you alright do you need to sit down" He asked.
I took another step back fortunately there was chair behind me and I sat down quickly with Nick’s guidance. My mini skirt hiked up to the edge of exposure just as the other couples and Ride turned to the commotion.  Ride came to me and touched me gently on the shoulder.                                                                                                            
“You okay Babe?
 I looked up at him.  “I’m fine I think I just need something to eat."
  I could feel the heat of Nick’s eyes fixed dangerously high on my exposed legs. When I glanced in his direction he smiled and offered to get me something to eat. When he returned from the buffet table he knelt down and began to feed me. I wasn’t sure how his partner would handle this but she didn’t seem to mind as she kept chatting with Ride.  I was rather hungry and I took several bites of food from the fork Nick offered me before I slowed down. He gazed at me with those deep eyes.                                                
“Feeling a bit better now?” he asked I nodded my reply.                                                             
 “Good girl.” He said. He teased me with the next fork full of food holding it up to my mouth then slowly pulling it away making my tongue extend for it. He watched my mouth very closely as I slowly let the food slide from the fork to my tongue.                         
 “Very good girl.” He softly breathed. I was feeling myself again when Nick’s partner came over and sat next to me. Nick stood up and went to join Ride and the curvaceous blonde.                                                                                                             
“Hi, I’m Debbie, Nick’s wife.”  
I introduced myself and in the course of chatting with Debbie found out that like us it was their first time to this club also. I asked her what was the deal with the place and she said.                                                              
“All I know is, they say your first time here is like no other experience you’ll ever have.” 
I wasn’t too sure about that but I was a little intrigued.  She also told me they had come to the party with the curvaceous blonde and her husband, Bill and Samantha. She said Bill and Samantha have a small law practice in Schenectady and no children and in her next breath told me she and Nick had three. I liked Debbie quite a bit she was chatty and spunky and able to take this whole BD thing in stride. She did say she really enjoyed being tied up and that it really heightens her arousal.   
  We shared our bondage stories apparently Nick enjoys seeing Debbie “tied tight and fucked hard”. She informed me that Nick was a very gentle lover with just a twist of kinky. I told her Ride was a big teddy bear and would die if he thought he did anything to hurt a woman, on the other hand if you enjoy his naughty nature then watch out he is thick and strong. Debbie seemed to like the descriptions because she smiled and glanced over at my Ride with a naughty hungry look. We talked more about family and kids and never having enough time for our own lives. The next thing I knew the host couple was ringing a glass to announce it was time to move to the second floor exhibition room. 
The group shuffled up the creaky wooden stairs to the second floor which turned out to be  completely revamped into one massive room. In the center of the room were a circle of long and deep comfortable couches. In the center of the circle was a platform and on each of the outside walls were two bondage racks in the form of an X eight racks altogether.  The host couple climbed up on the couch and to the center platform to give us the instructions.                                                                                                                                 “Welcome to the exhibition room. For all the non-participants please make yourselves comfortable on the couch you are welcome to watch and play amongst yourselves consider this part of the club like any other on premise club intermingle with each other, watch and enjoy but do not try to join in with the participating couples on the outside walls.  As for the participating couples, you may do as you please with your own partner. If you switch to another partner there is to be no intercourse. You may use whatever toys you have with you, for the sake of safer sex, I highly recommend you use protection over any phallic apparatus you may choose to insert, check them regularly and change them often. The rules of engagement are as follows. The bound partner is to be blindfolded and remain that way the entire time. The bound partner may only respond when spoken to and their response is to be either yes or no or they may nod their head. The free partner may move around the room from rack to rack and engage who they choose. If the bound player wishes to end an encounter at any time for any reason during the event the fail safe is “end game” and all interaction ceases.”                                               
I looked around the room and saw a total of six couples getting instructions. My body was almost visibly shaking with nervous anticipation as I stood as close to Ride as I could.                                                                                                                 
 “If anyone wants out, now is the time to say so.” The room fell completely silent. I looked at Ride who seemed to be jittering with his own anticipation. He looked into my eyes and smiled his most happy and loving-excited smile then he kissed me.                                       
“Are you alright?” He asked. I was so full of anxious expectation all I could do was nod my head.                                                                                                                    “Excellent response babe, you really are into this.“ He chuckled as he turned me and led me to a rack.
To my left I watched, to my surprise, Samantha tie Bill to the rack. I looked over my right shoulder to the far side of the room and found Nick tying Debbie to the rack over there. To my immediate right I watched a young sandy haired blonde of about mid-twenties being led to the rack by her forty something sugar daddy. There was a rather large duffle on the floor at her feet. When he glanced my way and saw me looking at it he threw me a shit eating grin and I thought, I do not want that guy touching me. Ride must have been reading my mind because he whispered to me.
“Don’t worry Babe, he won’t touch you, unless you want him to."
I was about to ask how he could stop him when the lights dimmed. I turned to look at Ride just as he placed the blindfold over my eyes. Everything went black and my body began to shudder and I felt very cold. He tied me loosely to the rack my back to the center of the room. I felt Rides strong hands run gently over my shoulders and down my arms, the warmth in his hands against my cold skin made my arms tingle and I felt the dimples rise on my skin. He sensed my cold was from anxiety and he hugged me tight from behind pushing his groin against me. I felt his manhood already hard against me and I drew deep breath. He whispered to me.                                                        
 “I made sure you’re in good hands Baby. Now all you have to do is trust me and let go. Do you understand?” His warm breath felt comforting on my neck and in my ear and my shoulders began to relax as I let out the deep breath I had just drawn. I nodded and said.                                                                                                            
He softly kissed me on the back of my neck and ran his hands down my hands to my waist then down the mini. Then he reached under the mini and began to touch me. I was already throbbing down there as he gently caressed my slit separating the lips and letting my wetness drip down to moisten his thick fingers before gently stroking me. He is so poised with the situation I feel my shaky nerves begin to subside as I rock my hips slowly into him. I push my head back into his shoulder as he guides his finger in a circle motion over my clit then down to my pubic bone and applies light pressure. He knows this sensation makes me crazy and I force my ass hard against his groin begging him with my body motion to fuck me. He repeats the sequence several times before he removes his hand from my honey.                                                          
“Mmmmm. Do you know how delicious you taste?”                                             
"No" I shyly reply.   
He places two fingers in my mouth and I taste my essences. As soon as I do he kisses me on the mouth and we share my slippery spirits on our tongues and his fingers.  Then Ride pulls away from me and he is gone. My body is no longer shaking. Ride’s sexual distraction has calmed me. I sense my surroundings listening to the room. The young girl to my right is softly moaning but I have no way of knowing who or what is causing her to. To my left I can hear Samantha scolding Bill.  “You do not speak you fool only yes or no!” I can hear skin smack skin and Bill yelp like a dog. I measure the range of motion the restraints will allow. I can move my hands above my head and down to my waist in wide range but I am basically tied to a hitching post as a horse in an old time western would be.  I turn my head right then left searching for something but I don’t know what. My senses are so heightened I can feel eyes on me almost burning me. I feel warm breath on my neck and think Ride has returned. I twist my body toward him but he stands just out of my reach. I am about to speak when I remember I cannot. I feel frustrated by this game now I want what I want when I want it and I’m not used to waiting like this. My arms drop to my sides in a sign of surrender. Ride steps up to me and pulls me to him kissing me softly on the mouth. I am so restless for him I pull him into me kissing him back hard before I realize it’s not Ride.  I push back quickly shoving the interloper away and was about to say “What the fuck” when Nicks intoxicating voice said.                                                              “Well hello to you to Kali. You remember me don’t you?” He said.
Between the adrenaline rush and the blindfold disorienting me I feel myself waver. Nick caught me in his arms for a second time tonight.
 “Are you alright? Do you want me to get you something to eat again?” He asked.             I let out a long sigh and nodded my head.                          
 “No” I said.
I felt as though we were looking at each other but I had to picture his handsome face and sparkling blue eyes through the blindfold.                                                        
“Are you comfortable?” he asked.            
 “Yes” I said.                                                        
“May I touch you now?” He politely asked.
I knew from the icebreaker hour talking to Debbie that Nick was a gentle lover. And I knew Nick wanted all I had to offer, his eyes told me so as he hand fed me. I decided to reverse the tables and assert what little control I had so I hesitated to answer. I stood very still and listened to the room. I was listening for Ride but I could not hear him.            
“Did you hear me Kali?” I turned my head in the direction of Nick’s voice.                   
“Yes” I casually replied and turned away from him my body language showing no interest.                          
“You’re playing with me aren’t you?” He said with a hint of frustration.                        
“No” I lied.                                                                                     
 Nick pushed his body against mine backing me into the rack I was tied to. He trapped me in his arms and said.                 
“My how ungrateful. I saved you from falling twice and fed you until full and this is how you treat me?”              
 My game face curved up into a smile and he knew he had me. He pressed his lips against mine but this time I pressed back hard and pushed my pubic bone up and into him. His lust over took him and he dropped to his knees I heard the material of my mini tear as he ripped it from my body exposing my neatly shave lady bump. He quickly rose and pulled up my top exposing my erect nipples.                                                                 
 “God I wanted to bite on these since I laid eyes on you.” He panted.                               
I felt his teeth lightly tweaking my nipples as I held his head tight against my body. His hands rode along my ass cheeks around to the bottom where he separated my legs and squeezed my pussy. He felt my wetness and groaned with hunger then slid down again along my abdomen and pushed my legs apart. As I lifted a stilettoe heeled foot up to give him access I felt it touch the rack. I hooked the heel into a space for balance and turned my pelvis up to Nick as his tongue plunged into my wetness.


              If you would like to read more of this story please let me know.  Ride 






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