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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The doubletree  

12/9/2012 23:00
Posted By:  - HOUSTON, TX  
Date Posted: 12/9/2012 23:00

7:30 pm and I get an email from a couple that I had been wanting to go out with for a long time. They asked me what I was doing later on tonight.  Saying no was not an option in my book. They wanted me to come to the Doubletree and go to the local club here in Houston.  I wasn’t in the mood for clubbing but then again I didn’t want to sound like the party pooper. I arrived at the hotel around 9:30. Of course she was freaking hot I wanted to take her right then and there but I was patient. After all I wanted to be invited back. 

We started the usual conversations about being the lifestyle. How long had each of us had been doing this etc etc. We talked about family, commitments, and what we did and didn’t like in the ls. He was a nice guy and we had a lot of stuff in common. She was very nice and polite. She had lost her voice earlier that day but we managed to talk for awhile.   I did know that the conversation was good and we indeed had  hit it off so at least if there was no playtime, the night would still turn out ok.

We left the hotel and headed out to their car. I could notice her tight mini skirt. It was black and white.  I had been told by the hubby that I should get into the back seat of the jeep. I didn’t really want to until I got the signal from her that she was receptive to that. Took us about 15 minutes to get to the club and we arrived about 10:15. We got there and it was a small crowd. We asked how much VIP was but we didn’t want to pay $350 for a seat so we took seats in the corner of the club where it was dark but we still could be seen. The husband ordered drinks for us and we were all enjoying the conversation.  After about 30 minutes she got up to go to the ladies and I saw her ass and how small and tight it was. She had to be no more than 5’3, 103. Dark hair, star gazed eyes. The club was getting loud but I did sort of yell “Dam she has the prettiest little ass lol”. He had also told me earlier that she would need a few drinks before she would let loose.  After a few drinks and conversation I asked her if she wanted to dance. Being shy she didn’t want to but we ended up on the dance floor. After the second song, thing started to get intense. We were dirty dancing  a lot but so was everyone else. Granted this is a vanilla club. I noticed all of a sudden she started to stare at me in a sexual way. She couldn’t take her eyes off of me. I said to myself, “its on” lol. When we got back to the corner of the club, she was between me and him but he was shielding us from the crowd.  I started kissing her. This lasted all night. Tons of kissing and making out. Eventually I put my hands up her squirt. This made my cock real hard. I had on black jeans so I thought maybe she couldn’t feel me throbbing. I asked her to touch my leg and she gave me the look. I asked her if she wanted it. She said yes.  I asked her how it made her feel. She didn’t say anything. She was getting a buzz I could tell and so was I. The music was loud and we were in the moment.  I will admit though. I was around 12:30 and I didn’t know if we were going to do anything. She kept drinking and I was hard and wanted to fuck her brains out lol. I could hear him whisper to her if she wanted to leave. She said she loved the music and didn’t want to leave. I thought initially, dam, she isn’t into it tonight. Eventually she was done drinking and we left the bar.

This time, I got into the back seat of the jeep.  The husband was in the front driving us through Houston back to the Doubletree.  We started making out in the back seat. Kissing heavy. She raised up her skirt and took her shirt off. It was pretty intense.  Again, to be honest, I thought;  “Fuck we are going to go to jail lol. We are stopping at stop lights and she is naked on top of me. I couldn’t resist though. I was in the moment. I saw him looking back at us.  As we were getting to the hotel, I took off her panties and went down on her. I looked up and there was the security guard nearby lol. I said uh oh lol.  We eventually put on our clothes and headed back to the room. Her hair was shoveled and I was walking around with three legs.

We get to the hotel room and my first thought was, “Dude, make the move” . So I did.  I walked her to their master bedroom and I threw her on the bed. She was wild eyed gazing at me.  I raised up her skirt and started to lick her pussy with her panties still on. After about 15-20 minutes, I pulled off her panties and still continued to lick her.  After awhile, we started taking all of our clothes of. She started to lick the top of my penis, and slide down the shaft.  She constantly made eye contact the entire night.  She was sucking on me for about 35 minutes with different positions. She then got on top of me, and rode me hard. That is the only time I remember her not making eye contact. She was rubbing her hair and look to be in another world. I was trying to lick her boobs as she was riding me but for some reason I couldn’t.  She then told me to get on top of her. She was very very flexible. I pinned her ankles almost back to her head and I could hear the bed constantly. After a few hours, the hubby took over and they did it for about 30 minutes. She started giving me a blow job while he was pounding her from the back. We switched and I was pounding her from the back. The screams were very loud.  We ended up doing just about every imaginable position.  We started in the bedroom, the front room, in the shower. Being tiny helped with some of that. We took turns doing her for almost 5 hours. To be honest I had never had a lady who could hang with me for a long time but she could. I remember from that night the stares she gave me and how much in the zone she was.


This was a woman who loved sex and she loved it for a long long time. I eventually left around 7am. I was happy when they sent me a text saying they want to get back together. I was fine with that. Hell yeah I was ok with that.

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