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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
 Originator Date Posted 
   A fun little interracial story staring my wife. :)  

1/7/2013 14:01
Posted By:  - MAPLEWOOD, MN  
Date Posted: 1/7/2013 14:01

I enjoy writing erotic stories in which my wife stars. :)

My goal is to compose one erotic (and very naughty) story a week. My wife and love to play hard, and my stories reflect this. I am open to requests, however, so if there is a scene you've been aching to see described, drop me a line. :)

Erotic Blog Post #1: Double Done, Double Filled

My wife and I will occasionally take our sex lives to occasional extremes by playing a game with one another. The game will have rules mutually agreed upon, and we’ll enforce them by will power or, when the flesh is weak, by gentle reminders. The games aren’t to hurt or cause any angst – they exist to create a sense of heightened anticipation. They also exist for pushing boundaries, perhaps further then we believed they’d go. Our games have varied in intensity and restriction from time to time.

The way our games would originate is that one of us would have an idea, and then imagination and creativity would take over. Then, it’d come up during our sexual play – and suddenly we’d have a naughty pact where we would agree to be bound by the rules, sometimes for an unspecified amount of time. Several examples of our past games are below: - Our first game was initiated by me. She wanted to explore her submissive side, by surrendering a part of herself completely to me. My game was at this stage was simple, but it immediately took her fancy: she was to swallow every drop of my cum for the next month. None for her sweet, hungry pussy. I did my part to make it as interesting as possible, and learned just what a steady diet of celery, vitamin E, zinc tablets, and pineapple juice can do for my taste and the size of my loads. When the day came when our little pact ended, I came in her as she was mid-orgasm, and the sensation alone sent her into another screaming climax, nails raking down my back… - We’ve since played other little games from time to time. In one game she required me to bring her to climax every day for a month and a half (except during her period). In another, she denied me any penetration of her body of any kind – and only her hands were allowed to bring me to climax. There are others, as we got kinkier, but those will wait for another tale…

In this tale, we’re playing another game. My wife has great diversity in her sexual tastes. She loves the soft warmth of a woman as well as the hungry strength of men. Race or color don’t matter to her so much as the characteristics of the individual. I know what she likes, though I have fetishes of my own. And a particular fetish had been growing in my mind for some time – and I’d decided to make it into our latest game.

One night, during a very hot sex session where I was fucking her with a long, black, strapon dildo from behind, I reached out and grabbed her dreadlocked hair and gently pulled her back so I could whisper in her ear. “Do you love how this cock feels?” My voice whispered as I thrust deep into her. Her moan was broken only by a slight “uh-huh” as she ground her hips back against me. “You are taking this cock so well, it makes me think you’ve been yearning for something.” Harder and harder I slap into her. Her moans match the rythem of my hips. This girl is built to take a lot of cock, and the 9 inch toy I’m using tonight is slipping in and out like it was made for her. “I’ve been thinking of a new game for us.” I whisper again, my breath a bit ragged from my efforts. Both of us are drenched in sweat, and from her breathing I can tell she’s starting to approach climax. I switch the rhythm of my hips, working at achieving depth within her instead of swift thrusts. Her moans change, getting deeper. She’s into it.

Time to put my idea into play.

I put my mouth right against her ear, my breath hot on her. “I want to play another game with you.” She shudders against the big cock filling her. It’d been awhile since we’ve played a game, and it was my turn to come up with something. “These are the rules.” Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. “I’ve wanted to see you taken by a pair of hung, muscular, fixed black men for a long, long time. You’re built for it, and it is so sexy seeing you take what I’ve got strapped on here. So this is what’s going to happen, I’m going to find a couple of boys who I know you’ll like, and I’m going to plan it.” She began to thrust back against me harder and harder, her body almost steaming with heat. She loves it when I talk dirty to her in bed, but I could tell her naughty mind was already caught up in the idea of my latest game. “And what am I supposed to do” she gasped between thrusts. “Your part will be to text me every day a different thing you want to happen as they take you.” I breathed into her ear. “You need to tell me what you want, and it can’t be the same thing twice.” She started to moan and buck against me. She was cumming, the excitement was getting to her. I grasped her hips and pounded away, causing her to moan and scream as my body slapped against her. Finally, her body limp, she collapsed forward.

I followed her, keeping that big dong buried deep within her, and I was laying across her back, my weight pressing down on her. I had more to say. “In this game, I want to bring out your inner slut. That hungry part of yourself that wants to feast on pleasure and that craves the feel and taste of everything a man can bring.” She was still gasping, but managed an “uh-huh” before I leaned over and kissed her deeply upon the lips.

The game was on.

We were busy over the next month. The texts I received from my wife while I was at the office made it impossible to concentrate. My wife, you see, has always worried that she was too kinky – that I’d think less of her as she revealed those naughty, kinky, dark, hungry parts of her sexuality to me. Nothing could be further from the truth. More than just about anything, I hungered for her to tell me her darkest, dirtiest, naughtiest cravings and fantasies. As the month went on, more and more came out – and a delicious scene began to form in my head as the climax of our little game.

Luck also seemed to be on our side, because I’d found a couple of boys online who definitely fit the bill. One was named Marcus, and he was a very tall man from Jamaica with toned build, dreadlocks, and a great smile. The other was named Drake and he about my height, had a very thick linebacker’s build, and a shaved head. Both of them loved her dreadlocks and the busty and curvy looks of her body. “She is built for fucking!” Drake remarked in an email to me. I agreed, and decided to up the ante’ by giving them my wife’s phone number to send her texts. I let her know of this in advance, and although she as a little nervous at first, she quickly got into it. The boys were very flattering to her, and definitely had ideas of how they’d like to spend time with her. She quickly got comfortable with them, exchanging texts with them daily. I kept in contact as well, and eventually shared with them a lot of the naughty texts she’d sent to me – a naughty list of kink that had them buzzing with excitement and sharing ideas.

Finally, on a weekend in March when we had the house to ourselves.

On the Wednesday before, I told her that it was time. “This weekend we’re going to be getting together with Marcus and Drake” I told her over dinner. She immediately looked nervous, but that quickly faded as she remembered the texts and images she’d received from the boys. A crooked smile formed. “It’s going to be on Saturday, and I’ll give you a list of what you’ll be wearing when they arrive.” I said with a smile. “Are you fine with everything?”

Her fork stabbed into the pasta we were eating for dinner, and she brought it up to her lips seductively. “I’m fine with it. It hardly seems like a game now, doesn’t it?” she said with a grin. My wife loves playing with boys, and she really liked the look and attitude of these two. Time for a curveball.

“Good, because this Saturday your instructions are simple – you are to show me just how much of a little cumslut you can be.” I purred at her, stabbing my own pasta hard for emphasis. “Because on Saturday morning, you are going to be our slutty little toy. You are to let go of everything and the only thing you are to do is offer yourself up to us and enjoy.” I popped the pasta into my mouth and grinned. She’d gotten quiet on me, realizing that those kinky little texts she’s sent me about her dark fantasies were now in play. “Are you sure you’re fine with this?” I asked. In the end, no experience is a good one unless the woman is into it, and sometimes you could only push so far.

“I think I will be, come the weekend.” She said. She looked a little worried, but the flush in her cheeks told me that she was arouses and excited. “What kind of scene do you have in mind for me?” she asked.

“That is going to be a surprise, but you should know that you had a big hand in creating it.” I said. I leaned in and kissed her gently. Mmmm. The taste of good spaghetti sauce! “The boys like you and are coming over to make this a fun time, I just gave them some idea of what they can do.” She relaxed, and I reached under the table and began to rub her thigh. “It’s not going to be anything you don’t like to do – and I’ll tell you this, they are very, very excited about everything.” This got her to smile, despite her anxiety. “Tell you what, how about we tidy up here and we head to the bedroom to practice a bit?” I said with a smile. “We want to make sure you’re ready for this weekend…”

It was mid-morning Saturday, and my wife looked stunning. High heels, a black thong, black and red thigh-highs held up with an 8-clip garter strap, and a black and red bra. She’d had a long, hot bath and a glass of wine that morning, and her skin was warm and smelled great. “You look great, honey.” I encouraged her. “You totally fine with this?” I asked one final time. The drapes of the house were closed and the boys had ridden together and were parked on the side street. She didn’t know this, and they were only waiting for my text to come in and begin the festivities. But I needed to be sure.

“Oh yeah.” She said with a shy grin. “I’ve been chatting with those boys like crazy since Wednesday. I’m fine.” I led her to the center of our living room where I’d laid out a few quilts and then laid a trio of sheepskin rugs atop them. I kissed her very deeply, enjoying the softness of her lips and the taste of her red lipstick.

“Good” I replied. “Because the fun’s about to begin.” I pulled my phone out my pocket and hit Send. After 45 seconds, we heard the back door open and a pair of footsteps approaching. The boys where here, and I could see from the look in their eyes, they were ready to feast on my wife's lush body.

I found out later that the boys had been chatting back and forth for some time about their plans for the day. They'd even met for a beer the night before, to discuss their naughty plans, and had both been sexting my wife at the same time. Thus, they were like veteran partners in crime from the start...

Without a word, Marcus stepped up and pulled my wife into a deep, hot kiss. His hands went around her body, one around her back and one around her hips. She moaned into his kiss as he squeezed her rump. The they made out for a full minute, their hands moving over one anther's bodies as the urgency of their kissing built up. Then the Marcus gently pushed her back a bit, allowing Drake to step up. Drake didn't waste any time, and used both hands to grab her around the rump and pulling her to him, just a bit roughly. My wife grabbed the back of his head with both hands and suddenly their mouths were together, their kiss savage. It was a hot sight watching the two of them, bodies pressed against one another, making out like mad. It was even hotter when Drake very definitely established his physical dominance by reaching up, grasped the back of her head, and leaned her back just a bit, so he was now kissing down upon her while pulling her body into him. My wife's face flushed a big more, and I swear her knees both got weak as he crushed her against himself.

I turned to Marcus, who already had his shirt, socks, and shoes off. "Glad you guys could make it, it looks like she's good and ready for you two." I said with a grin. The noises from Drake and my wife were getting pretty intense - their mouths hadn't parted in well over a minute and my wife was not making happy little moans into his mouth.

"Glad you invited us!" replied Marcus, with a slight Caribbean accent to his voice. "Your wife is gorgeous! We've been looking forward to this all week." Off came his pants, and he was standing there in only his boxer shorts. He was tall, probably about six four, and with long dreadlocks, caramel colored skin, and a very nice build. He was also very evidently excited by how things were starting out. "Let's see if she likes me without my cloths" he said, already knowing the answer.

He stepped around and behind my wife, and pressed his body against hers, making sure his swelling cock was pressed firmly against her lower back. A shudder ran through her body as she felt his bare body press against hers through her near-transparent dress. Drake took this as his que to break their lip lock and stepped away. He immediately began to fumble with his belt buckle - from the look in his eyes, he was a bit flustered after his make out session with my wife. Marcus didn't waste any time. He reached around my wife's body and cupped one of her large breasts in each hand, pressing his body against her as he did so. My wife pushed her rump back against him, tilted her head back and moaned. Marcus then leaned in and planted a deep kiss upon her moaning lips, his left hand sliding down the front of her body, under her hem of her too-short dress, until her cupped his hand over her pussy. My wife moaned louder into his mouth, then louder still as he began to work his gingers against her, massaging her through the already sopping fabric of her thong. My wife responded by reaching back, slipped her hand into his boxer shorts, and grabbed his cock. Her eyes opened up in shock when she felt the length of it, then closed again as she lost herself as she was kissed and rubbed by her new lover.

Drake had finished undressing all the way to the buff and was watching them with a smile. Drake was shorter, about six foot, and darker skinned then Marcus. He was also built different. Where Marcus was more lithe and toned, resembling a Caribbean stud, Marcus was bald and had very thick muscular build with just a bit of extra padding here and there. His cock was also totally at attention - and from what I could see, my wife would thank me later for the dildo training I'd given her pussy. Marcus was nearly as thick as her forearm and had to be about nine inches.

"This is going to be fun!" Drake remarked as we watched Marcus and my wife work further and further into a frenzy. She'd gotten his shorts half off by this point, and he was just starting to pull her dress upward over her hips. "We are going to rock your wife's world, and its hot that she's totally ready for it." All I could do is nod. I knew what a freak my wife could be when she got comfortable. And it was already obvious that she was already very comfortable with her new boy toys.

"Go at her boys, this is all about her." I said just as she got Marcus' shorts all the way down, revealing his cock. My wife wrapped her hand around it instantly and began to stroke up up and down with her backward grip. Marcus had to be at least ten inches, and as thick as her wrist. Marcus, obviously happy to be free of his boxers, broke away from her kiss and bent her forward. He then grasping her hips with both hands, positioned his cock between her legs, and began to dry hump against her sopping thong, causing her to gasp and moan. It was exciting to see that long tool working back and forth against her like that, and I couldn't help imagining just how deep he was going to be within her.

Seeing her bent forward, Drake got closer to her and stroked her dreadlocked hair. My wife's eyes were closed as she was bent forward, hands on her knees, as she felt Marcus' cock moving across the fabric covering her hungry pussy. Grasping his cock, Drake brushed it against her lips. Her mouth opened immediately and just like that she was vigorously sucking on his thick shaft, her right hand wrapped around the base of his cock, the other cupping his huge balls. She began to rock forward and back, thrusting her ass against Marcu's warm body and pulling Drake's cock as deeply into her mouth and throat as she could manage. My wife is a very determined cocksucker, and loves to deepthroat. Drake figured this out at once, reached down and grasped her head with both hands, and began to rock gently toward her, helping her to take more. Today she was in for a challenge, but if all went well, she'd have many more opportunities to practice...

The scene went on this way for a good five minutes, the boys on either end of her having a good time. My wife was quickly working into a frenzy, and from the way she was pulling Drake's cock into her mouth, it was obvious that she was quickly losing herself in the sensation. The boys were also getting more and more excited and were already breaking a sweat. I have to admit, watching a sexual frenzy unfold between people who are very much into one another an the scene is one of the most exciting things I can think of!

"Ok, I've got to get some of her mouth." Marcus finally said. His breathing was heavy and his eyes dilated into black pools. He pulled his cock out from between my wife's legs and gave my wife a little slap on the booty. Drake actually had to force my wife's mouth off of his cock - she was in a groove and didn't want to let go. She stood up and gave me a brief smile, her breath coming in pants. Her eyes were dilated as well, and her makeup was already starting to smear.

"This woman is over-dressed." Said Drake, and both he and Marcus grasped a different side of the dress and lifted it up and off of my wife. The scene was absolutely hot - my wife standing there in her stockings, thong, and bra while flanked by the two strong men. She was speechless, panting, and a little shaky. The boys already had a plan, however, and went right to it. Drake got behind her and deftly undid her bra, letting her huge breasts free. Marcus smacked his right hand against her ass, then his hand slid over her upper thigh. He knelt down on the sheepskin rug and began to lick and suck her sensitive nipples, causing her to moan deeply and clutch his dreadlocked head toward toward her.

Drake was stroking his thick shaft as he watched this, my wife’s expert lips had already got his precum flowing and his cock was slick and rock hard. He then bent my wife slightly forward with one hand and pulled her hips back and towards him with the other. My wife widened her stance an bent forward a little more. He eyes closed, her breathing ragged and punctuated with little moans as Drake licked, sucked, and nibbled upon her pierced nipples and across her soft breasts.

“This is where it really gets hot.” Drake said as he pulled aside her little black thong and began to tease the head of his thick cock against her slick pussy. My wife’s moans got deeper, the dual sensations causing her knees to weaken and shudder. Marcus then stepped back, and together the boys guided her down to her knees. Marcus then grinned, pulled up a footstool, and sat down with his long erect cock right in front of my wife’s panting mouth. She dove right in, wrapping her lips and right hand around the fresh cock, pumping and slurping with abandon as her lust swelled within her.
“Fucking hot” exclaimed Drake as he watched her go at Marcus’ cock. He looked up at me. “You ready for this?” he asked. I nodded, grinned, and took a sip of my scotch. This was hot as hell and I was ready for one of the best shows of my life. I’d be getting mine later. Right now, it was all about my wife getting hers. And how!

Drake pulled aside my wife’s thong again and worked two and then three fingers into my her soppy pussy. She began to moan harder, her mouth and throat full of cock. Marcus every evidently enjoyed her skills and her excitement, his eyes were closed and he had his right hand on her head, guiding her up and down as she worked him like a pro.

“Lets see what kind of noises she makes now.” Drake said with a wicked grin as he pushed the head of his cock against the opening of my wife’s pussy. It popped in, just a bit, causing her to gasp. “Yeah, this pussy is going to get fed today” he said as he pushed a bit more, the head disappearing within her followed by a few inches of thick shaft. She gasped again from around the cock in her mouth, but kept at working it. “Damn, this pussy is ready! Here it comes.” Grasping her hips, Drake pushed himself into her with one long, slow, smooth, thrust. He didn’t stop until he had buried himself to the root within her.

My wife’s gasp turned into a moan and, maybe, a little scream as she pulled her mouth off of Marcus’ cock. Drake’s thick tool was buried within her, stretching her to the max. She could feel the intense heat of his cock, the iron-like hardness, even his heartbeat as his cock throbbed in time with his pounding heart. “Oh god!” she moaned as her pussy clenched around his cock. “Its so thick! I’m so full!” She continued to gasp, willing her body to relax and take it. Drake held himself within her unmoving, the heat of her body and slick feel of her clenching pussy throwing the equivalent of gasoline the roaring flames of his lust. He knew she needed a few moments to adjust to his thickness, although he was impressed she could take is length to easily.

“You ok?” he asked my wife. She replied by starting to rock her body back against his. Gently, slowly, but with purpose. She’d taken him, and her pussy was so excited that it was starving. She also knew her body, what it could take. Drake held steady, letting her do the work.

“Yeah.” she gasped as she began to work more vigorously. Already her pussy was opening up to this new cock. My god the heat from it was intense! “Yeah!” she said again, then went back to sucking Marcu’s cock.

Feeling her pussy loosen and relax, Drake took his que and began to thrust gently into her, each thrust a little longer then the last. She was moaning again, and it was unbelievabely hot to see her moaning in ecstasy through lips wrapped around a thick dark cock. Marcus and Drake both grinned to one another and gave one another the “thumbs up” sign. It was awesome to see them working well together and having a great time.

“Time to give this pussy a workout” Drake said, and he began to penetrate her with very long and deep thrusts. My wife’s moaning and whimpering followed in time with his movements. I could feel the body heat pouring off of her and the boys, the smell of sex saturated the room. Better yet, I could see from her body language that she was really letting go. The boys had aroused her, put her at ease, and were putting her into a sex zone. This was going to be a blast to watch.

Drake was now thrusting into her at a quickening pace, his balls slapping against her as his torso smacked against her ass. All signs of discomfort had vanished from her moans, replaced by an almost animal-like grunting in-between deep slurps as she started to rock her hips back against the enormous cock filling her. Sweat covered everyone, and her movements against Drake were becoming more and more forceful. Drake took his que from her and began to really give it to her. The look and sound of his muscular body smacking against hers was amazing. My woman is built thick, but very very strong. Her Germanic heritage (and hips) were serving her well today - not many women could take this kind of pounding. Her moans and gasps were those of a woman unable to get enough - and wanting all she could get for as long as she could get it.

Then she lost all control. It was easy to tell, because she began to shove Marcu’s cock down her throat until she gagged. This woman loves gagging on cock, but its something that she has to build into. Before me was a woman in a sexual frenzy. She was being filled from behind by a beefy guy with the thickest cock she’d ever felt, and in before her was the longest cock she’d ever sucked. Down onto the cock she went again, and I watched as she pulled herself down as hard as she could. She held herself there, until her body would heave, then she’d gag, pulling herself off him. Long streamers of spit went between her lips and his cock, and she’d be gasping for air and moaning from the pounding from Drake’s relentless cock. She was in bliss!

I sat and watched things unfold. Everyone was going into a sex frenzy right here in my living room. The boys were really into it - perhaps they hadn’t expected my wife to be such an eager little freak. Whatever the case, she was in a zone I’d rarely seen her in and was drinking up every bit of pleasure and attention they could muster. Finally, my wife amazed even me by forcing herself down on Marcus to far that his balls were pressed against her chin. A flicker of amusement went though me for just an instant as all manner of smartass thoughts came to mind, banished as I watched in awe as she held herself there, his cock entirely within her mouth and throat. “Oh shiiiiit” was all Marcus could manage. Then, she was off of him, spit and slobber cascading off his cock and down her lips. I noticed that her neck, tits, and belly were all glistening with her spit. This woman was obviously determined.

“Time to switch it up” said Marcus, panting and a little shaky after experiencing what my wife’s mouth can do. Drake thrust into her a few times extra hard for good measure, eliciting a series of guttural moans from my wife as she panted. Drake then pulled out, nice and slow, and stood up. Markus leaned in and placed a deep kiss on my wife’s lips. “You are the best cocksucker I’ve ever met. We have to do this again. Often!” he said, standing up. My wife, lost in her frenzy, tried reached out for his cock and tried to bring it back into her mouth. Grinning, Marcus removed her hand and turned her toward Drake. The thick black man stood before her with a smile of his own. My wife’s pussy juices mixed with his precum covered his stiff cock (and a very large wet spot on the sheepskin). She didn’t hesitate, and her mouth was on his cock, her mouth and hand working in tandem around its thick shaft. Drake sat down in the same place Marcus had just been, and my wife settled back onto her hands and knees. She was already trying to force his shaft down her throat.

Marcus, a hungry look in his eyes, got behind my wife, pulled aside her thong, and guided his cock into her hungry pussy. “Damn Drake, you did a hell of a job already” he said as he slipped more and more of his length inside. My wife moaned and shuddered as he entered her, enjoying yet another new cock within her. Drake had pounded away at my wife’s pussy like it owed him something, and she was very lose and sloppy, even for Marcu’s thick shaft. “Let’s see if she’s ready for something a little longer” he said as he pushed his length deeper and deeper within her.

The change in her moaning and the arching of her back told Marcus that there was something more to explore within her. “Just relax, baby” Marcus breathed, “I’m going to really stretch you deep.” Ever the voyeur, I craned my neck to see what was happening. I couldn’t suppress my wicked grin as I saw she had a good two inches to go before Marcus buried himself completely. Sensing that she was in for it, my wife pulled her mouth off of Drake and contented herself with jerking him off with her left hand while supporting herself with the right. She spread her legs a little more, lowering her body slightly - offering her deepest reaches to the Marcus’ hungry cock.

“I’ll take it slow” Marcus said as he began to rock against her, thrusting slowly but irresistibly into her. My wife bit her lip and closed her eyes. Her breathing changed, coming in short gasps and pants, alternatively through her nose and mouth. Marcus was good at what he did. He’d push a little deeper, hold it with her, make little mini-thrusts to tease his cock just a bit deeper, then he’d pull out and fuck her for a minute or so with half to three fourths his length. Over and over he built her up in this way, getting a little deeper each time. Sweat was pouring off of both of them when finally, as if something her had given way, he slipped every inch of his length within her. Her gasp was long and every part of her was shuddering as she looked up toward the ceiling with wide eyes.
“There, you got it” Marcus said, laying a kiss on her shoulder, then proceeding to lick and nibble around the same spot. Gradually, my wife’s breathing went from little gasps to the deeper breathing of lust. Her pussy, stretched to its deepest maximum, was was relaxing and allowing the rest of her to function again.

With her body calming down and starting to really enjoy the feeling of deep filling with her, she reached out to Drake’s softening cock and slurped the head into her mouth. I don’t know how long he’d been out of her mouth, but during that time all either of us could do is sit and watch as my wife’s pussy slowly accommodated Marcus’ long cock. A long line of precum had dribbled out of Drake’s cock as we sat watching. My wife made sure to seek out every drop with her lips and tongue, and quickly had Drake rock hard again. She’d taken him all the way in one direction, the lust now flowering anew within her demanded she take him all the way from the other.

Marcus was careful with my wife’s pussy as he began to push up against her shuddering body. He had hit bottom and pushed it a bit deeper, and he knew to work at things gradually. At first, even his small movements brought forth grunts and shudders from my wife. But, gradually, he was able to work into a gentle and steady rhythm, fucking her deep with long steady strokes. He and Drake had compared notes before this meeting, and they were determined that when they were done, mer pussy would be loosened up like it never had been before - or would be again, at least until their next meeting...

The change in my wife’s body language (and her noises) was gradual but noticeable. Marcus was working at her and figured he could judge her comfort level by the way she went at trying to swallow Drake’s cock. His gradual thrusts got faster and faster, and he could feel the looseness of her pussy as her inner depths grew accustomed to his long shaft. Finally, to my delight, everything went into a frenzy again. My wife, body flushed and drenched with sweat, was doing everything in her power to plow Drake’s thick member all the way down her throat. At that stage, Marcus was finally able to cut lose, grasp my wife’s hips, and begin plowing into her like a fiend. The boys were sweating profusely and both were grunting like animals as they hammered at my wife’s body from opposite directions. My wife was glorious - her inner slut was totally unleashed and I watched as she surrendered her body completely to the smell, feel, and taste of the two boys.

Those two had mega stamina, that’s the only way I could describe it. I watched for the next hour as Marcus pounded away at my wife, and the squishy sounds coming from her pussy made me grin from ear to ear. Finally, to everyone’s amazement, she was able to cram Drake’s thick cock so deeply into her throat that only the last half inch or so of his shaft could be seen. She could only hold it in for a second, but the effect caused a chain reaction within her. My wife was cuming like a volcano the moment she got Drake’s cock to its deepest point, causing her body to heave with a huge gag. She pulled off his cock, long streams of spit and slobber flowing off her lips, and moaned and shuddered. Marcus, feeling her pussy clench around him, began thrusting harder and harder, pounding her as the monstrous orgasm washed over her entire body. The caused her to moan louder, and, helpless, she buried her face forward into the sheepskin as Marcus grabbed hold of her hips and plowed her without mercy.

Finally, after several amazing minutes of climax, marcus slowed his thrusting, finally pulling out. My wife collapsed down onto the rug, gasping for breath. Little shudders washed over he body as the warmth of her orgasm glowed bright within her.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” she rasped between ragged breaths. “That was fucking awesome!” she said. Her voice was hoarse, and no wonder. She must have swallowed the best part of two feet of cock over the past two hours. “Oh my god!” she gasped again. Her body was flushed and coated in sweat. A huge wetspot on the sheepskin rug showed that she had squired hardcore during the dual pounding from the boys.

Both boys were breathing hard as well, but they weren’t finished. My wife had been very descriptive as to what her deepest, darkest fantasies were. We certainly weren’t going to go through all of them today, but the boys really liked the idea of a few of them.

I went over to my wife and caressed her shoulder. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, and as I did so her hand moved up and stroked my face. “That was awesome” I whispered into her ear. “I love seeing you like that, letting lose.” I kissed her again.

“I liked it, too” she whispered, rolling over onto her back and kissing me on the mouth. Her tongue went right into my mouth and she clutched at my hair. This gal was still plenty turned on.
“Ready for the big finish?” I asked. I saw a little smile play across her lips.

“What kind of finish?” she asked. Her eyes darted over to the boys, each of whom eyed her sweaty body hungrily. Marcus was still rock hard, Drake was starting to work his cock back to attention.

“Oh, maybe a little something you told me about in a text a few weeks ago” I replied. I then planted a passionate kiss on her. She moaned, and I felt her hands bunch into fists as she grasped my hair. I continued to kiss her, and reached down, slipping one, two, three, and then four fingers into her well-fucked pussy.

“Mmmm... Feels like she’s had a hell of a workout, I think she needs something to help quench her fire.” My wife moaned as I slid a pair of fingers along her G-spot. She was heading back into her zone again, hot and hungry.

I kissed her a bit more, and through one eye I saw Marcus moving around her, kneeling between her spread legs. He was enjoying the show we were giving him, but the look in his eyes told me he was feeling some urgency to continue his own performance. I worked my hand within her pussy some more, giving my wife one my patented handjobs. She was ripe for it, and I felt her body begin to stiffen as her body responded. I know my wife’s buttons, and right now she was my very, very turned-on little slut. I broke off my kiss, and told her as much. “God I love it when you are a little slut for me” I whispered in her ear as I worked my fingers harder and harder within her. Her eyes were tightly closed and her body stiff, little shudders rolling through her. “I can’t wait to fuck you after these boys are done with you. You know it love the feeling of your pussy after she’s been really used.” That sent her over the edge. One hand wrapped around the back of my head and pulled me roughly onto her mouth - our kiss was savage. The other wrapped around my wrist, and she began pulling it and rubbing it against her pussy hard and fast.

That was the sign Marcus and I were waiting for.

A few seconds after she grabbed my wrist, I pulled my hand off of her and brought it up to her mouth, pushing my fingers into her to suck on. In the next instant, Marcus was thrusting the head of his long cock within her still-orgasming pussy. Then he reached down, grabbed her hips, and pulled her towards him. His cock buried itself to the root, causing my wife to gasp anew. I planted another kiss on her lips as Marcus began to rhythmically thrust into her again. The sensation for her was different, taking his long cock while on her back rather then on her knees. It was easier for her, and the shock of being unexpectedly quickly faded and she was bucking against him, moaning into my mouth as Markus began to build his rhythm up from thrusting to pounding. I continued to kiss her, turned on by the sounds of her moaning, the feeling of her body being roughly fucked, and the feel of her hands grasping hard at my hair.

The pounding went on and on, and I finally had to stop kissing her and just let her moan it out as Marcus pounded into her, stronger and stronger. Then, after a time, his pounding became frenzied, hungrier. His breathing turned into animalistic grunts, his need swelling with him. Finally, he lost all sense of rhythm and discipline, pushed his weight down on top of her, grabbed her shoulders, and pounded into her like I’ve never seen before. My wife was nearly screaming from the sensation, clawing at his back and wrapping her legs around him. Finally, Marcus’s grunts turned into moans - quickly joined by my wife as she felt his lock cock begin to pulse deep within her. He continued to thrust within her, his cock filling her with his hot cum. All my wife could do is hold on and moan, feeling pulse after pulse within her as her pussy filled with his hot cream.

Finally, the pulsing subsided, though he held his cock within her. The scene was amazing. My wife continued to gasp for air, releasing her hands from around his back. I could see nail marks here and there, where she had dug into him as he pounded his way toward climax. Marcus then planted a long, sensuous kiss on her mouth. She reached up and grabbed his dreadlocks, holding his mouth to hers as they kissed. It went on for a long time, finally ending with a few more little kisses, followed by the two of them smiling and then breaking into a few giggles.

“I like you” she said in a small, hoarse voice. She kissed him again.

He returned the smile and a kiss, but remained on top of her. “I like you, too. And your naughty little fantasies.” He said. At this point, my wife began to wonder what was next. Then she knew... “You’re not done yet, honey.” He said. “You’re not full yet.”

With that, Marcus slowly pulled out of her and moved away. Missy looked like she was about to say something when drake was there, pushing his cock into her creamy pussy. I watched as his thick, dark member disappeared to the root within her pussy. Little squirts of cum oozed out from between his cock and her pussy lips. “Oh god” my wife was just able to say when Drake reached down, grasped her around the ass, lifted waist to be level with his cock. He then proceeded to stretch her pussy anew by launching into yet another merciless pounding.

The scene was no less hot, and I was amused to hear a different tone to my wife’s moans as Drake fucked the living hell out of her. I filed this away for later - one kind of moan for thick, another kind
for long. Damn I love this woman!

Drake was an absolute beast once he got my wife to himself. He was very powerfully built, and used it to ensure he left an impression. After pounding her good and long while holding up her waist, he then pulled her towards him and had suddenly had her wrapped around him, his cock impaled as deeply into her soppy pussy as it could go. Wrapping his arms around her and nearly crushing her to him, he proceeded to fuck her even harder, thrusting up into her, loving the feel of her arms wrapped around his neck and her moans in his ear.

Drake was amazing to watch with her, and his endurance impressed both Marcus and I (we even took time to go pour ourselves each a glass of scotch, my wife’s moans and whimpers following us into the next room, where we both got a smile and a laugh from the situation). When we returned, Drake had her on her back again and was on top of her similar to what Marcus had done. The plan was to fill her pussy to overflowing with cum, and this was the best way to make sure it happened. Drake was a beast, his thrusts powerful and savage. My wife was helpless before him, overwhelmed and overstimulated. All she could do is moan, though even these were beginning to sound hoarse.

Pound, pound, pound, Drake was on a mission. Sweat ran off of his bald head, down his shoulders, and over his muscular back and shoulders. He was quieter then Marcus when he was fucking, though my wife’s whimpers and moans more then made up for it. Then, Drake was pounding her pussy like he was trying to drill through it. His eyes were closed, teeth clenched, muscles bunched. Then he was moaning, moaning and thrusting. My wife felt an explosion within her his too-thick cock swelling even thicker as it erupted within her. Drake lurched forward atop her as spasm after spasm washed through his body. I looked down to see little runnels of cum flowing out of my wife’s stretched pussy lips. Drake was obviously a very heavy cummer. I grinned to myself to think that they were even more so since both had sworn not to cum for a week prior to this meeting. My wife could only shudder under his weight, her body ravaged and filled with hot cream. Drake finally collapsed all his weight on top of her, panting. My wife reached up and began to stroke the head and back of her lover, enjoying the feel of his still pulsing cock filling her to the brim. She could feel their combined cum within her pussy oozing out, slipping between their flesh. It felt amazing; sexy and soothing all at the same time.

“That was hot” Marcus said as my wife and Drake began to kiss one another slowly but passionately. I was pretty happy with the fact that the boys not only played well together, but also loved to kiss. My wife throws herself into kissing, its one of her favorite things, particularly after sex. “We have to do this again, she is amazing!” His smile was infectious, and soon I was grinning and nodding my head to the idea.

“If we could do this once a month or so, I think you’d find her a very happy, and well-oiled, lady.” I replied. Drake looked about ready to get off of my wife, which was my que. A naughty smile spread across my face when I thought about what was next. My wife was a very naughty gal indeed.

“Baby, that was fantastic!” Drake exclaimed as he pulled off of her. My wife was still breathing heavy, and could only nod. “Your husband told me that today you were going to be out little slut.” Drake said as I stripped out of my shorts and shirt. Drake started stroking her cheek and dreadlocks. “Now you two are going to give us a show. We spent all week making that cum for you, so we want to see you be a good little slut and not let any go to waste.”

My wife was still on her back, and I positioned myself between her legs and sank my rock hard cock into her - I’d never felt her so lose! I’d never felt her so creamy! Fortunately, I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of in the cock department, and she felt me just fine, and moaned as I entered her. I just love the feel of a pussy that has been good and fucked. In this case, I got the daily double: a pussy that has been super fucked and creamed.

“Are you ready to show us what a good little cumslut you are?” I asked her. The boys had both sat down to watch the show. Her body was still hot, the fire of arousal still strong despite the pounding she’d taken.

“Yes.” You rasp. “I want to be your little cumslut.” A jolt of excite went through me to hear her say it. My wife, once so shy about speaking out about her naughty desires, was making my day.

“You know I love it when you’re my little cumslut, honey.” I said. I thrust my cock into her soppy pussy a few more times, then pulled it out. It was covered in cream, the spunk of two different men who had pleasured the hell out of her. Then I moved my cock to her mouth, which she opened eagerly. “Now show your lovers what a good little cumslut you can be.” She pulled my cock into her mouth, sucking it fiercely. I thrust it into her mouth a few times, and then pulled it out, clean and glistening.

“Good girl!” said Drake. "Hot!" Marcus was grinning ear to ear and nodding his head.

“You’ve got a lot more to go honey, so here we go.” Back and forth I went, my cock in her pussy, and then once it was covered with cum it went into her mouth. She loved every bit of it, not letting go of my cock until it was completely clean. Finally, I’d gotten all I could from her. There was sure to be plenty more, deep within her where I couldn’t reach, but that was fine. My wife’s pussy is a greedy one where cum us concerned, and would be happy to soak up everything it could.

“And now it is my turn.” I said. Marcus and Drake both clapped at that. They wanted to see a show as well. I stood up and got my wife to her knees, right in front of the boys. “Suck my cock” I said. Still in a daze of lust, she pulled me into her mouth and and devoured me whole. My wife loves deep throating my cock - for her, it is the prefect size for everyday sucking. And she was on me like a fiend, hands grasping my balls and pulling me into her mouth and down her throat. She was on a mission, and that mission was to get me to cum. Within five minutes she had me erupting down her throat, my hand clutching the back of her head and moans of my own heard throughout the house. My wife was definitely enjoying her role as a cumslut - she milked me dry, not missing a drop.
I collapsed down to my knees beside her, panting. We had our hands on one another’s bodies immediately, holding onto one another. Then we looked into each others eyes and then kissed, long and slow.

“That. Was. Awesome.” I managed to say.

My wife gave me a smile that I recognized as the “very happy and satisfied wife” smile. “Oh yeah!” she agreed. Then she got up and went over to the boys, kissing each of them in turn.

I got up as well, and finished off my scotch. “So, your saying you could do this again?” The boys both lit up and she just send me a look, which clearly said “Of course, dumbass!”

“Give me a week to recover she said, as she wrapped a towel around her bottom half and sat down on the couch.” She made a few ginger “Ooh!” noises as she did so. My wife was going to be a very sore girl later today and into tomorrow. “But right now, I could do with a pizza!”


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