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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   Erotic Tale - kinky threesome (lots of girl-girl with a creamy finish)   

1/16/2013 18:43
Posted By:  - MAPLEWOOD, MN  
Date Posted: 1/16/2013 18:43
    - Creamy Dessert -

It was time for another game between my wife and I. It had been awhile, and we were both feeling the urge to do something that pushed our comfort zone. Our games are all about excitement and anticipation. We have a great time together, and our sex life is explosive (when we have the time). Our occasional games are just to add a bit more spice into something that’s already wonderful...

A few things about my wife: for one, she’s pretty insatiable. She’s built strong, has amazing curves, and huge breasts. Because of this, she can take a lot of attention sexually, and has an appetite for passion and sex that is hard to keep up with. I love it, and am always thinking up new ways to rock her world. Because of this, we’ve both grown sexually over the years as our experiences helped expand what we enjoy.

One of my favorite benefits of this is how much my wife has come to crave the taste of my cum. This craving all started years ago, when one of our games (lasting a month) required her to swallow every drop of cum I could produce. She went into the game merely enjoying the experience. She came out of it a woman possessing a genuine hunger to taste me. It’s amazingly hot, because this is a woman whom I get to watch lose herself in taste and sensation as she goes down on me.

Of late, her hunger and enjoyment of sucking a man to completion has been expanded to other men - which makes it even hotter.

But that’s not what this story is about...


I love it when my wife talks dirty to me. I am an accomplished naughty talker while she is still learning her technique. So when she tells me something kinky when we’re having sex, I pay careful attention and commit to memory. So when she suggested the rules of our new game, I was very excited, but not surprised...

I was on my back, after a long fuck session and she had just un-straddled me and was lying next to me, stroking my cock. It was rock hard, and glistened with her juices. She leaned down, sucked most of my cock into her mouth, and then pulled off. She was smiling a wicked little grin.

“Mmmmmm. I love how I taste on you, and I can taste your cum - it’s so sweet.” She stroked me some more, getting me worked up. She loves how my body squirms and how hard my breathing gets when she decides to settle in for a long, slow, teasing hand job.

“I think it’s time for another game, and I’ve been thinking about this one for a long time” she said. More stroking as my excitement was starting to really build. Pre-cum was starting to flow out of my cock, and her hands were slick with it. She obviously notices, and brought her hand to her mouth, licking it off, and then wrapping it around me again. “I want to try something new with you.” she breathed. Even after a pair of orgasms, she was still hot as a bonfire. “I love your cum, how sweet you taste. I also want to play with a girl. I want you both. And then I want to watch you fuck her.”

She leaned in and began to whisper in my ear. Her voice got huskier as she spoke, meaning her arousal was growing. “I want to watch you fuck the hell out of her, and then you are going to cum in her.” She began to suck on my ear, feeling my body begin to tense up. “Its going to be a huge load because when we do this, you are not going to cum for at least a week. You’re going to give her a nice creamy pussy” My wife can feel I’m close, and stops stroking me. She is, however, touching herself and I can already tell another orgasm is close.

“So what’s the game” I breathe, leaning in to kiss her.

She’s starting to shudder, but starts answers me in little gasps. “After... you…fill... her... I... want... to... lick... her... pussy...” and then she begins to cum, bucking against my body and kissing me savagely. She reaches over and begins stroking my cock like mad, in just a few seconds she’s got me spurting everywhere.

Our passion subsides and our lips meet. The kiss is long and very hot - even after an orgasm, we’re both still hot. Possibilities swirl through my head. I roll on my back, eyes closed, and then I begin to hear little slurping sounds. My eyes open, and I watch as my wife uses her fingers to gather my cum from on her body, and then bring them up to her mouth. Her slurping was just to get my attention. We both grin, and then her head is moving here and there over me, seeking out every drop of cum that I had sprayed onto myself. She’d already gotten every drop off of herself.

“I’m looking forward to this little game!” I say with a grin, and then we embrace and kiss again.


Finding a gal took some time, and she took charge of that process. “If I’m going to lick a girl in that way, I’m going to make sure I like her first!” she told me as I looked over her shoulder at the computer screen. She had emails from several girls, but it look like she was building some nice chemistry with a very pretty Latin girl named Rachel. Rachel was about five and a half feet tall, had wonderful dark skin, lustrous curly black hair, and a bright smile. She was a rounder girl, with curves in all the right places and a bit of extra padding here and there. The whole effect makes her look like a Latin pinup girl, and she was sure to wear outfits that showed off her assets - particularly her rump.

She and my wife had been chatting for a couple of weeks, and I began to sense our game was definitely afoot. It had better be, because my wife had decided to add a few rules. The first rule was that my diet was to be one that promoted semen productions. I had a few tricks I used to use when I wanted to have a big load that tasted sweet. I’d a bunch of eat celery, drink pineapple juice, and take vitamin E and zinc tablets a few days before we’d play. The results were always impressive, and my wife always thought it was sexy when I cum a big load. She could also tell the difference in taste - sooo much sweeter when I regularly drank pineapple juice.

However, under my wife’s rules, this became my everyday routine for over a month! We also learned that egg whites were also good for building up large loads, so my day started with egg whites and always included at least two plate full of celery. The zinc and vitamin E were already a part of our daily routine, but she had me on double doses. That was the easy part (I loved eating that stuff, anyway).

The harder part was her other rules:

#1  I was only allowed to cum once a week while our game was afoot. She made it worse by sending me naughty texts and kinky erotica images in my email. With my body in cum production overdrive and my imagination in overdrive, I could feel pressure in my balls a day and a half after our sex session. By the time we got to a week, I was jittery and careful not to sit down too quickly.

#2  I was to make her cum, daily, with my mouth or hands. Sometimes both.

The second part I didn’t mind so much, I already delighted in feasting upon her sweet pussy. But it didn’t take long to occur to me that she was probably enjoying the turnabout in our games - because after nearly a month of this, I was associated sex more with the taste of her juices and the grinding of her eager pussy to the point where I craved it almost as much as I craved release.

As a point of pride, when the time came for me to finally cum, I shot loads that would go well beyond over-filling my wife’s eager mouth. Good diet and anticipation (as well as lots of foreplay) make me a big shooter. After a week of yearning and pussy licking, I was erupting with loads that my wife had to work very hard at to get down. By the fifth week, my load was so large that she had to hold on to me as I gushed, gulping and gulping as I came.

“You are getting sweeter and sweeter” she said, running her tongue over my cock, making sure to get ever drop of cum. I was still oozing, even post-orgasm. On this night she’d worked me solely with her mouth. It’d taken over an hour, and she enjoyed making me squirm and whimper. I’d wanted to cum so bad, but she’d always stop just as I started to approach climax. She was enjoying the fact that I was obeying the rules of our game, and she wanted to get the most out of it.

“You’ll be happy to know that I’m going to have drinks with Rachel tomorrow night. Just to see how well we get along in person.” She continued licking at me, my cock still leaking cum. “If I like her in person, we’ll all go out for drinks. She’s got pictures of you. I’ve also told her all about you.” She licked me again. She knew she had my full attention. “And she’s a bit kinky, too. She likes what we’ve got in mind and wants to be a part of it, if she likes us as well. She’s got some ideas of her own. I love a woman with an imagination.”

The smile on my face would put the Cheshire cat to shame. “That sounds great” I said. “And she’s cool with the whole idea?”

“Uh huh.” Replied my wife. “You’re fixed, so that’s one worry gone. We’re also all going to get tested before we go through with it. Just to be safe and sure” More licks from my wife. “Depending on how well we get along, of course.”

I couldn’t wait!


Drinks with Rachel apparently went very well indeed. While my wife and I don’t play apart, it was obvious when she got home that my wife had been kissing someone and was all kinds of hot and bothered. However, she wouldn’t tell me exactly what happened, all she would do is grin mischievously and reply “Oh yeah, we get along - and we’ll all be meeting for drinks next Friday.”

While it wasn’t quite the longest week of my life, it was pretty close. Our sexual tension was at a peak all throughout the week, and my wife was a wildcat in bed - riding my face, ramming a thick dildo into her pussy as I licked her, even getting a slow fisting session out of me. I was aroused as hell, and thrilled with the idea of finding someone to include in our naughty games.

When Friday came, I was so horny I was having a hard time forming sentences when dealing with people. I couldn’t concentrate at work, and my head literally swam from arousal. When I’d look in the mirror, my eyes were usually pools of black from being dilated due to desire.

That night, we got all dressed up - me in dress pants, a nice dress shirt, and classy suspender, and my wife in a slinky black dress that clung to all the right places. She also did up her hair and wore her best jewelry - blue sapphire to set off her eyes. We went to one of our favorite local bistros - a place featuring good drink and healthy food. It was salsa night, and the atmosphere was definitely Latin and sexy.

We weren’t there long when suddenly Rachel was there. She was dressed similar to my wife - a little black dress sure to conquer anyone with a pulse. They greeted one another with a hug, and she gave my wife a little peck on the cheek. Their smiles were more like naughty partners in crime than anything else. I couldn’t help myself, I grinned like an idiot.

The rest of the night was a bit of a daze for me, I have to admit. We chatted about this and that and had a few drinks. We got to know a good deal more about one another and liked what we learned. She was a feisty and very intelligent woman - she worked in medical research - and she strongly believed that if you worked hard, you played at least twice as hard. She was charming and outspoken, and more than once made flattering remarks about us both. She also made eye contact when she spoke with us. Here was a confident woman who was definitely more than just a good time - she was a force. I was happy to be a part of it.

Finally, it was late and time to go. The gals had been out dancing for white awhile, dancing very, very close together, and having a very good time. We had gotten comfortable enough to exchange all sort of compliments about one another, and at one point I had sat in my chair and each gal had a hand on my thigh as we spoke. I’m not the greatest seducer on earth, but I took this to be a very positive sign for the future.

I helped each of the gals get their coats on and led the way out, holding the door for both of them. Rachel had parked near to our car, so we walked as a trio to the lot. Rachel and my wife walked right next together, almost touching as they continued to chat. Finally, we reached our cars and it was time to bid adieu for the evening. Without hesitating, Rachel planted a deep kiss right on my wife. I could tell that my wife had wanted it, but was surprised when it came just like that. Rachel pressed her against the door of our car, and the kiss went on and on. Finally, their lips moved apart and my wife let off a gentle moan. Her face was flushed and she stumbled a bit, dizzy on her feet.

It had been a good night.


“Rachel wants to come over next Saturday.” My wife said with a huge smile as I got home from work. She was positively glowing. We got tested the next day, and had our All Clear results by the end of the week. That was a hell of a week, and my wife was definitely on a mission. I swear she had me eating two bags of celery a day. At night, she was so aroused she was squirting all over my face as I made her cum again and again. She was definitely enjoying herself, and likewise loved being in the lead for this little adventure of ours.

She told me that Rachel found us both very attractive, and she was also excited about the little game we were playing. Both ladies were pretty amused at how flustered I appeared to be.  They enjoyed the combination of my sexual tension (from not having had an orgasm in so long) and the fact that I was smitten with both ladies. Missy explained that I was usually the assertive one who took the lead. Both of them liked the idea that it was Missy’s game, and her rules, that put the ladies up on a pedestal. All I could do was shake my head and chuckle. The sexual tension was absolutely intoxicating. Plus, I genuinely loved it when women had the confidence to take some charge and push their own ideas and desires. This was going to be fun!


Rachel arrived at our home at around 7:30 that Saturday night.  We’d locked up the doggies in the kitchen (a pair of Welsh Corgis who love everyone), lit candles throughout the house, covered the living room floor with fluffy quilts, and chilled a couple bottles of champagne.

My wife was dressed in dark stockings, black garters, black panties with golden swirly pattern on them, and a red and black bra that cupped the bottom of her large breasts, but left the tops mostly exposed - all covered by a black satin robe that barely came down below her rump. Rachel came in wearing a short red and black, dress, black stockings with a red line running up the back of each leg, red high heels, and a look of determined mischief.

You know you’re in for a fun night when everything kicks off without a word. I’ll have to assume that the gals were plotting throughout the week; because the moment Rachel entered there was a magnetic tension between her and my wife that instantly brought them together into a kissing embrace. Their kissing was passionate from the start, a continuation of the savage kiss I saw before. My wife, however, returned it with equal vigor and it was clear that within the first minute that they were both lost in one another. Hot hot hot!

They finally parted mouths and shared a laugh. They were both panting and both had their lipstick smeared. “Thanks for coming over” my wife said.

Rachel laughed again. “Thanks for having me! I’ve been looking forward to this all week.  I’ve needed this.” They kissed again, a bit more gently, and I watched as their hands began to roam over one another’s bodies. Both ladies had fantastic curves, and it was obvious they appreciated what they were touching.

They parted lips again, and my wife managed to pant. “You’re overdressed.” Rachel nodded and pulled her dress up as my wife undid her robe and tossed it aside. I have to admit, watching two hot women, made up and wearing lingerie, making out with enthusiasm, ranks as one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.

Happily, it wasn’t in the plans to leave me out!  My wife reached out with her left hand, grabbed my shirt, and pulled me close to them both. As soon as I was against them, they stopped kissing and they each took a side of my shirt and pulled it off. My wife then reached down, cupping my cock through my pants. My lips met hers and we shared a deep kiss. Rachel had one of her hands on my wife’s breasts while her other hand was fiddling with the top button of my pants.  I have to admit that this must be what heaven is like - it’d been awhile since we entertained a gal for playtime, and it was all washing over me again why we loved it so much!

My pants slipped down around my ankles, causing me to stumble as I shifted my weight against the warm bodies of the ladies. They both laughed, and my wife told me to “take those off!” before she and Rachel went back to kissing. As I pulled off my pants I watched them sit down on our couch, lips locked, and each reaching down and touching the other’s inner thigh. I spent a moment wondering just who was going to take charge on this one - they were both aroused as hell and wanted to do some exploring.

I got my answer when Rachel leaned forward into her kiss, pushing my wife back.  Rachel had her right hand on my wife’s thigh while her left hand slid up her back, and she took a strong grip on my wife’s dreadlocks. She tipped her back further, causing my wife to moan. Finally, Rachel had my wife on her back, and she was rubbing my wife’s pussy through her panties.

I watched for awhile, enjoying how Rachel moved her hand and delighting in watching my wife surrender herself to the feisty Latin gal. Rachel was on a mission. I’d heard from my wife that Rachel doesn’t get to play with gals all that often, so when she does, she makes the most of it. Rachel’s kisses stayed intense, and she’d gone from rubbing her hand over my wife’s pussy to sliding one, then two, then three fingers within her. My wife moaned like mad, I could already hear the juicy noises her pussy was making from Rachel’s fingers as it began to sop with wetness.

I decided to let them alone for a bit and watch. These gals had both been hungering for a woman’s touch for some time, and they were both pretty much in a frenzy. My wife apparently wanted to do some exploring on her own, and tried to push herself up. Rachel planted an even more savage kiss upon her, and in one motion she pulled her fingers out of my wife’s pussy and thrust them into my wife’s mouth as they kissed. That was amazing to watch, let alone experience and my wife gave up trying to get the upper hand. They kissed a bit longer, and then finally Rachel gave her a bit of a break and removed her mouth.

“Take off your bra” Rachel commanded. “And your panties.  I want to see your pussy.” My wife struggled out of her bra, she was flustered with lust - and this beautiful woman had her in a trance.  My wife stood up and slid off her panties, revealing a shaved pussy whose lips glistened from arousal. Rachel took her bra off as well, and then pressed her breasts against my wife’s, planting yet another kiss on her hungry lips. Her breasts were smaller and darker hued they my wife’s, and the contrast was extremely hot. Rachel’s mouth went down to my wife’s left nipple, where she began to roughly suck and nibble. My wife's eyes rolled back in her head and closed, her hands gripped Rachel’s dark hair and she began to moan and moan from Rachel’s attention. I found out later that Rachel had a pierced tongue (shows how well I was paying attention in my lustful daze!), and the feeling of it on her nipples (which are also pierced) nearly brought my wife to orgasm.

Rachel worked on my wife’s nipples until my wife was sweaty and weak-kneed. Then, things got interesting. She pushed my wife down onto the couch, slid off her own underwear and immediately straddled my wife’s face. My wife wrapped her arms around Rachel’s thighs and began to lick, suck, and tongue fuck Rachel’s pussy with abandon. Rachel shuddered, threw her head back, and moaned. She reached down and gripped the back of my wife’s head, pulling her face hard into her pussy. Despite the girl’s determination and self control, it was clear that she’d also been hungry for a woman’s attention. My wife’s soft lips and long tongue were going to drive her wild.

Sensing my queue, I slid down between my wife’s legs, parted her thighs, and engulfed her pussy with my mouth.  I’m pretty proud of my oral skills.  Women have raved about them throughout my life.  While I don’t have a terribly long tongue, is fast and relentless. “Possessed” is how one girlfriend described it.  I sucked her sweet pussy into my mouth, got a grip around her rump, and let my tongue crazy on her, licking across her lips, clit, and driving it into her like a piston. My wife is also a very juicy girl when she’s aroused; I love it, and work to get every drop as hard as she works at getting mine. When I put my mouth on her, however, I’d never experienced her this wet, this hot, and her pussy this wanton. Gusher was one word that sprang to mind, and I loved it.



What is best described as a frenzy broke out at this point – the feel, smell, sound, and energy of the area just took over.  Rachel was obviously very, very fired up, and she help hold of my wife’s head and began to grind her hips forward and back, grinding her pussy into and against my wife’s hungry mouth.  Her moans were shorter and sharper then my wife’s – she was a woman on a mission to cum.  My wife totally gave in to the energy and licked and sucked on her for all she was worth, arms wrapped around her and holding on for dear life as the feisty Latina used her mouth and tongue.  I gripped my wife’s pussy with my lips and bore down on her clit with my tongue, enjoying how she squirmed and bucked from the sensation.  Then, for a few wonderful moments, we rocked as one, my wife as our union point.  Then Rachel began to thrash about, moaning louder and louder as she reached her climax.  My wife, pushed over the edge by the excitement, began to cum as well.  She was so aroused she was squirting, and I kept my mouth steady against her, tongue fucking her and swallowing as she bucked against me. 



The ladies gradually came down from their passion, and Rachel swung herself off of my wife’s face.  She took a deep breath of air and I saw her face was soaked.  “I can finally breathe again!” my wife said with a smile, and both ladies began to laugh.  They were both shaky and sweaty.  I got up to go and fetch some champagne from the kitchen.  When I got back, my wife was sitting up and Rachel was curled next to her, her head on her breast.  My wife was running her hand through Rachel’s curly dark hair.  They weren’t tired, just taking a break – and enjoying the soft feeling of one another’s bodies.  My wife loves the touch and feel of a woman on her – it is comfortable and sexy at the same time.  They both smiled at the sight of the Champaign.  Then my wife pointed at me.  “Look at his underwear!” she said with a giggle.  I looked down to see that the front of my underwear was wet with my pre-cum.  I blushed as I handed them their glasses.



“It’s been over a week, what do you expect?” I said with a wry smile. 



“You better hold onto that” my wife said after taking a long sip of her Champaign.  Her arm was around Rachel, her hand brushing languidly across her upper chest and across the top of her breasts.  Rachel was caressing my wife’s inner thigh again.  These two girls were so soft, little wonder they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another!



“You listen to your wife” said Rachel, smiling.  “We have plans for that tonight!” she said.  It was going to be one of THOSE nights, where the gals were naughty indeed and were only too happy to give me a bit of a hard time.  It was all in good fun, everyone knew I’d get mine later – but these sexy ladies needed and deserved quite of a lot of attention tonight.



The ladies finished their drink and started to kiss again.  I can never get enough of watching that.  Their kiss built over a few minutes, after which I stepped up and pressed myself against the two of them, running my hand and fingernails gently over each of their backs.  They moaned in tandem, enjoying the feel of my hands as it played across their backs.  “I think it’s time to move into the bedroom, ladies” I said.  They clung to their kiss a bit longer, eventually releasing one another long enough for me to lead them into our bedroom.  



A red light glowed within the ceiling fan’s light fixture, and candles were placed here and there throughout the room.  The bed had soft sheets on it, the covers thrown back.  It was warm and inviting, and my wife took Rachel’s hand and led her to our bed.  They each sat down on the bed, kissing again (again, I can never get tired of watching that!), caressing, and then clutching at one another as their passion began to build anew.  The noises they made were delicious, and I lay next to them, enjoying everything.  My wife pushed Rachel onto her back and straddled her, laying a deep and passionate kiss on her.  Then she moved her lips over Rachel’s breasts and began to flick her hard nipples with her long tongue.  I leaned in for a better view.  Rachel was moaning softly, both hands wrapped around my wife’s back, her nails occasionally digging in when my wife teeth dug into her nipples a little.



“Kiss her” my wife breathed.  “Kiss her now!”  She didn’t have to tell me twice.  I planted a kiss of my own on Rachel’s lips.  Rachel reached around and gripped my hair, pulling me down toward her mouth and moaning softly.  Her tongue moved across mine with building passion as my wife’s mouth moved from one of her breasts to the other, licking and nibbling.  Rachel’s moans then became stronger as my wife slid her left right hand over her body.  Rachel squirmed as my wife’s nails played across her belly, abdomen, across her thighs.  Then, in one motion, my wife pushed three fingers all the way into Rachel’s eager pussy.  Rachel almost pulled my hair out as she arched her back against my wife’s hand – her moan into my mouth loud and strong. 



My wife knew she wanted to do when she had a woman like this, and she proceeded to begin working her fingers in and out of Rachel’s pussy, sliding them with expert care, rubbing upward with her finger tips against the sexy Latina’s G-spot, all the while her thumb swirling in circles over her clit.  It was amazingly hot to know that Rachel, so assertive and in control, suddenly giving in and giving up her body to my wife’s attention.  Arousal combined with comfort – these gals were having a great time, and felt safe letting themselves go as they did it.  I kissed Rachel with more care, knowing what my wife was capable of doing to a woman, knowing it was going to be impossible for Rachel to concentrate on anything other than the sensations she was receiving.  She kissed me back, but not with the mad passion from earlier.  It was the kiss of a woman who wished her mouth to be happily occupied as a part of what the rest of her body was feeling.  My wife worked and worked at her, and Rachel began to arch and convulse her body in tune with my wife’s fingers within her pussy.  Then, in a rush, she was moaning and then screaming into my mouth, gripping the back of my head to hard I thought she’d pull my hair out!



My sexy wife, a lover of women’s bodies, had brought Rachel to an enormous climax with her fingers and mouth, and kept going, teasing the climax to greater heights.  Rachel bucked up and down, almost violently, and a second orgasm crashed over her.  Her lips released my mouth with a terrific moan, then she pulled my wife’s lips to hers, in a kiss of savage passion.  My wife must have sensed that Rachel’s pussy must have reached its limit, because the Latina stopped writhing like a wildcat.  My wife put her arm around the back of Rachel’s neck as she kissed her, then pulled her fingers out of her pussy and pushed them into Rachel’s mouth. 



“Taste it!” my wife said as Rachel sucked hungrily on her fingers.   I could see her tongue moving over my wife’s fingers.  Rachel obviously enjoyed her own taste, and the fingers that had given her so much pleasure.  My wife was content to watch for a bit, and then she moved in and planted a long, slow kiss on Rachel’s panting lips.  Holy shit!  Why weren’t there more women like this in the Midwest!?



The kiss went on and on, and then they parted, both panting.  This was shaping up to be a good night!  “We need some more champagne” my wife said with heavy breaths.  I sprang out of bed and fetched a fresh bottle from the fridge, popped the cork, and went back into the bedroom with three glasses.  When I got back, the gals had moved off of the bed and had our toy chest open.  My wife and I have a LOT of sex toys – and we make sure we buy the best.  My wife had put her strap-on harness on, a leather affair with a flame motif around the hole for the dildo.  The gals were going through our dong collection with interest.



“I want to fuck you with this one.” My wife said, pulling out a long, thick, purple dong made of soft material that made it feel like a real cock.  “I’ve felt that pussy, and she needs to be good and fucked!”  Rachel didn’t seem to mind my wife’s assessment, and planted a quick kiss on her that ended with a little nibble on her bottom lip.  This caused my wife to grin, which turned wicked a split second later and she grasped Rachel by the back of her head and turned her around, placing her hands on the front bed frame and bent her over.  “You are going to take my cock!” my wife said in a deep, lustful voice.



Rachel bent lower and pushed her ass backward, bumping against the long cock my wife wore.  “I will.”  She said.  “And then I’m going to fuck you with a bigger one!”  I wish I had a camera to catch the mischievous grin Rachel flashed at that moment.  All I could do is watch as it all unfolded, amused and giddy at the same time.  Maybe we should clone this girl, THIS was an awesome playmate!



It is worth noting that my wife, in addition to being an extremely sexual and physical woman, did a long stint as a professional dominatrix.  It never featured prominently in our lives, honestly, we are both alphas and so we decided to just keep the pro dominatrix stuff as an aspect of her career.  It came into play a few times, when I allowed her to practice on me.  It was fun, and I took what I learned from it to create scenes where I was in charge of her.  I have to admit, she has a MUCH higher tolerance for pain then I.



Pain was not involved in this situation – what was involved was that sparkle I used to see in my wife’s eyes when she found herself in charge and really relished the experienced.  And, oh she was enjoying being in charge now!  My woman absolutely adores using her strap-on.  I have seen her fuck women into insensible messes.  I wondered what she could accomplish with this feisty Latina. 



“Ok” my wife said.  “You can fuck me with whatever cock you want – if you can after I am done with you.”  My wife reached out to the dresser, pumped some lube into her palm, slathered it onto the dong, and pushed the thick head of the cock into Rachel’s pussy from behind. 



“Oh  God!” Rachel moaned as the cockhead slipped in.  Her fingers gripped the headboard of the bed until they turned white.  My wife had said it’d been awhile since Rachel had gotten laid – so she was pretty tight.  Fortunately, despite my wife’s strong language, she knew how to work a thick dildo into a woman.  My wife reached out with her left hand and gripped Rachel’s left shoulder, at the same time she wrapped her hand around the base of the dildo (which she calls “her cock” when she’s fucking someone with it) and began to work it gently and steadily into her pussy. 



Watching my woman thrust like that into a woman, oh wow!  Suffice it to say, she was a natural with it.  Rachel began to breathe heavily and lowered herself a little bit, pushing back just a little to help accommodate my wife’s cock.  I saw my wife lick her lips in a slow, languid, sensuous way as she coaxed inch after inch of her cock within her new friend.  Rachel, already very aroused, began to push back harder and harder, moaning in time with my wife’s thrusts.  Then, with one long and deep thrust, my wife’s cock buried itself to the hilt.  Rachel gasped and moaned, her head pointed downward and her fingers clutching at the headboard.  My wife released Rachel’s shoulder and gripped her at the hips with both hands. 



“Do you like this, honey?” my wife asked.  I knew she directed that at Rachel – they were sharing a moment. 



“Uhhhh… Yes, I love it!  I’m so full, so full of your big cock!” she panted.  That dildo was every inch of nine inches, and thicker than Rachel’s wrist.  She was filled to the brim, and was loving it.  I could see by the strain in her legs that she was continuing to push back against my wife’s hips.  “Please, fuck me” Rachel breathed.  I’d seen this before with my wife – when I strapped on a big cock and fucked her.  It always made it easier for a woman to take a big one if you kept working it within her.



My wife smirked, and then gave Rachel a sharp crack across her right ass cheek.  Rachel squeaked and looked up with wide eyes, only to begin moaning with closed eyes as my wife gripped her hips and began rhythmically pumping her cock into her.  Holy shit this was a sight to see!  I watched as Rachel surrendered her hot body to my wife and her strap-on cock.  My wife began fucking her with long, slow, measured thrusts.  Rachel acclimated quickly, and my wife’s thrust became stronger and faster.  Eventually, she was slapping her pelvis hard against Rachel’s ass, burying her cock to the root within that eager pussy. Harder and harder my wife was thrusting.  Slap!  Slap!  Slap! 



Rachel, for her part, was taking it like a champ.  She moaned all the while, squirming against my wife’s cock at first, but eventually thrusting backward against it as hard as my wife was thrusting towards her.  Her moans became a bit quieter as my wife was able to fucker her more easily.  Rachel was becoming lost in the feeling, and she loved every second of being fucked by my strong, voluptuous wife.  



Ok, I was pretty well going out of my mind at this point.  My cock was so hard you could probably cut diamond with it this point.  In life, there aren’t many sights a grown man can see that are more arousing then the scene unfolding in front of me at this moment.  My wife, who knows me damn well, realized this and decided that it was about damn time my cock got some attention as well.



She looked up at me suddenly and simply said “fuck her mouth.”  I probably risked a case of friction combustion of my underwear I took them off so fast (important note, I’d also removed my socks earlier – it is sooooo tacky when guys are still wearing socks during sex.  Just sayin’).  Rachel must have heard my wife, and it was clear she didn’t mind the instruction one bit.  She looked up at me as I got up on the bed, knelt down, and pushed my cock towards her mouth.  Her mouth was like fire around my wanton cock as she pushed as much of me as she could into herself.  A shudder ran through my body as her warmth surrounded me.  Her tongue was amazing, running over the tip of my cock, along the shaft and then back again, teasing the slit.  I felt her start to suck on me, and got the amazing sensation that she was sucking my pre-cum out of me like my cock was a thick and meaty straw.  I was so backed up that my thought was probably pretty close to reality.  “He tastes good, doesn’t he?” my wife purred, her thrusts having slowed down just as Rachel pulled me into her mouth.  My wife wanted her to be able to concentrate and experience the feel and taste as her lips embraced me.



Rachel slurped on me a few times, obviously enjoying herself, then she pulled me out and answered “His cum is so sweet!  And there’s so much, I can suck out as much as I like.”  She said, and then she engulfed me again, sucking eagerly.



“Not too much!” My wife said, slapping Rachel on her ass – causing her to moan against my cock.  “We have plans for all of that cum.”  Then, to my amazement and delight, we were moving together as one, my wife fucking her pussy with an increasing intensity as Rachel sucked my cock with abandon.  This went on for some time – and I had to concentrate, hard, to keep from cumming – until my wife’s pace finally reached a state that I like to call “fucking it like you hate it.”  Rachel could no longer concentrate, and I pulled away from her for my own safety (I was starting to feel teeth!).  I watched as my wife’s hands gripped Rachel’s hips hard while she fucked the living hell out of her.  The grunts and moans coming from Rachel’s lips were amazing to listen to.   Just as sexy was to watch my wife at work.  Her body was flushed, covered with sweat, and her hips moved with a rhythm that I could only call natural.  This woman was born to fuck women with big cocks.



Finally, Rachel reached back and caught hold of my wife’s wrist.  My wife stopped pumping into her, cock half-way buried, and began to run her fingernails over Rachel’s gorgeous ass.  “That enough for you, honey?” my wife asked softly.  Rachel was panting hard, her body drenched with sweat.  I looked at the cock – my wife had been fucking her like a little slut for over a half hour. 



“I could use a break” Rachel panted.  “And a change of position” she added, with just a hint of malice in her voice.  My wife smiled and licked her lips, and slowly pulled her cock out of the hot Latina.  Rachel breathed heavily as inch after inch of the thick cock was pulled from her, moaning softly as the head finally popped out of her.  “I want some more champagne” she said, looking up at me meaningfully.  In this circumstance, a boy knows his role – I got out of bed and refilled their glasses without delay.  The ladies were facing one another and kissing as I brought them their glasses.  Both were kneeling on our bed, Rachel’s arms around my wife’s neck while my wife held her at the hips.  I noted that my wife was gently pressing her cock against Rachel as they embraced.



They stopped kissing as I approached, and each gave me a big smile as they took their glass and had a sip.  Sweet champagne after sex is one of life’s little treats!  Rachel drained her glass quickly, handed it back to me, and then went to rummage in our toy chest.  My wife took her time with her champagne, taking little sips from her glass while her other hand idly stroked her strap-on cock and staring at Rachel’s sweaty body.  Rachel looked up at her and grinned, and then pulled my wife’s biggest dong out of the toy chest.



“My turn!” Rachel announced, and smacked the long, thick cock into her hand like a nightstick.  My wife’s biggest toy was pretty impressive.  A full twelve inches in length and as thick as her forearm, she’d knick named the toy “Kieran” because she had a thing for dark Irish boys.  “Take off that harness and let me have it.  I’m going to fuck you with this cock” Rachel said, desire and determination reflected in her eyes and voice. 



My wife had always wanted to experience a truly assertive and confident woman – one who wasn’t afraid to have naughty ideas of her own the willingness to put them into action.  Usually we “happened” to other people, with my wife fulfilling the role she wished another woman would occasionally take.  Hearing Rachel speak to her this way put my wife into a lusty trance almost immediately.  She got up and started to fiddle with the buckles and straps of her harness.  Seeing my wife’s demeanor transition from that of a woman confidently wielding a long strap-on cock into a woman about to surrender control to another woman’s desire was pretty amazing. 



My wife fumbled at the buckles some more – she was flustered.  I took gently took her hands and moved them away from the straps.  “Let me help you, honey” I said, expertly unbuckling the harness and helping her step out of it.  I pulled out the dong already in place and handed the harness to Rachel with a smile.  I was anticipating the show!



Rachel took the harness without a word and went to attaching the huge dong to it.  Once she got everything set, she pulled put on the harness and buckled it into place.  The dong hung damn-near to her knees and was thicker than her bicep.  She reached down and began to stroke it appreciably, a wicked little smirk playing across her face. 



“It’s been a little while since I’ve really been able to give it to another woman.”  She took a few pumps out of our lube dispenser and rubbed it all over the dong slowly.  My wife’s eyes were glued to what she was doing, her mouth parted and breathing heavy.  Rachel stepped toward my wife, placed her hand between my wife’s large breasts, and gave her a push.  My wife put up no resistance and flopped backward onto our bed.  Rachel climbed onto the bed and knelt between my wife’s spread legs.  Gripping the dong at the base, she began to gently smack the head of the cock upon my wife’s pussy.  My wife began to moan softly as the heavy slapped against her pussy.  My wife loves it rough, and it was a huge breath of fresh air to be playing with a gal who was happy to bring it.  Rachel began to slap at my wife’s pussy harder, drawing louder moans.  My wife began to rub her own breasts, pulling gently at her own nipples.  I recognized the signs – my wife was horny as hell and in this state, you could fuck her for all you were worth.  She could take it all, and then some.



“Do you like my cock?” Rachel asked as she slapped a little harder.  My wife’s pussy was sopping wet from Rachel’s attention and her own anticipation.



“Oh god yes!” my wife gasped.  “I love that cock.  You are so sexy!” she moaned at the feisty Latina girl.  My wife was in some kind of heaven, and it was fantastic seeing her there.



My wife’s moan turned then turned into a sharp gasp as Rachel pushed the head of the super-thick cock into her.  My wife’s breathing deepened and she clutched at her breasts.  I’d fucked her with that cock many times, and she knew what to expect.  However, the naughty Latina was looking to push some boundaries.  In the past I’d had to take a lot of time to get my wife’s pussy worked up and used to that cock.  Rachel had other ideas.  My wife was obviously very worked up – the head of that cock had slipped in pretty easily – and Rachel wanted to see she could take.



Rachel adjusted her position a bit and grasped my wife behind each of her knees.  Then she pushed my wife’s knees forward and spread them apart.  It was an amazing sight: the hot Latin woman wearing an enormous strap-on cock, kneeling between my wife’s legs, spreading her wide open, and my sexy wife willingly surrendering her body to it.  “Kiss her when I start to fuck her” Rachel commanded me.  My wife was about to take a lot of cock, and no matter how ready her pussy was, she’d need something to distract her a bit when Rachel got started. 



Rachel began to thrust into my wife, pushing the thick cock a quarter of the way within her.  My wife gasped again, but then my lips were on hers and were kissing.  My wife reached up and clutched at my hair, her kiss becoming animalistic, punctuated by moans and grunts.  Rachel was already thrusting pretty hard into her, and I could feel the strength and determination of the woman as she set about conquering my wife’s body.  My wife’s breathing became more and more ragged as Rachel’s thrusts became stronger.  I opened my eyes and looked down and what she was dong.  The Latina was fucking my wife with a strong rhythm, pushing a little harder each time the thrust.  I was impressed to see she was already getting three fourths of that cock within my wife. 



I broke off my kiss, and my wife’s loud moans began ringing throughout the room.  “This is fucking amazing!” I commented.  Rachel gave no sign of hearing me, she was lost within her rhythm, fucking my wife deeper and harder, enjoying the feel of the big dong mashing against her own pussy.  Then, sensing my wife was ripe for it; Rachel released my wife’s knees and leaned over her body, clutched her shoulders, and thrust hard.  My wife, shuddering and moaning, grabbed around Rachel’s ass and pulled her in as hard as she could.  My wife’s moan turned into a scream as the cock bottomed out within her.  She’d taken it to the root.  She was stuffed so full and deep that all she could do is whimper and shudder, clutching hard at Rachel’s body, clawing her nails against her sweaty back.  Rachel joined her in moaning – the energy of the moment was thick and intoxicating, made hotter when their lips met and they began to kiss savagely. 



My wife, from the sound and feel of her, was in a world all her own.  Rachel kissed her with abandon, and then began to rock forward and back.  My wife’s moans were sharp and loud every time Rachel thrust forward, and the sexy Latina was enjoying every moment of it.  She thrust more and more, and my wife was powerless to do anything but clutch at her lover and moan.  Rachel increased her rhythm – it was clear she intended to fuck my wife like nobody else ever had.  Sweat began to cascade off my wife’s body as Rachel’s thrust became faster and more pronounced – she’d pull out seven to eight inches, and then slam back in again with a passion.  My wife wrapped her legs around her and clutched at Rachel’s back, eyes closed and breathing ragged.



I’m not sure how long Rachel plowed my wife with that magnificent cock, but I enjoyed every moment of it.  Both women, from the look of it, were in an absolute frenzy.  Rachel was thrusting away, almost recklessly, her hair damp against her scalp and streams of sweat ran down her dark skin.  At one point she leaned back and proclaimed “I love to see this!” as she thrust savagely into my wife, pulling her long cock out almost to the tip of the head, and then thrusting it in to the hilt as my wife quivered and moaned.  It was incredibly hot to see my wife surrender her hot body to this woman and her tireless strap on.  I was intoxicated as well, watching a spectacle of lust and passion that few had ever been fortunate to see.



My wife had done amazingly well to this point.  She’d hungered to be fucked like this by a woman for so very long – it was pure Nirvana for her.  But Rachel was relentless, and sensed when her concentration began to fade in favor of lust.  My wife’s pussy was stretched and open as never before, and Rachel was plowing away at will within her.  The rest of my wife’s body was flushed, sweaty, and exuding incredible heat.  Her eyes were closed, her fingers clutched around Rachel’s waist – encouraging her to fuck hard.  Rachel sensing the growing climax, pushed her breasts down upon my wife’s and wrapped one arm around her bucking hips while grasping the back of my wife’s head by her dreadlocks.  Then Rachel began to whisper into my wife’s ear, biting and nibbling as she picked up the force and speed of her thrusting even more. 



My wife’s body tensed and her breaths became short and ragged gasps.  Rachel refused to let up – she was owning my wife’s pussy and had her completely at her mercy.  Then, all at once, my wife began to scream and convulse.  I watched her nails claw into Rachel’s back, leaving long scratches as her climax overcame all reason and control.  Rachel grabbed my wife at the hips with both hands and began to plow away even harder.  My wife’s climax went on and on, Rachel and her huge cock had made her helpless.



Finally, my wife gasped “Stop!  Stop!”  Her pussy had had enough, and Rachel immediately slowed her pace to that of a very gentle and slow motion.  My wife shuddered some more, her breathing heavy and irregular.  Finally, she pushed at Rachel’s hips, causing her to pull out.  My wife gasped as the enormous cock head popped out of her pussy, and then she immediately turned on her side, curling into a fetal position.  Rachel knelt next to my wife, panting herself and covered in sweat.  The head of her long strap on dong rested on the sheets.  The entire thing glistened from my wife’s juices.  My wife continued to breathe hard, but she was regaining control.  She smiled and reached out to Rachel, who leaned in and they met in a long, deep, sensuous kiss.  This was a kiss of satisfaction, of a rough and welcome fucking well done.



Their kissing went on and on, and it was fantastic to see them so comfortable and affectionate towards one another.  They’d shared something together, something both heart-poundingly passionate but also intimate.  My wife had allowed Rachel into her comfort zone, and vice versa.  I knew this was not common for my wife, and assumed it wasn’t common for Rachel. 



Finally their embrace ended and my wife looked at me with naked lust in her eyes.  However, she had better possession of herself than I though. I was expecting her to command me to fuck her or offer my cock for her mouth….



“Rachel needs an orgasm from your cock, honey” said my wife, her voice honeyed with lust.  “Kiss her.”
 My wife said.   I moved forward, took Rachel into my arms, and guided her mouth to mine.  She kissed me eagerly, pressing her breasts to my chest.  I pulled her closer and kissed her deeper, enjoying the feel of her body against mine.  She was hot and sweaty, she felt like a woman who had to been up to plenty of mischief.  I loved it.



“Now it’s my turn” I told her between kisses, and my hands moved down her warm body to the buckles of her strap on harness, releasing them in short order.  The harness fell away under the weight of the huge dong it had supported, and her pussy was bare and exposes – dripping and swollen with lust.  With a twist, I had her onto the bed under me, never breaking the kiss we shared.  My wife lay right next to us, supporting her head with her left harm and running her free hand over us.  Her touch was light, with just a tease of fingernail here and there.



I was on top of Rachel now, and her body writhed beneath mine, hot and wanton.  I slid my tongue across her lower lips, nibbling it gently, and, unable to help myself, let out a low growl.  Watching these two sexy women at play for two hours or so had ignited a passion in me that few beasts could match.  My lips left hers, and I was nibbling along her neck and down her shoulders.  My left hand clutched her right shoulder while my right hand made its way up her body until my fingers brushed her lips.  She sucked two of my fingers into her mouth on reflex, and she began to suck and tongue at them immediately.



My mouth was right next to her left hear, my wife’s head was right next to us.  “I’m going to fuck you now Rachel.  I’m going to fuck you until you cum.”  I kissed her on the neck a few times.  Long, sensuous kisses with lots of licking tongue.  Her sweat was delicious, and I was hungry for the taste of woman.  “You two were so hot, so sexy, I could hardly control myself.  Now I need to feel you cum, and when you do, you are going to feel me cum.”  She sucked my fingers and moaned at the same time, her pussy thrusting against me in yearning.



Nearly overcome with lust myself, I entered her with one strong thrust.  Her body shuddered, and then wrapped around me, her legs entwining around my back as she clutched at my back.  Control was almost beyond me as I wrapped my strong arms around her and clutched her to me.  I began to thrust into her, deep and strong.  Her pussy felt amazing – furnace hot, wet, and stretched from my wife’s attention earlier.  I was happy my wife was the first to have her, Rachel was hot and sexual, a woman to match my wife’s passion.  Knowing this, I knew it would take all of my concentration to satisfy this firecracker of a woman before I could climax myself.



There is something beautiful, almost religious, in the feeling when I join with a woman.  A big part of it is the surrender, the trust, a woman shows when she allows you entry into her body.  I always respected this, and gloried in the fact that for a brief span she and I were as one, and I believed very strongly in doing my part to create as wonderful an experience for her as possible.  Maybe I’m old fashioned.  Maybe new-fashioned.  Whatever I am, I love a woman’s body – and when I get the chance to be an instrument of pleasure, I make damn sure the experience is memorable.



Rachel clutched at my strong body, offering herself to me, hungry to feel me.  I held her tightly, and, in not so many words, proceeded to fuck the living hell out of her.  I’d been going crazy all evening watching the greatest show ever, and I had very definite ideas of what I’d do to her body when my turn came.  My cock is thick and angled perfectly to hit a woman’s G-spot without any effort on my part.  Over the next 20 minutes, I gave Rachel a fun education of what a determined man can do.  I clutched her at the shoulders, at the hips, and eventually at the knees as I rolled her into a ball and plowed away into her as relentlessly as she’d fucked my wife.



Concentration here was the key.  My lust was threatening to take control of me at any moment – a frenzy was only one slip away.  I wouldn’t let that happen, not yet.  Rachel was so close.  Her body was an inferno and she clutches at me with her legs and hands with abandon, lost in the sensation of my cock buried within her.  Several times my wife leaned over her and kissed her, and I was treated to another hot make-out session as I pounded away.  Ever mischievous, I’d slow my pace so the two ladies could get into a comfortable rhythm of kissing.  However, once they got there, I’d increase my pace and the strength of my thrust, building until Rachel had to break off the kiss and moan loudly, clutching roughly at my wife’s hair as I slammed my cock into her body again and again. 



Then it happened.  I could feel it begin to build as soon as I began grinding my cock against that special spot within her pussy.  Rachel’s body tenses and continued to tense, her hands reaching down and gripping the sheets of our bed, her eyes and mouth clenched, breaths coming out in ragged gasps.  Then she was screaming and thrashing wildly, an orgasm long in the building and unleashed all at once and with no chance of control.  My wife had reached down and took hold of both of Rachel’s hands, and held them, pressing her breasts against Rachel’s, as her orgasm ravaged her hot body.  Then, as the spasms began to pass, my wife planted her lips to hers and they were kissing slowly and deeply.



That was about as much as I could handle!  A week without cumming combined with the absolute spectacle of our evening took control of my body and I knew there was no turning back.  My hands shifted a bit, moving from the back of Rachel’s knees to underneath her rump.  I lifted her body a bit as my cock took control of me and I began to slam, slam, slam into her.  My entire world consisted of my cock and the feel of Rachel’s hot pussy enveloping me.  My body clenched, my mind shut down, and I began to pound away like an animal.  I vaguely recall screams and moans from Rachel as my cock demanded I pound and plow, eager for the climax.



Then, like the bursting of a damn, I was gushing.  I don’t recall the noises I made, though my wife gave me plenty of hell about it afterward.  What I do remember is the near-continuous feeling of flowing from my cock into Rachel’s pussy.  Spurt after of spurt flowed into her as the biggest load of my life unleashed into the hot Latina.  I continued to fuck her as my cock flared again and again, until her pussy began to overflow.  It was amazing.   Finally, the world came back to me and I found myself clutching Rachel around the rump, my cock buried completely with her and my abdomen pressed flush with hers.  Rachel was looking up at me and gasping, my wife was also looking up and smirking at me. 



A shudder went through my body, starting in my lower spine and working up to the roots of my hair.  I was spent.  Aroused as hell, but spent.  The energy of the night had claimed me, controlled me, and made me its instrument. 



My wife, lust still swimming in her eyes, got to her knees and pushed me away from Rachel.  Rachel moaned softly as my cock pulled free from her pussy.  I sat back, my back against the headboard, and looked as my wife ran her hand over Rachel’s sweaty body, starting from her breasts and working down to her thighs. 



“Look at that!” my wife exclaimed.  My eyes, hardly able to focus, saw what she meant:  Rachel’s pussy, was pink, swollen, and glistened with my cum.  She was obviously very-well fucked.  I was satisfied to see a thick stream of my cum was slowly oozing from between her pussy lips.  I became aware of the intense scent of sex as my various senses began to switch on, one by one.   Rachel, knowing what my wife wanted next, reached down and teased her fingers along the edges of her pussy lips.





All I could do is watch.  Both women were in a trance.  Rachel was still flying high from the orgasm we had just shared.  My wife was in a difference trance, one of hungered lust.  Then, in one movement, my wife was laying on her tummy and her tongue was gliding over Rachel’s creamy pussy.  Rachel responded immediately, reaching down and grasping my wife’s dreadlocks as her tongue teased back and forth along her pussy lips.  Rachel’s moans, soft and yearning, were amazing to hear



My wife liked what she saw, and was in no hurry for the main course.  Her tongue danced all over Rachel’s pussy lips, a lick here, a lick there, a longer lick on her clit, and then a long, slow lick along the slit of her pussy.  I almost came again to see my wife lick her this way, a long line of my cum extending from her tongue all the way down to the Rachel’s slit. 





My wife made a long, hungry, “Mmmmmmmm” noise as she savored our combined taste.  Then she dove in, driving her tongue into Rachel and wrapping her lips around her swollen pussy lips.  Rachel wrapped her legs around my wife’s head, clutched at her dreadlocks, and then began to moan and shudder as my wife licked and sucked at her pussy.  It was an amazingly hot moment, and I was shocked when Rachel came again, thrusting her pussy repeatedly into my wife’s hungry mouth as she arched her back and convulsed in one final climax of ecstasy.



Finally, Rachel’s climax subsided, though my wife kept her mouth on her pussy a few minutes longer.  Then, she pulled away, licked her lips, and gave Rachel a bright and naughty smile.  “You squired this time!” my wife exclaimed, crawling over Rachel’s body until they were face to face.  “But you’ll be proud; I didn’t miss a single drop.”  My wife gave Rachel a quick kiss and pressed their breasts together.  Before she planted her lips on Rachel for another long, delicious kiss, I swore I heard my wife say “Of either of you”



- End



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