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Forum Category: Erotic Stories
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   The Girl Friend  

1/28/2013 22:39
Posted By:  - THOUSAND OAKS, CA  
Date Posted: 1/28/2013 22:39

The Girl Friend


We were in our late forties and had been playing off and on for an awhile.  My wife is an extremely sexual lady that loves to dress to impress and likes both men and women.  If she sees someone that gets her blood boiling she will very quietly try to connect with that person or persons.

She also has this girl friend that we have know for awhile have had her over to the house many times and we were very open with her about our other activities but she never seemed to be interested and didn’t ask too much about what we did until one Saturday evening.


We had a few friends over for a BBQ and she was one of them all very vanilla types.  Most left except for the girl friend and two other couple so we started to play a game and we had partnered up of 3 teams with her on a team of 3.  We had all had a few drinks but nothing heavy and just enjoying the game.  Some started teasing her about being part of a threesome and we all started laughing and the girl friend came back with a very surprising reply of “I’ve been trying to be part of a threesome for 2 years”

Wow did that quite the room.  So being the wise guy I am I couldn’t let it go so I replied “ sure wish you had let us know earlier”  and I got a big round of laughter and whistles.


Now the girl friend was the only one that knew we had an alternate life style and she looked at me and winked and the Mrs. choked on her drink.  We had taken a break to refresh things and she got the Mrs. in the kitchen and told her she meant what she said and she hoped she had not messed up our friendship.  Well M just looked at her and leaned in and kissed her and not a friend’s kiss an open lipped passionate kiss mostly to see if she was serious and not just the liquor.  The girl friend kissed her back and said “I have only had one glass of wine” that’s set the stage.


I came into the kitchen to see what was going on and to get the game going again and was told we should try to push the game to the more adult side and see if anyone would bail out.


I walked into the living room to hear a conversation about couples playing around and how hard it was to find a willing single lady.  I just chuckled and said “we got one right here” this changed to attitude of the whole group and one of the ladies suggested we change the game a bit and making it a stripe game.  We have used strip games many times to break the ice a special parties but this wasn’t one of them or at least it didn’t start out that way.


All thought it was a great idea and it didn’t take long for most to be down to just panties or boxers with a lot more liquor being poured.  Then one of the ladies lost her last piece of clothing and the group went wild everyone stripped and then said “now what”

And M said just do whatever feels good and the next thing I knew she was blowing one of the other guys and the girlfriend was on me and one of the other ladies was sucking the girlfriend’s breasts.  It turned into a full on orgy. 


Most went home after a bit of fun except the girl friend spent the night and did so many more times till she met a very nice man got married and moved to Florida.


We still see them once and awhile and have managed to get a few precious minutes alone and relive the great times.


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